Trial Version: 1.03
Bugfix Log | Raw Development Log
Disk Space: 85.1 MB
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1
Video Card: At least 256 MB of graphics memory
RAM: At least 512 MB
Disk Space: 86.0 MB
Operating System: Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard or above
RAM: At least 1 GB
Disk Space: 85.2 MB
Operating System: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or equivalent (is my distro compatible?)
Video Card: OpenGL-capable graphics card with valid driver
RAM: At least 512 MB
Windows XP Support: Alcarys Complex currently supports Windows XP 32-bit. However, you may encounter errors or crashes when changing graphics settings in-game if your computer runs a low-end graphics card. 256MB of VRAM is the bare minimum that the game supports. Please keep this in mind.

For issues or bug reports, please contact us with the details. When submitting a bug report, please provide:

  • Your operating system and video card model
  • The location of the error you encountered and what you were doing at the time
  • Any relevant error code
  • A save file close to the error, if necessary
Programming, Writing, Design Johnathan Dixon
Environment & Character Cesar Rendon
Original Soundtrack Chris Apple
Sound Design Josh Evensen
Character Portraits Miguelito
Monster Design Kyron Ramsey
Logo Fernando Regalado
Graphic Design Sara Waits
Quality Assurance Scott Dehart
Lani Alden
Jesse Ceranowicz
Dan Salzano
Jonathan Stein
Peter Swaney
Sara Waits
Special Thanks Juan Anaya
Darren Blake
Brandon Butler
Mike Charles and family
John V. Dixon and family
John L. Fuller III
Rob Garner
Wesley Gentry
Shel Hollingsworth
Ayla Hurley
Daniel Kane
Reon Mobley
Ben Navratil
Katie Noble
Wade OHarra
Melissa Ou’s family and her sister, Cocobird
Mark Overmars
Krystal Russell
Jared Stevens
Jessica Stevens
Tales of Game’s
Tim Wendorf
The Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra

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