Hall of Flame

A Very Simple Tile Game for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Web Browsers

Update: Version 1.01 adds WASD support and fixes crashing on OS X Mavericks.

This game was made in about 15 hours for the 27th Ludum Dare Competition (see this page) using Game Maker Studio, Paint Shop Pro X, sfxr, and iNudge.

I was actually running a convention table at GlitchCon 2013 while making this! During the day, I was doing the normal convention table stuff, but after 7PM, I was programming this game, and I had a big honkin’ monitor facing outward so that anyone who wanted to see what I was doing could look at my screen. It was a really fun experience. Through my journey, I also made a simple animation system from scratch in order to handle the frames I sprited in my WIPs.

The game controls with the arrow keys or WASD and is very short! There were supposed to be bombs that fall from the ceiling, eventually, but that got shelved due to time.

Thanks for playing!

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