Name: Corvallis Unruh (age 20)
Occupation: Lab Assistant

Corvallis lives with his parents in the town of Prisma in the Principality of Xirdalan, and he works as a lab assistant at Instrumental Technologies, an area medical company. One night, he comes home to a trashed house, and worse yet, a strange beast wearing his father’s ripped clothes. Corvallis’s mother, crouching by the fireplace, commands him to grab a broken table leg. Her instructions? “Do not kill him.”

Name: Angela Leyline (age 29)
Occupation: Liaison to the Grand Duke of Lessis

As the only military liaison to the Grand Duke of the Duchy of Lessis, it’s Lieutenant Colonel Leyline’s job to follow the orders of the grand ruler of the mountain nation. She has an apartment in the capital – though she’s rarely there – and a taste for spicy food. Her tenacity, quick thinking, and take-no-prisoners attitude truly represent qualities of the best and brightest of the Lessis Terrestrial Army.

Name: Attlas Douglass (age 36)
Occupation: Nobleman

Attlas lives with his father, metal magnate and billionaire Troy Douglass, in the capital of the Republic of Vodun. The President of Vodun is his step-brother, and Attlas’s only question is whether they’ve impeached him yet. He’s a big fan of mathematics: in fact, around his neck is a necklace bearing a charm shaped like Lofton’s Constant.

Name: Leyt Duckworth (age 24)
Occupation: Contract Hunter

Leyt lives off contract work, traveling from town to town to make money doing things people need done. He doesn’t appear to have any family, but he also doesn’t appear to care about it too much.

Name: Alex Kirovabad (age 25)
Occupation: Linguist

Like Leyt, Alex is a contractor, but, as a Linguist, she contracts her magical ability to the highest bidder. Right now, she’s making magical explosives for the Lessian insurgency. Despite what her wardrobe may suggest, she has an extreme distaste for the showy, and insists that her garb serves a purpose by aiding in “lingual enhancement.”

Name: Lomah Byron (age 22)
Occupation: Traveler

Lomah travels Elcaea helping his father test out prototype mountaineering equipment for his business. Well, he used to. Right now, he’s traveling for leisure and blowing a huge hole in his savings fund in the process. He could go back and run his family’s shop counter like he used to do, but who wants to live in the Arctic Sector, anyway?

Dr. Joseph Meier
Corvallis’s boss. Owns Instrumental Technologies (INSTEC) in a partnership with his long time friend, Samuel Rowes. Dr. Meier has a long history in the movement for cursor rights in Xirdalan.
Bushra and Victor Unruh
Corvallis’s parents. Bushra is a freelance illustrator, and Victor works at RootWhite Defense, a rival to INSTEC, though he’s been taking a lot of sick days lately.
Grand Duke Charloise Eugene de Volta
The ruler of the Duchy of Lessis, and Angela’s direct boss. People don’t say this to his face (for very good reasons), but you know when you’re taking an oath or giving an eloquent speech? He talks like that normally. It’s actually not as nice as it sounds.
Major Juno Cascavel
Angela’s direct subordinate. He runs the Terrestrial Army’s intelligence and security shop along with his two enlisted subordinates, PVT Swift and SGT Doubler.
Gregory MacDougall
Angela’s long-time friend and mentor, and chief of Nalfayn Company, an industrial firm founded by Angela’s late father that manufactures airships that run using magical engines.
President Lucius Amadeo
The ruler of the Republic of Vodun, and Attlas’s brother. He’s notorious for his obsession with flying machines, and he wants what Nalfayn’s not selling bad. Also, for a president, he’s pretty jovial. Maybe that’s why Attlas hates him so much.
Vice President Altair Hebr
Vodun’s second-in-command. Unlike Lucius, Altair doesn’t have time for your games. Go away.
Roger Martello
The leader of the Lessis-based Alcarytic Resistance Movement (A.R.M). Dangerous and delusional. Don’t ask him about the four elemental god-spirits; he’ll talk your head off.
Nathaniel Carson
Roger Martello’s right-hand man. Like Roger, he’s dangerous. Unlike Roger, he’s a man on a mission: dismantle the Duchy.
Richard Vulpes
A foot-soldier in the A.R.M. Has a daughter named Susan; she’s about a year old.

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