Alcarys Complex Development History
(September 5, 2009 - February 4, 2014)

Note: this devlog is unabridged and may contain plot spoilers and other internal data. Read at your own risk!

Entry: September 09, 2009, 06:37:43 PM
9sep (beta 7 build 289)

-added + and - to damage and healing to easier tell them apart
-changed the damage display to emit the damage number in a random direction from the center of the damaged entity
-fixed a bug in the battle system that halted the game when there were no more enemies to target in a given area
-fixed a bug in the hookshot relating to enemy death
-implemented a stat "buff" display - if a skill or item modifies stats, this display briefly shows you what stats they modify and by how much.  i'm still trying to figure out if i want to deal with numbers for this or just do a simple UP/DOWN.  the stat display is arranged in a hexagon so that's six numbers that pop up and quickly disappear.
-merged the skillController and the itemController into one specialController and both types of special actions work flawlessly.
-made a script to modify the amount of items in a slot in the assault pack
-modified the healing script to work with the new system
-tied item use to the command item menu, finally

i'm pretty close to concluding non-repeatable work on the engine.  there are still a few things i have to do but it's almost done.  when it is, i can start plugging the repeatable stuff in, including all the resources.
Entry: September 11, 2009, 05:18:06 PM
i am in talks with the guy who did the art for valdis story to do the monsters.  i'll have to see how this goes but it's looking promising
Entry: September 11, 2009, 10:32:26 PM
11sep (beta 7 build 302)

fixed a bug in the item menu where actions would only happen to the first party member regardless of who the player selected
added status effects:
- poison (self-explanatory)
- sleep
- ensnare (stops a target)
- slow
- blind
- confuse
- photosynthesis (regen)
- fluency (lingua burn has no effect)
- all stat buffs/debuffs

poison and photosynthesis work on a duration, and everything else stays up until you either cure it or it wears off.

status effects are functional, but not implemented on the graphical side.  i'll do that tomorrow.
Entry: September 12, 2009, 09:49:42 PM
12sep (beta 7 build 321)

implemented a HUD display for party member status effects.  took forever.

slow day.
Entry: September 13, 2009, 07:37:50 PM
13sep (beta 7 build 334)

fixed some bugs in the status effects display
Entry: September 14, 2009, 06:06:40 PM
first monster proofs came back


Entry: September 14, 2009, 07:09:38 PM
14sep (beta 7 build 350)

fixed some lag in the status effects checker
added status effects display to enemies in the command menu (the same display as used in the HUD flashes under the enemy's name)
Entry: September 16, 2009, 11:04:41 PM
i'm probably going to rework the command menu but it's going to be after everything is plugged into the game.  not dealing with terrible feature creep again.  it's serviceable as it is, just a little cluttered
Entry: September 18, 2009, 08:31:16 PM
18sep (beta 7 build 389)

modified the animation system to work with the new sprites
implemented the VERTICAL property into all entities.  if vert is true, the entity has an up and down animation.  this is crucial for correcting animation problems in left and right-only enemies
fixed a bug in the animation speed
implemented an AI rough of the maned wolf.  right now it chases you pretty fast, and i wanted there to be some kind of standoff distance so i'll probably implement that tomorrow.  right now there are a lot of kids running around here since apparently the starbucks in barnes and noble turns into the olive garden on friday nights, and they're all tripping on my laptop cable so i'm gonna go
Entry: September 21, 2009, 08:45:30 PM
19sep (beta 7 build 420, hohoho) (i swear it just came out that way)

implemented ai roughs of the rabbit and the plains squirrel.  the rabbit was pretty much already implemented though, i just had to change a few behaviors around.
implemented an IDLE spritesheet into each entity.  before, a spritesheet would reset to the first frame if the entity was idle, but that no longer works for all the entities, so GOTTA DO SOMETHING DIFFERNT/
fixed a bug in the ai chase script that led to some wonkiness in the animation
Entry: September 22, 2009, 12:54:31 AM
21sep (beta 7.1.187)

implemented ai roughs of the cave bat and elemental.  once you get the hang of it, it's a really quick turnaround from sprite base to actual working monster.  i think i did the cave bat in like ten minutes.
started the version numbers because counting up the builds does not really show any kind of progress
tooled around with the death process a little bit
implemented the death choice (press button to kill enemy)

it was only a huge pain in the ass :rolleye:
Entry: September 23, 2009, 05:45:44 PM
22sep (beta 7.2.19)

tested out looping points on a song (crisis to be exact)
tied sound and music to volume controls in the configuration menu
implemented failsafe in scrPlayBGM() that keeps a song from starting over if the engine attempts to play the same song it is currently playing
wrote scrStopBGM() and scrRestartBGM()
wrote a track fader to be used with stopBGM. overrides normal volume controls to fade a track
implemented a system for automating looping points
implemented sound effects (rotates over five channels)
implemented ambient sound capability (rotates over two channels)

23sep (beta 7.2.50)

fixed a bug in the sound that caused cutting across the same channel even though five channels had been allocated for normal sounds
engine now differentiates between grounded enemies and flying enemies
implemented collision tiles for flying enemies (flying enemies are not affected by the normal collision tiles and they don't follow the normal path grid, so there's a special collision tile and grid that lets them know where they can't go, you know, up high cliffsides, through tall objects, etc.  this is so they can fly over holes or other chasms and annoy the player)
fixed a bug in scrAIChase() that would have the entity give up their chase if the target moved behind a wall
Entry: September 26, 2009, 09:41:15 PM
25sep (beta 7.2.71)

reorganized the tilesets
the death choice is used by holding the attack button.  a meter will pop up gauging the time and when the meter gets full, the player kills the enemy.  still a little buggy, but it works.
did some skill brainstorming
Entry: September 28, 2009, 12:34:44 AM
27sep - Release Candidate 1 (0.1.44)

started working on the final version of the game today.  this will consist of basically linking maps and setting up specific enemy encounters that i can polish.  i figure rather than have the engine be robust and prepared for everything (idealistic at this point) i should just fix everything i can regarding this specific instance of the game and hope for the best!
fixed the line contact teleport function (will teleport you to the specified map if you contact a line instead of the actual teleport object; useful for using one teleport object to span a large gateway)
fixed a memory leak in objAreaCard (the object that shows you the name of the area you are in when you first enter a map)
fixed some stuff with the screen fades
linked all maps from prisma to lundmark (about 60% of them)
Entry: September 29, 2009, 12:21:32 AM
28sep - Release Candidate 1 (0.1.53)

linked all maps from lundmark to dieppe
fixed a bug in the widescreen settings dealing with room transitions and teleport objects
Entry: September 30, 2009, 09:24:37 PM
30sep - Release Candidate 1 (0.1.72)

i didn't get much done because i apparently broke the cutscene system a while back and only noticed last night when i tried to show one of my friends a cutscene.  fixed (after messing with it for an hour and a half)
Entry: October 02, 2009, 12:08:44 AM
1oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.19)

changed a key component of the actionqueue: when you add an action to the queue system, it goes to the master queue only if it is allowed to be stopped.  if it isn't, it goes directly to the individual entity's actionqueue and the action is executed regardless of the state of the queue.  this allows me to funnel actions to NPCs that have nothing to do with the frozen events (e.g. cutscene). this is how it should have been to begin with but w/e haha
fixed the pushing mechanism for NPCs
added the 'idle' sheet for NPCs
fixed a bug in the NPC-player contact event: when the player pressed the confirm button, they would attack because the forecasting in the collision code overshot the NPC's bounding box by a few pixels
fixed a bug in the display that caused the resolution to switch to fullscreen based on the size of the user's display instead of either 640x480 or 800x480
added code to have the camera instantly focus on the party leader on teleport (fixes issues where the camera is not center upon completion of teleport)

linked the remaining maps.  with most of the irrelevant cities and pathways cut, these maps amount to a majority of the game's maps, at least.  the maps that are left are either directly relevant to the story or they are towns and paths i haven't finished.  i still have to add npcs, collision data, and cutscene and banter events to the remaining maps.  that'll be fun
Entry: October 03, 2009, 01:05:32 AM
2oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.40)

i don't know how i feel about the original release date coming and going today.  i'll probably drink to "celebrate"

reworked the cutscene trigger object.  it basically mirrors the teleport object (added line contact and cleaned some things up), so you can now span a line across the entire length or width of the screen to make sure a player does not skip a cutscene by going around.
updated scrEntityMove (i.e. the "move" command in the actionqueue system) by routing it through the path system.  common sense, really
edited the script lots.  i believe that angela is convincingly hot-headed and overbearing.  i am legitimately proud of this
i am really preparing to stage some cutscenes at this point.  stay tuned.  what i really need right now is some sleep.  it's been a shitty week.
Entry: October 04, 2009, 05:12:41 PM
3oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.42)

edited scrEntityMoveDirect (actionqueue script for moving in a direction).  if a speed of -1 is supplied, the script just uses the entity's default speed.
worked on maps, including the first scene's map
made minor edits to the script.
Entry: October 04, 2009, 11:46:43 PM
4oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.75)

added autostart capability to the cutscene trigger object
added an aspect ratio modification menu that is triggered when you begin a new game (considering the player won't have access to the menu for a bit)
added weatherFilters.  these are managed by the GameManager; the only weatherFilter currently implemented is NIGHT (i still have to implement RAIN and SNOW)
added fadeSpeed to the screen fader events (good for slow fade MELODRAMA i guess)
added multiple message support for npcs
talking to npcs can now trigger cutscenes due to the addition of a script variable
added a function in objMessageBox that looks for the next action in the actionqueue and checks if it's another message by the same actor (in order to properly show the 'next' arrow).
fixed a bug in the npc code where an npc would reset its facing after the first message in a series of messages instead of after the last one.
implemented half of the first cutscene today.  it's promising, and it works okay, but there's a lot to work out still
Entry: October 05, 2009, 08:50:07 PM
5oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.75)

worked in part of cutscene 2.
Entry: October 06, 2009, 07:34:09 PM
6oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.75)

worked in the remainder of cutscene 2
added a variant of the teleport object that is specifically for fading from the end of a scene
worked on scrEntityMoveDirect some more
Entry: October 08, 2009, 12:17:27 AM
7oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.90)

fixed bugs in scrEntityMoveDirect
made some more edits to stuff in the actionQueue

it's really hard for me to wrap my head around some of the stuff going on in the action queue!!
Entry: October 09, 2009, 12:26:00 AM
8oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.108)

implemented lines for scenes 3-7
banter works just fine when integrated into cutscene scripts, thank you
i made all this radio banter that runs in the background of scene 7 that i'm really proud of (you make the radio an NPC and funnel banter through it until you basically run out <3)
Entry: October 10, 2009, 12:42:34 AM
9oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.118)

implemented lines for scenes 8-10
implemented the autokill property into objMessageBox. this will destroy a message box automatically, as if the current speaker is being interrupted by the next one
Entry: October 10, 2009, 11:45:02 PM
10oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.133)

implemented lines for scenes 11-25 (this ends act 1's cutscenes)

going to start work on the actual staging of the cutscenes. i feel like polishing and balancing act 1 would be the best course of action at this point so i might have some good playtime when i finish doing this. i will not have final playable characters though, so it's not really done until i get those!

also I feel really good about the apparently hilarious way I came up with to circumvent the annoyance of an automatic unskippable banter cutscene. the banter starts and then a dialog pops up in the corner that says 'IMPORTANT CUTSCENE ALERT PRESS ANY KEY TO SKIP THIS IMPORTANT CUTSCENE.'

man, i hope that works
Entry: October 12, 2009, 12:29:57 AM
11oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.175)

made some edits to scrActionAdd. scripting system now accepts a max of six arguments (instead of four). this was necessary to put vital values into the scene fader that would let me control the fade speed and the black time (it is what it sounds like) from the scripting system.
added trees and streetlights in as objects.
staged scene 1 completely (staging just means i've not only incorporated the dialogue, but i've also incorporated all movement and actions)
added a light to the streetlight that turns on when the weatherfilter NIGHT is activated
fixed a bug in the tile animation code that only became apparent to me when i saw a pendulum that was only swinging to the left
touched up most of the prisma maps, and made dr. meier's lab.
took screenshots using SUPER EXTREME PSYCHOTIC MODE. way better than piecing screens together.
Entry: October 13, 2009, 06:04:17 PM
12oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.190)

maps - dr. meier's office, INSTEC main lobby
fleshed out some radio banter conversations (Viewpoints with Bruce Southerland). they can now be strung together or played independently of each other. i have categories for programs, station bumps and commercials so far
made a little doodad for alarm clocks so when you check them, they will tell you through a banter message who owns the alarm clock and the current time (not really necessary, just a bit of fun)
staged scene 2.
made an NPC Trigger object that's good for talking to an NPC behind a counter. pressing confirm while on an NPC Trigger will let you talk to the target NPC specified in the NPC Trigger.
Entry: October 13, 2009, 10:33:35 PM
13oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.213)

maps - INSTEC exterior, corvallis's house (ransacked)
fixed the area card (the object that shows you where you are in the bottom-right corner of the screen when you enter a map) so that it does not display during cutscenes.
you can now pass an argument in cutscene_begin that lets you set the current scene. you can also pass an argument in cutscene_end that adds the scene to the list of already-played cutscenes.
made a script that checks to see if a cutscene's already been played. easier than referencing the cutscene map directly all the time
added some events to the actionQueue to make scripts flow better:
- "break": internal script break to seperate blocks of local actions. makes it so that no local actions will execute after the break command unless another run_local_actions command is supplied
- "stop": ends the action owner's path
- "clear": clear the owner's queue of all actions
- "place": a version of scrPlaceParty() run through the actionQueue
Entry: October 18, 2009, 01:01:29 PM
15oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.221)

added camera events to the action queue (camera_focus). these are mainly extensions of existing camera routines that just allow me to utilize the camera effectively in cutscenes
tried to cut down on camera jitter but it doesn't seem to be working
fixed a bug in scrCameraBattleTargets that overrode the camera control, esp. during cutscenes
added objPlacard to the game's trigger objects. this serves the same function as an NPC, but it's for signs and placards, so it's been simplified.

17oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.228)

added a special character to the message box system that forces a line break
added raw volume control for each BGM
added the BGM channel group (for scaled sound control)
added scrPauseBGM(). pauses BGM without restarting it
Entry: October 21, 2009, 08:59:00 PM
20oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.228)

added pauses for more realistic stairs
added diagonal stairs (AT GREAT PERIL)
Entry: October 22, 2009, 01:40:22 AM
21oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.234)

actually implemented the diagonal stairs properly. the only thing is that the AIs still face toward the party leader even when going up and down the stairs.
Entry: October 23, 2009, 01:15:49 AM
22oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.263)

made sure the diagonal stairs mesh with the collision data. i might have to code in something that lets me slide along the collision walls.
fixed a certain tile in the prisma beachfront that was corrupted
mapping collision data along cliffs is a bitch
staged scene 3
tested out some video capture. out of fraps, debut and camstudio, camstudio is the only capture program that produced a reasonable result.
added the "tile_hideLayer" and "tile_showLayer" commands to the scripting interface. crucial for scene 3a.
added the "noface" property to scrEntityMove and scrEntityMoveDirect. allows me to move actors without them automatically facing the proper direction
made some edits to objNPC that should hopefully avoid some game-killing errors when an NPC that is used specifically for a cutscene is destroyed due to the cutscene not being active
made scenes 1-3b robust (that is to say that someone should be able to play through them without encountering errors)
Entry: October 24, 2009, 01:33:38 AM (

i really need to build a better cutscene system sometime. this is okay, but there's a lot of stuff i would've added in from the get-go if i'd actually planned out.

i'd definitely separate the cutscene queue from the actual queue the system uses for deciding battle actions, since it does it by priority and now i'm stuck reverse-ordering all my actions in the priority queue.

i'd rather not succumb to feature creep, though. i'll probably redo it after the game's actually done so that there is not so much pressure to do something more worthwhile with my time!
Entry: October 24, 2009, 01:34:16 AM
23oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.280)

staged scene 4a. man, staging this shit sucks something awful
added collision data for all maps relevant to scenes 1-4
Entry: October 25, 2009, 08:20:19 PM
i actually take back what i said about using the priority queue instead of the regular one since that's the only way i can get banter triggers to work :o
Entry: October 26, 2009, 01:35:58 AM
24oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.285)

added mustFace property to objCutscene. if mustFace has a directional value (UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT), the player must be facing that direction in order for the cutscene to trigger.

25oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.312)

staged scene 4b
implemented objStatusMessage. this pops up a status message if you get an item or something else important happens
fixed a bug in scrEntityMove where the moving entity would continually face right
Entry: October 26, 2009, 02:55:04 AM
listening to the radio

Entry: October 28, 2009, 02:53:37 AM
27oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.312)

made some eleventh-hour edits to scene 7
worked on rewriting the ending scenes. i'm changing the ending somewhat significantly since i don't want to give corvallis (a main character) 'veto power' so to speak. this is not a masturbatory exercise, and corvallis is not a mary sue. he should not have the power i've given him in the current ending.
ran cesar's corvallis walk sprite through the engine. it doesn't look too bad
Entry: October 29, 2009, 12:07:27 AM
28oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.338)

staged scene 7
fixed a bug in objSceneFader: when you faded to the same map you were currently in, the map would not reset and key create events would not trigger
new action: scene_register. I had to fix a bug in the cutscene registering mechanism (the one that makes sure that you don't see a cutscene twice) by separating it from cutscene_end
i'm liking my rewrites thus far (by liking i mean i go to sleep and wake up the next day and don't immediately cringe at what i wrote)
Entry: October 31, 2009, 04:17:44 PM
29oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.338)

i'm pretty busy getting out of the army at the moment so no updates

30/31oct - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.338)

it's halloween weekend so i got pretty drunk last night out with friends. now i'm going to move the remainder of my stuff over to my storage unit so the movers can pick it up on monday, and then i'm going to eat and go to the rocky horror picture show. no update.

oh i also got windows 7 pro on my many errands but i don't think i'll switch over to it fully until this game is done.

also added the pause function because i'd honestly forgotten about it until i read this (

edit: this ain't really a note for anyone else here, just something for me to keep in mind. ran a google search on "alcarys complex." there's no press. at all. totally keeping it that way until the first release candidate's, like, 90% complete.
Entry: November 02, 2009, 02:44:20 AM
1nov - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.338)

worked on updating my windows 7 installation


Sunday listen (n., colloq.) - (can you guess what this is from the context? highlight the following for the answer)an interview, particularly an interview on a news radio station, in which the interviewer poses casual, easy questions to the interviewee.

Attlas: So, what is it this time? Your interview with Mitchell Mathis, how did that grand old Sunday listen go?
Lucius: That was by no means a ‘Sunday listen,’ and you know it.
Attlas: Certainly, you could’ve been prepared for something as journalistically challenging as the Mitchell Mathis Program.
Entry: November 05, 2009, 02:02:14 PM
4nov - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.338)

i am back in the "actual" united states and will have a lot more time to do this now!
Entry: November 05, 2009, 08:54:38 PM
5nov - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.338)

got the game to run smoothly under windows 7. i was having mad slowdown problems until i installed the right graphics driver. the font still looks a little wonky because of cleartype but it's still readable
Entry: November 06, 2009, 04:38:37 PM

okay time for me to get back to work
Post by: Cesar on November 07, 2009, 11:32:49 PM

I had just recently installed windows 7 tooo. I need to get in the habit of doing like one charset a day or something. Just trying to get some things done first.
Entry: November 09, 2009, 12:57:06 AM
8nov - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.362)

baby fark mcgee-zax
staged scenes 8-9
there are some major bugs in the actionQueue system right now (relating to battle actions interacting with the way i restructured the queue). god this is fucking infuriating
Entry: November 10, 2009, 02:57:24 AM
9nov - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.380)

fixed the battle actions bug in the actionQueue
fixed the carry-over bug in the banter system (where banter would not carry over from room to room)
fixed various bugs in scenes 1-9
Entry: November 10, 2009, 02:58:20 AM
this process really feels like i am building the eiffel tower with jello sometimes
Post by: Josh on November 10, 2009, 08:43:10 PM
:( keep it up man.  even if it falls down, for a moment it will be tall and it will be jiggly and it will make you think of boobs
Entry: November 14, 2009, 07:33:16 PM
14nov - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.380)

talked about music for a while
fixed an insane logical inconsistency in the script where angela asks juno if he'll help her study for the promotion board. juno then asks angela if she's going to the promotion board, to which she expresses indecision. fucking stupid, i know. i cannot believe i didn't catch this until the FINAL DRAFT
did some rewriting. elaborated on relationships between rio, attlas and lucius, as well as prince markus and dr. meier.
Entry: November 28, 2009, 04:19:25 AM
28nov - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.380)

spent the early part of the morning rewriting and adding:

- dialogue between Angela and Alex concerning Nathaniel
- dialogue between Angela and Attlas after a crucial late-game event
- all scenes involving Kris, Lomah, and Leyt. i think they're much better now!
Entry: December 14, 2009, 05:01:52 PM
14dec - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.380)

I've gone into the script and here's what I've rewritten in the past two weeks:

- early scenes involving Leyt and Lomah and Leyt and Angela. I've also shuffled scene order in relation to these scenes
- the entire arc in the middle of the story involving Attlas, Lucius and Rio and their relation to the blood deal. I think the motivation is a lot stronger this time and the chain of events makes more sense.
- made minor edits to all scenes in Acts 1 and 2 except those that have already been staged in the game engine. I'm not touching those.
- all scenes involving nathaniel carson have been reworked with new dialogue with an emphasis on new diction for his character
- made minor edits to parts of Act 3
Entry: December 29, 2009, 05:51:24 AM
29dec - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.380)



after dozens of sectional rewrites and countless cumulative hours and days of review, i finally have a final draft with a workable ending that doesn't make me feel like absolute shit when i read it!


- various stylistic and technical errors throughout the document have been fixed
- angela suicide attempt has been rewritten. i think it's a lot better than it was.
- large portions of the Charter 23 resistance movement subplot have been rewritten, including the crucial encounter between dr. meier and prince markus. the new one results in a scenario where markus bends to the movement's will, but dr. meier doesn't have the ability to enjoy it because markus invalidates his entire worldview in a few pointedly-delivered sentences. this factors into the ending of the game.
- the ending has been rewritten to include dr. meier's depression and is (i think) a better way to end the game, considering the first ending was a little saccharine sweet and a little nonsensical, too.

i'm probably going to ask hundley to do me a favor and give this a once-over, but aside from that, it's stone. <3
Entry: December 30, 2009, 03:49:40 AM
29dec - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.430)

touched up the wolf variant ai (right down to the chase mechanisms) and implemented the monsters that use the wolf ai that were missing (the ringtail and the cavewolf).
Post by: Cesar on December 30, 2009, 10:39:04 PM
Gonna be back on the 2nd, I'm travelling to NYC this weekend so I won't be around. So that's why stuff has been slow on my side.
Entry: December 30, 2009, 11:23:55 PM
okay, have fun!
Entry: January 05, 2010, 08:37:06 PM
2jan10 - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.501)

i swear to god this shit's going to give me a fucking stroke

- removed bugs from scenes 1-9
- tested wolf variant AI some more
- experimented with various different control schemes. the one i'm currently digging is centered around the 'a', 's' and 'd' keys to issue commands to your party members:

- one keypress of a party member you are not currently controlling and the party member will use a hotkey item or skill
- a double-press switches that party member to leader
- pressing the key and a direction will bring up a menu.

-- left: items
-- right: skills

i'm also thinking about having the up and down keys + partykey do something special, like 'up' + partykey increases attack power but decreases speed, and 'down' + partykey is the opposite. def. open to ideas on this.

5jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.533)

- started to stage scene 10
- implemented a failsafe to fix a bug in the banter system that occurrs when someone attacks while they have a banter message up
- implemented objBoundary32x32 for cutscenes. it's a barrier block i can put up when i don't want someone to leave a certain area during a cutscene (needed for scene 10)
Entry: January 07, 2010, 11:40:20 PM
best idea of my night: mimicry skills that can be communicated like a virus between party members
second best: making Alex a skill that switches all her Lingual magic between masculine and feminine noun forms. masculine = single target but stronger, feminine = all targets in range, but weaker
Entry: January 07, 2010, 11:54:52 PM
i might start calling mimicry skills viral skills but VIRAL ugh

the internet has made me hate that word but it is so apt to describe these. mimicry implies that you see someone do something and then you do it. no one except angela is going to see corvallis do a skill so it'd be disingenuous
Entry: January 08, 2010, 12:53:09 AM
Final skill list

(w) = weapon required for attack


Satyagraha - heals entire party based on skill meter level
De-Tag - removes the Game Tag from a target without hurting it
Reflex Defense - evades all attacks for a certain time
Triage - discloses target health/stat info
Healthfield - Creates a circular field. Anyone inside this field will regenerate HP.
Uuntalayd Kishitn - Forces a violent berserker transformation (this is a story skill for Corvallis and a mimicry skill for all other cursors)


Double-Tap (w) - Expends all loaded ammunition on the closest enemy
Quick-Shot (w) - Expends all loaded ammunition on all enemies in range
Transform - Transforms into a cursor [if transformed, reverts to human]
Focusfield - Creates a circular field. Anyone inside this field at the time of attack will have maximum Hit.
Seeing Red - Intimidates all enemies in range
Satyagraha (item) - heals entire party based on skill meter level
[mimicry skill]
[mimicry skill]


En Garde (w) - raises DEF.
Lunge (w) - Strikes a single enemy
Guardfield - Creates a circular field. Anyone inside this field at the time of attack will have maximum Vitality.
Persuasion - Enemies will not chase the party
Flèche (w) - Strikes a single enemy
Satyagraha (item) - heals entire party based on skill meter level
[mimicry skill]
[mimicry skill]


Transform - Transforms into a cursor [if transformed, reverts to human]
Brandish (w) - Strikes a single enemy
Lucky Money - removes Game Tag. the Tag removed will be worth double what it usually is.
Skillfield - Creates a circular field. Anyone inside this field will have maximum Dexterity.
Throw - Throws a weapon from the inventory
Satyagraha (item) - heals entire party based on skill meter level
[mimicry skill]
[mimicry skill]


Zero - Creates a field that nullifies skill cost for everyone inside.
Dual - Changes from masculine to feminine noun form (and vice-versa). masculine form affects a single target and is strong, feminine affects all enemies in range and is not as strong.
AhmarFlame / Hmraa'Flame - Fire spell.
AzraqWave / Zarqaa'Wave - Water spell.
AhdarGale / Hdraa'Gale - Wind spell.
AsfarBolt / Sfraa'Bolt - Lightning spell.
AbiadhHeal / Baidhaa'Heal - Healing spell.
FadhiLife / Soudaa'Kill - Revival/instant death spell


Transform - Transforms into a cursor [if transformed, reverts to human]
Daisy-Chain - Combo attack
Plunge Step - increases hookshot launch speed
Cairn - earth-based attack
Aggrofield - Creates a circular field. Anyone inside this field at the time of attack will have maximum Aggression.
Satyagraha (item) - heals entire party based on skill meter level
[mimicry skill]
[mimicry skill]
Entry: January 11, 2010, 11:33:47 PM
8jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.550)

- did a lot of work on the effects system, including importing all current complete effects. each effect is kept in its own script container until used; this tracks dimensions, frames, and whether the effect causes a flash or a screen shake.

9jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.575)


- reworked the command menu. now, the options spring from underneath that player's HUD now. it looks pretty cool when you see it in motion. final controls:
 - when you first enter the menu, you won't have any options selected. press a direction to select an option, press [c] to confirm it
 - press keys 1-8 to highlight a hotkey. this will allow you to rotate through the hotkeys, but it won't allow you to select an option
 - press cancel to go back to the option part of the menu
 - double-tap that character's control key to promote that character to party leader

11jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.593)

it has happened. i have seen the word 'follow' so much today that i cannot possibly comprehend what it means any more. this is the code that did it:


- command menu: items and skills selection menus now use surfaces.
- main menu:
 - Status Menu skill view is now rendered on a surface
 - fixed a bug with the appearance of the cursor in all menus
- switched the first and second character's HUDs in three-player mode. it's counterintuitive to have an arbitrary order if i'm not going to use it (originally the party leader was always going to be in the center of the hud; that's not the case now). a red dot next to the character's icon now denotes party leader.
- added Stay/Call to the ai instruction menu. this will allow a player to tell an AI to stay in one spot. once this option is selected, selecting it again will activate Call. this calls the AI back to the party leader. Stay is canceled when the player leaves the current room.
- added a Stay Bind mechanism to the Stay/Call system. if an AI is within a certain distance of a Stay Bind object (for instance, a floor switch), then the AI will automatically center itself on the Stay Bind object. this is to avoid issues/frustrations in positioning the AI for any possible puzzles.
- added the Party Leader dot (this red dot shows you in the HUD who the party leader is) and the Stay dot (lets you know at a glance if the party member has been told to Stay)
- added Rally to the party leader action menu. this calls all AIs back to the party leader. useful for canceling multiple Stays at once.
Post by: Josh on January 15, 2010, 05:26:33 PM
Jesus dude you are making progress.  When my good computer is back up and running I will try and do some more shit.
Post by: Cesar on January 15, 2010, 09:01:23 PM
Yep, when he gets his good computer back up he can do my work for me too so I can be lazy

Entry: January 17, 2010, 02:07:21 AM
Jesus dude you are making progress.  When my good computer is back up and running I will try and do some more shit.

thanks! last night i was really down because i could not figure things out, so it's good to know that my progress is at least observable

12jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.601)

- fixed a bug in Save/Load where music and sound volume variables were attributed to the GameManager instead of the Environment object, causing a crash.
- added Target to the ai instruction menu. allows the party leader to tell an AI what target to attack.
- added a way to hide the command menu without closing it (because it shakes when you move the camera)
- worked on a thing until 3 in the morning

15jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.612)

every edit i make to this source code seems to erode it

- made major edits to interaction between ally and enemy ai
- added an option to scrGetDirection() to turn a target ID into a usable vector (for always facing an enemy no matter what direction you're moving in)
- fixed a nasty bug in objEnemy
- implemented bounce to add a bit of unpredictability to the battle system. currently it's too fast for it to be workable
- added action: state_change. this allows me to change AI states in the context of actions. i found that i couldn't change states effectively after i bounced an enemy back (since bounce is part of the action system). it was an easy fix.
- shelved that thing i was working on until 3 in the morning (maybe i'll put it in another game)

16jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.645)

- slowed down bounce. now it looks like it's in slow motion. i can't win, can i? oh well, i'll be grading bounce by damage done anyway:

   if(damage > max_hp/10) bounce;

- fixed bugs in the Wolf variant AI, including one that allowed it to recover from a DAMAGED state early (because when told to bounce, there's a line of code that resets the state to STANDING when the bounce is complete, and what does the wolf do when STANDING? it immediately goes to targeting mode. :/
- added a "damaged" key to the sprite sheets.
- fixed a bug in the ActionQueue that allowed actions to continue when the Environment is halted (resulting in some pretty weird bugs)
- reworked angela's damage algorithm. your damage is still inversely proportional to your proximity to the target, but hit% factors in a lot more and (since agility is not going to be a stat any more) agl has been removed completely.

   damage = (((weapon range - proximity to target) / (2 - critical) * (hit/100)) - enemy vitality

  - range - prox is greater than 0 but no less than 180
  - critical is either 0 or 1
  - hit is a number from 0 to 100

- added hit/miss probability into angela's damage algorithm. if the random calculation results in a miss, the algorithm isn't even evaluated.
- tested angela's algorithm against an enemy of equal stats (for balancing)
- fixed a bug in objEnemy where a miss would still result in the enemy reverting to its damaged state
Entry: January 17, 2010, 07:37:08 PM
17jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.758)

- implemented critical hits. each critical hit is accompanied by a screen flash.
- added disabling locks to the Rally and Focus commands (in case you are the only person in the party)
- added visible bullets for angela. this shows a white dot homing in on an enemy. not only that, but if angela doesn't have a target, the bullet will proceed in the direction angela's facing and if it makes contact with an enemy, it will damage it. best of both worlds, basically.
- added a no-homing algorithm for the pistol that only uses hit to calculate damage (PISTOL_N). this is for taking crack shots at enemies from a great distance away.
- implemented instant kill. crack shots have a 1 in 10 chance of killing an enemy instantly, so you can see how it'd be advantageous to stay far away when you're angela. angela also has special ammo that has a 1 in 6 chance of killing an enemy instantly (ratio supersedes, not compounds, the crack shot ratio).
- removed the death meter.
- reworked enemy stat relativity. the rework was done with the aim of changing the code so that there's a ratio of relative enemies (whose stats are relative to the player no matter how high) and absolute enemies (enemies with fixed stat values), so it's essentially a hybrid of a standard curve and a curve "where enemies level with you"
- fixed a bug in the camera where dead entities were not getting dropped from the averaging list, resulting in the camera system looking for an entity that wasn't there (results in a fatal crash)
- took out all references to sdf (skill defense) and agl (agility)
- added a visible charge meter to the hud of anyone using a bartaser (corvallis). it's exactly where the ammo is on angela's. charging (as opposed to just attacking) does no damage, but has a 100% chance of stunning the attacked enemy.
- reworked the status effect system
- implemented gradual stat recovery for status effects. for example, in the instance that you are blinded, the hit value starts off at a very low value and gradually gets higher as the effect wears off.
- added a totalCritical switch into the critical code in case i decide to make an item that allows for a 100% critical rate
- added a modification to the knock-back script to show a visible stunning (this is like knock-back, except the enemy will bounce back while standing up completely frozen)
- i have completely traded corvallis's ability to do damage for his stun mechanic. stun provides an immense power gain over enemies, and corvallis doesn't need to be doing damage anyway, so goes that saying about killing two birds with one stone.
- wrote detachment code in scrDestroyEnemy() that removes an enemy from the targeting framework before destroying it
- wrote corvallis's ai code (scrAIBartaserTarget()). it's different from regular melee AI code in that once an enemy is stunned, corvallis will move to the next enemy.
Entry: January 19, 2010, 02:41:55 AM
18jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.770)

- fixed bugs in the targeting framework
- made it so that an AI will not target an enemy unless the leader does
- fixed a bug in objSpecialController that was forbidding movement by the party leader
- fixed the damage mechanism on objSingleSpecial
Entry: January 21, 2010, 11:29:09 PM
21jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.801)

- changed depth parameters for objSpecialController
- fixed a bug in the path grid that prevented the AI from moving into areas where solid objects had been destroyed (for example, when a pathway becomes unblocked, the collision objects associated with that pathway are destroyed, but the AI still tracked them as being there)
- added a mechanism to display status effects (made the binary images for status effects as well)
- fixed a spelling error in the strings used in the two-option item menu
- finally made the distinction between RECOVERY and REVIVE for the revive item so you can actually revive someone when they're knocked out.
- shuffled some items around, changed stat items to match the current stats and got rid of items that reference LNG and AGL
- fixed some faulty references in the item menu
- fixed references to weapon archetype (the pointer variable that tells a character what weapon he/she can use)
Entry: January 27, 2010, 02:47:36 AM
22jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.820)

- made minor edits to the script
- started working on a thing
- implemented an evade mechanism into damage calculation. basically, if the enemy's hit is above yours, your hit is / 2 (in retrospect, this might be a bit low)

26jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.820)

- implemented LiveDebug
- worked on a better version of the world map for a while.


dead ringer for the real thing, right?
Entry: January 28, 2010, 12:50:25 AM
27jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.867) / LiveDebug 0.2.867

- modified miss probability to be more lenient. it now divides hit by 1.3 instead of 2
- made some changes to ally ai's targeting and range behavior
- modified the PISTOL and PISTOL_N damage calculation scripts so that aggression factors into the damage result (since there's a ceiling on HIT and you reach it pretty early, there needs to be some quantifiable progression, even if it's small).
- updated some old code in scrCalcEquipEffect(), the script that shows you updated stats before you equip a weapon in the menu
- fixed some bugs in scrUpdateStats()
- moved some stuff around in scrDrawStatusFlash()
- retooled the animation code so that it will automatically accommodate strips that are more than one line in the sheet
- added boss Ansariyah. it doesn't attack and it doesn't have any skills yet but it's getting there!
- added a patterning feature. this allows certain enemies to follow a pattern by chasing instances of objPatternMarker in a defined order.
- added a feature to the status effect code. the higher your DEX, the less time you'll be afflicted with a status effect.
- spaced out the double-tap on the promote to party leader function
- increased weapon reach for all weapons except the pistol and the hookshot
Entry: January 31, 2010, 04:18:49 AM
30jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.903) / LiveDebug 0.2.867

like john d. rockefeller up in this bitch

- modified lots of stuff today. found a neat little extension that allows me to make particle effects on the fly.


what you see here is a composite particle effect consisting of (a) the laser rain at the top and (b) the impact disks at the bottom. all generated procedurally. the laser rain does not create an impact disk on impact; it's all sleight of hand. however, it's too fast to notice, and even if you did, why would you care?

- added functions to the special controller. i had to make it so that basically every effect has its own associated object. this just wouldn't happen any other way
- reworked part of the special controller so that a screen effect (see screenshot) can trigger a target effect (an effect that animates over a target).
- added a lot of effects (mostly particle effects)
- converted all implemented sprite effects to work on the new system
Entry: February 01, 2010, 04:15:28 AM
31jan - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.936) / LiveDebug 0.2.936

- made some more effects
- fixed a bug in the command menu that resulted in a fatal error if a StayBind object doesn't exist and the player tries to tell a party member to Stay
- evened out some disparate maxreach settings in all melee weapons (including barehand)
- implemented pistol-wielding AI (finally)
- standardized state changes. i was only resetting the cycles variable (the internal ai counter) some of the time, so i made a script that resets it whenever a state's changed.
- got rid of some counting redundancies regarding the cycles variable and centralized counting of ai cycles to one location. things seem to be moving smoother now that i'm not adding two or three to the cycles variable every step
- added code in the ally AI following state to make a pistol-wielder reload automatically when they don't have a target and have used some ammo.
- fixed a bug in the command menu where a target that was 'brought to the front' of the depth plane would actually cover up important things like description bars
- cut out some stuff in the AI attacking code that was causing problems with pistol AI targeting
- fixed up the damage code for all weapons
- fixed some bugs in the hookshot code

there should now be no game-breaking bugs when it comes to standard combat (it's a little unbalanced, but hey, we'll figure it out)
Entry: February 02, 2010, 12:32:08 AM
1feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.945) / LiveDebug 0.2.936

- added a couple more effects (skill and lingual magic activation effects for the user and Cascada waterfall screen effect)
- with the effects above, i also added a little "activation" animation to all skills and lingual magic. if you're using a skill, a yellow ring will surround the user. if you're using lingual magic, a green ring will surround the user
- fixed a bug in the event where you initially define your aspect ratio (was resetting to 4:3 in the config menu no matter what you selected)
Entry: February 04, 2010, 11:58:28 PM
4feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.1012) / LiveDebug 0.2.936

- overhauled aspects of the target selection system that were preventing me from using skills with the focus qualifiers ALL, ALLALLY and ALLENEMY (these allow you to target all allies or enemies, or even everybody in the entire combat field. mega-important!)
- implemented status effect ZERO (nullifies all skill cost for the entity affected)
- ran some more boss shit through the wringer. something resembling a strategy is starting to emerge
Entry: February 05, 2010, 12:18:54 AM
oh if you're wondering why build's up in the thousands without a change in version number (you probably aren't) it's because i haven't hit a major benchmark yet. sad, right?

infotainment: benchmark for this ver is all non-repeatable battle functions complete and free of fatal errors (this means you can play through battles and have bugs, but they won't stop the game (unless i missed something)

in order to avoid getting too down on myself though, i'm going to post these two screens and compare and contrast for a few hours

june 10, 2009


january 31, 2010


it's ridiculous how much has been added to this engine.
Entry: February 06, 2010, 01:34:33 AM
5feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.1061) / LiveDebug 0.2.936

- separated enemy AI skill use from the main AI timer framework. this way skills won't get interrupted by the constant resetting of the cycles variable
- fixed some bugs in the skill usage sequence. skill usage sequence is bug free (for now)
- redid the skill damage calculation algorithm. it was some horrid shit before but now the algorithm is real simple:

damage = base skill damage * (userdexterity / enemydexterity) + random(skill damage spread)

seems to work well so far

- added some more skills for the test boss to use, as well as a low health condition that has the boss use different skills if its health is below 25%. this is getting fun!
- worked on the item usage sequence. probably bug free

i'm probably going to implement hotkeys tomorrow (no guarantees) as well as fix up my skill meters and tie them to skill damage calculation but for now i am going to bed because i have a splitting headache
Post by: Cesar on February 06, 2010, 03:19:51 PM
Cool, cool, I'll try out the project again tomorrow for more testing. Glad to see you're getting work done!
Entry: February 07, 2010, 04:16:18 AM
Cool, cool, I'll try out the project again tomorrow for more testing. Glad to see you're getting work done!

thanks! i am too.

6feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.1094) / LiveDebug 0.2.1094

- implemented lingua recovery into the command menu
- fixed a bug in the main menu assault pack where the third character would show up in the status flash, regardless of what character you selected
- fixed a bug in the assault pack where if you used an item in a slot that only had one of that item left, the item would still be there but it would show a 0/X when it should be showing an empty slot
- fixed bugs in the revival mechanism
- fixed a bug in the item use mechanism where if you have an AI use an item, the party leader is no longer able to move
- added hookshot disengagement code so that an AI hookshot user can use an item or a skill without the game having a seizure
- tied lingua drainRate to skill damage. the amended algorithm is:

damage = base skill damage * (userdexterity / enemydexterity) * 1 + (drainRate / 10) + random(skill damage spread)

- cleaned up some stuff in objCommandMenuTarget, the targeting module of the command menu
Entry: February 08, 2010, 06:02:03 AM
7feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.1170) / LiveDebug 0.2.1094

- implemented hotkeys. this includes support for:
  - using skills and items directly from the hotkey selector in the command menu (duh)
  - integration of hotkey functions into character profiles
  - amended menus that include the "Assign Hotkey" option
  - the actual "Assign Hotkey" menu
  - a menu in the status menu that shows current hotkeys and lets the player clear hotkeys they don't want any more
  - the ability to assign a character a hotkey of the skill or item they're currently using by pressing num. 1-8 during the skill or item's animation.

- fixed a bug in scrDrawIcons that was cutting off certain icons
- fixed a bug in most menus that caused the menu to overwrite certain sections of the memory cursor storage map several times a second (instead of once) while shutting down
- corrected an aspect ratio bug in context pop-up menus
- standardized item icons (not as painful as i thought it would be, just a harkening back to old rpgmaker times where i would have to copy-paste two hundred times)
- limited item hotkey assignment to RECOVERY, REVIVE, ONEUSE and BATTLE item types (wouldn't make much sense to hotkey equipment)
- fixed a nasty bug that i spent two hours trying to root out. explanation below.

the symptom: there are mechanisms in all of the menus that forbid the player from controlling a parent menu while a child menu is active. the symptom? i was able to control the assign hotkey dialog and the skill menu at the same time. it didn't make sense. this was the exact same menu setup as the item menu's hotkey assignment:

 item/skill menu -> selection dialog -> assign hotkey

the solution: as it turns out, a stray bit of code in the skill selection dialog was responsible. i noticed in debug mode that the menu_parent was being set to an instance (represented by six numbers, ex. 108219) as opposed to an object (usually two or three numbers). in particular, the child instance was supposed to be MenuLevel3. this object is one of the four used to control hierarchy in the menu system, ex:

ojmMenu (object super-parent) -> MenuLevel1 -> MenuLevel2 -> MenuLevel3 -> MenuLevel4

...with each of the MenuLevels being parents of various menus (ex. MenuLevel1 is parent of the main menu object, while MenuLevel2 is parent of the item menu, etc).in this i have a simple way of leaving parent menus open while being able to control child menus easily and without hassle.


 menu_parent.menu_child =

this set the skill menu's child (MenuLevel3) to the instance id of the skill selection dialog (109411 numberfuck, etc). probably a vestige from earlier menu builds before i implemented the rigid menu hierarchy. what a shitty bug.
Entry: February 08, 2010, 06:41:57 PM
8feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.1172)

- fixed a bug in objPause that was setting a HALTED environment to RUNNING, resulting in enemy/ally ai movement while in menus
- worked on some conversational hierarchy theory that will be practiced in the game's NPC system
Entry: February 09, 2010, 05:14:17 PM
Entry: February 10, 2010, 01:28:30 AM
9feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.2.1221) / LiveDebug 0.2.1221

- fixed a couple of bugs regarding icon display in the equipment menu
- created a show choice menu. it can handle up to four choices right now.
- integrated choices into messages. the choice menu will pop up when a message is done displaying.
- implemented 'call_script' into the actionqueue. this allows me to follow up a choice with a separate script with conditional dialogue based on what choice you selected.
- fixed a bug in the assault pack where, if you added an amount of item to a slot that contained the same item, it would replace the total instead of adding it
- added assign hotkey functionality to the assault pack (since you can't hotkey an item through the inventory if every copy of that item is in the assault pack). i thought about adding it to the status menu but i'd have to add it to both skills and items and i don't really think the player will hotkey through the status menu that much
- i really lucked out because all menus that lead to the assign hotkey menu are MenuLevel2.
- added unit cost to the skill list in the command menu. now it shows you how many units you need to use a skill

at this point i am calling time on all non-repeatable battle functions. i'm sure there will still be bugs and i'll fix those as i go along. since there will be two beta periods, i can use those to work out all the kinks.
Entry: February 11, 2010, 01:04:49 AM
10feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.37) / LiveDebug 0.2.1221

- added a choice to Scene 1 that was previously omitted because the game didn't support choices
- elaborated on some of alex's writing in scene 1
- added all story-significant NPCs to the game engine
- replaced placeholders with story-significant NPCs where applicable
- reworked the treasure database so that it works when you leave a room now (the last one didn't work right because it worked off instance id, which changes each time you go from one room to another)
- made some edits to objPlacard, including adding a face property because you can apparently read signs when you're not even facing them
- made some edits to objNPC
- fixed some coordinate errors in objChoiceMenu
Entry: February 13, 2010, 10:53:01 PM
11feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.50)

- made some edits to scene 2
- added a banter scene that gets triggered between scene 7 and 8
- fixed a bug in objChoiceMenu where holding down the confirm key to speed up a message would trigger the first choice accidentally

12feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.81)

- fixed some bugs in the actionQueue system, including one that breaks the game when the queue tries to load an action that doesn't exist, and one that hung the game if the queue came across an action that didn't exist
- fixed a bug in objCutsceneEvent that triggered cutscenes during cutscenes when actors walked over the event.
- added light to objDoorShadow (it is wrong if you're viewing the doorway of a house from the outside and it is shadowed instead of being lit)
- touched up things in scenes 3 and 4
- added "set_variable" to the action list. now i can set variables in cutscenes.
Entry: February 17, 2010, 02:49:32 PM
13feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.90)

- made heavy edits to Scene 10
Entry: February 23, 2010, 01:21:33 AM
17feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.112)

- fixed an error in the interstitial scene trigger for scene 10 that refused to lift the cutscene boundaries after scene 10.
- fixed a bug in the pathGrid that was preventing AIs from following a path at the bottom or right side of a map because the grid didn't extend that far.
- fixed a bug in targeting where an AI would continue to target an enemy even though they'd rallied
- separated code in scrAllyTargeting into another script
- fixed a bug in the transition mechanism that led to a jumpy screen when the player arrives in a room and starts moving before the transition is complete

22feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.141)

- added script scrKillBanter(), which kills banter boxes. specifically used when first triggering a cutscene.
- fixed bugs in queue priority levels that were causing errors.
- added script scrDropConvo(), which drops the current banter conversation. useful when triggering a cutscene AND when you don't want to return to the conversation previously being held after the cutscene is over.
- added a whole bunch of scenery objects to fix various layer issues the maps were having
- relayered Prisma with the new scenery objects
Entry: February 24, 2010, 05:11:30 PM
23feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.170)

- added nonsolid property to ojmObject and added the corresponding code in the collision tests. fixes a bug in the bounding boxes of scenery objects that are nonsolid (flowers, stools, other things that the game is meant to treat like they aren't solid for functional or convenience purposes)
- added scrObjectNonSolid() to distinguish between solid scenery objects and non-solids without a lot of engine work. script looks for a sprite bounding box in which top and bottom are both 0
- added collision data for maps up to the Lessian border at Prisma
- beefed up the outside of this particular custom house
- new map: Lessis-Xirdalan Custom House (Prisma Access). as you can see, this one was a bitch. particularly because i had to fit two countries into one custom house with a good means of traffic flow between them.


- added two banter conversations between Corvallis and Angela
- added collision data to the map after the Lessian border
- modified maps up to Lismore to correctly display widescreen mode
Entry: February 25, 2010, 12:33:01 AM
24feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.201)

- remapped Lismore and added all collision data for Lessian Border to Lismore
- staged scene 11 (took a while)
- new map: KoMando's Bar & Grill. stage for scene 11.
- modified the map after lismore to correctly display widescreen mode, added collision data to that map as well
Entry: February 25, 2010, 09:07:44 PM
25feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.210)

- modified maps from Lismore to Dendera for widescreen
- added collision data for maps from Lismore to Dendera
- started remapping Dendera
Post by: Cesar on February 26, 2010, 01:09:38 AM
Nice, getting to the mapping part. I like that part in my games, it makes me feel like I'm actually doing progress.
Entry: February 26, 2010, 09:26:53 PM
yep, it's relatively final mapping, too!  :o

26feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.246)

- added collision data to the stage map for scene 12
- staged scene 12 and added the "minigame" that the game has the player do in scene 12.
- added "teleport_disable" and "teleport_enable" to actionqueue commands
- made the necessary edits to objTeleport so that enabling/disabling teleport events works properly
- added a conditional to actionqueue command "camera_focus" that allows me to supply an argument if i so choose, as opposed to automatically focusing on the caller of the command
- added looped movement capability to NPCs
- improved actionqueue command "clear" so that it actually works in clearing an actor's queue and getting rid of all associated objects properly.
- added "ignore_collisions" to the actionqueue commands

at this rate i should be able to at least get 13 and 14 whammed out without too much trouble. 12 was a bitch because i had to make two cutscene scripts, one for each angle of approach. i have two exams on monday and tuesday and a shitload of bookwork i gotta do so i might not be able to get too much done this weekend.
Entry: March 01, 2010, 05:26:05 PM
27feb - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.250)

- created stage for scenes 13 and 14
- started staging scene 13
Entry: March 02, 2010, 01:01:14 AM
1mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.257)

- merged and staged scenes 13 and 14
Entry: March 03, 2010, 07:19:39 PM
3mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.285)

- finished mapping Dendera exterior
- made some edits to Dendera Secure Gate (meant to show that the gate is undergoing repairs
- added collision data for all maps from Dendera to the Gate and modified those maps for widescreen
- implemented bridge mechanism. i'm going to try not to use bridges too much. it's a pain in the ass.
- "This chest left by the Adventurer Assistance Project. Please replace the item in the chest with something nice!"
Entry: March 08, 2010, 12:14:00 AM
4mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.311)

- mapped Secure Gate Processing
- made some cool signs
- mapped Secure Gate Locker Room
- added collision data to all Gate maps
- staged scene 15a

7mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.335)

- mapped the rest of Reagast. sister helped.
- staged the rest of scene 15
Entry: March 09, 2010, 01:59:29 AM
8mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.378)

- polished up scene 15 as well as the events in the secure gate area. there used to be a lot of loose ends when it came to characters going in and out of the scene, and they didn't make sense!
- mapped previous tower as well as the stages for scenes 16, 17 and 18. i did a total of 11 maps today. i should be good for the first deadline (i hope)
Entry: March 10, 2010, 08:18:24 PM
10mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.426) / LiveDebug 0.3.426

- added teleport events to the same maps
- staged scenes 16, 17, and 18
- added "place" and "kill" to the actionQueue: place (as opposed to move) instantly places an actor at a determined coordinate pair (usually to stage a cutscene), and kill destroys an NPC and removes all banter associated with that NPC.
- implemented the ability to disable individual teleport events. disabled teleports come with a message you can activate if you press confirm.
- updated the LiveDebug file.

it is shaping up!

Entry: March 13, 2010, 01:47:07 AM
12mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.470)

- i am about to throw this computer out a fucking window
- retouched Lundmark
- added collision data to all maps from Dendera, LE to Dieppe, VO and modified them for widescreen
- remapped Dieppe Wandering Market (now Dieppe Revolving Market, as this describes its purpose better)
- new maps: Vodun-Lessis Custom House at Lundmark and Dieppe Governance Complex. the Governance Complex replaces the following maps: Dieppe Presidential Manor, Dieppe Legislature, Dieppe North Quarter.
Entry: March 15, 2010, 03:28:39 AM
14mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.511)

- new maps: Presidential Manor Foyer, Reception Area, and Boardroom
- added collision data for Dieppe and the Presidential Manor
- wrote in a couple of extra mini-scenes (i'll have a few over the course of the party's journey from reagast to dieppe)
- combed over scenes 19-27 in order to make sure any edits that were made to the script are reflected in the game
- added an option to show a status message to objSceneFader (for times when people join your party, you can raise a status message against a black screen like all the 'coolguy' play-a-role games (PRGs))
- staged scenes 19, 20, and 21a
Entry: March 20, 2010, 02:01:09 AM
16mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.520)

- staged scene 22. this is the most actor-intensive scene i've done yet.

18mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.534)

- polished scene 22 and staged scene 23.
- since i wanted to merge 22 and 23 but couldn't because of instance limitations (apparently it tops out at about 400 action objects before i get major lag), i had to link them so that one would trigger after the other was done.
- new maps: Hotel Dieppe Lobby/Bar, Hotel Dieppe Presidential Suite/Bathroom
Entry: March 23, 2010, 01:16:01 AM
22mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.3.650)

- staged scenes 24, 25, 26, and 27.
- new maps: Lucius's Office, Hotel Dieppe Room A, Room B
- messed around with the order and pacing of these scenes. i also rewrote the scene where lucius and altair realize the duke took them for a ride because i needed to resolve some pacing issues. it's a lot snappier than the previous version, it gets your attention more, and you get the impression it takes place right after the scene before it (the other one implied the passage of time, which was no good for what i needed to do).
- separated scene 24 into two parts and 27 into three
- added the functionality to run a cutscene script to objPlacard.
- new tile: the contract board
- i might have to separate the fade event in order to do some of the things i want to do. really, this entire action engine could benefit from a major overhaul, but it's too late now! it does what i need it to do. that's what counts. apart from the annoying bug where it skips actions if you go through messages too fast, it's pretty solid. completely dismantling it would be of little benefit at this point and waste precious time.
- act I finally done...ten days late. :(
Entry: March 24, 2010, 12:50:18 AM
23mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.10)

- new maps: Dieppe to Malin maps 1-5
Entry: March 26, 2010, 12:05:35 AM
24mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.15)

- fixed a bug in the path grid where it wasn't refreshing properly.

25mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.15)

- new maps: Malin Residential, Malin Port, Malin Park
- it seems softwrap doesn't know how to make licensing software so that it isn't cumbersome. after i wiped my computer to install my solid state, it reverted back to lite and i had to send an e-mail which i won't receive a response to until tomorrow. so i haven't actually run the build today, but mapping doesn't require any pro features, so i got that stuff done.
Post by: Cesar on March 27, 2010, 05:07:22 PM
Cool, progress is still being done! I'm sorry, I haven't gotten much done, I've been mostly working on my own project. I did get a job too but it's not really hard work so I'll still have time, I just need to switch gears soon and work on your sprites. I kinda forget how much of it I have left, I'll go check.
Entry: March 27, 2010, 08:07:42 PM
yeah, still coming along. it's cool, though. i actually need to go through my sprites and frontload what needs to be done since i'm still using placeholders for a lot of stuff and that's preventing me from taking final screenshots, so give me a day or two. expect a transformation sprite to be near the top of that because i need to implement transformation as a battle mechanic really soon!

27mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.22)

- switched to Game Maker 8 today and fixed a compatibility bug:
 - edited all instances of sprite_create_from_surface, since that was changed
- new maps: Malin Commercial
- added an object to rock the Malin ferry by shifting the y-axis of the tile layer the ferry is on
- when i fixed the bug in the path grid, it resulted in cutscene path movement being hindered/stopped because the game was actually tracking the right grid setup instead of tracking an entire 'green screen' (green = walkable space, red = collision data). so i had to fix certain objects that were blocking NPCs in (rather than changing the fineness of the grid, which increases the lag)
Entry: March 29, 2010, 07:17:30 PM
29mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.55)

- inserted scene 28 into the script. leyt meets lomah's parents and the four of them have dinner and talk about mountaineering stuff. used to bring forward the Westburgh Order Guard subplot initially started in scene 7 through the radio, as well as to hint at some of leyt's misdeeds.
- staged scene 28
- new maps:
 - Reagast: Previous Tower Courtyard, Courtyard Hallway, Barracks 1F, Guest Room, Guest Bathroom
 - Malin: Northern Enclosure Storefront, Lomah's House, Lomah's Room, Bathroom, Master Bedroom
- made a little playtime clock out of the digital clock that cesar made. it shows you the playtime in little alarm clocks that are placed all over the world.


- added objAnyKey. accepts a press of any key to run a predefined script.
- added command "system_anykey" to the action queue
- added command "set_weather" to the action queue
Entry: March 30, 2010, 08:47:31 PM
30mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.70)

- changed a setting in the cutscene system: cutscene time counts toward playtime now.
- devised a new technique for putting NPCs behind kiosks (where they will not fit): make the NPC invisible, put that NPC in some corner of the map, and link an NPC Trigger to it at the location of the kiosk with the applicable NPC script
- staged scene 29
- new map: Reagast - Norman's Office, Norman's Bathroom
Entry: March 31, 2010, 10:33:12 PM
31mar - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.78)

- staged scene 30
- there's a bug in the 'kill' command (the command that kills an NPC) in the actionqueue. if a script delivers the kill command through the NPC's local queue, and the NPC still has actions in the global queue, it will freeze the game.
- fixed a memory leak in the message box. i wasn't freeing surfaces so all these unused surfaces were hogging the video memory.
- did my first playthrough. i don't know the amount of time the current implemented content takes to run through, but i got 53 minutes into the game before the game got killed because of that memory leak. this is without any enemy encounters whatsoever, so there's no real worries about lack of content. act I should take at least an hour to run through, if not more.
- issued surface_free commands in the destroy event for all objects that use surfaces
Entry: April 02, 2010, 11:45:17 PM
2apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.96)

- new maps: Dendera to Grafton 1-4
- subversion of the 'floating islands' cliche: you encounter these floating islands on the way to grafton being held up by magic fields.


this is actually a gravity mining operation. the massive slabs of rock are held up by teams of linguists and subjected to artificial wind erosion, which reveals the ore underneath. the grafton gravity mine is a major point of contention between Grand Duke Charloise, who favors letting the Vodunian Douglass and Sons Metalworks (Attlas's father's mining/metalworks company) use the land for a portion of the profits, and the majority of the Lessian Parliament, who either oppose gravity mining or want to minimize the foreign influence represented by a Vodunian company in Lessis.

- made a number of mechanisms to support the animation of the grafton gravity mine, including two map layers to simulate floating, two shadow objects, and the game's first continuous particle effect used outside of spell or item use.

p.s. i'm getting pretty good at signs
Entry: April 05, 2010, 07:37:26 PM
4apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.98)

- ran some surface generation tests to see how often scrDrawStatusFlash() was invoking the status flash surface when entering the main menu and various submenus.
Entry: April 05, 2010, 10:52:38 PM
5apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.112)

- new map: Dendera to Grafton 5
- fixed the surface errors that plagued the menu after i fixed the surface overflow bug.
- went through the menu and corrected some areas where the proper status flash wasn't appearing after going through the flash selection menu.
- added a control to the party placement icons that prevents characters from being added to the party after the starting map (this prevents unexpected party additions on teleport due to maps having party placement icons)
Entry: April 07, 2010, 05:14:23 PM
6apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.116)

- went through and added code to freeze the menu when the game is paused
Entry: April 10, 2010, 12:22:33 AM
7apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.125)

- new maps: Southeton Residential/Square, Southeton Commercial. i originally designed these two maps to be Grafton, but there's no room in this design to put the stage building for scene 31. since the city's design is North-South, it's relatively small and it mostly fits Southeton's profile, i'm going to put it there so as to not let 2 1/2 hours go to waste. i still need to add the prison to the Dieppe-Southeton path, but i'll do that when i'm actually working on that path.

9apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.138)

- new maps: Grafton Residential/Square, Grafton Commercial, Mastrov Easy (stage for scene 31)
- staged scene 31A

here's what a typical completed map looks like when taken from the editor.


1: an NPC. in this case, it's kevin chancer, the agent corvallis and angela are meeting in scene 31. in editor mode, every NPC has the same icon; the spritesheets are assigned when the NPC is created through the NPC's creation code.
2: collision data. i basically wrap the walkable parts of the map in a polygon. i used to not close off the ends but people can go around the teleports if i don't make the gates long enough.
3: the teleport event. works pretty much the same way it would in rpgmaker except it allows me to do contact line teleports, too, so i don't have to make three billion teleports and put them in a line. i can just set a width variable and it will make a contact line that long.
4: cutscene event. this one is set to trigger automatically.
5: placard. if the player steps on this while facing up and presses confirm, the character will read the sign.
6: camera focus point. mostly used in cutscenes to focus on a particular area of the map.
Entry: April 13, 2010, 12:04:58 AM
12apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.156)

- staged scene 31B, which is now the most NPC-heavy and complex scene in the game.
- made objDebugTimer - a millisecond timer for debugging cutscene timing
- made an effect to use in scene 31B. i initially wanted the effect to be sort of a transparent wave but i'm fairly sure that would require work i haven't already done, so i settled for a very light gray at 10% alpha. afterward, the effect simulates a flickering of the lights.
- =+ != +=. ugh.
- added some dialogue lines to scene 26
- changed alex's name in scene 31b so that her highlight doesn't show up (that gives away that alex is going to be in your party eventually) and changed lomah's name in scene 27b to 'Man' for the first half of the scene because you don't know his name yet
- rewrote part of scene 31 because the writing wasn't meshing with what was actually happening
- added "message_position" to the actionqueue commands. allows me to change the position of a message window in a cutscene.
- added scrActionAddProxy() to the actionqueue framework. this allows me to add an action to a local queue the action owner doesn't own (aka a proxy entity) and execute that action in time with the events the proxy owns instead of the owner's events.


Say NPC A is a waiter and is picking up NPC B's food. With scrActionAdd(), I would have to time it so that NPC B said "thank you" right at the exact moment that NPC A picked up the food.

This is not a problem in the global queue, since everything is run through the GameManager in order. It IS a problem in the local queue, especially for a tertiary set of actions that don't really relate to the cutscene but would look weird if they weren't included (like a waiter coming by and picking up food - you can't just have the food disappear).

They can't be processed globally because that's where all the cutscene processing is happening, so they can only be done locally, and by default any local action is added to the action owner's queue. This extended script allows me to specify a proxy entity that will process the action along with the other actions that entity may own.

So, while the action may be owned by NPC B, it is added to NPC A's queue and executed with NPC A's event order, so the scriptwriter doesn't have to time entity actions meticulously.

i cannot believe i didn't think to add this until now. it would have solved some problems in scenes 1-30!

tomorrow it's on to camp stevenson, probably. scene 31 was a pretty heavy cutscene. i think it's the heaviest, actually. it involves 15 characters and NPCs, it's 220 lines (not counting the scripts it calls) and it calls six scripts and one particle effect. hopefully the other ones aren't as bad.
Entry: April 14, 2010, 11:34:04 PM
14apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.168)

- new maps: Gennon Ferry, Gennon Strip, Gennon to Camp Stevenson 1, 2 and 3
- made some edits to scene 31a to clarify the scene
- connected the SNOW weatherfilter to the snow effect so that snow actually works when you trigger it in the gamemanager
- fixed a bug in the save, load, and config menus where pressing Enter to reset config settings or delete/overwrite save files was conflicting with the pause menu
- fixed a bug in objEffectRain and objEffectSnow where if you leave the game paused for a long time, the particles accumulate so that when you unpause the game, it lags like crazy until the particles die.
Entry: April 16, 2010, 01:26:48 AM
15apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.180)

- new maps: Camp Stevenson South, Main Camp
Entry: April 17, 2010, 03:05:55 AM
16apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.197)

- new maps: Camp Stevenson House, Camp Stevenson North, Camp Stevenson Northwest, Camp Stevenson Southwest
- staged scene 32
- consolidated the objPartyMember initialization objects into one objPartyGroup object that initializes the party.
- created objAlcaryticSnow, which is an extension of objTreasure, for ease of management
- completed the alcarytic snow collection minigame
- spent an interesting thirty minutes trying to determine whether or not 20 out of 84 ounces evaporating from a pot of boiling water was a realistic prospect
- sprited a plastic jug
- thinkin' about ways to deal with picking up a treasure with regard to the assault pack menu. the plastic jug got me thinking about that.
- made a kettle steam effect (which i'm probably going to adapt to work as chimney smoke, too)
- holy fucking shit. i just had a hilarious (i think) idea for a QTE minigame that parodies the stealth genre.

this takes place in the ARM headquarters while you're playing as angela. angela sneaks around and tries to avoid ARM operatives, etc, but since it's the ARM, she sees some confoundingly stupid events while she's sneaking around (idk two guards arguing about something stupid or some guard wearing a ladies' wig and blowing himself kisses while looking in a mirror. that kind of thing).

it would essentially be 'press [key] to keep your mouth shut,' and if you don't press the button in time, she calls them stupid to their faces because she can't control herself when it comes to that kind of thing and has to escape with guards tearing ass after her, all the while chopping people in the neck and shouting obscenities.

- took care of a whole lot of admin stuff, including an updated sprite requirement table, new descriptions of story-relevant NPCs, and uploading of the sprite pack (for art) and the sound requirement table (new, for music and sound effect).
Entry: April 20, 2010, 01:09:29 AM
19apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.225)

- new maps: ARM Bomb Maze 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7; ARM HQ Subcorridor
- laid out the bomb maze puzzle. it's a lot more realistic than i first thought it would be. doesn't use one switch, and you don't fucking slide anything. no blocks, no stones, nothing.
- sprited some stuff for the Bomb Maze
- staged scene 33
Entry: April 22, 2010, 12:15:16 AM
21apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.260)

- put in more of the mechanisms to actually make the bomb maze work. it's not done, but today i put in:
 - the explosives on the tripwires
 - the mechanism to take the fishing line and pull a certain tripwire to blow out a wall
- added scrCheckContact(), which does the exact same thing as scrCheckConfirm(), but when you touch something instead of when you press confirm. used for...
- the HUD notice system. tells the player in the corner of the screen that they can inspect or otherwise mess with an object.
- made it so that all objNPCTrigger objects will destroy themselves if the parent NPC is destroyed
- added "status_choice" to the actionqueue commands. same thing as message_choice, except for status messages. used primarily to choose whether to put things in your inventory or your assault pack
- added objAddToAssaultPackMenu to add treasures to your assault pack when your inventory is locked (any time you're not at a save point). you add them one by one until the entire contents of the treasure chest are exhausted. so if you have ten elixirs you can spread them between slots or between characters.

-----> ugh. unsolicited advice: don't add a major feature when you're fucking tired!!!!
Entry: April 23, 2010, 01:01:53 AM
22apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.289)

- added a nifty little DLL to the project called CleanMem. GM is notorious for hogging tons of memory and this dll goes in and cleans it out while the game is running. 128k of ram before the first call, 12k after. genius.
- PAX 10:  Submissions will be accepted through June 15th, 2010. i'm modifying the schedule accordingly. i'm thinking about breaking after act 2 to implement all the NPCs, the remaining enemies, and the skills. not sure yet, though. depends on how fast i get this done.

- added objPackReplaceDialog, which notifies the player when they're about to replace an item while adding to the assault pack.
- added some scripts to do exactly what open treasure does, but with items you receive in cutscenes. you HAVE to accept these items somehow, whether by putting them in your inventory, or by putting them in your assault pack. they're usually key items anyway (the other kind of item you cannot get rid of unless the game does it for you)
- locked inventory policy: i think i explained this before, but it's been a while, so here it goes again. in the game's lore, the inventory is made essentially "bottomless" by a bag with a K'athrani spell cast on it. unfortunately, this bottomlessness comes at a price. the bag needs a very powerful lock to prevent it from exploding forth with all your crazy fuckin' items. no human alive, no matter how fluent in K'athrani, has the necessary power to unlock the bag, but magic beacons in towns and at save points can and do. these beacons essentially act like wireless access points would in the real world, except for unlocking your portable storage.
- added a "locked" variable to treasure chests. works like disabled teleports in that it gives you an explanation of why it's locked
- bomb maze is done!
 - fully implemented the circuitboard puzzle
 - fully implemented the outlet puzzle
- fixed some stuff in objAddToAssaultPackMenu
- reorganized the GameManager init event, divided up inits into separate scripts, and separated the running of list of credits into its own file in the game
- in addition to the lock mechanism, i made a 'no inventory bag' mechanism because your bag and your equipment gets taken away before you're thrown into the bomb maze
- staged scenes 34 and 35
Entry: April 27, 2010, 10:22:27 AM
23apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.304)

- new maps: ARM HQ: Main, Corvallis's Cell, Chancer's Cell, Meeting Room, North Passage, Tunnel Passage, North Entrance, Secret, Outside Entrance
- staged scene 36

26apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.316)

- new maps: Dendera to Lille 1 and 2, Lille to ARM Headquarters
- reactivated the sound framework
- standardized sounds in the main menu, treasure chests, status messages, choices, and objAddToAssaultPackMenu.
- implemented a 'message beep' sound that uses the cursor sound effect. i tried to pitch it up with audacity but i have no idea how.
- added commands 'sound_playBGM,' 'sound_fadeBGM,' 'sound_playSound,' and 'sound_playAmbientSound' to the actionqueue; deleted commands 'sound_play' and 'sound_fade'
Entry: April 29, 2010, 06:01:27 PM
27apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.331)

- new maps: Lille Commercial, Lille Beachfront

29apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.340)

- new maps: Dendera to Nalfayn Company 1, 2
Entry: April 30, 2010, 10:52:23 PM
30apr - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.361)

- new maps: Dieppe Residential Area, Southeton to Buraidh 1, 2
- updated maps: Dieppe to Southeton 1, 2, 3, Southeton Commercial, Residential/Square
Entry: May 03, 2010, 07:28:05 PM
3may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.375)

- new maps: Southeton to Buraidh 3, 4 (Bridge), Dendera to Nalfayn Company 3 (Gate)
- i'll add some more stuff for sound/music after i get my courseload for finals out of the way (i have two big things that need to be done that i'll probably be done with thursday)
Entry: May 09, 2010, 01:33:06 AM
4may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.389)

- new maps: Nalfayn Company Exterior
- updated maps: added collision data to Prisma INSTEC
- updated the tile animation framework to handle six frames instead of four (as some tiles in the Nalfayn Co. tileset require it)

6may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.406)

- new maps: Nalfayn Company Entryway, Main (1F/2F), Drafting Room (2F)
- added dialogue scripts for Scene 37A/B

8may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.412)

- changed the NIGHT weatherfilter to run off of blending, so it's a nice dark blue now
- changed the lightposts to use subtractive blending.
Post by: Cesar on May 10, 2010, 04:12:45 PM
Good progress being done so far! I am being a tile slave for Nessiahs contest game so I will be doing that for this week until I go back to making sprites for you.
Entry: May 10, 2010, 05:04:44 PM
Good progress being done so far! I am being a tile slave for Nessiahs contest game so I will be doing that for this week until I go back to making sprites for you.


i think i'm going to start cutting off story progress really soon in favor of dropping the PAX demo. this is actually a good time for me to implement all the updated NPC stuff and the sociability model, as well as work on aspects of the game that have been languishing. NPC configuration in towns, indoor areas of towns, and configuration of town shops come immediately to mind here. that and i have a minority of the monsters implemented. it's a significant minority, but a minority nonetheless, so i'd like to work on that and start getting encounters set up. on the flipside, a lot of the work on the various ai modules for monsters is done already, so that's all just code modification, which is good.

as far as the actual character parties for the demo, i'm in the middle of assembling notes for that and will make a topic about what portion of the game it's going to be. be advised: you're probably going to have to deliver some attack sprites sometime before june 15 (maybe earlier).

Entry: May 11, 2010, 12:45:35 AM
10may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.440)

- implemented the profanity filter. took about 30 minutes; it's a simple edit to the message tag system. this one adds [p] and [/p] tags that replace everything between them with asterisks. i'm testing this on a trial basis with the PAX demo, so its scope includes scenes 25 to 36. i still don't know if i'm going to release the game with it actively monitoring, but it's good to have in case i need to make a quick decision about it.
- also leaning toward eliminating profanity completely except for angela's lines and those lines that either (a) reinforce angela's compulsive swearing before her suicide attempt (b) reinforce that angela has completely forsaken the practice afterward. i went through and eliminated the few times corvallis, leyt, lomah, attlas, nathaniel, lucius, and altair legitimately swear last night. dr. meier says 'fuck' once, but i want to keep it for emphasis because he NEVER swears and is otherwise a very proper guy. in this instance, he is talking about his involvement in past cursor rights groups; this gets him really riled up because he's failed so many times.
- implemented Leyt's attack sheet. there are still a few kinks to work out. i need to divide the sheet up into left-only and right-only attacks (since leyt's attack scheme uses two buttons, one for the left hand and one for the right), and i'm missing one set of frames that will allow me to do that. those frames need to be mirrored in order for this to work.
- implemented skill use sheets for all characters.
- added more sounds to the battle framework and added cursor sounds to some of the menus i missed
- added support for bags that expand the amount and size of spaces in the assault pack. wearing two rucksacks will give you all 25 spaces with the center space being able to hold 99 of an item. the four assault pack bags are tiered so that wearing two of a lesser bag (in both your relic slots) gives you more spaces and more capacity, but it does not equal wearing just one of a greater bag.
- added a script to skim items off the top of assault pack spaces (if the pack capacity changes and spaces become unavailable, this script throws the items in the unavailable spaces back into the inventory, as well as items where the quantity of item in a space exceeds that pack's capacity)

oh and here's what the subtractive lighting looks like. it essentially cuts holes in the night overlay surface to make the light look like actual light and not a sprite i just tacked on. took a bit to get working, too! since i wanted to desaturate the red and the green (like seiken densetsu 3 does with their day/night system), i couldn't just draw a dark surface and cut holes in it.

Entry: May 12, 2010, 04:21:03 PM
11may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.448)

- put capacity of each assault pack slot in the background behind the item in the slot (this is to solve overlapping problems that would've resulted from running "99/99" text across the bottom of the slot)
- replaced the immediate message option in the config menu with the profanity filter. by default, it is OFF, and even when it's on, it only monitors for extreme profanity, 'fuck' and 'shit' being prime examples. 'damn' and 'hell' are excluded and will go uncensored regardless of the profanity filter's setting. i mean, for fuck's sake, we're not children here.
Entry: May 13, 2010, 12:00:37 AM
12may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.469)

- working on rooting the bugs out of the battle system
 - changed up the pistol damage algorithms. i'm going to scale involvement of hit% back, since it's already taken into account in the hit/miss probability. that and i need to decrease the amount of damage a pistol-wielder does.
 - added a new script to the pistol miss probability system:
   --the system DIRECTLY takes proximity into account, so as to avoid embarrassing misses when at point-blank range
   --since it takes direct proximity into account, you'll miss more when you're far away, but...
   --the system adds one point for every two hit% points above the proximity probability calculation.

so, say you have a weap. range of 180 and you're 90px away from the enemy. that puts you at prox. hit 50%. your stat. hit% is 90. the system will add 20% to your proximity calculation (making it 70%) and then use a random number to compare it to. if prox. is greater than or equal to the random number, it's a hit; if not, it's a miss.

- fixed a bug in the pistol targeting (wasn't auto-targeting after the first hit)
- fixed a bug in enemy masking which caused the sprite sheets to flip out
- split item initialization into scripts by item category
- added sociability. preliminary mechanisms are:
 - SOC +1 every time the speaker speaks
 - SOC +n every time someone else speaks and a certain character is in the party (ex. a friend, companion, or family member. the amount varies by relationship). so every time victor speaks, corvallis gets +1. every time juno speaks, angela gets +2. etc.
 - more to be added
Entry: May 13, 2010, 09:10:40 PM
13may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.481)

- straightened out music in Prisma and Lismore
- fixed a bug in the use_skill sprite sheet that was freezing the game
- fixed messed up collision data in the path from Lundmark to Dieppe (map 5)
- implemented preliminary joypad support. i'm about halfway through changing the scripts i need to change in order for it to work completely. here's what's good so far:
  - instant joypad support upon the plugging in of a joypad, and instant reversion to keyboard controls should the joypad come unplugged
  - scrButtonCheck(), a control abstraction script that supports both keyboard and joypad presses
- scrButtonCheckPressed() needs work; because there's no equivalent action to keyboard_key_clear for the joypad, i'm probably going to have to build a timer that makes the joypad emulate the keyboard in that respect or do something that will slow menu scrolling down
Entry: May 14, 2010, 09:13:52 PM
14may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.485)

- changed the rest of the control code to use scrButtonCheck()
- added buttons on the joypad to rotate party leaders using shoulder buttons, and mapped the SELECT button to open the party leader's command menu
- SOMETHING broke my SpecialController and now skill and item effects won't display without me forcing them. really fucking tired though (just took the final exam for my last class this semester) so i will deal with it tomorrow.
Entry: May 16, 2010, 01:18:28 AM
15may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.547)

- found a weird bug involving joysticks. if you haven't restarted your computer in a while, and you open up the game, when the game processes joystick events (every scrButtonCheck() script call), it'll lag like crazy. BUT. if you plug in a joystick, the lag stops. it doesn't come back even if you unplug the joystick and resume using the keyboard.
- added all the perspective-corrected sprites to the project. a lot bigger pain in the ass than you'd think it was.
- added 12 child-girl sprites and 12 man sprites.
- added each player character's grayscale and color portraits
- fixed up the character bar in the shop menu with the portraits
- added a script to display the gray portraits in the shop menu if a character can't use or equip an item
- deleted redundant pointer calls in the shop menu
- made a RELIC_KEY constant for equippable key items
- when i made RELIC_KEY, i forgot i was adding an item type and didn't correct the total inventory types variable, resulting in a crash whenever i tried to equip something
- implemented embedded skills. i'm going with my original idea of having skills being usable if you have the proper article of clothing equipped.
- i'd seriously love to know what i did to the second status flash in the main menu to have it draw completely corrupted.
- UPDATE: apparently it did that because i was calling scrGetEmbeddedSkills() in scrUpdateStats(), two scripts that have nothing to do with drawing anything. i guess doing that is PROHIBITED or something. fuck, man.
- added a 'locked' function to objTeleport. this is different than when a teleport is disabled in that you have the choice to knock on a door in order to see if anyone's home.
- 1000 SCRIPTS!!;;;;;;;

god this is sad

- added a music note icon to the standard font set to denote in a messagebox when someone is singing. useful, i know.
- fixed a bug in the treasure system that prevented the status bar choice (add to inventory/add to
Entry: May 17, 2010, 02:11:19 AM
16may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.580)

- slowed down the cursor refresh rate (this determines how fast the cursor moves)
- added the timer modifications to ojmMenu to emulate the slight pause you get when first pressing a button to scroll a cursor in the menus. the modifications make menus much more manageable with the joypad.
- fixed the freezing glitch in objSpecialController. turns out all effect timers stop when the Environment state is halted, which is cool when the game is paused, but doesn't work when the state's halted because you're using a skill or an item
- added all skills to the database. not all the skill effects are finished but i should be able to have those done in short order
- added the remaining sounds to the command menu and skills menu
- this game looks damn beautiful fullscreen + 16:9 on an HD widescreen monitor. just sayin'.
- viral/mimicry skills are gone. embedded skills are all the rage now. the fact that embedded skills are actually implemented (it took like five minutes) makes this decision so easy.
- also added are meter skills. every time a character uses a skill, his/her skill meter drains faster and faster. once it gets past a certain speed, that character's meter skill unlocks. meter skills are very powerful, but you have to race to use them before the meter runs out! once the meter runs out, the skill is removed until unlocked again.
- also, everyone except alex's skill meter regenerates, except when it's draining. i figure it will be easier to have everyone else's skill meter regenerate since their skills are mostly physical/embedded anyway. i can file alex's skill meter not regenerating in the "nuances of gameplay" and "gameplay reinforces story" cabinets, i guess.
- changed everyone but alex's skill meters to yellow instead of green to illustrate the difference noted above.
- shifted some skill sounds around
Entry: May 18, 2010, 12:03:07 AM
17may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.593)

- added additional control mechanisms to the save and load menu because some functions exclusively use the keyboard.
- fixed a bug in objNPC where the NPC would not turn to face its original direction after speaking
- worked on skill particle effects. got most of them done. the only problems come when i need to move characters
Entry: May 19, 2010, 01:31:01 AM
18may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.611)

- localized the creation of particles to each effect object (so i don't need to maintain a list that i call in the GameManager at the beginning of the game)
- split weatherFilter into weather_night and weather_precip (because it CAN rain and snow at night, you know)
- started work on the location database. it's a grid containing data for every playable map in the game. weather, day/night, BGM, whether the map is an indoor map, and description data are fed to the GameManager when you enter a room. i did this because it's more efficient than doing it through the Creation Code (that and the data is much easier to find by searching a script than by checking every map's creation code by hand). you can also feed a script to weather and day/night and it will allow you to configure the data based on the current scene.
- all maps now have location data (took like an hour).
- implemented a weather timer in the GameManager. it counts to 5000 and then it randomizes a variable that determines whether precipitation will fall; then it starts counting over again. this variable is utilized in two new scripts that are fed through the location database, scrLOCRain() and scrLOCSnow(). i'm already thinking of ways for the characters to react on being rained/snowed on through banter (giving more insight into their respective personalities), so it's not just for show.
- implemented all the skill effects i made last night.
- made the proper corrections to the skill effects' coordinates so that they display right
- made a partial playthrough from scene 9. 50 minutes, but (a) this is with very few enemies along the paths and (b) the ten scenes i skipped constitute at least another 15 minutes of playtime. made it to scene 31 before i forgot i had commented out the fade action that would've let me go further. angela gets the most sociability points by far (619 last check) followed by Leyt, Lomah, and Corvallis.  i think i'm going to have to boost everyone else's SP to match angela's rate.

i think i'm going to start working on filling out the towns tomorrow.
Entry: May 20, 2010, 01:36:48 AM
19may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.622)

- new maps:
 - prisma flats: the taylors (main, bedroom, bathroom), richard cairn (main)
 - prisma commercial: general store 1F
- new shops: prisma textile, prisma consumable
- added actionqueue command "system_shop" to the action queue. calls a shop menu; supply the name of the shop as an argument so the system can find the right items.
- fixed some bugs in the command menu including one that initialized the target system when there are no enemy targets in range.
Entry: May 22, 2010, 01:39:44 AM
20may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.640)

- fixed a list positioning issue in the Tags shop menu
- got rid of unneeded save variables and added ones that needed adding
- finally fixed the soft reset.

21may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.665)

- added scrEnAIDivertPath() to the FLEE module. if an AI can no longer continue in the fleeing direction, this script will add 45 to the current direction until a successful path is found.
- fixed a couple of bugs in the rabbit AI
- added an enemy tag indicator to the command menu. shows the player which enemies are tagged and which aren't.
- added a name display timer to enemies similar to seiken densetsu 3; on your approaching an enemy, it will quickly bring up the name of the enemy and whether that enemy is tagged.
- the title screen will now automatically highlight 'continue' if it detects save files.
- rewrote scrGetEnemyID() so that it isn't completely useless and cumbersome. it now works like scrGetItemID and scrGetSkillID.
- did the same thing with scrGetEnemyMask().
- added roughs of the Maned Wolf's skills
- added scrRandomAliveMember() to return only living party members for enemy skills to focus on when an enemy selects a random target
- balanced the satyagraha skill and implemented the meter drain that happens after it is used
- fixed hotkey assignment in objSpecialController and in the skill menu.
- redid objShowSpoils (there was code left in there from when the game still had an experience system!)
- implemented detagging skills (works off a randomizer that takes the enemy's hp percentage into account)
- fixed lingua drainRate so that it is possible to have a drainRate higher than 60 (used for draining the meter when using satyagraha)
- added save points.
Entry: May 24, 2010, 11:17:05 PM
22may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.676)

- implemented the Brown Bear AI module. still a few kinks to work out
- made some edits to the skill damage algorithm
- the location database now tells you whether you're in a town (used for battle action restriction)
- overhauled the buff/debuff system. now it works just like the spoils system and it's a great deal more simple than it was before.

24may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.676)

- along with the overhaul comes a progressive status effect system, where toggled status effects can be up to three levels in severity. when a level expires, it will move to the next lowest level. if player attempts to spam in order to get a level 3, effect will cancel (corvallis's stunning bartaser omitted from this rule).

sleep 1: 4 counts
sleep 2: 3 counts
sleep 3: 2 counts, 10% damage increase
stun 1: 3 counts, 10% damage increase
stun 2: 2 counts, 25% damage increase
stun 3: 1 count, 50% damage increase
confuse 1: 3 counts, scrambles controls of the affected entity
confuse 2: 2 counts, scrambles controls of the affected entity
confuse 3: 1 count, scrambles controls of the affected entity
slow 1: 3 counts, walking speed 1, attack frequency 1/2
slow 2: 2 counts, walking speed 1, attack frequency 1/4
slow 3: 1 count, walking speed 0 (stop)
poison 1: 4 counts, low poison rate
poison 2: 3 counts, medium poison rate
poison 3: 2 counts, high poison rate
blind 1: 3 counts, HIT 50%
blind 2: 2 counts, HIT 25%
blind 3: 1 count, HIT 10%
regen 1: 4 counts, low regen rate
regen 2: 3 counts, medium regen rate
regen 3: 2 counts, high regen rate
adren 1: 4 counts, no skill drain
adren 2: 3 counts, skills at half-cost
adren 3: 2 counts, no drain, half-cost
Entry: May 25, 2010, 02:02:31 PM
25may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.691)

- fixed a bug in the bouncing code that would cause the entity to bounce over a solid boundary
- tied all status effects to their respective skills
- implemented physical hinderances of status effects. for instance, CONFUSE employs scrScrambleControls() to scramble the control abstraction while the player is controlling a confused character.
- implemented disabling into the command menu. this is used if a character is afflicted with certain status effects (STUN, CONFUSE, SLEEP, and level 3 SLOW).
- tied status healing skills (focus, immunize, and energize) to removal of status effects
- added a status effect bar to main menu status flashes
- spread out enemy encounters from Prisma to Reagast.
- inserted [p] tags in the necessary spots from scenes 1-18 (despite my pontificating about profanity, there's actually not that much!)
- turned a sub-conversation in scene 16 (between doubler and swift) into banter
- added soc_noAccrue to the sociability system to prevent crediting of points if you talk to an NPC more than once. hopefully this will deter grinding.
- wrote some NPC stuff. okay how this is going to work:

there are really two types of NPCs, one-liners and conversationalists. they both do what you'd expect. one-liners say a few lines and each person in the party gets a few soc. points after you're done talking to them.

conversationalists are pretty much a mini-cutscene, usually with a choice between who in the party initiates or continues the conversation. depending on the initiating character, the conversation may go in wildly different directions. it's not really the same as a dialogue tree, because there aren't continual choices, just one, and it's not really good/evil because you don't make that kind of choice. at the end of this type of NPC's dialogue, you get an amount of soc. points. you'll get more if you choose the character that gets the most information out of the NPC first.

so it's really up to the player to know the characters well and choose who talks. this ties into the conversational hierarchy i made a while ago, so people who are very sociable (angela and lomah) are naturally going to get more information than people not as sociable (corvallis and leyt), so it's wiser to choose them first.
Entry: May 26, 2010, 04:03:41 PM
26may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.715)

new map: Prisma General Store (2F)
- spent a couple hours rooting out a really stupid bug. on a certain map, the objNPCTrigger object was treating its NPC like it wasn't there. i had to remove all the NPCs from that map and re-place them in order to get the bug to go away.
- inserted a sociability rate into the soc. database. the more you talk to an NPC, the lower the points. i feel like this works better than a boolean.
- implemented the first conversation NPC.
- implemented the Increase Stats menu (under the Status menu). used to convert SP into stat increases.
- made some updates to scrUpdateStats() and scrCalcEquipEffect() that limit stat values to numbers between 1 and 99.
- worked a lot on consolidating details on the game's systems in preparation for some sort of tutorial.
Entry: May 27, 2010, 09:51:41 PM
27may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.716)

- 21 new maps:
 Prisma: general store (classrooms 1 and 2, 2F/3F stairwell, 3F, governate administrator's office, order guard headquarters), storage area, inn (lobby, rooms A and B), INSTEC pharmacy
 Lismore: inn (lobby, rooms A and B), merchant, public clinic, governor's office, ducal council building/chamber of commerce, Kean Ward's house (living room/kitchen, bathroom, bedroom)
Entry: May 29, 2010, 12:00:41 AM
28may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.725)

- 38 new maps:

 Dendera: SpeareMart, Mayor's House (living room, bedroom, bathroom), Maintenance Cell, Linen Storage, Transient Housing Admin Office
 Dendera Transient Barracks: Unit A (1F, 2Fa, 3Fa, 2Fb, 3Fb), Unit B (1F, 2Fa, 3Fa, 4Fa, 5Fa, 2Fb, 3Fb), Unit C (1F, 2F, 3F), Unit D, (1F, 2F, 3F), Unit E, (1F, 2Fa, 3Fa, 2Fb, 3Fb, 4Fb, 5Fb), Basement (Sections 1-5)

- added a 'no sell' boolean to the shop menu
- sprited a fence to block off the northwest trail from dendera to grafton through the gravity mine
- fixed the grandfather clock's pendulum animation (i didn't do this when i extended the tile animation from 4 to 6 frames)
- added location data for all new maps

i've got some good ideas for the whole of dendera and the homogeneity and stark presentation of the transient barracks complex will play right into my hands, since jacob speare (the owner of dendera) is supposed to be a corrupt businessman.
Entry: May 30, 2010, 02:25:02 AM
29may - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.733)

- touched up some maps in reagast and added collision data
- implemented stair mechanics. this changes the movement when going up and down vertical stairs so that there's a slight pause every step (a la Secret of Mana)
- added stair objects for all sets of stairs from prisma to reagast.
Entry: June 01, 2010, 05:37:42 PM
took a nice memorial day break (cracked into super mario galaxy 2 so that was nice) and i'm back to work. first thing's putting up the final (pending critique) version of the logo. i have some graphic designer friends and one of them did this for me as a huge favor, free of charge (which i can really not thank him enough for).


the only thing i'm really waiting for the .eps/.ai file. i just need a file with layers i can hide so i can manipulate the logo into working on a black background.

and yeah it's kind of square-y but there are significant differences in the typography when compared to any of their logos and i think the double helix definitely works and reinforces one of the game's themes. either way it's not bad!

let me know what you think, please.
Entry: June 02, 2010, 01:10:46 AM
1jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.733)

- put in the final title screen (unless there are any changes made to it)
- wrote prelim NPC dialogue for Dendera and Lismore.
- made a table of party composition by story scene in excel that will make writing conversation NPCs easier.
Entry: June 04, 2010, 06:25:33 PM
4jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.748)

- implemented the tutorial framework:
 - implemented the tutorial flash. it'll show you tutorial tiles on command.
 - added scrCreateTutorialFlash(). will accept up to six tutorial tiles
 - added "message_tutorial" and "tutorial" to the action queue. message_tutorial allows the player to manipulate the tutorial flash while a message is open, and tutorial just opens a tutorial flash.
 - added tutorial tiles for most major topics, including: skills, status effects, the assault pack, sociability, and combat

- added selector arrows into the status flash on the main menu so that the player knows exactly when he/she can change characters when in a menu
- sped up the command menu setup process
- wrote NPC dialogue for Prisma

i'm gonna go through and do the remainder of the maps tomorrow, then write Reagast's NPC dialogue and add all the NPCs to the demo maps. there shouldn't be much to do after that for the demo except for balance and bugtesting.
Entry: June 05, 2010, 07:12:01 PM
5jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.753)

- 16 new maps:

Reagast: Central Mail, Sidewalk Cafe, Manntain Consumables, GAXILA Apparel, Toury's Tasties/Bar fil'Malle, Inn (Lobby, Room A, B), Residential Apartments (Lobbies of Bldgs. A-G), Previous Tower (Silver Star Delicacies)

- made a "welcome" tutorial tile
- blocked off the remainder of the unfinished pathways
- sprited a couple of things
- linked the remainder of the maps
Entry: June 06, 2010, 06:35:44 PM
6jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.761)

- wrote the NPC dialogue for Reagast.
- placed NPCS for Prisma and Lismore
- added script scrFullPartyHeal() for the inn.
- edited objSceneFader to allow for healing at the inn.
Entry: June 07, 2010, 10:23:40 PM
7jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.764)

- placed NPCs for Dendera and Reagast. this finishes the NPC placement for the demo.
- removed rain from Dendera (the map is too big to maintain a solid framerate with a continuous particle effect running)
- toying with bonuses for triggering the optimal conversation path. yes, requires the player to be clairvoyant but really conversation is mostly a crapshoot in real life anyway and you're lucky if you get a definitive advantage over anyone unless you're really good at it. i might make an item that tells you who the best choice is if you have it equipped when you're talking to people.
- spent about an hour researching licensing for the logo typeface
- fixed a bug where pressing the confirm button was really erratic for ONLY objChoiceMenu and ONLY while in joypad mode. :/

definitely going to have to rework the Conversation NPC system after this demo goes out. i don't have an effective way to forbid the player from choosing a character if that character's not in the party. this is going to require its own special function that makes it easier to supply conversation on the fly for a given party member (or else i'll probably lose my goddamned mind writing these NPCs.)

i also haven't decided if i'm going to let a player trigger more than one path per NPC.
Entry: June 08, 2010, 06:39:00 PM
8jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.785)

- added ms. waughan, lucius amadeo, and altair hebr to npc sprites
- added angela's attack sprite
- pretty heavy into bugtesting. the below list is of bugs and inadequacies that were fixed today. almost done here.


prisma: timer stops when you talk to an INNKEEPER X
prisma: face james up when james is talking to derek X
lismore: shift william up 16 pixels and put a plate of food in front of him X
lismore: fix city square diagonal stairs (shift teleport up) X
lismore: lock kean ward's house (it's doing some weird shit) X
dendera: change onTalkFacing of Mark and Dirk X
dendera: game freezes after talking to Jerry X
dendera: lock the mayor's house X
dendera: place brian and aaron in the basement. X
dendera: fix kirk and reggie (corvallis's scene triggers without him having a room) X
reagast: game freezes after talking to george X
reagast: placards in silver star delicacies don't work X
reagast: remove all weapons when party enters reagast X
reagast: move mail clerk when checking for mail X
reagast: status message saying you got money doesn't pop up when at central mail X
reagast: add placards to security shop X
reagast: angela should face up after she talks to corvallis in NPC mode X


general: interface max hp reset bug X
shop: fix all shop menus except prisma ones (causes fatal error) X
message: disable immediate messages X
message: disable auto-advancing messages X
config: add tutorial tile option X
save: add percentages and chapters for the demo X
save: change confirm button in save menu when using a joypad X
save: replace save character icons X
save: shorten overwrite prompt in the description bar of the save menu X


ally: fix the skill meter. no one gets skill blocks added when they attack successfully X
enemy: slow down the first rabbit so it isn't frustrating to hit X


10c: have corvallis face angela before 'it's a non-lethal weapon,' charlie borwn X
12: shift camera to the focus point earlier X
12: face charlie and johnny to the left X
12: remove reference to sleeping by angela X
12: add break statements to leyt and vulpes's movements X
15: corvallis cannot move to his next place in the scene because of the metal counter's collision box. X
15: angela can't move because of the metal counter (again) X
15: replace all attendant sprites in DSG X
15: counter attendant says he's going to take a look but is completely stationary X
16: alter juno and angela's exchange about mail if angela has already picked up her checks. X
16: have doubler and swift face each other when they're talking X


fix looping in retropolis and killing the grass X


lengthen rain cycle X
block map PRM to LIS 4 X
Entry: June 11, 2010, 02:07:19 PM
9jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.794)

the below list is of bugs and inadequacies that were fixed.


lismore: use dr. meier for the doctor X
dendera: have dirk turn around and face the party when telling them to beat it X


11: replace victor sprite for waiter X
17: replace ms. waughan with an appropriate sprite X


fix fading X

first pass total time: 43:27
second pass total time: 27:00

Corvallis's total SP: 841
Angela's total SP: 1094
Entry: June 11, 2010, 10:32:02 PM
11jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.810)

- i can't put in the journey support system without some serious modifications to how treasure is handled, so i'm going to leave it alone until after this demo goes out. i'm thinking a full-blown menu that shows you inventory and pack contents after picking up a treasure.
- also a lot of the database is grandfathered in from before i knew how i was going to do the save system, so an overhaul of that might be necessary to get back a few FPS. switching from arrays to data structures will definitely help organize things.
- added something important to the shop menu that it was missing (stat comparisons)
- i was doing okay until my fucking hard drive enclosure broke. i barely saved the current build, and everything i was using to balance the demo was still open at the time. i guess that makes me a lucky guy. i pulled anything that wasn't directly open that the game needs (DLLs, music/sfx) from backup.
- i was going to do the third pass tonight but that'll have to wait until tomorrow, seeing as my enclosure is a cheap piece of shit. fuck rocketfish and their cheap, shitty soldering.

the below list is of bugs and inadequacies that were fixed.


prisma: move brad when getting the wings, paper towels and bottles of water X


shop: fixed a bug related to the 'chamber of commerce license'


fixed a bug in corvallis's skill block accrual


11: add redirection prompt for (tell the player to go into KoMando's for a scene) X
fixed the cutscene skipping function

Release Candidate Demo - Third (Balance) Pass

- set money to 1000
- set tags to 0
- lock inventory when outside of town
- added final stat values, prices, and embedded skills to demo items
- removed all test skills from all characters
- added final versions of enemy skills
- added item data to demo shops
Entry: June 13, 2010, 02:26:22 AM
12jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.845)

- exchanged out my enclosure for a new one (identical). this one came with the eSATA port fucking bent, but i fixed that. it's the only SATA enclosure best buy had so i'm going to have to deal.
- fixed a bug in the buy/sell dialog in the shop menu where you were able to go past the amount of money you possessed.
- added sounds to the shop menu that were missing
- fixed a bug in the wolf variant AI where it would continue tracking a path even though it was using a skill (it's supposed to stop)
- fixed a bug in the equipment menu where you were able to unequip while your inventory was locked
- edited wolf and bear AI so that they will only attack if they attack you. that's going to be baseline for all monsters in this game. since stat progression isn't tied to beating up things, i want to welcome players who like to explore a game environment without them feeling pressured to battle all the time.
- added some group aggro code to the wolf variant AI (if you attack a wolf and it's chasing you, other wolves that will normally just stare you down will chase as well)
- limited skill range of wolf variant to its boundary. it's unfair otherwise.
- fixed a bug in the percentage return (for items that heal by percent) in the item menu
- also fixed a bug in the item menu that involved me being really stupid with percentages
- decreased the duration of status effects (esp. STUN)
- updated the ally targeting process. it's much more efficient now.
- made the final icon
- bought a whole bunch of sound effects
- added those sound effects to the project
- fixed a bug where objEffectRain and objEffectSnow don't die on game reset
- added scrStopAmbientSound to the sound controls
- made the credits roll
- added an extra scenario. i wrote a script that generates a save file in the bomb maze when the credits roll is run, so people who complete the demo get a glimpse into later in the story (complete with a boss encounter).
Entry: June 14, 2010, 12:12:17 AM
13jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.912)

- did a final test on skills and items doing what they say they do. required additional code in a lot of sections, including:
 - reworking assignment of stat increases to include the stat increase items
 - reworking the adrenaline status effect to accommodate Mamina-P (stop skill burn)
 - inserting an exception in the heal code for smoothie and exotic chocolate, which allows characters to go into overmax HP mode (max hp + 25%)
 - changing code in the command menu targeting framework to prevent non-REVIVE items from being used on alive players and any other item from being used on dead players

they all work, though!

- scrapped the boss encounter. really stupid of me to think that i can do something like that two days before the deadline for a major contest. the scenario is just the bomb maze now.
- added puzzle stuff into save/load (i did not do this before)
- finished up enemy skills

fixed battle/ai:

ally: have it go after an enemy only if the party leader is close enough X
ally: if there is no enemy close enough, the AI should revert to following mode X
ally: fix camera tracking when there's an enemy on the map but it isn't close enough for camera tracking to be beneficial X
enemy: change enemy AI so that it doesn't target you unless you do something to it (attack, spell, de-tag, etc) X

- wrote the instruction manual ( six hours, 17 pages, but it's done.

i'm going to do a final testing pass tonight and write down anything i come across. there's this nasty bug that i can't seem to get rid of that randomly freezes the game so bad you have to ctrl-alt-delete. :/
Entry: June 14, 2010, 10:04:28 PM
14jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.4.916)

third pass total time: 52:42

- implemented the backbone behind the triage ability. shows you an enemy's stats in an easy to read format.
- added corvallis's attack sprite
- edited the juno sprite to use for nathaniel
- edited the digital clock into a telephone
- fixed all these bugs:


reagast: top of soldier's head is cut off in silver star delicacies X
reagast: chair floating in midair in silver star delicacies X
prisma: ai is blocked in by the counter at the inn X
dendera: fix 0 in brian/aaron's shop X
dendera: add intro npc X
dendera: increase the markup at SpeareMart for dramatic effect X
dendera: add lots of suspicious goods to the fifth floor X
dendera: fade after kirk/reggie X
dendera: convert 'see the mayor' into banter X
dendera: mayor, step inside to see him after kirk/reggie X
dendera: fix mayor freeze X
dsg: make corvallis party leader before scene 15a fade X
reagast: switch out one of the two women talking in the cafe X
reagast: fix freeze when talking to george X
reagast: fix linebreaks on security shop warning X
bmb: move angela to the second pipe X
bmb: fix freezing issue on switch puzzle X
bmb: add sounds to the explosions x
bmb: fix freezing issue when blowing the trip wire X
bmb: change nathaniel's sprite X
bmb: have guards face alex when she is talking to them X
bmb: fix freezing issue when blowing the outlet bomb X


other: finish keyboard tutorial tiles X
other: start in widescreen exclusive X
pack: can pack more spaces than your capacity (again). specifically the UP direction X
pack: phase out one of the confirm sound effects X
skill: game freezes at the assign hotkey menu X
save: add tags to save file X
shop: fix stat display X
other: area music does not start unless you step on a save point X


enemy: rabbit and plains squirrel freeze sometimes after being damaged X
extend corvallis's hitbox X
lengthen the amount of time stat buffs/debuffs last X
ally: remove satyagraha when corvallis kills something X
add sounds to indiv. item use X
ally: disallow barehand attacks X


11: change out the waiter sprite (even if it's temporary) X
12: face vulpes and leyt down initially X
16: shift message box to top of scene
17: give ms. waughan a telephone and walk her to it. X
18: give the duke a telephone X


cue music before scene 12 X
11: scrFadeBGM at the end of the scene X
12: fade on intro then play track when corvallis and angela get caught. segue to crisis when leyt captures vulpes and fade after leyt leaves X
13: start silent and slowly introduce contract hunter, fade on introduction of the knives X
14: use decision-making instead and fade when angela walks away X
15: fade out. use contract hunter? if you do, fade out after leyt/angela X
reagast: pull the track from the old demo for reagast. it might fit well. X
18: fade out. X


scene 12 hit vulpes/leyt X
dendera: kirk cocking his pistol X


add functionality to the customs house X
make sign into object and give it message ability X

i don't think there's anything else (unless i wanted to add some more banter to show off the system). i'm just waiting on the updated logo. i kind of want a high-res version to go out with both the manual and the game itself.

buuuuuttt i'm about to do a final testing pass to see how many of these i actually fixed. either way, they're getting fixed tonight. if i have to pull an all-nighter, so be it. so desu ne.
Entry: June 15, 2010, 04:35:54 AM
15jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.0) / LiveDebug 0.5.0

it's five-thirty in the morning and i am fucking broken. but it's done.

livedebug: (

i resolved a lot of stuff last time but there were still plenty of issues to be fixed! such is the nature of software development. please let me know if the game works on your computers. thanks.
Entry: June 17, 2010, 01:46:25 AM
16jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.0)

- worked on putting together some gameplay videos. it's not going too well. need to figure it out
- upgraded and reconfigured the boards to prepare for launch
- worked on clearing out unnecessary stuff from the server
Entry: June 18, 2010, 04:28:50 AM
16jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.0)

- worked on the main site. i did the templates tonight and i'm going to do everything else tomorrow.
- that's pretty much all i did
Post by: Cesar on June 19, 2010, 08:09:22 PM
Didn't get to play for too long. I played the download version of AC for a bit, you may have fixed these already but here they are:

*Rarely, perhaps in a "getting hit" animation, you will see the old soldier charsets instead of Corvallis/Angela. It's rare so I don't know if there's anything specific that causes it.

*Knocking on doors freezes the game.

Interesting otherwise, got to try out some spells and talking to people. I will let you know if I come across anything else!
Entry: June 19, 2010, 10:06:12 PM
thanks; i've seen the soldier thing before and it seems to be reproducible if you use a spell on an ally.

as far as the knocks freezing, did you attempt to knock first before talking to an npc or doing anything else? there's this weird bug where if the first thing you do is knock or use a placard, the game freezes.

i think i know what it is and how i can solve it, though.

unrelated: have you tried dying yet? how's the transition from gameplay to cutscene when you have a dead party member? i didn't get to check that before the game went out.

19jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.0)

- cleaned the databases and installed the blog today. most of the blog's pages have been changed to the site's layout and style, though author, search results, and archive pages are still kind of fucked.
- most of the website is done, but there's no trailer, no download, and no contributor or about pages yet.
Post by: Cesar on June 20, 2010, 07:59:17 AM
Yeah I knocked first before I talked to any NPC. Haven't tried dying though, I think I'll probably give those things a shot later.
Entry: June 23, 2010, 10:39:45 PM
21jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.0)

- finished the site. apart from the fact that it's pretty much broken in IE, it works fine. added media, contact, and contributor pages

23jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.3) / LiveDebug 0.5.3

- released the game to the public
- fixed the bug where the soldier sprites would appear after AI state was set to DAMAGED
- fixed the door knock freeze bug. a freeze_off statement wasn't added to the necessary scripts.
- fixed the placard freeze bug, which was (somehow) completely unrelated to the door knock bug. the root cause of this was conflict with open banter boxes. since the message interrupts the banter, the banter is never able to complete. thus, the game freezes.
Entry: June 26, 2010, 09:01:04 PM
24jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.4)

- changed the names of and organized the majority of actionqueue commands in order to put them into distinct categories
- made an abstraction script to change the names of old commands to new ones

26jun - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.8)

- fixed still frame issue with AI when teleporting to a new map
- fixed surface issue on some computers
Entry: July 12, 2010, 12:30:01 AM
11jul - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.28)

- implemented necessary changes to scenes 1-9
- rewrote major parts of scene 8 to bring dr. meier more in line with his target personality (ex. he would not really be surprised that corvallis found out he was a cursor).
- implemented joypad mapping. it kind of works (analog is a little wonky and i have no means to test out the povhat) but i'm just going to hammer out the rest tomorrow. i won't be surprised if i end up redoing the entire control system because it was absurdly difficult to get the mapping solution even up and running.
Entry: July 13, 2010, 09:59:30 PM
12jul - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.46)

- restricted joypad mapping to buttons and povhat. i'm going to dedicate one analog stick to 36-direction movement in case people want control that fine but other than that i'm not going to support custom mapping for sticks.
- added ability to skip a cutscene to the joypad.
- restricted automatic recognition of joypads in lieu of an option in the configuration menu that allows you to activate a joypad if you want to play with one. i'm probably going to move the config stuff out of the save file so that i can allow a player to activate a joypad at the title screen config menu.
Post by: Cesar on July 17, 2010, 09:16:01 PM
Gonna look over our NPC sprite list later this week and work on that. I'm not dead yet though!
Entry: July 28, 2010, 11:25:20 PM
28jul - Release Candidate (0.5.66)

- reorganized the config menu. changes:

-- window mode and aspect ratio have been consolidated into one option. reason being i don't think 4:3 windowed mode is going to get used that often because anyone who's bought a computer in the past ten years can do at least 800x600
-- consolidating those two options left me room for the banter speed option, so that went back in again
-- reorganized the menu scripts and config toggles (but no player will see these)

- moved all config data to its own separate file. this file contains window mode and a/v data, game option data, and joymap/keymap data (even if you haven't done any custom mapping).
- added a full configuration menu to the title screen
- removed the aspect ratio prompt at the beginning of the game
Entry: July 30, 2010, 09:40:07 PM
30jul - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.73)

- bought a new test joypad because the ps3 pad i was using shat the bed
- incidentally, this joypad maps its d-pad to the povhat so i'm able to test the povhat now.
- added code in scrAnalogMovement to read povhat movement (since pressing a diagonal direction on a povhat registers a unique direction instead of a combination of two existing directions, it's more like analog movement than movement based on cardinal directions)
- more minor script edits
Entry: August 02, 2010, 07:56:42 PM
1aug - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.91)

- fixed some bugs in retrieving mapped control data when quitting the game and restarting
- fixed a bug involving control stickiness when moving with the povhat
- overhauled the treasure system to include support for journey support treasure chests
- made a new menu that appears when opening a treasure or receiving an item. in contrast, the old menu was basically a hacked objAssaultPack. this menu's aim is to make managing the treasure the player gets much easier and more convenient. before, once you selected an assault pack to put an item into, you couldn't go back (unless you somehow knew about a cumbersome workaround i put in that allowed you to press the command keys to switch between packs)

2aug - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.103)

- fixed a bug in the assault pack framework. the manager for the treasure assault pack wouldn't add items to the assault pack even though the spaces were zeroed out. the culprit was a line of code in the script that scans for orphaned items when you change the size/layout of the assault pack.
- finished overhauling the journey support system. right now i've got a rough idea for a value algorithm to credit points, the idea being the more you donate and the better stuff you donate, the more "points" you have and the more valuable stuff you'll get in return. leaving a JS chest without donating an item subtracts points from your total. if you do this enough, chests start to disappear (based on preset point values)


p = base price of donated item
q = quantity of item donated

points = (p / 10) + (p * (q - 1) / 20)

so, if i donate five bottles of water (250) to a chest, i'll get 25 points for the first and 13 for every one i put in the chest after that.
Entry: August 03, 2010, 07:21:01 PM
3aug - Release Candidate 1 (0.5.116)

- ironed out some inconsistencies in the journey support system. there are still a few, such as (from a design standpoint) the inability to donate the same type of item if by chance they're in separate stacks. also, sometimes i can't add items to an empty grid slot for some reason.
Entry: August 09, 2010, 11:14:52 PM
9aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.125)

- merged the individual assault packs into one party-wide assault pack. it's basically a hack and i foresee fixing various errors because of that. basically what i did was delete the character assault packs and elevate all the pack-related code to the GameManager. everything works as of right now: the main pack, the treasure pack, the command pack, etc. it's just a matter of recalibrating the pack-related items so that all three party members can contribute to pack space and renaming certain strings where the game references a character assault pack.
- added a level variable for each playable character. this is purely superficial at this time.
Entry: August 11, 2010, 12:44:05 AM
10aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.143)

- fixed a bug in the save timer where it tracked time too precisely.
- added a light to the save point so that it is visible at night (hoor;ay)
- finally added a quicksave menu to the save point.
- fixed a long-time bug that involved both objNPC and objNPCTrigger.

"spent a couple hours rooting out a really stupid bug. on a certain map, the objNPCTrigger object was treating its NPC like it wasn't there. i had to remove all the NPCs from that map and re-place them in order to get the bug to go away." (26 May)

same map. same fucking map! the problem is that objNPCTrigger was iterating through all the entities in the room before one particular NPC had a chance to die. when the entity died, its ID number was still in the list, throwing an unknown variable exception.

the game does scene checks with the NPCs, and if the player hasn't passed a certain scene, some NPCs may not be there. it's the main way the game achieves NPC persistence throughout the game, by basically doing this in the creation code:

if(scrCheckScene("scene12") = true)
   message = "hey did you hear what happened in scene 11????";
else if(scrCheckScene("scene4") = true)
   message = "hey did you hear what happened in scene 3????";
   visible = false;
   kill = true;  //the NPC is not present at this time

hopefully this shit doesn't ever come back.

- modified the remaining objNPCTrigger instances to bring them in line with what the edits to the object require.
- pulled out the SXMS sound backend and replaced it with supersound. everything works right except for looping and fading. i'll have to work on those.
Entry: August 12, 2010, 05:55:12 PM
11aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.150)

- cleared scenes 1-8 again. there are still some edits that need to be made but so far everything more or less works with the changes i've made.
- implemented a master switch for sociability. this will allow me to turn it off until scene 9, so that the player isn't gaining points before sociability is introduced to him/her. it also disables the treasure storage menu when you pick up a treasure until scene 9 (you get a key item during scene 4 and it breaks flow to go to a pack at this time).
- modified sociability mechanics so that NPCs only give points the first time you talk to them.
- hid most NPCs in prisma between scenes 2-8.
- locked the prisma general store complex before scene 9.
- fixed a bug in the treasure object that allowed duplication of treasure. a check was not conducted when the player adds treasure to their inventory, which resulted in the chest being marked closed.
- added the system_releaseIntroLock command to the action queue. this is a one-way switch that releases all UI and Sociability locks when called.
Entry: August 16, 2010, 12:53:00 AM
15aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.150)

- i haven't really worked on stuff in a bit. it's because i took my laptop apart, cleaned it out, put thermal grease on the processor and GPU and fixed some issues that were annoying (mostly with the volume control LEDs). it took two days to do, but my computer runs a whole lot cooler because of it. i thought about changing out the processor (because it's socketed) but it would be too much money for a gain of maybe 500 MHz in clock speed. no thanks.
- added some dialogue to the LEXL custom house to prevent Corvallis from going into Lessis before Angela joins the party.
- created new script: scrCheckPeriod(). this checks if the player is currently between two plot scenes specified in period code in the database. meant to simplify NPC design by turning this:

if(scrCheckScene("scene12") = true && !scrCheckScene("scene13") = true)
else if(scrCheckScene("scene14") = true && !scrCheckScene("scene26") = true)
else if(scrCheckScene("scene26") = true && !scrCheckScene("scene34") = true)

into this:

if(scrCheckPeriod(1) = true)
else if(scrCheckPeriod(5) = true)
else if(scrCheckPeriod(26) = true)

- hard-coded major plot periods into the Database.
- defined the scene boundaries between periods and the locations affected. this will give me an idea of what NPCs need dialogue for what period.
- made minor edits to the script.
Entry: August 18, 2010, 10:36:52 PM
18aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.171)

- i didn't really 'fix' the fading bug, but i did make a workaround in scrFadeBGM that allows me to supply a track name to start after the fade is complete.
- made a wrapper for the IsHandleValid script in SuperSound. i shouldn't have to change sound engines again, but this will cut down a little bit on the rewriting if i have to.
- fixed a bug that occurs when you load a saved game that changed the screen area of the first room encountered to 640x480 (instead of the game's default, 800x480).
- fixed a bug in the treasure mechanism. the game would error out if you picked up a treasure before the sociability system became active.
- implemented camera shaking. works pretty well unless you're at the edge of a room. some of these maps really do not like to shake when told. i'll have to figure it out.
- fixed a misnamed action ("track_face" instead of "track_facing") in scene 10a. the misname caused the action to not get translated correctly.
- fixed a bug in cutscene boundaries where boundaries deactivated because of the instance activation system were not destroyed, causing them to reactivate when the player is in range, which blocks the player.
- added a refreshGrid command to the teleport object so that the collision grid the AI references is immediately updated. it normally gets updated once every 320 steps in order to prevent lag, but it needs to be updated at the beginning of rooms, too.
- the grid is being finicky, so i removed detection of boundary-blocking objects from it. shouldn't pose a problem, as PlayerControl handles the boundary blockers just like a solid. this'll just prevent detection for AIs.
- fixed a bug in the rain object. i didn't change the ambient sound script to run off SuperSound, so it errored out.
Entry: August 21, 2010, 01:45:32 PM
19aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- fixed a bug in the configuration menu.
- removed a line of code in the config menu that caused the game to error out before closing when a player presses alt-F4

21aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- new maps: Prisma to Jahrat 1, 2, 3, 4
- edited some more objNPCTrigger instances to conform them to the new way objNPCTrigger works.
Entry: August 22, 2010, 10:44:24 PM
22aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- 6 new maps: Jahrat, Jahrat Observatory Exterior, Jahrat to Aleppo's Cross 1, 2, 3, Aleppo's Cross (town) (
- dropped two proposed towns: Bargen (Vodun) and Laila (Xirdalan). Renamed Xirdalan City to Cape Bojador, because Cape Bojador's been referenced in the story (it's etched on the snow globe sitting on Corvallis's dresser) and I want to cut down on the city/path load. So Cape Bojador is now the capital of Xirdalan.
- Central Xirdalan is now joined by a network of four pathways collectively called Aleppo's Cross, with a small village/watering hole where the four paths converge.
- switched out the old high-contrast dirt in the desert tileset. the sand --> dirt transition tiles are a little trickier, because i want to keep the shadowing, but the shadowing is the same color as part of the dirt.
- added axisTranslation property to objTeleport. when the party usually teleports, they do so to a fixed point, regardless of where they crossed the teleport line. axisTranslation changes the x or y value (depending on whether the teleport line is horizontal or vertical) so that the party will land on the "other side" of the line, so to speak. it's hard to explain but it's a very easy concept. :/
- this fly's starting to annoy me it wants to land in my coffee soooo bad
Entry: August 23, 2010, 09:06:34 PM
23aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- new maps: Buraidh to Aleppo's Cross 1, 2, 3, Buraidh Commercial, Buraidh Residential
- updated Southeton to Buraidh 4 to include the huge-ass border fence that's part of the north side of the Buraidh Residential area.
- made a couple color edits of the desert roof tiles to add variety
- started writing final NPC dialogue. right now i have dialogue for the prisma NPCs that already exist, and i added additional dialogue by period depending on the importance of the NPC. i ended up writing a lot, especially for the owner of the prisma snack bar. right now, every NPC has its own separate script with dialogue categorized by period, so i can keep track of the NPC's progression.
Entry: August 25, 2010, 09:10:42 PM
24aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- new maps: Kaffroon to Aleppo's Cross 1, 2, 3
Entry: August 26, 2010, 10:09:31 PM
26aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- new maps: Cape Bojador to Aleppo's Cross 3, 4

3 in particular was i think the hardest cliffs map i've ever made, so much so that i had to mark it several times in paint shop to make sure i didn't have any incorrect heights. here ( is one such WIP example (RED denotes incorrect cliff height), and here ( is what the finished map ended up looking like.
Entry: August 30, 2010, 07:20:41 PM
28aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- new maps: Cape Bojador to Aleppo's Cross 1, 2
- added collision and stairs data to every map i've done in the last week. still need to link them, though.

30aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- new maps: Kaffroon Residential, Kaffroon Commercial, Kaffroon Docks
- modfied objFerryFloat to accommodate ferry float layers that aren't equal to 2499
- sprited a couple of turnstiles and a new sign. also color-edited the roof tiles to differentiate temperate buildings in xirdalan from temperate buildings everywhere else.
- made minor edits to the script
Entry: September 06, 2010, 07:09:03 PM
6sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

had a good break, but now i'm back. currently in the airport but i should be home soon

- new maps: Kaffroon Docks (link map)
- added collision and stairs data to all maps done since 28 aug.
Entry: September 11, 2010, 08:04:01 PM
11sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- new maps: Hallia Lucia Docks, Commercial District
Entry: September 13, 2010, 07:44:53 PM
13sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- new maps: Hallia Lucia Residential
  story maps: scene 57, Hallia Lucia <---> Admiral, Ferry Cabin, Ferry Flashback Gate, Ferry Cliffs

maybe the ferry cliffs map is a little gimmicky, but leyt is hallucinating, so i think it fits. i'm also using this scene to drop the hint to the player that in this game, space is malleable sometimes, as this concept is going to factor in later, mostly in the scene where the duke tells angela that he's continuously betrayed her since she was commissioned as an officer.

there's a certain point during that scene where the game looks like it's frozen, encouraging the player to jam a key to see if the game's locked up. depending on the button the player presses, angela does certain things. press down, and she starts running down through an endless corridor until she falls down; press up, and she jumps over the table and rips the duke apart in anger. this is obviously not real, as 5-10 seconds into this, the scene snaps back and the cutscene continues as normal with her resigning her commission and storming out of the duke's office.

- updated portions of the Hallia Lucia Docks map to make the ferry identical to the one used in Scene 57.
Entry: September 14, 2010, 07:34:12 PM
14sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- new maps: Admiral Docks, Outskirts
Entry: September 18, 2010, 08:51:56 PM
17sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- new maps: Admiral Commercial District, Docks (link)

18sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- new maps: Admiral Residential District, Admiral Assembly Hall, Admiral Cliffs
- added collision and stairs data to all maps done since 6 september
- linked and verified correct connections for all maps from Prisma exit east to Admiral Cliffs (areas: Aleppo's Cross, Jahrat, Kaffroon, Buraidh, Hallia Lucia, Admiral) except for the story maps. note: ferry is not linked yet! i'm going to redo all the ferry links to conform to the updated NPC system.
- the only city that does not have maps is Cape Bojador!
- just realized that Dieppe to Admiral doesn't have any stairs or collision data. gonna do that tomorrow along with adding the location data for all the new maps.
Entry: September 20, 2010, 11:39:59 PM
20sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- linked the story maps.
- added collision data to path Dieppe <--> Admiral, added streetlight and tree objects, and fixed up minor aesthetic errors in those maps (such as horizontal bridges having horizontal planks instead of vertical ones).
- added missing streetlight objects to Hallia Lucia and Admiral
- added location data to all maps added since 21 august.
- made minor script changes
- revalidated all dialogue from scene 1 to scene 37. the implemented scenes are now completely consistent with any script changes i've made.
Entry: September 21, 2010, 07:37:39 PM
21sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- wrote periods for five NPCs and did two indoor maps.

my goal is five NPCs/two indoor maps a day. keeping this rate for 66 days should complete the projected requirements for both indoor maps and NPC dialogue. two maps a day (instead of a larger number) allows for catching up on NPC writing, which is the more pressing (and harder to deal with) requirement. we'll see if it works out. the random name and word generator i have helps out a lot with the NPCs - name to name the NPC and word for impromptu riffing on a subject, which is how i'm going to excavate all this extraneous worldbuilding data from my soggy brain.

one day a week (probably a friday/saturday/sunday), i'll do this AND try to figure everything else out (enemies, tweaks to gameplay, bugfixing, etc). i'll have more time on the weekends.
Entry: September 22, 2010, 10:23:33 PM
22sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- new maps: Grafton Indoor Residence 3: Main and Bed-Bath
- 2 new NPCs.

i've been busting my ass on schoolwork so i only got two maps and two npcs done. wednesday isn't a good day to do this.
Entry: September 28, 2010, 01:16:16 AM
25sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.175)

- 8 new maps: Kris Duckworth's House (Main, 2F Hall, Leyt's Room, Tackle Room, Master Bedroom), Angela's Apartment (Main, Bed, Bath)
- 7 new NPCs.

27sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.178)

- no new maps, no NPCs. got advice from a friend on the game instead. i'm totally behind on NPCs; less so on maps. i'm backed up to last thursday on NPCs. for maps, i just didn't do today's. i doubt this week is going to give me time to address the backlog.
- also found a really crazy bug where if your AI is dead and it hits collision space, it moonwalks off the screen for some strange reason. WHAT THE FUCK WHERE THE FUCK IS HE GOING?????? is literally what i said when i saw it happen. my friend didn't even see it happen the first time.
- added a quit prompt to the main menu quit option (after my friend accidentally quit the demo). it's not much, but if i don't work with code every now and then, i get rusty.
Entry: October 01, 2010, 12:22:22 AM
30sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.180)

- fixed some positioning bugs in the quit prompt.
- wrote 13 new NPCs. i'm caught up to the 26th. no new maps. as i figured, this week was completely filled with stuff i had to do for class, so nothing got done.
Entry: October 02, 2010, 11:12:43 PM
2oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.180)

- wrote 10 new NPCs. i'm caught up to the 28th. i would've gotten more done if my computer hadn't shit the bed and wiped out my windows user profile.
Entry: October 07, 2010, 04:48:40 PM
5oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.180)

- wrote 5 new NPCs. i'm caught up to the 29th. npc count: 40.
Entry: October 09, 2010, 08:49:58 PM
9oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.180)

- wrote 13 new NPCs. there's been kind of a delay because i recently replaced my computer and so I've had to deal with all that stuff. i'm caught up to oct 1, though. i might do some more tomorrow but i don't know because i have a test next week and i need to allocate time to study for that.
Entry: October 10, 2010, 11:21:28 PM
10oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.180)

-wrote 8 new NPCs. caught up to the 3rd. i'm still waiting on softwrap to e-mail me back because (as i completely expected) Game Maker 8 won't upgrade to Pro. i can't really do anything with code until i get Pro activated again. my focus isn't on code right now anyway so it's not really a deal-breaker. npc count: 61.
Entry: October 12, 2010, 10:03:41 PM
11oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.180)

- wrote 4 new NPCs.
- the font doesn't render like it used to on XP. this causes the in-game font to look really awful. i'll have to convert it into a sprite font if I want to get anywhere.

12oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.180)

- wrote 15 new NPCs. i'm caught up to the 7th. slowly but surely, my backlog of NPCs is disappearing. NPC count: 80.

Entry: October 13, 2010, 08:35:44 PM
13oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.180)

- wrote 10 new NPCs. caught up to the 9th.
Entry: October 16, 2010, 02:28:08 AM
15oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.217)

i told myself i would start preparing the new NPC system once I hit 100 NPCs, so that's what I spent today doing.

- wrote 10 new NPCs and pulled 19 of the NPCs from the demo into the NPC count and gave them all separate script documents. as a result, I'm caught up to the 14th.
- NPC count: 119.

- overhauled the NPC and NPC sociability system:
 - added a cutscene script variable to objNPC. the cutscene script takes priority over the NPC's normal script (if it has one) and is used exclusively to activate cutscenes so that the script variable can be freed up for the new NPC system to use.
 - made significant edits to scrTalkToNPC that reflect the new hierarchy of NPC speech mechanisms (cutscene > normal script > string array)
 - denoted the string array style of NPCs a legacy feature. i'm not going to remove it because it may cause unforeseen problems if i do, but i'm not going to use it anymore.
 - new script scrGetCurrentPeriod returns the current plot period and scrGetNPCLastPeriod returns the last period in which the player talked to a particular NPC. it's used in...
 - modified script scrAddSOCNPC. this script was changed so that the database doesn't store the current sociability rate of the NPC; the variable now stores the last period in which the player talked to that NPC. if the lastPeriod variable = scrGetCurrentPeriod, no points are awarded.
 - new script scrNPCTemplate is a template file for creation of NPCs based on plot periods.

- fixed a bug in scrCheckPeriod where the end period string was being supplied to an && operator instead of the boolean data of whether that period was active
- changed the overhead NPC talk graphics to reflect the new system. an NPC you can get points from is marked "!" and one you already got points from is marked "...".
- made some modifications to NPC scripts to test something. given an NPC in the current period, talking to that NPC a second time during that period will replay the choice the player chose before instead of offering the choice again. this required the creation of a couple of new scripts that track your choice in the NPC database when dealing with a Conversation NPC
- found out i'm going to have to do the final compile on my old XP computer because the font rendering on 7 sucks for GM games because ClearType antialiases it to the point where it looks awful. interestingly, the computer you do the final compile on matters because GM converts the font into images and embeds them into the executable, so i didn't even need to package a font with the game. shows how much i knew when i put the demo out!
- actually, i wonder if i can install GM on my XP virtualization and just compile with it. it'd be much easier than going back and forth between computers.
- close but no cigar. the font looks significantly better but it's not an exact match. i think it's the way the graphics card on my old computer interfaced with windows XP that produced that exact result. we'll see!
- also any raster graphics i did in paint shop that use that font will have to be converted to use the in-game font or else i'll have to install and activate paint shop on my old computer. i might as well just switch back to my old computer the way this is going.
- added the socEnabled variable to the game saver.
- fixed some graphical glitches with the new talk notices.
Entry: October 18, 2010, 01:10:01 AM
16oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.226)

- wrote templates for all four types of NPCs (Conversation, Information, House, and Buddy NPCs)
- wrote an NPC choice template
- added a new variable to the SOCNPC array. this variable keeps track of how consistent the player is with speaking to an NPC over periods. for instance, if the player spoke to an NPC in periods 1, 2, and 4, but not in period 3, the count would be 3. this is used for Buddy NPCs to emulate a progression of the NPC's familiarity with the player.
- added the new SOCNPC variables to the game saver
- new script scrCreateLevelCurve, which generates nine SOC threshold values based on a quadratic curve. accepts two arguments: the base SOC value and the exponent. since there are only nine levels, this will have to scale a lot steeper.

17oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.240)

- implemented the sociability level system:
 - modified the menu flashes to accommodate the new level system. sociability overmax (this is when the player surpasses the cap for a given level) is denoted as "level-plus" (basically, if you're over the SOC threshold, you'll see something like "3+" for your level instead of "3"
 - added the character sociability curves and the character's level into the game saver.
 - added soc threshold update and triggering of the spOvermax boolean to scrUpdateStats.
 - added level and spOvermax variables to the save header
 - modified the save flashes to display level and spOvermax status within each character's portrait

- moved a call to scrUpdateStats from the routine that draws the menu flashes to the Step event of objMainMenu. this should speed things up a little.
Entry: October 19, 2010, 01:01:54 AM
18oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.268)

- wrote 11 new NPCs, most of them house NPCs.
- removed the SOC curve data from the game saver. i'm going to extend it into a grid to include the values of all stats so i can easily pull levels.
- transferred the bomb maze puzzle switch data into a map that's going to hold every boolean switch in the game that the player can trigger. bomb maze steps, houses, etc.
- wrote the boolean map into the game saver.
- created the stat table grid. each stat has a growth rate represented as an exponent from 1.1 to 1.9. the higher the exponent, the higher the growth. in addition, each character has a SOC growth exponent. the lower the exponent, the more 'skill' that character is said to have. this is important for the SOC threshold, as a lower threshold will allow a character to reach the cap and go into overmax status much quicker.
- plugged base stat values into all characters.
- apparently '^' is XOR. not exponent. took about three hours to figure that out.
- new script scrSetLevel. accepts a character and a level as an argument.

with that, the level system should be complete, barring minor cosmetic changes.
Entry: October 23, 2010, 01:07:10 AM
19oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.270)

- added dialogue to Lucy Stonecoal and upgraded her to a House NPC; wrote 1 NPC
- fixed some formatting issues with the level display in the status flashes

22oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.270)

- wrote 9 NPCs.
- revalidated all dialogue from scene 1 to scene 37.
- scripted scenes 38-45. after these are staged, Act II is done.
Entry: October 24, 2010, 03:08:30 AM
23oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.294)

- staged scenes 37, 38, and 39A and B.
- made edits to initial party placement icons that destroy the icon without creating a character if member = 0.
- new maps: Kaffroon Nobleman's Foyer, Kaffroon Inn, Kaffroon Inn Room A, Room B
- made a new door object for House NPCs that opens the door and shows the NPC when a player knocks on a door.
- added the necessary actionQueue commands to open and close House NPC doors.
- changed the outcome of scene 39:

leyt and lomah are at the inn in kaffroon, xirdalan, hiding, because lomah accidentally slipped a transformation in front of the xirdalani nobleman they were harvesting the alcarytic snow for. the nobleman says that lomah looks very sick, and wants to get him help. leyt says they'll manage, and they leave. nobleman calls the clinic afterward and says that there's a sick cursor wandering around, causing the town to freak out and go into alert.

so, lomah's still trying to get his shit together when two order guardsmen knock on the door. leyt says to hide under the covers (originally it was in a closet but i realized an hour ago that i didn't design any of my hotel rooms with closets in them), and the guardsmen, watch and ward, want to look under the covers. lomah isn't ready, so leyt decides to pay off the guardsmen. ward interjects, pointing out that they're probably Vodunians, and they don't want to risk Vodun shutting down the ferry because of the Order Guard. they've done it before. so watch decides to be nice and lets them go without taking a bribe, with the stipulation that they leave on the next ferry.

but john, why would the order guardsmen let leyt and lomah go? isn't the order guard an evil organization that detains cursors and tortures them? well, yes, but at this point in the story, they're starting to do it to non-cursors, too. they're starting to oppress everybody, really, and the charge is being led by Robert Westburgh and his family. other guardsmen see the westburgh family and they either become jealous or disgusted, depending on their disposition.

in addition, kaffroon, a city close enough to vodun to receive a lot of foreign traffic, has relaxed its cursor hunts as a result. it's (a) far away from Cape Bojador, the capital of Xirdalan, (b) close to Vodun, and (c) Admiral, the city that administers the ferry service to Kaffroon, has threatened to withhold services numerous times in an attempt to keep Vodunian citizens from being persecuted in Xirdalan. watch and ward decide it's not worth it to bring in two cursors who are likely foreign.

in contrast, prisma sees a lot of cursor hunts because, while they're far away from Cape Bojador, they're also close to Lessis, and Grand Duke Charloise, instead of doing what he SHOULD be doing (i.e. putting pressure on Prince Markus to end his ridiculous policy) is essentially ignoring the problem. no pressure, no relaxed hunt policies, one family takes over the business.

eventually, the order guard's control apparatus collapses under its own self-importance as the story progresses, and it finally gets broken when dr. meier discovers that the Westburghs are cursors.

originally this scene was a lot more confrontational, with leyt kneeing watch in the stomach in order to make a failed escape to the docks. there was just a lot of potential for things to go wrong here, mechanically speaking, and i just realized that, so this new stuff is a clean break back to scene 40 with corvallis/greg, angela/alex, and nathaniel at Nalfayn Company.

- since scene 57 directly references scene 39, scene 57 is cut. i can give up the bonding leyt and lomah share in that scene since there's a lot of focus on that in later scenes.
- made minor edits to scene 58 reflecting changes to scene 39.
Entry: November 02, 2010, 08:34:13 PM
24oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.301)

- staged scene 39C.
- condensed scenes 40 and 42 into one scene. won't work any other way.
- revalidated scene 40 with the changes and deleted scene 42 from the scene scripts.

29oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.301)

- new map: destroyed nalfayn company guard tower (scene 40)
- made new setpieces to depict the destroyed tower

2nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.304)

- staged scene 40.
Entry: November 06, 2010, 09:04:23 PM
5nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.5.326)

- staged scenes 41A, 41B, and 42
- added stair events to Nalfayn Company
- made minor edits to scene 42
- ugh. ugh ugh ugh. just spent two hours rooting out a script conflict. i had thrown away the old scene 42, but forgot to rename it, so when i made the new scene 42, the code didn't know which one i was referencing, and therefore executed neither of them. it's stupid that this kind of thing doesn't throw at least an error.

6nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.0)

- staged scenes 43 and 44
- made extensive sequence edits to scene 43. i think it flows better as a result. nonessential conversation and asides have been cut and both nathaniel and angela are portrayed as more angry and unhinged because of the edits.
- new maps: Douglass Manor Hall 2F, Rio Douglass's Study
- act II is complete. it's not bug-free, but it's complete except for the battle with nathaniel. i'll get on the ending cue sometime next week, depending on how much time i have.
Entry: November 08, 2010, 08:25:57 PM
8nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.11)

- in addition to merging scenes 40 and 42, scenes 57, 87, 101, and 102 were also cut, bringing the total scene count to 99 from 104. i don't think i cut 10% (10% is the golden rule); these scenes represent probably 2% of the script. there's probably some error here, because the narrative goal paragraphs are included in this word count, and there's one for every scene, so that's probably a fair bit of the 54,800 words in the script. i might do a bare script without the narrative goals if i set aside the time and run it out to see how much of the script was actually cut, but idk it's not that high a priority.
- the only thing that made it out of the cuts was a small bit of scene 101, where angela and leyt talk about attlas's election prospects. this conversation is necessary in order to show angela's disgust for attlas at the endgame, and so i've added it to the front of scene 97.

- removed the autoclose boolean from every cutscene script
- removed autokill in objMessageBox. this shut off the autoclose feature even if autoclose was equal to true in a message.
- added conditions in objMessageBox that would slow down messages and wait a certain period if autokill = true. this will allow for proper cueing for the ending cutscenes.
- added auto-advance and autoclose support for multi-box messages

- at some point i'm going to have to lock the script in stone. i know i said it already was but look at what happened to that! i'm going to do the cueing video after i stage the required scenes and make the necessary maps, and hopefully scenes 93-99 stay the way they are. they SHOULD, but i can't be sure.
- made minor edits to scene 77 (it'd feel weird if CPT Falk wasn't at Angela's bedside with Doubler, Swift, and Juno) and scenes 93-99.
- scripted scenes 93-99. these scenes are going to be the basis of the ending cues.
Entry: November 10, 2010, 11:18:45 PM
9nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.23)

- staged scenes 98A, 98B, and 98C

10nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.35)

- staged scene 99
Entry: November 14, 2010, 06:53:16 PM
12nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.44)

- new map: Alex's Classroom
- made minor edits to scene 93
- made a spritesheet for Vulpes in a business suit and a spritesheet of alex unhooded
- fixed a couple of errors in the Altair Hebr walk spritesheet
- staged scene 93
- made scrChangeSpriteKey. a call to this script will replace a given sheet with another sheet in a character's animation map. this also probably means that each character's sprite, frame, and speed maps will have to be embedded into the save file to avoid problems down the line. i absolutely needed this, though, as i didn't have a way to define more than one spritesheet per key without adding on a key and editing the new key into the animation code. the best i can hope to do is swap them out.
- added actor_changeSpriteKey to the actionqueue command set.
- added vis property to party placement icons. makes party member invisible on creation if vis=false.

14nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.53)

- new maps: Previous Tower 1F Hall, Previous Tower Courtroom
- made an angela in uniform spritesheet. took about two hours.
- started on an edit of the angela in uniform spritesheet for tammy falk. editing a sheet derived from an edit itself. CLEARLY I AM ART GOD
- staged scene 94.
- the camera is so shitty need to fix it need to fix it
Entry: November 15, 2010, 06:38:12 PM
15nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.61)

- new maps: Nalfayn Co. Main Office
- staged scenes 95, 96, and 97. staging of the ending cue is complete.
- looks like that whole thing together with fixed message timing comes together at 9:18. i'm thinking about cutting it down a little and making the last few scenes silent scenes. silent scenes would probably fit better for those.
- uploaded the ending cue video. i figured you'd want it on your hard drive instead of on youtube for purposes of easy access so it's up locally.
Entry: November 22, 2010, 12:38:25 AM
21nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.80)

- replaced the skill/lingual meter with an idea i've been kicking around in my head. this system is further explained here ( this is going to be the final skill/special delivery system for the game.
- spent time editing the skill table for the new system
- since the new skill system isn't going to use meter skills or embedded skills, that will free up room for me to remove the equipment classes i wanted to remove before. now you can equip one weapon and three relics. i feel that this greatly simplifies things and gets rid of a lot of unnecessary equipment in the process. it will also allow me to focus on playing on interaction between equipped relics, since relics are the only non-weapon items you can equip now.
Entry: November 24, 2010, 02:22:41 AM
23nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.136)

- played around with some new compact HUD designs, mostly because i want to limit the amount of max nodes. i think the game will be too easy with ten, so i'm thinking about limiting the amount of nodes to six.
- fixed bugs resulting from the change in equipment slots.
- new HUD went in nice and easy. also added in some graphical fixes (mainly the clipping on the HUD portraits).
- shuffled some stuff around on the main menu status flashes to account for the big gaping hole left by the lingua count. that spot is now the home of the status effect flash.
- fixed bugs with trait attribution in the status effect system
- added ability to invert the analog controls. this is to be used with the CONFUSE status effect.
- i'm going ahead with the full removal of the assault pack. reason being i wanted a way to encourage players to carry less (mainly to make exploration somewhat challenging), and i now have a way to do this with the node system.

realistically, sifting through a humongous bag doesn't really make any sense, but we put up with it because it's useful. i want to encourage players to carry fewer items, though, and i can definitely do this with the node system, by directly tying the charge time of all items to the amount of items the player has in his/her inventory. it kind of makes sense, actually; the more stuff you have in your bag, the more time you'd take to find it.

an external storage mechanism will be provided because it wouldn't be fair otherwise, but that's my plan. hate to see the assault pack go, since i worked my ass off on it, but it seems like a vestigial feature with no real purpose at this point.

- overhauled the skill menu and redesignated it as a means to assign nodes for both skills and items
- added the necessary submenus to the nodes menu
- retrofitted the hotkey quick menu to make it work with nodes
- moved the node variables that are character-specific (node ID, node type, and node charge time) to the character object.
- made new scripts for setting and clearing nodes in the nodes menu
- made script scrGetNodeTime for returning the relative time in sprite form (0 to 999, divided into five 'levels') based on the given charge time
Entry: November 30, 2010, 02:33:35 AM
24nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.145)

- implemented part of the node use keys.

26nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.161)

- item nodes now work. note that nothing to do with objSpecialController or the item/skill framework was edited. the node system affects the criteria for using a skill or item, not the skill or item itself
- node quick menus now use graphical icons to represent the nodes instead of numbers
- unusable nodes are represented graphically on the HUD now. these are nodes with actions that have no target in the area (if there are no enemies around, or if the actiontype is REVIVE and there is nobody dead)
- re-added party switching based on key doubletap

29nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.180)

- rearranged the command menu. now the attack and rally/stay icons come out on the left and right, respectively, and the node use key icons come out the bottom.


- added a script to count active nodes.
- fixed the node assignment menu (you could assign items and skills to inactive nodes)
- configured the node use keys to use the legacy command menu targeting system ONLY when in the command menu.
- made some edits to the node tiles to make the node numbers easier to see.
- added scripts to determine whether items or skills are already bound to a character's nodes. useful for filtering out those skills when assigning nodes (since you can only equip one skill or item id throughout all your nodes)
- made some edits to objItemMenuCondensed
- added a script to free nodes for all party members if an item is not in the inventory
- fixed a bug in the node highlighting of the HUD when the command menu is open
- implemented a node assignment quickmenu in the command menu and the HUD. now you can assign nodes while in the field without even opening the main menu.
Entry: December 04, 2010, 12:07:13 AM
30nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.191)

- cleaned up the node assignment quickmenu graphics
- limited node assignment of items in the quickmenu to consumable items
- fixed an action duplication bug in the node assignment quickmenu
- added ability to open the node assignment menu in the command menu when selecting an empty node using the confirm key
- fixed a node refresh bug when assigning a node with the command menu open (assigned nodes would appear as empty)
- edited the bounce code so that it utilizes pathfinding. incidentally, this fixes enemies' tendency to bounce outside of collision space.

1dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.195)

- created scrAIMaster. this will hold common actions that all enemies share (taking damage, etc).
- fixed origin issues with the corvallis attack spritesheet

3dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.223)

- narrowed the effect range of melee weapons by a bit
- implemented AI set for Rock Formation
- implemented AI set for Saidder
- implemented AI set for Ringtail
- implemented AI set for Cavewolf
- implemented AI set for Mining Machine
- touched up the AI set for Brown Bear
- started work on AI set for Trampler (it's going to require a couple of new constructions to get it to work right)
- fixed a bug where a player could assign a dead character as party leader by double-pressing (oops)
- made new script scrRemoveStatusEffect. accepts either the target status effect or the key word ALL (to cure all status effects)
- fixed numerous bugs that prevented the party leader from staying still while they were asleep or stunned.
Entry: December 07, 2010, 08:54:00 PM
7dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.226)

- experimented with some ways to make this physical special construction happen.

i tried to do this (in enemies) using AI constructions. AI constructions don't work for this the way the system is set up, since they work on cycles and don't have a set end point, which all physical special attacks need, or they continue on and on forever (i tested this with the mining machine and this is indeed what happens).

so the next step is to go to the actionqueue, which is built for this kind of thing. first, i tried to make physical specials distinct from the SpecialController, but it'd require a LOT in order to do this.

so! it looks like the only way to do this is to go through the SpecialController. in the process it will have to be HEAVILY MODIFIED to make room for these physical skills. these modifications will undoubtedly bring benefits, such as the ability to assign spritesheets to skills, the ability to include character movement in skill animations, and the ability to activate a skill without pausing the game, but it's going to take a bit of work and a bit of shifting things around during implementation. i'll try to disturb as few things as possible in the actual skill database, since skills are still tied into node function and the command menu. honestly though this is something that should've been planned from the beginning, but hey inexperience!

unfortunately, i have finals this week! so this isn't happening yet. i probably won't get working on this until the weekend, as the bulk of my finals (three of them) are crammed into thursday and friday and i have a non-final test tomorrow, too. fucking college.
Entry: December 11, 2010, 12:32:58 AM
10dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.250)

- made some significant changes to stats:
 - HIT% has been REMOVED. here's how the new hit/miss system is going to work:

an implicit HIT stat is going to be embedded in the Aggression (AGG) stat that follows the underlying assumption that the more aggressive a character is, the less likely they are to be able to hit things. so, as your AGG goes up, your aim goes down, and vice versa.

under this system, melee weapons and ranged weapons operate differently. melee weapons do more damage the HIGHER the AGG, and ranged weapons do more damage the LOWER the AGG. this is reflected while equipping; since better weapons will (in theory) allow a character to aim better, ranged weapons that lower AGG will be seen as better equipment than ones that increase AGG.

as a result of this change, ranged weapons are affected less than melee weapons and can eventually become indispensible if the player can get a character's AGG low enough. another reason ranged weapons are affected less is that the main gauge used to determine ranged weapon damage is either proximity (with the pistol) or inverse proximity (with the hookshot, since you can torque the chain better when you're farther away) instead of straight AGG.

BLIND also has a potentially dangerous side effect in that it increases AGG by a whole lot (to decrease hit prob), so your ass could get flattened by a blind enemy (if it's able to hit you, that is) and that's something you need to take into tactical account.

 - a stat called Speed has been added to the mix. it's not abbreviated because it's kind of different from the other stats. it ties into node charge time for skills, field walk speed (once your speed moves past a certain amount, you'll be able to walk 1px faster per step), and has minor effects on hit/miss probability.

- some serious reorganization going on up in here.
 - replaced all references to ATK, DEF, and SKL/LNG with AGG, VIT, and DEX, respectively. i wouldn't have bothered but some of this stuff (ex. LNG) is really outdated and i shifted the stat order so!
 - removed all references to HIT
 - added necessary references to Speed
 - reorganized the enemy, item, and skill databases pretty extensively. most grid fields above 5 were shuffled around, but item/skill metadata from 0-4 (ID, name, description, type, and focus) were left untouched. should make getting things together a bit easier
 - the field "user spritesheet on use" was added to both the skill and items database
 - the field "animation property object (screen)" was added to the item database (initially you could only invoke individual animation effects with items)
 - reorganized and deleted unnecessary variables from scrInitializeCharacters

- finally added nodes to the save/load scripts
- made edits to the way stat previews show up in the equipment menu
- fixed a bug where the Node Options menu wouldn't close after unbinding a node

the vast majority of stuff has been changed successfully. i'll handle the few changes that require actual logic edits in the next day or so. for instance, the formulas for all the weapons scrGetWeaponError needs to be changed since HIT doesn't exist anymore.
Entry: December 13, 2010, 01:40:24 AM
12dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.255)

- changed scrMissPistol to work on AGG and Speed
- changed all damage formulas to work on AGG and Speed
- i'm playing with different ways to calculate damage formulas. right now my head is a sea of numbers so i'm going to sleep.
Post by: Cesar on December 13, 2010, 04:34:34 PM
That's quite a stat changeup! So agg is raised when you get hit, or are other factors involved?
Entry: December 14, 2010, 05:32:25 PM
AGG is indeed raised, but it's raised based on the character's growth rate. if you recall when i updated the stat table for the levels i defined growth rate (g) as an exponential formula that accepts a value between 1.1 and 1.9, 1.1g being low stat growth and 1.9g being high stat growth.

say a melee character that has 1.5g takes damage from a physical attack. 1.5 is added to a variable that adds to the AGG stat (rage_agg), so it looks like this:

agg = base_agg + chg_agg (for buffs and debuffs) + rage_agg

rage_agg is limited to agg_growth multiplied by 10. so at 1.5g, it's 15, at 1.1g, it's 11, and at 1.9g, it's 19. it doesn't go up endlessly. if rage_agg is above 0, it loses one point every five seconds. this ends up being beneficial for melee combatants. but!

say a ranged character that has 1.5g takes damage from a physical attack. same thing happens, but it's not beneficial to ranged combatants because the ranged equations do damage based on two variables: prox/inverse prox and inverse AGG (the lower, the better). anything added to rage_agg would lower both the hit probability and damage of a ranged combatant, so it's best to keep your ranged characters from getting hit.

i don't know if i'll be able to communicate the nuances of this effectively to players so i'm thinking about showing HIT% on the interface and stuff, but still leaving it directly tied to AGG. i get the feeling players will understand the concept better if they're able to treat HIT% as a separate stat even if none of their equipment or items can directly influence it. just so that they know if they want to raise their hit prob, they need to lower their AGG and vice versa

EDIT: oh also one thing that needs to be made explicitly clear about AGG is that it is not a measure of attack power. it's not an analogue to ATK, STR, or whatever. it is a measure of combat aggression, and as your confidence in using a weapon (measured by your sociability level) goes up, the difference between AGG and HIT will lessen so that you can have higher AGG stats without taking as much HIT% away.
Entry: December 15, 2010, 02:27:45 AM
14dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.290)

- added rage_agg and agg_multiplier to scrInitializeCharacters
- added scrAddToRageAGG to the physical damage events
- added rage_agg timer to objPartyMember
- added an offset in the status flash to display rage_agg separately (and in red uh oh +15 he's aaaangry)
- added a HIT% stat to the status flash. all it does is show HIT% in a reciprocal fashion to AGG.
- inverted ranged combatants' AGG progression in the stat table (AGG level 9 is now 1, etc).
- added code to the HUD that shows enemies at half opacity when behind trees or other objects.
- got a VERY BASIC updated objSingleSpecial up and running:

it's still not to the level i want it to be, but what i essentially did is used the same special framework i was using for the particle effects and expanded it by using scrChangeSheet (to change sprite sheets) and a new script called scrJumpToPos, which allows me to move an entity without collision to any (x,y). i then called the commands in order using if statements that ask if the timer variable is between two numbers. when i can tell if something has completed, i just set the timer variable to equal the next timer block.

like i said, it's very basic (and probably a pretty awful way to do this), but it's a pretty huge breakthrough. what i have right now is a test skill cribbed from effTargetLaser that slides (w/ no animation) the chosen character to 64px below the target, executes an attack animation, generates a Laser particle effect, and returns the chosen character to its original location. it's not much, but it's pretty significant. only thing to do now is refine the method.

- removed scrAnimate from the HALTED Environment check in ojmEntity
- placed a HALTED check in scrAnimate that allows me to exclude animations that occur while the Environment is halted
- fixed bugs in objCommandTarget and objSelectTarget
Entry: December 16, 2010, 01:30:11 AM
15dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.304)

- added an envHalt trigger to objSpecialController, allowing the controller to be run without pausing the game
- replaced the spritesheet entry in the item and skill databases with entries that ask if the skill pauses the game
- added the necessary user movement variables to screen effects (only target effects could move skill/item users before)
- added the following skills to the new skill database: Satyagraha, Triage, Blaster, Bubbler, Gale, Stalagmite, Cascade, Sandstorm
- put the screen darkening mechanism of objSpecialController back in for all skills except physical specials
Entry: December 19, 2010, 12:35:22 AM
17dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.323)

- fixed a long-standing scrolling bug in the ListMenus. scrMenuScrollDown assumed that it needed to reference only the items database, so when it was called in the skill menus, it grabbed the next value from the items database instead. the reason this wasn't noticed before is because it fed the value to the skill database, resulting in the proper skill being there. but if there were fewer items (and more skills) than the visible capacity of the menu, the menu failed to scroll.
- added the following skills to the new skill database: Quasar, Grasp, Fumble, Oceaneer, Focus, Duragraha, Seeing Red, True Aim, Vengeance, Featherweight and Tendril
- edited items list:
 - removed all potions, replaced with item "Distilled Potion," which allows lingual nodes to charge (use it once, and it's good until you enter a town)
 - changed name of Amino Booster to "Lipid Booster" (protein and amino are essentially the same thing, yay biology 101)
 - added "Sugar Booster" for increasing Speed stat
 - added "Throwing Knife": best used with a ranged combatant who has a weak HIT stat
 - added "Throwing Dart": best used with a melee combatant who has a weak AGG stat
 - added items that inflict status effects
 - added Stacker items:

Stacker items are a way to implement combos into the game without expending the resources actually needed to make convincing combos (spritesheets and such).

How to use:

   Step 1: Throw the first Stacker at a target. Throwing only one Stacker total will act as a debuff.
   Step 2: Within five seconds or less, throw the second Stacker at the SAME target
   Step 3: When the five seconds ends, the Stacker executes.

For instance, take the Flame Stacker. Throwing just one Flame Stacker triggers Weaken (AGG down), throwing two Flame Stackers triggers Blaster (offensive damage: an inferior version of Alex's Blaster spell), and throwing a Flame Stacker and a Rock Stacker together triggers Meteorite. That kind of thing.

18dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.349)

- added the following skills to the new skill database: Indignation, Jealousy, Insecurity, Strengthen, Weaken, Calcify, Crack, Sprint, Stumble, Magmosis, Aquoid, Aerosis, Restore, Revive, Regenerate
- edited objStatChange to follow the new stats
- fixed bugs in objStatChange
- made edits to scrDealStatChange that make it work better
- fixed a bug where objSceneFader would appear in the corner of the screen when fading out during a cutscene
- added script scrCanNodeCharge. there are certain circumstances under which nodes cannot charge. this script checks if any of the conditionals are true. returns false if they are, true if they're not. does not affect already charged nodes, just node progress levels 0-4
- thinking about swapping out the sleep status effect for something that adversely affects skill use (for enemies) and nodes (for party members). it basically does the same thing as stunning and players are going to prefer one over the other, making the inferior one useless.
- added single-level status effects FOCUS (reduces charge time for nodes), LINGUA (allows charging of lingual magic nodes), and TOTALCRITICAL (every physical attack is a critical hit)
- added FOCUS effect to node charging
- reorganized scrCheckStatusEffects, as it was getting a little sprawling and hard to keep track of
- updated the effect bar in the menu status flash with the new status effects
- added an effect quirk to the photosynthesis and poison status effects: if a character has photosynthesis active and gets hit with poison, they both cancel each other out instead of inflicting poison damage. if a character has poison active and activates a photosynthesis effect, the poison effect is replaced with the photosynthesis effect.
Entry: December 21, 2010, 06:37:43 AM
20dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.356)

- replaced SLEEP status effect with STUPEFY, which removes the charge from all nodes of an affected party member until it wears off or is cured. lmao harry potter etc but it's the best word for what happens (silence doesn't work because not all skills are spoken, addle doesn't work because no one knows what the fuck it means, paralyze is too close to stun, and confuse is already taken).
Entry: December 27, 2010, 01:03:52 AM
26dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.356)

- took care of admin stuff
- made a ton of sounds
- all skills have sounds except Double-Tap and Quick-Shot
Entry: December 28, 2010, 11:57:49 PM
28dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.370)

- added the new sounds to the Soundbank
- added the sound triggers to all effects currently implemented
- matched particle effect length with sound length on all effects currently implemented
- in any event where there was a skill that inflicted a status effect or did something that the normal damage/healing algorithms couldn't cover, I added an exception to the effect scripts.
- Satyagraha now gives the entire party Overmax HP status if Corvallis is Overmax
- added a script to scrInvokeDamage that handles HP drain by executing a heal on the drainer for the same amount (for Tendril and any enemy drain skills)
- added constant NONSELFALLALLY for Satyagraha (heals everyone except Corvallis)
- added single-level status effects TOTALEVADE and HPDOWN to the status effects list
- added "KO" to the menu status effect bar. not a status effect but if HP = 0 it shows up (you know, in case it wasn't apparent one of your party members is fucking dead).
- made some edits to scrGetTargetList that highlight the person using the item or skill first in the event of an ALLY focus
- doubled the speed of the character sprite sheets for attack, skill, and item use
- made particle effects for unimplemented skills
Entry: December 29, 2010, 02:29:18 PM
29dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.395)

- fixed KO in the effect bar so that it actually works. when KOed the game blanks all status effects and the KO icon wasn't showing up because the draw event was contained inside a conditional that checks if any status effects were active
- added code that removes the charge from all a character's nodes if they are KOed
- fixed a fatal error in the SelectTarget description code that occurred when the targeting framework was opened but no target was valid for the skill (ex. if you try to use a revive skill and everyone in the party's alive).
- disallowed revive nodes when everyone in the party is alive (for good measure).
- fixed a bug where Alex's skill use animation played when Lomah used a skill.
- implemented effects objects for all remaining particle-based skills.
- fixed a bug in enemy stats where stats weren't bounded, resulting in negative values
- fixed some bugs in HPDOWN
- messed with overmax coloring in the HUD. because you could end up with HP exceeding Max HP when you've got HPDOWN, i based the coloring on the base Max HP. overmax is aqua and HPDOWN is orange.
- fixed some bugs with the PHOTOSYNTH status effect
- fixed transparency issues with the display of the PHOTOSYNTH status effect window
Entry: December 30, 2010, 02:41:01 PM
30dec - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.441)

- edited low health so that if more than one character reaches the low health threshold at the same time, only one sound plays
- messed around with the special physical construction. i think it's to the point where i can start implementing physical skills that move the user but still pause the game.
- added the following skills to the new skill database: De-Tag, De-Tag +, Brandish, Hawkeye, Light Sight, Poison Shot and Drain Shot.
- added new script scrCoordInterpolation, which does the same thing as scrJumpToPos (moves the user without collisions) except it's for non-Entity classes (objects and effects and such).
- added skill Impale, which uses a moving sprite! so awesome
- since the non-pause part of this whole special controller process is really chapping my ass, i'm using a workaround. i added an effective radius to each skill. smaller-scale physical attacks have less radius, and large attacks have bigger ones. this also gives me another balancing option. it probably won't give me much help for enemy skills, but i'm sure i'll figure something out.
- started work on bringing the hookshot up to code, including solid detection and actual graphics. solid detection is a little janky and i can't figure out why.
- sprited a hookshot proof.

all player skills are implemented except for Dead Point and Switchfoot, Lomah's physical skills (i'm going to figure that out after I figure out the hookshot again)
Entry: January 02, 2011, 07:58:59 PM
2jan11 - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.470)

- added the ability to show misses to the Quicksand spell
- took another stab at the physical construction because i didn't really want to cop out when it comes to the physical skills. what i have is pretty basic but it works.
- polished up the physical construction. it's pretty sweet and all the collisions work. the best part is that i'm pretty sure i can just use the exact same thing for enemies.
- turned Lunge, Fleche, and Slash into true physical skills. they're all identical right now but i'll figure something out.
- added a target limiter to the physical construction, where before the physical construction could only accept one target. how this works is that i can supply a maximum number of targets for any physical skill. any target the physical maneuver collides with gets added to a target list until the maximum amount of targets is reached. this is going to be useful for enemy skills where the enemy charges through a set distance, possibly affecting all three party members in the process.
- added the collisionWindow property to the physical construction. this allows me to specify exactly when damage collisions are possible.
- added skill Charge to the Mining Machine. the Machine winds up 16px then charges 128px.
- fixed a bug in Charge where the Mining Machine would occasionally continue to move indefinitely
- added scripts scrEnAIChaseX and scrEnAIChaseY. these "line up" the enemy and its target along axes.
- fixed a bug in item use where using an item would freeze the game because a conditional wasn't met.
Entry: January 03, 2011, 08:15:18 PM
3jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.491)

- fixed a bug in the node assignment quickmenu where the environment wouldn't halt
- implemented AI set for Penguin, Trampler, Mad Crab
- touched up AI set for Brown Bear, Maned Wolf, Ringtail, Cavewolf
- added charge skills that correspond to the Penguin and Trampler. these are minor variants of Charge except with differences in animation and structure (ex. the penguin starts running then it slides, and the trampler enters a charging animation).
- edited the physical construction to accept collisions for entities with facelocks that equal 0 (the entity can only face one direction).
- added skill One-Two Pinch for the Mad Crab. the crab left-hooks, then right-hooks, then moves back to its original location.
- added skills Bite and Swipe (for wolves and the Brown Bear)
- added the ability to offset the chase coordinates to scrEnAIChaseX and scrEnAIChaseY
Entry: January 04, 2011, 08:03:45 PM
4jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.525)

- separated all AI code that can be used for multiple enemies into AI Variants that are called in the individual enemy AI scripts
- brought the Small Mammal AI up to Acceptable status. Acceptable status is defined as: no fatal errors, no logic errors, and instances of the variant behave in a reasonable and varied manner.
- brought the Wolf AI up to Acceptable status
- brought the Mechanical AI up to Acceptable status
- brought the Crab AI up to Acceptable status
- brought the Trampler AI up to Acceptable status
- brought the Penguin AI up to Acceptable status
- brought the Bear AI up to Acceptable status
- brought the Elemental AI up to Acceptable status
- brought the Rock Formation AI up to Acceptable status
- brought the Snake AI up to Acceptable status
- added an invert property to scrAITrackFacing. useful for running away.
- added Left and Right Pinch skills for the crab. this is a test of randomizing enemy physicals. when the crab attacks, it has a 1/3 chance of attacking with the Left, the Right, and doing a One-Two Pinch. works flawlessly btw.
- added animation in scrAnimate for the damaged sprite key where there previously was none. note this might mean i have to fix some animation errors down the line.

the only AI variants that are left are flying enemies and bosses. i still need to decide how i'm going to handle flying enemies. living cliff is also going to be a bitch. still doing ten AI variants is probably the most work by volume i've ever done in a single day.
Entry: January 05, 2011, 10:04:09 PM
5jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.549)

- worked on flying enemies.
- added a shadowing property into physical objects that will allow me to define how flying enemies' shadows are manipulated during physicals.
- reimplemented the crab's random physicals (that i apparently overwrote with code from the mechanical AI variant sometime yesterday)
- brought the Bat AI up to Acceptable status
- brought the Bird AI up to Acceptable status
- brought the Flying Insect AI up to Acceptable status
- added objComboSolid (impassible by both grounded and flying entities)
- ugugugughghghg
- had to address some issues with scrRefreshPathGrid because when i introduced the no fly grid all entities were using either one grid or the other instead of the grid they were assigned.
- made some edits to scrAnimate to make it accept flying enemies without glitching out (flying enemies behave differently when they're idle in that they use the walk cycle because using idle wouldn't make sense because it's a rest/perch position).
- adjusted the status effect bubble for flying enemies
- worked on Supercritical boss AI. this includes a test of using multiple AI variants in one enemy. Supercritical1 tails the player and does a damaging fast dash occasionally, and Supercritical2 tracks a path to the center of the room, as if to prepare for a special attack. all in all, not a bad test.
- brought the Supercritical AI up to Acceptable status. bosses are probably going to be pretty skill-heavy so there's not much work to really do on the physical end except make sure they don't dash into walls.

P.S. all non-boss AI variants and spritesheets are currently implemented.
Entry: January 06, 2011, 09:34:47 PM
6jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.570)

- worked on bosses.
- modified scrEnAIPattern to use direct movement as defined in scrMoveToPos instead of path movement
- brought the Ansariyah AI up to Acceptable status.
- reworked scrJumpToPos so it actually produces a jump. i was very lucky in that my bounce code went in smoother than i anticipated. however, this meant i had to go through all the physicals and change any that used scrJumpToPos to scrMoveToPos instead.
- polished up the Forgotten Jump mechanic so that it does damage when the beast lands
- added a big shadow to the Jump mechanic
- brought the Forgotten AI up to Acceptable status (this is very important!)
- assembled and imported the Living Cliff spritesheets
- performed a basic animation test of the Living Cliff
Entry: January 08, 2011, 12:38:56 AM
7jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.593)

- made some edits to the enemy framework that add a defined wall depth to the enemy. if the enemy is a certain depth, overlay is turned off.
- added the nonmoving tiles of the Living Cliff to the game
- worked on the Living Cliff AI. gonna be a lot of sprite key swaps to get this guy working properly.
- added the Grind skill to the Living Cliff. it's a bit different from other skills in that if a party member is within a certain range it moves that party member toward the Cliff and if the party member is close enough he or she gets damaged.
- fixed a bug where the Grind movement would continue even when the environment was halted
- brought the Living Cliff AI up to Acceptable status
- All enemy AI modules have been brought up to Acceptable status. This means I could release the game with them in and it wouldn't cause a problem (unlike pretty much everything else), but it doesn't mean I'm going to stop improving on them.
- worked on Ally AI
- fixed a bug in pistol firing where angela's movement speed would change to her stat speed, resulting in a dramatic movement speed increase when moving her.
- fixed a bug in hookshot firing involving targeting direction
- fixed a bug in AI target acquisition.
- fixed a fatal error in scrUsePhysical where if two of the same type of physical was launched (ex. when two of the same kind of AI variant is alive), the second wouldn't get any information, causing the game to error out.
- fixed the "w...wandering ghast" bug (from 27 sep). protip: don't put stupid shit in the main path tracking script (like stuff that has whether the character is alive as a condition)!
- fixed bugs in the Rally and Group Attack commands. as a result, they now both work.
Entry: January 08, 2011, 10:41:57 PM
8jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.626)

- added a firing distance divisor to the hookshot. if the best position produces an impossible shot, the divisor increments and decreases the distance from the target until either the shot is possible, or Lomah is in danger of being hit. if the latter, the AI picks another direction of approach if it's available.
- added the ability to show misses to TOTALEVADE
- reworked the Pistol targeting AI to place emphasis on directions 45, 135, 225, and 315. works on the same concept as the hookshot and is fucking awesome btw.
- added a death timer (TIMER OF DEATH !!) to the gameplay (removed the one that was previously attached to the game over screen). the concept behind this: if someone in your party is KOed, all you have to do is wait a certain amount of time and that person will be revived 25%. the initial wait time is 15 seconds (+15 seconds for each time that character is KOed) and you can always revive the member by other means before then. if you're all dead, you can either wait or return to the last save point.
- edited the HUD to blank out the HP, ammo and nodes of a dead character and replace it with the death timer.
- added deathtimer variables to the save/load scripts
- modified the game over object to conform to the new way of doing things
- changed the Environment state to HALTED upon game over
- fixed a long-time bug where the null spritesheet would briefly flash when a party member is KOed
- i think it's finally time for enemy encounter placement and game balancing.
Entry: January 10, 2011, 12:04:03 AM
9jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.626)

- messed around with the damage algorithms for a while.
Entry: January 11, 2011, 12:00:23 AM
10jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.641)

- undid all the AGG changes made on 10-12 december. it's too much to keep track of and there's a good chance it'll go screwy. AGG is now PWR.
- rewrote all the damage algorithms. i did the math and they should work a lot better for an ARPG-type game. damage consists of four components:

 - base damage (character): damage = (PWR^2) * (pwr_exp * 2.5)
 - base damage (enemy): damage = (PWR^2) * 2
 - random modifier: damage = damage + (random(DEX / 4) * random_range(-1, 1))
 - weapon modifier: damage = damage * x (x being a range from .7 to 1.3, depending on the weapon. barehand is 1)
 - defense modifier: damage = damage / (VIT * 4)

the defense modifier does the majority of the reducing that the formula needs. note that these exact values may change due to balancing, but the structure of the formula is solid.

- main reason for the alg. change is that you don't want your people able to do 999 damage per hit because they hit so frequently; 12 hits/min (one hit every 5 seconds) yields 11k damage, so no.
- rewrote miss probability
- linked enemy physicals directly to enemy PWR
- ranged weapon proximity no longer affects damage, only the chance for a critical hit.
Entry: January 11, 2011, 11:59:55 PM
11jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.660)

- placed enemy encounters at: Prisma to Lismore, Lismore to Dendera, Dendera to Lundmark, Lundmark to Dieppe, Dieppe to Malin, Gennon to Camp Stevenson, Camp Stevenson, Dendera to Grafton, Dendera to Lille
- placed Quon boss encounter in the Bomb Maze.
- placed consumable items in new database
- edited objItemOptionSelect to only bind or equip items, not to use.
- fixed a long-time bug in objItemOptionSelect where the game would error out if you selected weapons or armor.
- fixed stat display errors in objItemOptionSelect and objEquipItemList
- added stat up/down display to the status flash (wanted to do this for a long time)
- fixed a bug in objStatChange where the stat change popups would continue even when the environment was halted. just halted the movement panes.
- put in status effect skills for Alex, as well as those whose character role is that of a debuffer (Corvallis, Attlas, Lomah).
- edited scene 10 to reflect the new skills and items.
- put a qualifier into some skills that have the same names (but different charge times) so that scrGetSkillID can tell them apart
- fixed an enemy bug that arose when i deleted the first enemy in the database (a test enemy)
- fixed a bug where use of any event in the party category in the actionqueue would freeze the game because their script wasn't included in scrPerformActions
Entry: January 13, 2011, 12:58:41 AM
12jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.687)

- fixed a bug where the HUD was invisible after loading a saved game.
- fixed the floating damage number bug. this bug came about after i changed the way the ojmMovable object master works; some panes would fail to be marked complete due to a rounding error.
- added the Rust Wolf and the Frost Wolf to the optional boss list and color-edited them appropriately. i'm going to need a few optional bosses scattered throughout the world because the first mandatory boss doesn't come until late Act II.
- added new script scrAddSkillToQueue and addressed some issues in individual enemy AI skill use.
- implemented all characters' initial stats. i don't want to change them unless absolutely necessary, because any change invalidates all saved games (since they pull from the save file and not from the init code).
- made some minor changes to the save/load code (so i don't have to play the game from the beginning every time i add a skill or an item)
- removed obsolete variables from the save/load code
- elevated the enemy AI skill timer to scrAIMaster
- added a conditional that disallows charging of the enemy skill timer if the enemy is stupefied
- added a script that auto-switches the party leader if he or she gets stunned or hit with L3 slow
- added a new AI Variant for the Rust/Frost Wolves
- imported the sheets for the Rust/Frost Wolves
- added a script that levels the entire character roster up when called
- fixed a bug in the command menu where you could control the node assignment quickmenu and the command menu at the same time
- updated the website blog and backed up the blog and forums
Entry: January 14, 2011, 12:52:09 AM
13jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.712)

- fixed a bug in the shop menu where if you were shopping with tags, items that were too expensive weren't ghosted out.
- implemented the stacker combo system detailed on 17 dec. took about an hour of my time.
- fixed a bug in the stat change object where the stat change text would disappear but the object would not destroy itself, resulting in a fatal error if its target became nonexistent (ex. when you kill an enemy)
- made separate particle effects for the Stackers
- made a hovering stacker window for enemies kind of like the status effect window that makes it apparent what's going on with the stackers
- elevated enemy interface windows, including status effects, stackers, and initial name display to the HUD (where they should be anyway)
- fixed a bug in the special and physical controllers where if you closed the game it would error out
- added level up points for levels 1-4
- added node gains (at levels 3, 6, and 9) to scrSetLevel
- fixed a couple bugs in scrRemoveInventoryWeaps (the script that removes/replaces all your weapons when you go in or out of a weaponless city)
- removed SXMS from the game file
- disallowed barehand attacks finally
- took care of some admin stuff
Entry: January 15, 2011, 01:52:19 AM
14jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.735)

- modified the nodes code so that items can charge even if the party's in a town.
- worked on bringing the camera up to standard.
 - made new script scrCameraInterpolation.
 - put target focus and camera averaging back into the camera
 - added speed grades to the camera. these move the camera different speeds depending on how far away the object to be focused on is.
 - added a mechanism to the special controller that provides the controller's target list to scrCameraAverage. this effectively allows me to switch focus to either one target or an average coordinate of many targets whenever a special is used.
 - the only thing that hasn't gone back in yet is shaking.
 - i haven't tested cutscenes, but they should be a lot snappier when camera_focus gets called
Entry: January 15, 2011, 09:35:14 PM
15jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.737)

- re-enabled window mode in the config menu (it was disabled while i was testing the camera)
- started working on the plot switcher i'm going to need for act III. in act III you start out with corvallis's plot line. then after his is done, you're given a choice between attlas, leyt/lomah, and alex. once those three are complete, the plot continues in a linear manner with angela's plot line.
Entry: January 17, 2011, 11:49:49 PM
17jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.743)

- implemented scenes 45 through 48
- made a gameplay video. i do think it's pretty dapper, that i do
Entry: January 19, 2011, 10:57:47 PM
19jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.743)

- implemented scenes 49 through 55
- made minor edits to scenes 50 through 55, 59, and 78 (mostly removing the false assumption that a public official could be removed from office prior to an impeachment conviction, although other things were edited). unfortunately this sent a ripple effect through the script. the official line is now that lucius resigned before he could be impeached, and a criminal trial was brought against him in retaliation. this resulted in his conviction, making him eligible for altair's draft.
- made major edits to scene 86. a lot of dialogue got removed (why would lucius wait for the party to have a long discussion about the ramifications of killing?) and the sequence of events got cleaned up (you now face Radagast before you even see Lucius)
Entry: January 21, 2011, 12:36:38 AM
20jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.754)

- fixed a bug in battle animation where because the walk loop is allowed to continue under certain circumstances in the special controller, entities showing walking animations when the special controller is created would continue to walk. limited this action to users only.
- fixed bugs in De-Tag and De-Tag +
- fixed a bug in handling of diagonal stairs where the AI entities faced their normal directions instead of facing the way the party leader does
- fixed a freeze bug when talking to the Prisma innkeeper
- fixed a bug in stat change application where if the target had a stat change already active and the stat change being applied was the same numerical value, but a different sign (+/-), the stat change would not take.
- snapped open banter windows to the sides of the window if they're off-screen
- fixed a nasty sound bug in all specials, skills, and physicals. if you paused or otherwise halted the gameplay, there was a small chance that the moment the game paused, it would freeze the timer exactly at the sound generation conditional of an effect. this results in the sound playing several dozen times a second (read: an ear-splitting noise)
- selectively re-enabled screen darkening when using a skill or a special (based on a flag within each skill's data)
- added a mechanism to the stat change object that shows when an entity's been afflicted with HPDOWN
- played through to scene 28
Entry: January 21, 2011, 11:11:19 PM
21jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.754)

- implemented scenes 56 through 61
- made minor edits to scenes 56-61 and 63
Entry: January 23, 2011, 01:12:50 AM
22jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.754)

- implemented scenes 62 through 74
- made minor edits to scenes 62-64, 66, 67, 69, 70, 72, and 74
Entry: January 26, 2011, 06:04:16 PM
24jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.754)

- implemented scene 75
- made major edits to scene 76. this is arguably the most important scene in the game and i need it to be great.
Entry: January 26, 2011, 11:11:31 PM
26jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.754)

- implemented scenes 76 through 79
- made minor edits to scene 76-79 and 98.
- act III is implemented (but not staged). 78 and 79 are part of act IV.
Entry: January 29, 2011, 03:12:53 AM
28jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.757)

- deleted the copyright and build data from the image version of the title screen and made them draw in-game
- added constant QUOTE to draw double-quotes in text boxes
- marked lines in the script where there are double quotes so that i can fix them.
- implemented scenes 80 through 86
- made minor edits to scenes 80-86
Entry: January 29, 2011, 11:20:31 PM
29jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.757)

- implemented scenes 87 through 92
- made minor edits to scenes 87-92



scenes 46-92 aren't staged but all the scenes are in GML script form.

next step will be validating the scenes that are already staged and then staging the rest, which shouldn't take too long. school HAS begun for me so that's going to have to take precedence but we're really close to the end!
Entry: January 31, 2011, 02:53:33 AM
30jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.769)

- made a minor edit to objPlaytime
- fixed camera orientations in certain scenes
- allocated all NPCs to their respective towns. dieppe has the most NPCs by far, but no town except aleppo's cross has less than five NPCs. once i put them all in i'll evaluate how sparse/packed each town feels and go from there.
- added a debug tool to take a screenshot of an entire room without characters, enemies, or NPCs.
- took screens of every map accessible by walking
- created a gigantic (9000x7000 px) map composite of the world so that i:
 - can identify spatial inconsistencies: there are a few, but they're not as bad as they could be. the biggest one is on the path from prisma to jahrat; the two middle maps overlap (this is solely on a global scale, i doubt that the average player would notice unless they made their own composite)
 - can identify phantom paths (north of lundmark, west of malin, north of prisma, north of jahrat, north of grafton)
 - can plot cave entrances and exits.
 - have a reference for when i make the cave system.

- cave system: unlike the spatial errors i encountered when putting the world together on the composite map, the spatial inconsistencies in the caves will be deliberate. the caves will be first and foremost a quick but dangerous means of travel. space will go by at least twice as fast from map to map (using the surface as a comparison) and most major metropolitan areas will be linked into the main cave system (with the exception of Camp Stevenson and Reagast).
Entry: February 02, 2011, 07:19:02 PM
1feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.770)

- counted house NPCs (turns out almost every town is one house NPC short of filling all residences in the town (ugh))
- marked phantom paths (these are clear paths on a map that look like they should go somewhere but don't, because no map has been made to accommodate the path)
- fixed spatial inconsistencies in Prisma Beachfront
- redid the INSTEC map in order to show that RootWhite Defense exists (RootWhite is referenced in the script multiple times). this also gives the INSTEC map the benefit of looking like an actual building instead of a bunch of bricks i cobbled together:


- linked the INSTEC pharmacy to the rest of the building
- made signs for both INSTEC and RootWhite Defense
- fixed a bug involving a set of stairs in jahrat. when going down the stairs, the OFF switch doesn't get triggered, causing the game to think the player's on stairs until s/he hits another stair object.
Entry: February 04, 2011, 02:39:45 AM
2feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.771)

- redid Dendera. it's a lot smaller and the transient barracks part of town is inaccessible (but visible) to the player.
- fixed spatial inconsistencies between Dendera and Grafton
- made a map for the transient lodging in Dendera
- made a couple of signs for the transient lodging in Dendera

3feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.774)

- 14 new maps:
 -- Elemental Palace Entrance
 -- Caves Hub X: Main, Stair to L2, Prisma to Hub X 1, Jahrat to Hub X 1, Prisma/Jahrat to Hub X 2, 3; Kaffroon/Buraidh to Hub X 3, 4, Kaffroon to Hub X 1, 2; Lismore to Hub X 1, 2, 3 (Hub X is complete)

- made an example cave entrance (these are doors that are invisible unless you have a certain item)
- made the four items that grant access to each cave hub
- made a few edits to the teleport contact event

so what i've got for the story on this is that this cave system amounts to a very primitive (or advanced, depending on how you look at it) form of public transportation devised by this game's "ancients" - the same ones responsible for the K'athrani language. the general theory is: take an area, seal all the exits in a special way and you can dilate the space within so that travel is faster. in reality it's a way for me to provide a quick way to get from, say, malin to prisma (a distance spanning 36 maps). malin to prisma using the cave system is about ten maps. a minor gameplay theme of AC is also manipulation of space and it's something i've been interested in for a while now.

there are three main cave hubs: X, L, and V. each roughly corresponds to its connections within each country (for example, X connects most of Xirdalan, but also connects to southern Lessis). there's also hub A, which services the arctic, but it's not applicable here. each of these connections from an individual hub to the surface represents a Level 1 path. present one of these talismans:

Lofton's Ruby (fire)
Alcarytic Pendant (water)
Crescent Talisman (wind)
Black Pebble (earth)

to its corresponding door to access that hub. this system is planned so that players can easily get what i call "the good kind of lost." this gives the player a good sense of exploration without presenting them with dead ends and other inconveniences. if you have a talisman, you have access to all paths in that hub unless something extreme happens. at no time does a path cross hubs: if the player didn't have the right talisman, they'd run into dead ends no matter what path they took, and that would be very frustrating.

hubs also connect to each other, and they do this through Level 2 paths. Level 2 paths are sealed with powerful magic that talismans are too weak to unlock. this magic results in heavy dilation of the space within the seal; someone traveling on a Level 2 path can travel a great amount of distance in a very small space.

Level 3 paths are possible (and traveling any distance on a Level 3 path is effectively a form of teleportation), but the space within a Level 3 seal is dilated to the point where the matter within begins to corrode. no hub path is sealed to Level 3, but i'm definitely going to play with the idea.
Entry: February 06, 2011, 01:28:00 AM
5feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.774)

- 29 new maps:
 -- Caves Hub L: Main, Stairwell to L2, Dendera to Hub L 1, 2, 3; Grafton/Lille to Hub L 3, 4; Grafton to Hub L 1, 2; Lille to Hub L 1, 2; Lundmark to Hub L 1, 2 (Hub L is complete)
 -- Caves Hub V: Main, Stairwell to L2, Malin/Corah to Hub V 3, 4; Corah to Hub V 1; Malin to Hub V 1, 2; Southeton to Hub V 1, 2, 3; Admiral to Hub V 1, 2, 3, 4 (Hub V is complete)
 -- A.R.M. HQ to Caves 1, 2
Entry: February 07, 2011, 11:38:02 PM
6feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.774)

- 3 new maps:
 -- Caves Level 2: Transfer Links X, L, and V

- made some edits to the Elemental Palace entrance.

7feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.774)

- 11 new maps: Jahrat Caves Entrance, Buraidh Caves Entrance, Kaffroon Electric Dynamo, Caves Entrance at Xirdalani/Lessian Border, Mastrov Easy Kitchen, Mastrov Easy Cold Storage (Caves Entrance), Lismore/Dendera Caves Entrance, Malin South Caves Entrance, Douglass Corrections Facility Gate, Southeton Caves Entrance, Admiral Caves Entrance

- fixed some graphical errors in rmLIStoDEN3
- fixed graphical errors in Prisma City Square
- fixed graphical errors in Lundmark City Square
- fixed graphical errors in Malin Park/Residential

- added a conditional to scrCheckConfirm that allows a locked door to supply no script. this is to indicate to the player that the door is locked and there's nothing you can do to unlock it at that time (unless you meet X condition; this is usually defined in the create event of the door teleport)
- added key item Leader's Key (given to Alex in scene 53 by Vulpes after Roger takes hers away; used to access the door to Hub L in A.R.M. HQ East and Mastrov Easy's Cold Storage unit in Grafton)

- linked, added stair objects, and added collision data to all Hub X pathways
- linked, added stair objects, and added collision data to all Hub L pathways
- linked, added stair objects, and added collision data to all Hub V pathways

- linked certain maps in the A.R.M. headquarters and Mastrov Easy
- linked the Elemental Palace to Hub L
- linked Level 2 Transfer Hubs to each other
- the main hub system is complete (except for one lone link leading to the North Vodun Mine, which hasn't been mapped yet)
Entry: February 09, 2011, 12:30:44 AM
8feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.774)

- 11 new maps (link/stair/collision added):
 -- North Dieppe Mine: Entrance, Main Shaft, Stairwell, Mine, Subshaft 1, Subshaft 2, Secret
 -- Stevenson Cave: Entrance, Corridor, Room, Domicile

- made minor edits to Lucy Stonecoal NPC dialogue
- fixed obsolete staging in scene 36
- made minor edits to the A.R.M. HQ
Entry: February 12, 2011, 01:26:00 AM
10feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.774)

- 5 new maps (link/stair/collision added):
 -- Cape Bojador: Residential, Commercial, Prince's Palace, Docks Link, Docks

- sprited a marina sign

it's official. i fucking hate mapping towns with a passion. good god.

11feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.774)

- 15 new maps (link/stair/collision added): Lundmark Caves Entrance, Grafton Caves Entrance, Malin North Caves Entrance
 -- Hub A: Lundmark to Hub A 1, 2, 3; Grafton to Hub A 1, 2, 3; Malin/Stevenson to Hub A 2, 3; Stevenson to Hub A 1; Malin to Hub A 1 (Hub A is complete)
 -- Elemental Palace: Foyer, Main Hall

as of today the cave system is complete.
Entry: February 14, 2011, 11:53:58 PM
14feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.774)

- 7 new maps (link/stair/collision added):
 -- Elemental Palace: Reflecting Pool, Stairwell to 2F, B1 Main, B1 Library, B1 Arena, 2F Hall, 2F Altar
Entry: February 16, 2011, 11:45:29 PM
15feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.774)

- 3 new maps (link/stair/collision added): Duchy Travel Pay, Travel Pay Office, Scene 73 Duke's Office

16feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.774)

- 5 new maps (link/stair/collision added): Nal. Co. Sleeping Room, Meeting Room, Scene 76 Drafting Room, Docking Tower, Stairwell to Fleet Bay
- made edits to the Reagast Barracks Lobby, Nal. Co. Office, Drafting Room and Scene 42 Drafting Room maps
- sprited the docking tower for the airship (if piecing stuff together is spriting i guess)

think we may have a flagship screenshot here:

Entry: February 20, 2011, 03:49:37 AM
18feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.774)

- 3 new maps (link/stair/collision added): Nal. Co. Stairwell to Fleet Bay 2, Fleet Bay, Fleet Bay Corridor

19feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- 2 new maps (link/stair/collision added): Nal. Co. Hall, Bay Deck
- the bay deck is a side-view map, it'll probably be the only one, too. my goal with this map is to have airships occasionally float out between the gap in the cliffs (this is where the hangar door is).
- added the ability to handle collisions and movement on side-view maps. for cardinal, it simply disallows movement in the up or down directions. for analog, a new conditional was created that treats movement that could be reasonably construed as being in the left or right directions as left-right movement. i created a small window at the 90 and 270 directions for registering up and down (this is so you don't move when pressing up and down, otherwise there would be a weird 'sliding' effect)
- added new variable sideview to the GameManager. true on side-view maps, false everywhere else.
- edited AI following to adhere to the same side-view movement rules as the party leader
- made extensive edits to the way diagonal stairs work. under the current rules, changing direction on diagonal stairs is really buggy. i changed the code to mirror how up-down stairs work instead. it should be much more consistent now that the code doesn't rely on contact with a diagStairs object (yep it is).
- edited AI following to rely on the diagonal stairs handling (the path system isn't good at handling diagonals; doing it this way just looks better)
- added code to objTeleport that sets all stair variables to that of the party leader's (in case the party leader is off stairs and the followers aren't and the party gets teleported to another room)
- finally took snapshots of all the NalCo maps
- pieced together a side-view airship
- linked and added collision data to any maps that needed it
- updated stair data across all maps (including adding stair data to any maps that needed it)
Entry: March 01, 2011, 09:17:38 PM
23feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- made minor edits to Scenes 54, 89, 91 and 97
- 1 new map:
 -- Maroon Conflict: Alex/Angela/Attlas Base

26feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- linked and added collision data to Base
- new maps:
 -- Maroon Conflict: Alex/Angela/Attlas Landing Area

- sprited a border sign
- fixed bugs in Hub A. i initially used diagonal stairs instead of up-down stairs, which threw an exception.

also i don't know how active i'm going to be in the next couple of weeks. i got hit hard with a ton of stuff after getting back from dallas so we'll see.
Entry: March 05, 2011, 12:36:39 AM
2mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- 2 new maps (stair/collision added):
 -- Maroon Conflict: Alex/Angela/Attlas Path 1, 2

- made major edits to scene 86. this is the scene where attlas kills lucius. i changed how the gang runs into lucius so i can drop off some of the other extraneous stuff that i'm just going to execute badly.
- sprited a hole in the fence.

4mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- 5 new maps (stair/collision added):
 - Maroon Conflict: Alex/Angela/Attlas Path 3, Vodunian Camp, Path 4, Clearing; Leyt/Lomah Base Camp, Vodun Camp, Path, Path (Mask), Path (Object)

- made minor edits to scenes 73, 76, 81, 86, and 94. some of these edits are 'path of least resistance' meaning that i'm writing around what i either can't do or am too strapped for time to do. this is not ideal but i feel like i know my characters well enough to make these changes without tearing gaping holes in the script.

- started working on the composite for the living cliff map. it's gonna rise up out of the ground along with a back blocking cliff, and i need to apply a few graphical tricks in order to make this happen.
Entry: March 06, 2011, 03:52:52 AM
5mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- CUT scene 87 (this is leyt and lomah's part of the maroon conflict mission). the more i think about it the more i can't justify a ragtag vodunian linguist company having access to phenomenal power like the living cliff. i think i'll move the living cliff to either guard Botros Lofton's house in Maudland or guard the entrance to the Elemental Palace. either could have this power, since there's a subplot about the ancient language and linguist powers that alex has to uncover.

- linked all the maroon conflict maps and discarded the maps from leyt and lomah's mission.

- 23 new maps (stair/collision added):
 - Dendera to Midvale Cliffs: 1A, 1B, 2, 3, Grafton Desert E, NE, Bluff, Center, SE, S, N, NW, SW, W, Path to Midvale Cliffs 1, 2, 2A, 3
 - Midvale Cliffs: Caves 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Entry: March 08, 2011, 12:19:00 AM
7mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- 13 new maps (stair/collision added):
 - Midvale Cliffs: Cliffs 1, 2, 3, 4, Caves 6, 7
 - Ancients' Courtyard: Courtyard, Wall, Wall Cave, Chamber
 - Maudland: Chamber, Cave, Botros Lofton's House

also i'm pretty sure that i'm going to finish the exterior map requirement tomorrow.
Entry: March 10, 2011, 12:52:24 AM
9mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- 11 new maps (link/stair/collision added)
 - Maudland: Path, Lofton's House Interior
 - Lucia Forest: South, Center, North, East, West 1, 2, Southwest, Clearing, Cave

- linked all maps completed since march 7th

i'm pretty sure this completes the outdoor map requirement. i'll have to double check, though.
Entry: March 10, 2011, 11:59:54 PM
10mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- implemented NPCs:
 - Admiral (Completed): Stella Boggess, Cheryl Elmwood, Marie Greene, Hilda Jansen, Jerry Mullard, Theodore Renier, Ernest Tipple, Wesley Watts

- updated the Buddy NPC template to catch whether or not the 'buddy' is in the party and act accordingly

Admiral was apparently a good place to start, considering there are examples of all four types of NPCs there. Conversation NPCs take the longest time by far to implement, followed by Buddy NPCs, House NPCs and Info NPCs. We'll see how fast I can get all 145 in there. The fact that I was able to implement one town's NPCs in about three hours is a good sign.
Entry: March 12, 2011, 11:52:55 PM
12mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- implemented 49 NPCs:
 - Buraidh (Completed): Keira Ewen, Marisol Greve, Donna Jensen, Mohr Kasper, Harry Voss
 - Cape Bojador (Completed): Amira Kassis, Ramona Lawson, Joyce Pampa, Verne Richards, Heather Wills, David Wise
 - Dendera (Completed): Dolores Dennison, Carrie Dye, Patricia Felder, Janice Gladwell, Dell Jenkins, Mandy Kasper, Jasmine Lane, Alicia Nevels
 - Dieppe (Completed): Regina Barnes, Henry Barnett, Mary Blane, Paul Chast, Jonathan Flanigan, George Foley, Betty Frederick, Stephen Gregory, Francisco Harrington, Clair Huntley, Roger Maraud, Djordy Murray, Barnah Necci, Wendell Peters, Buford Rhode, Brandon Romine, Lucy Stonecoal, Shaun Whitby, Jerry White
 - Gennon (Completed): Caleb Browne, Brian Keeney, Marsha Swick, Jim Whitby
 - Grafton: Erin Abbott, Edward Argonne, Cohran Lengel, Spencer McKay, Denis Waters
 - Multiple cities: Gary Rufus

- cut NPC: Jade Kint (references place that does not exist)

- made minor edits to Francisco Harrington, Brian Keeney, Tina Keeney, Erin Abbott, and Spencer McKay
Entry: March 15, 2011, 07:51:52 PM
15mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- implemented 16 NPCs:
 - Grafton (Completed): Ryan Sayre, Lulu Sienne
 - Hallia Lucia (Completed): Emily Bassale, Chloe Bell, Olivia Hale, Cecelia Jude, Kathleen Mahlon, Phoebe Macrossan, Riley Perkins, Jon Shobe, Aidan Stokes
 - Jahrat (Completed): Bruce Amato, Edna Jackson, Mark McNeil, Khaldoon Nazmi
 - Kaffroon: Glenn Bogan

i didn't really mean to distribute the NPCs in such a way that Hallia Lucia is inhabited almost exclusively by women lmao

i actually did write a ton of women NPCs, it would seem. really some of these NPCs should be moved to Admiral but that means i'll have to write more plot periods for them.
Entry: March 16, 2011, 06:40:44 PM
16mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- implemented 5 NPCs:
 - Kaffroon (Completed): Carol Cline, Nikolai Goorden, Lisa Ivey, Evelyn Lewis, Victoria May

65 left!

- rewrote most of Lisa Ivey
- made some minor script edits

i think i lost the referee NPC for the supercritical arena battle so i'm going to have to dig that out of my backups probably.
Entry: March 19, 2011, 07:18:04 PM
19mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- implemented 22 NPCs:
 - Midvale/Mastrov/Other Cities (Complete): Viola Brooks, Timothy Sinclaire
 - Lille (Complete): Laurine Bruning, Tina Gatto, Christina Maynes, Alyssa Staps, Rose Terry, Derrick Whipple
 - Lismore (Complete): Daniel Griffin, Nancy Khoory, Philip Khoory, Richard Olson, William Plank, Hazel Sharp, Kean Ward
 - Lundmark: Chuck Cox, Boleck Ludwik (interesting in that it's the only nested conversation NPC in the game), Melinda Monroe, Steve Rochelle, Eddie Tharp, Hugo Towner, and Florus Wise

43 left!

- reprocessed Lismore NPCs to conform to the new NPC system (mostly this consisted of setting period conditions and adding default dialogue in case those conditions aren't met)
- cut NPC: Dexter Hughes. not up to my standard (i.e. reading it made me cringe)
- converted Francisco Harrington to a buddy NPC
- updated all the house NPC knocks to conform to their proper periods
- fixed various omissions in NPC code that threw errors. i've been blowing through these pretty fast and sometimes a comma or parenthesis slips through the cracks.

- made minor edits to Timothy Sinclaire, Alyssa Staps, Derrick Whipple (:gwa:), Nancy Khoory, Philip Khoory, Kean Ward, Chuck Cox, Boleck Ludwik, Melinda Monroe, Steve Rochelle, Eddie Tharp, Hugo Towner, and Florus Wise
Entry: March 20, 2011, 11:29:04 PM
20mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)

- implemented 5 NPCs:
 - Kaffroon: Sylvester Court
 - Malin: Shirley Burris, Tina Keeney, Antonio Lear, Brendan Modoc

- found lujan bordh and sylvester court, the two missing NPCs (see, this is why keeping backups is awesome)
- 24 houses remain unoccupied in the game world, so i'm going to have to come up with NPCs to fill those houses. most of them will probably be courier missions, but there's one thing i'd definitely like to do to showcase the conversation system, and that thing is putting a party together and doing some sort of negotiations between the members of that party and some other entity where you have to choose who will talk at what time. i think with the time i have left i can do two of these kinds of missions, max.
- made up some names for these new house NPCs.
- made minor edits to Sylvester Court, Shirley Burris, Tina Keeney, Antonio Lear
- made major edits to Brendan Modoc (in order to turn him into a house NPC)

p.s. jake brake is too cool a name to let go. thanks, random name generator.
Entry: March 23, 2011, 12:42:03 AM
22mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.792)


- implemented 37 NPCs:
 - Malin (Complete): Edward Sigley, Sheryl Tarrant
 - Southeton (Complete): Timothy Barber, Kenneth Boles, Edwin Jasper, Henry Moore, Alan Reeves, Miriam Reeves, Clarence Turner
 - Prisma (Complete): Susan Anderson, Albert Barre, Margaret Claude, Lee Cook, Amber Hall/Thomas Fenster, Sarah van Kampen/Maria Westburgh, Sam Rowes, Christie White, Rufus Wainwright, Brad Neely, Larry Seaburg, Jake Quinn, Craig Westburgh, Dennis Westburgh, Derek Westburgh, James Warbeck
 - Reagast (Complete): John Bracken, Edwin Childs, Tammy Falk, Theresa Gann, Harley Haynes, Jim Heckler, Jacobs/Meyers, George Lendt, Cynthia Niles, Ichabod Randark, Kevin Tibbs
 - Other NPCs: Lujan Bordh

- made minor edits to Sheryl Tarrant, Albert Barre, Brad Neely, Christie White, Harley Haynes, Henry Moore, Alan Reeves, Miriam Reeves, Margaret Claude, Sarah van Kampen/Maria Westburgh, Rufus Wainwright, Brad Neely, John Bracken, George Lendt, Ichabod Randark (Angela gets an absolute ZINGER in this one), and Lujan Bordh
- wrote new periods for Lee Cook
- merged Winthrop/Richards and Jacobs/Meyers NPCs.

i'm going to have to go back and fix some stuff in these scripts so that they can call the default dialogue at any point in time (they currently can't do this) but other than that and various bugfixes, they're done.
Entry: March 25, 2011, 12:28:11 AM
24mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.845)

- modified all NPC scripts and templates so they can call the default dialogue at any point in the script
- folded the remaining legacy, shop, and mechanism NPCs into the new NPC organization
- merged script changes for scenes 1 through 44
- cut a part of scene 15 that was incongruent with the tone of the game
- added code to scrReadMessageTags that reads color closing tags [/color] and [/c]
- created a party schedule in order to centralize party changes
- added actionqueue commands "party_clear" (this blanks all party slots), "party_setBySchedule" (sets party configurations by party schedule) and system_interfaceEnabled (to toggle the interface during the plot switcher)
- added party changes for the first two acts
- updated scenes 1 through 9 with map and staging changes and things of that nature (ex. the INSTEC headquarters was completely redesigned since the last update)
- ran a playthrough of the first two acts in order to prepare for staging of act III
- added save anywhere ability to the debugger (thinking about adding it to the actual game but idk what complications would result)
- fixed a lot of bugs in the bomb maze related to item and puzzle boolean checks
- removed code in actionqueue commands system_receiveItem and system_treasureToPack that references the assault pack and the storage manager.
- finally obtained a gamesave at the act III plot switcher. i pretty much fought the game from the start of the bomb maze in order to get this save. i figure i'll stage the rest of these scenes and fix everything after that's done.
- worked on the act III plot switcher.
- formatted corvallis cursor sprites
- added script scrTransformKeys to swap sprites to the proper form upon transformation
- added animation keys other:toCursor and other:fromCursor to the animation system.
- added actionqueue commands "actor_transform" (to transform to/from alcarytic form) and system_setBoolean (allows puzzle booleans to be set within cutscene and NPC scripts)
- commented in argument data for some actionqueue commands
- made minor edits and merged script changes for scenes 45 and 46
- staged scenes 45 and 46
Entry: April 05, 2011, 11:17:29 AM
28mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.857)

- made minor edits to scene 99
- staged scene 47

31mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.876)

- made major edits to scene 48. i wanted to communicate something about the origin of cursors that i didn't think was obvious enough, so i rewrote about half the scene.
- staged scene 48.
- created a derivative of objTeleport called objTransform to allow cursors that can transform to transform at appropriate places in the world (human when close to entering Xirdalan, cursor pretty much everywhere else)
- added script scrArmCorvallis in order to manage the visibility of corvallis's weapon sprite
- added variables transformable, currentForm, and armed to character initializer

3apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.890)

- staged scene 49
- new maps:
 - Douglass Manor: 2F Bedrooms
- attempted to implement smooth screen scaling. i'll have to work on it some more. the current fullscreen method won't work, game looks like garbage in fullscreen exclusive.

4apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.890)

- new maps:
 - Douglass Manor: 2F Lucius's Room, Attlas's Room, Troy's Room; 1F Foyer, Den
Entry: April 06, 2011, 10:30:56 PM
6apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.890)

- new maps:
 - Douglass Manor: Exterior; 1F Kitchen, Bathroom
 - Dieppe Governance Complex: Lobby, Senate Chamber

- linked and added collision/stair data to the new maps
Entry: April 07, 2011, 11:58:37 PM
7apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.908)

- new maps:
 - Dieppe Governance Complex: Sergeant-At-Arms's Office

- made minor edits to scenes 50, 51 and 53
- staged scenes 50, 51 and 53
- put some story NPC sprites into the system
Entry: April 09, 2011, 08:55:01 PM
9apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.930)

- new maps: ARM Sleeping Bay, Alex's Room
- made functionality edits to system_receiveItem
- fixed a bug in the item variables for the cave entrances
- fixed a teleport bug in Hub L of the caves
- fixed stair placement in the caves
- made minor edits to scenes 53, 54, and 55
- staged scenes 53, 54, and 55

probably going to tack scene 52 on to the end of Leyt & Lomah's section.
Entry: April 14, 2011, 03:58:29 PM
11apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.953)

- placed contract board objects in all cities
- made a "frequent objects" folder in order to pool all the frequently-used objects into one place
- fixed a bug in a teleport event in Lucia Forest
- added the rest of the ferry scripts and standardized the system so that I can easily close ferries when I need to
- created and set ferry open/close booleans
- fixed a bug in the ferry turnstiles
- made a couple changes to the forums: all non-production projects are housed in one forum now, and avatars are now right below the user's name.
- made minor edits to scenes 56, 57
- staged scenes 56 and 57A
Entry: April 14, 2011, 11:04:48 PM
14apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.969)

- added a mechanism in ojmEntity to allow entities to float along with objects (for instance, if someone is on a ferry, they float with the ferry).
- added a mechanism to objSceneFader that allows an instant transition to the target map
- added capability for more arguments to scrActionAdd and scrActionAddProxy (the max is now 12, up from 7)
- added a conditional to the path grid that recognizes whether an ojmObject is solid or not
- made minor edits to scene 57 and 58
- staged scenes 57B, 57C, 57D, and 58A
Entry: April 16, 2011, 12:31:37 AM
15apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.993)

- made minor edits to scene 59 and 60
- staged scenes 58B, 59, and 60. scene 60 is the most complex scene i've done in a while, requiring extensive staging, manipulation of tile layers, and use of proxy actions. took forever.
- pieced together the dream map for scene 61. this is a multi-layer map that strips away during the scene 61 dream sequence. leyt has a dream flashback to his father berating him in public for burning down the Admiral assembly hall. this incident is directly responsible for leyt's aversion to people. as the scene progresses, two things happen: (a) the map strips away layer by layer until there's only black and (b) every time a layer goes, a few people pop in instantly, resulting in a complete crowd by the end of the scene. obviously, this isn't how it happened (maybe a couple of people looked over their shoulder as some angry schmuck dad berated his son outside a courthouse), but this is leyt's greatest fear, so yeah.

gonna put in a full day tomorrow. school stuff is taken care of for now and i haven't treated this game to a coding session the length of a workday in at least a month, so i'm overdue.

p.s. i always wondered why dream cutscenes in jrpgs were always just a regular scene with a sepia overlay
Entry: April 17, 2011, 02:17:46 AM
16apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.993)

so Game Maker 8.1 came out today and they changed to a fixed argument structure. this means that if you use an argument in a script, you have to supply the exact number of arguments when calling that script in order for the runner to not throw an error. take this example: scrDrawText can work with as little as three arguments, but if you want increased control, you can supply up to five. so you could call it like this:

scrDrawText(32,32, "x");

and there'd be no problem, even though you have two more arguments to fill

under this new system, i have to edit all scripts that use optional arguments so that they won't throw an error. i am not happy about this. there are 1200+ scripts in this game that i'm going to have to update before i can use Game Maker 8.1. so i'm just not going to bother with 8.1 until the game is done.

- i'm not having a very good day. tried to stage scenes 61 and 62 and it's throwing an "unexpected error" whenever i try to load the game. :///////
- fixed. when i loaded the game into 8.1, i didn't save the game, but i did change the configuration settings. my best guess is that ds_list_write is different between the two versions. so deleting alcarys.cfg solved the problem (after an exhaustive search)
Entry: April 18, 2011, 01:01:03 AM
17apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.1002)

- made minor edits to scene 64
- staged scenes 61, 62 and 63
- fixed a long-time bug with scene fading in which the screen wouldn't completely fade out before teleporting to the next map
Entry: April 18, 2011, 10:59:27 PM
18apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.1015)

- sprited an alcohol bottle (hell yeah drunnnkkz time)
- tried to figure out what i'm going to do with act IV. there's too much story and not enough gameplay. i'm probably going to make a fair amount of the act IV scenes optional but encouraged. it doesn't flow well the way i have it now. running scenes 78-85 through in a straight line is probably going to make the game fall apart, honestly. that's at least twenty minutes of cutscenes with limited interaction, so it should definitely be broken up.

it should be noted that you do get full access to Nalfayn Company, but i still haven't decided whether i'm going to throw an airship in there. if one shows up it'll probably be pretty limited in scope. depending on where i put scene 79 i can lock out airship use in the plot (ex. the Terrestrial Army commandeered all the airships so you can't fly them).

here are the scenarios:

party control after scene 78:

- airship use is permitted on a limited basis (menu-driven airship with limited fuel and inability to go to Mastrov or the Polar Sectors)
- going to the duke's office initiates the Maroon Conflict scenario (scenes 79, 81, and 86+). note that after this point, scenes run in a linear fashion until the ending.
- going to Corvallis's house initiates all of Corvallis's scenes pre-Maroon Conflict (scenes 80, 82, and 83)
- talking with Leyt in Nalfayn Co. initiates scene 84 (Leyt/Lomah ending will probably be edited to reflect whether or not the player initiated this scene)
- talking with Alex in Nalfayn Co. initiates scene 85 and opens up the optional Elemental Palace side quest (same with Alex)

party control after scene 80:

- airship use is impossible
- talking with Vulpes in Nalfayn Co. initiates the Maroon Conflict scenario (scenes 86+)
- going to Corvallis's house initiates all of Corvallis's scenes pre-Maroon Conflict (scenes 80, 82, and 83)
- talking with Leyt in Nalfayn Co. initiates scene 84
- talking with Alex in Nalfayn Co. initiates scene 85 and opens up the optional Elemental Palace side quest

i'm 75% keen on the second scenario, since it just makes things easier. redundancy with the airship is also something i'm worried about since the cave system already exists.

- made minor edits to scene 64 and 65
- kind of a change for scene 65 w/ Leyt and Lomah: instead of going immediately back to the plot switcher after scene 65, Leyt and Lomah are allowed to explore until they reach the Lessian border (once they hit ANY Lessian border post, the plot switcher picks the player up). this allows me to work in scene 52 with Attlas as well as some NPC sidequests that I've been burning to do but couldn't because Leyt and Lomah's part of the story is almost entirely linear. all these quests (Lucy Stonecoal, Brendan Modoc, and Timothy Sinclaire along with minor courier missions) are written and implemented, but if you're not allowed to go past Admiral with Leyt/Lomah, every single one of them will be inaccessible. i realized this about two weeks ago and almost lost my shit, so yeah.
- staged scenes 64 and 65 (this completes Leyt/Lomah's arc except for tacking scene 52 on the end)

- cleaned up the Debugger a little and added the capability to show whether usage statistics are turned on
- starting to think about what usage statistics I'm going to add to the Debugger for the QA period. the Debugger will be active during the QA period and will collect usage variables per play and dump them to a text file. the tester then sends this text file to the QA e-mail, so it's a completely voluntary action that doesn't actively collect info over an internet connection. it's just easier (and more hassle-free) that way.
Entry: April 19, 2011, 10:13:43 PM
19apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.1042)

- fixed scene 58B so that the movements will work regardless of where the player contacts the cutscene object (also factors into an adlibbed running joke I put into scene 52 where Leyt keeps stopping to look at things and Lomah bumps into him and makes a comment about it each time)
- rearranged about half of angela's plot in order to cut out a round trip from the capital to Nalfayn Co. this also has the benefit of making Angela's board the interactivity focus of the arc. the order is now: 66, 69 (after a time lapse of about two weeks), 70, 67, 68, 71-76.
- re. Angela's board: i did this because i want the player to focus on the board. the player isn't supposed to know the answers to the questions and they're not supposed to know what to do. they are supposed to feel as if they have failed, since that's how angela feels at the end of it. when Angela scores highly, she's surprised and it should draw the player into the rest of the arc.
- put a decayer into objMessageBox for Angela's board scene. once the message is finished displaying, letters start to swap at a fixed rate, eventually rendering the message gibberish. this is also a good tool for dreams and hallucinations depicted with the cutscene system (but only as long as there's a bit of a delay in there in order to let the player read the message).
- added new actions to the actionqueue:
 - message_setDecayRate: sets global message decay rate
 - message_globalDecay: if true, decays all messages regardless of individual decay setting. also allows me to set the decay rate of messages. useful for blanketing entire cutscenes with the effect.
- edited scenes 57C and 61 to use message decay
- consolidated objMessageBox and grouped related code (decay, autoclose/instant display, and message advance) into scripts

- made minor edits to scene 52, 67, 68, and 69 (mostly line edits to accommodate the shuffling in scenes)
- staged scene 52 at the end of Leyt/Lomah's plot (the player encounters Attlas in the Vodun/Lessis customs house)
- staged scenes 66, 68, and 69

roughly 80% of the scenes are staged at this point.
Entry: April 21, 2011, 12:03:49 AM
20apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.1049)

- made minor edits to scene 67
- staged scene 67
- edited some soldier sprites
- wrote board questions for Command and Leadership and Army Policy.
Entry: April 21, 2011, 07:30:04 PM
21apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.1063)

- finished the remaining board questions
- made minor edits to scene 71, 72, and 73
- made major edits to scene 69. these involve the nature of Charloise's signing over of Nalfayn Co. to Angela. the edits were included to hint at Charloise's two-faced personality.
- made one scenario in Angela's scene 72 revenge fantasy (the one where she imagines running behind the desk and killing the Duke)
- staged scenes 71, 72, and 73
Post by: Cesar on April 21, 2011, 09:40:24 PM
Haha, revenge fantasy. Awesome, need to remember that, can give me some sort of idea.
Entry: April 27, 2011, 12:29:50 AM
26apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.1075)

- spent about an hour changing my passwords after the big PSN leak. if you have a PSN account at all, take the necessary precautions to change your info, because damn near EVERYTHING was leaked, right up to home phone numbers and street addresses. i mean my account was using an obsolete e-mail address, but it never hurts to be safe.

- i really want to like GM 8.1. i really do. they HAVE fixed some of my complaints. but there's some more stuff:
 - i don't know if it's permissions or what (i have the program set to run as admin) but alcarys.cfg is throwing all kinds of errors when i try to change the config info and i don't think it's something on my end. saving and retrieving config info is flawless in 8.0 (and to top it off, so is reading save files produced by 8.0 in 8.1), so idk.
 - supersound doesn't work and i'm not changing the sound engine again

i'm sure more will pop up. they really did exceed my expectations (read: i had none lmao) with the argument thing and i desperately want to be able to search objects and zoom in the map editor but these issues are dealbreakers for me.

- staged scene 74
- fixed a bug in the scenario chooser for Angela's revenge fantasy
- thinking about changing angela's revenge fantasy to a full-fledged boss battle to have SOME interactivity in that string of scenes (i mean if she's imagining stuff, why not)
Entry: April 28, 2011, 12:51:56 AM
27apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.6.1120)

- i'm going to have to do something with Angela's arc. almost none of it is interactive. i haven't timed it but i'm pretty sure it's one five-minute long cutscene from Angela at NalCo to the scene after her suicide attempt.
- CUT scene 74. i've been searching for trivial things to cut, and this scene only really communicate two things: (a) Angela is pissed enough to yell at a close friend (pretty sure the player knows that after scene 72) and (b) juno gets told that angela resigned her commission (something that can be easily line-edited to the decompression scene after her attempt, which i've actually already done).
- made edits to some dialogue boxes that give away that Alex becomes a party member (through the name coloring)

- made minor edits to scenes 69, 74, 75, 76, and 77
- staged scenes 74, 75, 76, and 77
- staged scene 76A to replace scene 74. alex and juno are waiting outside NalCo for Angela. this is a shorter scene that is more applicable to the current situation, and it has the benefit of making scene 76 shorter overall.

- modified the message box system to accommodate transparent messages
- modified the message box system to accept variable message speeds
- added actionqueue commands "message_setTransp" and "message_setSpeed"
- messed around with some code in message auto-placement in order to get the new changes to display properly.

Entry: April 30, 2011, 12:54:22 AM
29apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1)

- CUT scene 78A. superfluous. (shifted scenes 78B and C up)
- made minor edits to scene 78, 81
- CUT scene 79. it'd make more sense for angela to go straight to corvallis. why does she want to ever see the duke's office again after what happened?
- changed NPC initialization code for Greg (it was set on pretty much all the maps to initialize with Altair's sprites as a placeholder)
- formatted leyt's human and cursor attack sprites into the game's format
- took care of some admin stuff

- staged scene 78
Entry: May 01, 2011, 01:44:34 AM
30apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.16)

- made minor edits to scene 69, 78, 80, 82, 83 and 84
- looks like we're going to get character portraits after all. more on this later!
- added actionqueue command "system_setSideview" to manipulate the sideview map variable

- staged scenes 80, 82, and 84
Entry: May 04, 2011, 12:30:57 AM
3may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.41)

- got the first batch of portrait prelims back from Michael. doin' a great job, man!
- tested out preliminary status flash portraits for Corvallis and Angela and made layered files to easily toggle between color/grayscale portraits. it was as easy as swapping out the placeholder portraits. it kind of breaks the shop menu atm, but that thing's so broken right not it's not even funny. i'll reposition everything when I go over the shop menu.
- made major edits to scene 83. this is a major rewrite that cuts the scene in half and makes it more effective overall. note: when i do a major rewrite, usually the major events don't change, only the means for getting there. for example, scene 83 is still the beginning of the charter 23 revolution movement, but i cut out a lot of the fluff and changed the details of how it comes about.

- staged scene 83

here's what we got left: 85, 86, 88, 89, 90, 91, and 92. everything after those seven scenes is minor editing.
Entry: May 04, 2011, 11:48:26 PM
4may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.56)

- oops, forgot scene 81!
- made minor edits to scenes 81, 84, 85, and 99
- staged scenes 81 and 85. attached to scene 85 is the interim scene for the Midvale Cliffs quest.
- did test portraits for the rest of the characters
- implemented all script edits from scenes 86 to 99
- haven't forgotten about you, michael. look for an e-mail with full notes tomorrow. it's been a busy week.
Entry: May 05, 2011, 11:56:31 PM
5may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.60)

- sent out notes on the final three prelims. received final pass #1 on corvallis
- made minor edits to scenes 20, 76, 86, 89, and 97. 86 in particular has been changed to play up attlas's initial exuberance after killing his stepbrother
- staged scene 86
- added actionqueue command "system_screenBlacken" to manipulate the GameManager's screen dimmer (for the few instances of white text against a black screen).
Entry: May 09, 2011, 05:11:55 PM
7may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.72)

- new maps:
 - Prince's Palace: Throne Room, Lobby
 - Reagast: Awards Ceremony, Backstage

- staged scene 88

8may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.78)

- made minor edits to scenes 89, 91, and 92
- CUT scene 90, as it's not really necessary

- staged scenes 89 and 91A
Entry: May 09, 2011, 11:06:45 PM
9may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.105)

- made minor edits to scenes 91, 94 and 96
- staged scenes 91B and 92

staging's complete! the game can officially be played from the opening scene to the credits roll without erroring out.

- made a mockup of the new look&feel for the save flashes. this one includes the facesets, tag count, and party sociability level.
- overhauled the look&feel of the save flashes. except for a few icons and certain wrong variables i'm pulling from the save header, it's all in-game.

top: original
middle: mockup target
bottom: in-game result

Entry: May 10, 2011, 11:06:27 PM
10may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.114)

- fixed some bugs in the tutorial message system
- staged some NPCs:
 - Prisma: Blanc, Margaret Claude, Sam Rowes, Susan Anderson, Christie White

- locked the Xirdalan border outpost until at least scene 8. after scene 8, you can go inside, but you need a Lessian passport to go any further
- made edits to the door object in the flats between scenes 2 and 3. this edit allows the open door to corvallis's house during scene 3 to use the night surface to great effect:


i love that it actually looks somewhat like actual light!

- made it impossible to leave Corvallis's house until scene 8.
- put a lock on all exits in Corvallis's house during scene 3.

i didn't get the notes out. it's finals week and i have a busy couple of days ahead of me, so it'll have to wait.
Entry: May 15, 2011, 09:12:23 PM
15may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.125)

- sent out notes on corvallis final #1 and attlas prelim #2
- put the Victor cursor sheets into the game file
- edited a Victor gigantis sheet. it's only down-facing right now.
- fixed some minor annoyances in scene 3B
- added property "mustFace" to objNPC. this allows me to supply a direction that the player must face in order to address an NPC.
Entry: May 17, 2011, 12:44:55 AM
16may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.143)

- fixed a few bugs in the banter box's window snapping code
- added code that addresses the banter box's inability to "unsnap" as the banter box's owner is further and further away from the camera focus. the code before would snap the open banter box to the window even if the owner was off-screen.
- made minor edits to scene 7
- added actionqueue command "system_money". modifies the amount of money the party has (pos value for increase, neg value for decrease).
- fixed a good amount of bugs in the NPC choice scripts
- staged some NPCs:
 - Prisma: Joseph Meier, Derek Westburgh, Craig Westburgh, Maria Westburgh/Sarah van Kampen, Amber Hall/Thomas Fenster, Albert Barre, Brad Neely, Lee Cook, Jake Quinn
- new maps:
 - Corvallis's House: Master Bathroom, Corvallis's Bathroom
- made a mockup of the new shop menu.
- made the window tiles necessary to implement the new shop menu
Entry: May 18, 2011, 12:24:59 AM
17may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.156)

- overhauled the l&f of the shop menu. changes include face portraits, decreasing the amount of items shown before scrolling from 12 to 10, and some changes to drawing of stat increases/decreases. also included some minor layout changes that were necessary to make the menu not look awful.
- fixed a bug in drawing of shop menu stat increases/decreases.
- fixed a bug in the status dialog when opening a treasure chest.
- did info placards for victor unruh's study.
- started a table in skilltable.xls to calculate Sociability Points (skilltable.xls started as a skill table and expanded to cover literally every facet of the game, from periods to monsters to items). this will make Sociability balancing much easier.
- wrote new periods for Albert Barre, Hall/Fenster, van Kampen/Westburgh, Lee Cook, Derek Westburgh, Craig Westburgh, Sam Rowes, Margaret Claude, Susan Anderson, Christie White, James Warbeck, and Brad Neely
- added Lismore, Dendera, Reagast, and Lundmark to the table.
- added outline for cutscene Sociability data to the table. (

'bout to get real heavy up in here

way i see it, this technically begins the initial balancing pass. see topic (
Entry: May 19, 2011, 02:45:50 AM
18may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.168)

- got back final #1 on angela and attlas
- updated and enabled points for NPCs:
 - Prisma (COMPLETE): Albert Barre, Lee Cook, Hall/Fenster, Brad Neely, Jake Quinn, Sam Rowes, van Kampen/Westburgh, James Warbeck, Craig Westburgh, and Derek Westburgh
- changed the savegame format. i changed the order of certain variable blocks to make them easier to read and added new variables that needed to be added (transformable, currentForm, armed, key item tokens, GameManager.socEnabled, etc). these changes invalidate all current save files.
- updated scrLoadSaveHeader to conform to the changes in the savegame format
- added script scrCheckKeyItems (this checks whether key items represented in save file tokens are in the party's inventory prior to saving the game).
- updated scrLoadGame to conform to the changes in the savegame format
- did a line-by-line check of the save and load scripts to ensure that they match
- fixed some bugginess in the save/load process
Entry: May 19, 2011, 09:30:24 PM
19may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.168)

- sent out notes on final #1 for angela and attlas, and notes on final #2 for corvallis.
- i did some stuff yesterday but i'm going to take a couple days to deal with some personal issues that came up as a result of completion of the spring session. i won't go into details but what i am dealing with affects me greatly in more ways than one and, as a result, it has made me unfathomably angry and a little depressed. so i need to make sure it gets sorted out as quickly as possible.
Entry: May 21, 2011, 12:30:43 PM
naaaah fuck it

21may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.191)

- messed around with some mockups of status flash changes but nothing really satisfied me so i'm going to keep things the way they are
- finalized the item list (finally)
- implemented the items that weren't in the game and updated the items that were
- updated equipment slots. equipment is now a weapon (there is only one weapon per character now, which is why i was messing around with the status flash so i could vacate the weapon equipment slot), an armband, and a relic.
- updated equipment and item inventory code to reflect the equipment changes
- updated objEquipMenu, objEquipItemList, and objStatusEquipList to reflect the equipment changes
- shortened the menu graphics of objEquipMenu and objStatusEquipList (since this will be the final equipment change)
- code modifications still have to go in for the following items: Piercing/Flame/Bubble/Aero/Rock Rounds, Warden's Badge, and Socialite (this will be the hardest one but it still won't be too difficult)
Entry: May 23, 2011, 02:40:27 AM
22may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.203)

- added choice highlighting (highlights one option in a choice dialogue)
- added script scrSOCChoiceHighlightCheck. this script takes an option number in a choice to be highlighted and it checks if any person in the party has the item Socialite equipped, and if the check is true, it passes through the choice. otherwise, it passes through -1 (no highlight). the only thing left to make Socialite work as intended is adding optimal choices for every NPC in the game.
- fixed quick-equip of items through the item menu. it is now possible to quick-equip all types of equipment.
- modified some strings in objItemOptionSelect. if the item type is >= 5, it references quick-equip. if not, it references binding to a node
- fixed a bug in item display (if you have all the items and you scroll down to the end of the item list and quick-equip an item, the item after the last item on the list would show with a "0")
- updated scrInventoryToggle to prohibit Shield Relics from being worn by anyone except the intended character
- fixed a display bug in scrCalcEquipEffect
- fixed a bug in scrGetItemAction
- added script scrMenuCharCheck. this commits item property changes for all characters upon closure of the main menu window.
- added property arrays statusNullify and statusPerma to enemies and party members. statusNullify indicates whether negative status effects will be nullified, and statusPerma indicates whether a positive status effect is permanent.
- added script scrCheckNullify to scrToggleStatusEffect. checks if a given status effect is nullified by an equipped item. if it is, then the effect is canceled.
- added changes to scrCheckStatusEffects that grant permanent positive status effects by checking the statusPerma array.
- added misc. property modifications for: Extended Clip, Warden's Badge, Charmlet, Grounding Strap, Indigo Ring, Safety Goggles, Lofton's Charm, Stroma Band, Speed Belt, Sliding Puzzle, Anchor Pendant, Four-Hole Button, and Ticket Stub
- added optimal choice highlighting to all Prisma NPCs
- removed all constants that reference relic types
Entry: May 24, 2011, 12:42:51 PM
24may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.265)

- fixed bugs with page up/down in condensed item lists
- fixed bugs with page up/down in the node quickmenu
- fixed an error that occurred when closing the game while in the main menu
- added script scrDrawMenuMeter to draw a meter (if i need it)
- fixed most font issues. there's still the issue of fonts rendering with antialiasing (something i don't want) and apparently you can turn AA off in GM8.1. so it's going to have to wait until i either make the big switch or i'll just have to render the font on my old computer to get it pixel-perfect.
- shuffled some stuff around with status effect permanence
- fixed some bugs in status effect displays. it'd be useless (not to mention annoying) to display permanent status effects in the HUD, so i've disabled display. if players want to know what permanent status effects they have, they can always go to the main menu.
- replaced nodes menu placeholder background with an actual background that fits the proper height of the nodes menu
- fixed a couple of bugs in message display
- updated prisma shops with new items
- fixed some bugs in prisma shops
- fixed some bugs in shop stat comparisons
- added features of the chamber license to the shop menu. the chamber license gets you item sellback of 75% instead of 50% as well as waiving of all markups for buying back of items you've sold to the merchant previously.
- finally changed criteria for direct increase of stats: the character has to be in sociability overmax mode in order to use this feature.
- fixed some sound effect errors in the main, item, and node menus
- fixed sound effect errors in node quickmenu control and the command menu
- fixed bugs in item, skill, and shop menus where cursor sounds would play when pressing up at the top of a scrolling menu or when pressing down at the bottom of a scrolling menu.
- fixed sound bugs in shop menu widget objBuySell
- made item pool tables for Journey Support treasure chests
- added items washer, rock, and candy wrapper (for JS chest levels 1 and 2) and pennant (nullifies all status effects)
- switched positive effects for adrenaline and peppermint oil. it would make more sense for the revive item that only heals 25% to give TOTALEVADE instead of TOTALCRITICAL for a certain period, and it makes more sense for freaking adrenaline to cause the character affected to do more damage.
- renamed actionqueue command system_treasureToPack to system_openTreasure
- added actionqueue command system_openJSTreasure. handles JS treasure chests.
- defined and implemented item worth table for the Journey Support system.
- implemented journey support item select menu. selects one item for donation.
- added script scrJSCalculatePoints. calculates how many JS points to award. formulas are as follows:

Code: [Select]
if the item donated worth more than the item received: price of item donated / 10
if the item donated worth less than the item received: price of item donated / 50
if no item was donated: (-150 * current JS level)

points are never taken away if you donated an item!

- added script scrJSRandomize. selects one item from the jsItemGrid.
- added script scrJSOneTimeItems. checks the current item against booleans for certain valuable items. if the valuable item was already obtained through a JS chest, the script supplies the alternate item instead.
- added scrJSRandomize() as the item in the test chest in the Prisma JS Headquarters. works without a problem. i imagine it won't be too difficult to kill specific JS chests if they don't meet a certain level threshold.
- added various visual aids to the JS item menu.
- the core JS mechanisms are pretty much complete. placement of the JS item menu could be a little less obtrusive but i'll figure that out later. there's also no guarantee that the high-level stuff works right (the valuable items especially) but i'm sure i'll run into any errors during the balancing passes.
- i may add JS chests to the treasure database on a timer. currently you can leave the room and the treasure will be ready for the picking again. i don't want to add it to the database permanently because that can be tricky to get to work right because of the dynamic nature of the JS chests.
- look at this list of shit. look at it. one night.

pretty much everything that involves an interface is up to standard. this is very good news.
Entry: May 25, 2011, 11:00:00 PM
25may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.288)

- configured the badge flash on the save menu. here's the list of items that get a badge on the save file (the last one isn't an item, but it flips to true when the game's 100% complete):

Code: [Select]
ROW 1: Lofton's Ruby |Blue Quartz |Crescent Talisman |Black Pebble
ROW 2: Victor's Key  |Leader's Key|Christine's Letter|Chamber License
ROW 3: Warden's Badge|Socialite   |ALL Shield Relics |Completion Badge

- added variables to store the last opened JS treasure chest to the database. this will ensure the JS chest mechanisms can't be abused by exiting and reentering a room.
- punched up the code in scrOpenTreasure. this allows me to notify the player when they've already donated to a JS chest.
- added descriptions to objStatusMenu (mainly to notify the player that they can't increase stats without being above the level threshold)
- made minor edits to scene 10
- fixed a bug in scrArmCorvallis where the sprite key wouldn't swap correctly
- made some edits to node assignment scripts and inventory filters with regard to the stacker items. stacker items are now classified under BATTLE instead of ONEUSE. corvallis doesn't want to kill, and stackers can kill things.
- fixed some placement bugs in scene 10
- fixed a bug with boundary destruction in scene 10
- fixed a bug involving percentages in skill healing
- fixed a bug where some savegame badges wouldn't show if they were equipped but not in the inventory
- placed treasure chests from Prisma to Reagast
- added a mechanism to backup gamesaves. the backup is datestamped and put into the "Saved Games" folder when saving. will be an option controlled in the configuration menu, since the filesize can get up there if you leave it on.
- as with all pain-in-the-ass bugs, i manage to do the most damage to myself
- added some missing variables (Journey Support stuff) to the save structure
- set initial prices for all items
- gave SP to the Customs House guards.
- fixed the stacker combat mechanisms that i broke when i switched the stacker item type to BATTLE
- fixed an item pointer bug in the node assignment menu
- went through all interface and HUD surfaces to make sure they regenerate properly when the computer goes to sleep mode (when this happens all surfaces get destroyed and the game may error out when trying to draw to a nonexistent surface)
- fixed a bug in scrCheckNullify where the script was checking for nullification of stat buffs/debuffs (these cannot be nullified)
Entry: May 26, 2011, 07:25:55 PM
26may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.304)

- got back final #2 on angela and corvallis, and final #1 on attlas
- fixed a description bug in the status menu
- updated Lismore shops
- wrote new periods for Lismore NPCs
- updated and enabled points for NPCs:
 - Lismore: Dr. David Griffin, Nancy Khoory, Philip Khoory, Richard Olson, and William Plank
- fixed a non-response bug in Prisma NPC Christie White
- fixed a bug opening up the shop menu for the public clinic in Lismore
- fixed a bug in the stat increase menu where you could spend all your SP
- fixed a some glitches in scenes 1-11
- made the save point tile into an object
- added boss encounter Rust Wolf to a clearing in the Lessis National Forest
- fixed a bug in objGameOver where the game wasn't fully resetting when the player opted to load their last save, resulting in duplicates of party members.
- fixed some bugs in battle modes. now the boss variable clears when you leave the room and defeat the boss.
- fixed a bug in the path grid where it was registering save points (really, all nonsolid objects) as solid objects, causing AI errors.
- added some code to scrLoadGame (doesn't change the save structure) that fixed a combat bug where the party leader couldn't attack unless he or she did something that refreshed the weapon type (going into the main menu, etc).
Entry: May 28, 2011, 05:57:55 PM
27may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.318)

- made an edit of the room screenshot script that just takes regular screenshots.
- fixed a bug in the rain effect where it was appearing under the tile above layer
- fixed a bug in healing where the heal was setting the entity AI state to DAMAGED
- fixed facing bugs in item/skill use
- made minor edits to scenes 12, 13, 15, and 18
- modified most of act I to remove leyt's name coloring so as to not give away that he ends up in your party (as if the preview and the manual didn't already)
- restaged most of scene 13. most of the act I staging was done when the actionqueue system was in its infancy, so there's stuff i need to correct.
- fixed a camera jitter bug in scene 13
- fixed a bug where the the SOC notifications that appear above NPCs are present during cutscenes if the party leader is close enough
- updated the messagebox code to implement pauses after periods, ?s, !s, and commas. this code also checks for the end of an acronym and does not pause if the character before the period is a capital letter (ASCII >= 65 and <= 90). capital letters will never precede a period unless the period is part of an acronym.
- updated location data for maps:
 - story, prisma, midvale, grafton desert, nalfayn company
Entry: May 30, 2011, 02:07:43 PM
30may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.331)

- updated location data for maps:
 - kaffroon, cape bojador, maudland, camp stevenson, dendera, grafton, reagast, arm headquarters, lessis paths, admiral, dieppe, hallia lucia, north dieppe mine, vodun paths, all cave hubs, and the elemental palace
- updated the messagebox code to implement pauses during ellipses and colons. also added messagebox code that eliminates pauses after common salutations such as Mr., Ms., Mrs., and Dr.
- made minor edits to scene 14
- split up most NPCs in Dendera among Reagast, Grafton, and Lismore (Dendera's much smaller now).
- wrote new periods for Dendera NPCs
- updated and enabled points for NPCs:
 - Dendera: Dell Jenkins, Dolores Dennison, Patricia Felder, and Jasmine Lane
 - Lismore: Carrie Dye
- fixed diagonal stair bugs in Dendera Secure Gate
- updated Dendera shops
- updated scrIsInParty to accept character objects (as opposed to character constants) without erroring out
Entry: June 01, 2011, 06:29:53 AM
31may - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.340)

- fixed minor errors in scene 15C
- wrote new periods for Reagast NPCs
- updated and enabled points for NPCs:
 - Reagast: Edwin Childs, Theresa Gann, Tammy Falk, Ichabod Randark, Harley Haynes, Jacobs and Meyers, Mandy Kasper, Alicia Nevels, and Kevin Tibbs
- fixed some bugs in the Buddy NPC structure
- updated Reagast shops
Entry: June 02, 2011, 12:26:43 PM
1jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.352)

- made minor edits to scene 18
- added script scrModifyWeapsStorage to put weapons belonging to people who join your party in Reagast into the party's weapons storage. this is necessary so that leyt and attlas don't violate Reagast's weapon rule (they originally had stuff equipped when they joined your party)
- rewrote scrIsInParty in order to make it more reliable
- imported misc. Leyt sprites
- fixed Leyt's attack code
- tightened up effPhysSlash, leyt's slash physical
- fixed bugs w/r/t scrCreateBullet and pistol interaction with flying enemies
Entry: June 03, 2011, 03:39:37 PM
2jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.363)

- wrote new periods for Lundmark NPCs
- updated and enabled points for NPCs:
 - Lundmark: Chuck Cox, Melinda Monroe, Steve Rochelle, and Hugo Towner
- fixed a bug in objSinglePhysical that caused a fatal error if a physical had been created by a dead user
- balancing notes: attlas is overpowered (or his algorithms are, w/e)

attacmhent: carl_sagan_wars.png

Entry: June 03, 2011, 10:35:55 PM
3jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.369)

- added code to scrAddStacker that flags the target as attacked whenever a stacker is used on them.
- modified code in scrAIVarWolf to allow a wolf to retaliate when attacked, no matter how far away the player who attacked it is
- fixed leyt's left-handed knife attack code so that it follows the same rules as his right-handed attack code
- added code to scrKnifeDamage to recognize knife combos
- added capability for elemental resistance to the battle engine. elemental resistance can be a number from 0 to 200 where 100 is normal damage, 200 is super damage, and 0 nullifies the element.
- created scrEquip to abstract the equipment process to the party level. i want the elemental resistances to be set at party level and scrUpdateStats works at the character level, so in lieu of editing all appearances of scrUpdateStats, i'm going to update elemental resistance twice, once when the party member equips an item that grants resistance, and again when the party member is added to the party. probably should have done this way sooner because i never could tell in the code where equipping begins and ends.
- added script scrElementalDamage. this script is called when assessing skill damage and it's very simple: it takes the resistance value, divides it by 100, multiplies the resultant number by the base damage, and returns the number resulting from that.
- i may need to change some stuff around in the save structure, since i just noticed that party members instance before characters, and that may cause some issues with updating stats and elemental resistances.
Entry: June 06, 2011, 08:16:03 PM
6jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.384)

- enabled assessment of elemental resistance while using quick-equip
- replaced SuperSound with SGAudio. it works in 8.1 and also supports position-setting, something SuperSound doesn't.
- changed default volume settings to .5 out of 1 on both music and sound
- upgraded from GM 8.0 to GM 8.1 (finally)
- re-enabled BGM position looping
- rewrote scrFadeBGM to utilize SGAudio's fade function
- added new script scrCreateLoopPoints to manage loop points using two data maps (one for start loop and the other for end loop)
- removed anti-aliasing on all fonts. the crisp pixel font of the demo is officially back.
- fixed a bug involving BGM volume control in the config menu
- fixed a bug involving calculation of price markups in the shop menu
- resolved slowdown in scrMenuCharCheck by caching all common nullify/perma items in the database so i don't have to look them up multiple times. odd that this slowdown didn't occur in GM 8.0.
- fixed some errors in closing down the game
- fixed a bug in the Lismore Public Clinic shop
Entry: June 07, 2011, 10:31:45 PM
7jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.393)

- contained map and screenshot code into scripts
- added a screenshot timer to the Debugger to automatically take screenshots (this is so i have a large volume of shots that i can select from by the time i need to update the game's media presence)
- fixed a bug in the loading of BGM tracks from the location database
- added script scrValidateTargetList. this checks to see if targets in a skill targetlist are valid before (1) executing the skill and (2) creating the SpecialController. if it purges the list of all targets, the controller doesn't open.
- set and ordered final monster and boss list
- added monsters Shadow Bat, Fire Elemental, Water Elemental, Wind Elemental, and Earth Elemental
- added bosses Magma Golem and Anaximander
- edited sprites for new enemies
- set initial stats for monsters and bosses
Entry: June 08, 2011, 10:26:42 PM
8jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.405)

- edited message box rendering so that there's less space between characters. it basically looks like it does in carl_sagan_wars.png (pictured above). i think it looks a lot better now.
- changed the enemy database to reflect all updated enemies, stats, and elemental resistances
- imported sprites and added sheets for all new enemies and bosses
- made the map edits and scripts involved in the final version of the Vodun/Lessis Customs House
- added code to objCutsceneEvent that allows me to choose whether I want the cutscene event to be killed upon activation or not (default: kill on activation)
Entry: June 09, 2011, 11:56:55 PM
9jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.415)

- edited objJSAddItemList so that it can appear on both the left and the right side of the screen (for when the menu would obscure the characters and the treasure chest they're opening)
- edited objJSAddItemList so that it dims the background when created
- edited a path map from Lundmark to Dieppe in order to accommodate flying enemies and place tree objects
- dicked around with the pathfinding mechanisms for a few hours.
- made major changes to the pathfinding mechanisms:

where before everyone referenced the same path grid managed and stored in the GameManager, i decided i had to change things if i didn't want enemies overlapping each other (this is really annoying). i couldn't add instances like party members and entities to the main path grid because when the entity checks the path grid it registers its own position as a collision, and this prevents the entity from moving at all.

so now, each instance of important entities (party members and enemies) has its own path grid that registers ground solids, flying solids (if dealing with a flying enemy), and entities other than itself. particularly, party members register other party members as solids, and so they will no longer overlap, and enemies register other enemies as solids, provided they're on the same plane (flying enemies can be above ground enemies but two flying enemies can't occupy the same space). updating, committed every 15 steps, is handled by the GameManager.

NPCs are handled on the normal path grid, which updates every 360 steps. this grid is also used as backup in the event that two entities get stuck together.

one thing i'm hesitant to add is the ability for party members to register enemies as solids and vice versa. i've had a few problems with path sticking when just dealing with enemies. it seems the more infrequent the path update, the greater chance an enemy has to get stuck in a solid just left by an enemy that was once there. of course, the more frequently the path updates, the greater the chance for lag. the engine is still maintaining 60FPS most of the time, but i can see it buckling, especially when weather effects are present. i think some optimization would be prudent during the QA period.

- added a mechanism to prevent path sticking. if a given path, checked against the entity's default grid, results in failure more than 2/3 of the time, the grid is switched to the normal path grid until the conflict is cleared.
- fixed a bug in teleporting on the Lundmark-Dieppe path
Entry: June 11, 2011, 12:49:29 AM
10jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.415)

- wrote new Dieppe NPCs: Marshall Dennis, James Devlin, and William Schaff
- wrote new periods for Dieppe NPCs: Regina Barnes, Henry Barnett, Mary Blane, Paul Chast, Jonathan Flanigan, George Foley, Betty Frederick, Stephen Gregory, Clair Huntley, Roger Maraud, Djordy Murray, Wendell Peters, Buford Rhode, Brandon Romine, Jerry White, Lucy Stonecoal, and Francisco Harrington
- updated and enabled points for NPCs:
 - Dieppe: Regina Barnes, Henry Barnett, Marshall Dennis, James Devlin, and William Schaff
Entry: June 12, 2011, 03:09:38 AM
11jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.423)

- updated and enabled points for NPCs:
 - Dieppe: Mary Blane, Paul Chast, Jonathan Flanigan, George Foley, Betty Frederick, Stephen Gregory, Clair Huntley, Roger Maraud, Djordy Murray, Wendell Peters, Buford Rhode, Brandon Romine, Lucy Stonecoal, and Jerry White
- placed most Dieppe NPCs
- made some edits to period structure
- made minor formatting edits to scenes 21, 22, 23, and 24
- fixed errors in scenes 21-24
Entry: June 13, 2011, 12:11:36 AM
12jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.439)

- sent out notes on final #2 for alex, final #1 for leyt, and general notes for corvallis
- fixed staging errors in scenes 22 and 23
- made minor edits to scene 24
- fixed bugs in actor_ignoreCollisions resulting from the changes made to the pathfinding system
- fixed a bug in scene 3
- locked Angela in Hotel Dieppe until the player initiates scene 24
- added a save point in the Presidential Suite bathroom
- moved the save point in the Revolving Market to ensure that the player could save before initiating the next cutscene.
- made minor edits to scene 27
- fixed staging errors in scene 27
- added the rope to Lomah's hookshot
- fixed save/load so that it saves the current party leader (this does not invalidate gamesaves)
Entry: June 13, 2011, 07:41:02 PM
13jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.462)

- fixed problems with knock-back in the battle system. it now works properly.
- added knock-back damage to the battle system. if an enemy gets knocked back and collides with other enemies, those enemies are also knocked back and dealt twice the damage of the original enemy.
- fixed state change bugs in the battle system, including:
 - inability of AIs to attack when the party leader has acquired a target
 - inability of AIs to follow after its target is destroyed (because of a path grid error)
 - inability of AIs to respond correctly to the RALLY command
Entry: June 15, 2011, 12:09:55 AM
14jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.472)

- moved the boundary between plot period 4 and 5 up one scene (you actually have control of angela and you have access to NPCs during this time)
- placed treasure chests on the path from Dieppe to Malin
- removed NPC placeholders from scene 28
- made minor edits to scene 28 and 39
- made edits to scrCheckPeriod to ensure that NPCs cannot address characters that aren't in the party. if a required character isn't in the party during a certain period, the code will trigger the default message instead.
- made extensive player agency changes to scene 28
Entry: June 16, 2011, 02:03:56 AM
15jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.496)

- edited objFadeIn to prevent party members from moving during a fade in
- fixed a teleport bug in Malin
- new maps: Dieppe Revolving Market Shops 1, 2, Dieppe Smithy, Dieppe Jeweler
- made shop lists for traveling salesmen and Dieppe
- added key item "discount coupon" to the item list. this is the discount coupon that Lujan Bordh gives you in period 3. it offers a 10% discount at all his shops, so long as you have the coupon.
- added variables discountActive and boughtItem to the shop menu. this will allow me to take away the discount coupon upon close of objShopMenu, but only if the player has bought something from a discounted shop.
- added script scrModifyInventory. this changes the amount of a certain item in the inventory and really should have been put in when i implemented the item menu way back when.
- fixed a bug in objJSAddItemMenu where donations weren't deducting from the inventory
- fixed a bug in allocation of status effects relating to scrGetSkillID. lomah wasn't able to toggle status effects due to a flaw in the skill system which has now been addressed
- fixed bugs in scrGetSkillID related to string/real issues
- fixed a bug in equipping
- rigged a garbage item menu as a debug item menu that will allow me to grab as many as i want of any item at any time. this is necessary as every time i change the item list, equipment gets displaced and i have to fix it (and i don't want to start from the beginning of the game again)
- fixed status effect display (this broke when i put in nullification/permanence)
- fixed the dreaded (not really) "vitality bug": adds about 20 to an entity's VIT every time they're stunned
- fixed various bugs in status effects
Entry: June 16, 2011, 04:24:18 PM
16jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.499)

- fixed an inventory bug in quick-equip
- changed a sound in equipment menu
- made shop lists for Lundmark and Malin
- new maps:
 - Lundmark: General Store, The Slab, Inn, Inn Room A + B
- fixed a tile bug in the Dieppe Waterfront map
- redesigned Malin: lengthened the commercial borough map and cut the park map as well as some cosmetic changes. it figures that i decided to cut the park map, because the whole point of redesigning the commercial borough was to make it connect to the park and the residential district properly :/
- wrote new periods for Malin NPCs
- updated and enabled points for NPCs:
 - Malin: Shirley Burris, Tina Keeney, Antonio Lear, Brendan Modoc, Edward Sigley, and Sheryl Tarrant


- fix it mike dailly. fix GM8.1 rgrhgrhgrhg
 - on error abort executable isn't killed. every time i get an error i have to go into the task manager and kill the exe myself
 - on occasion, room pixel dimensions will reset when working with a map. i can't reproduce this one
 - scrollbar error in creation code dialog
 - trying to rename a group through the context menu results in the find resource dialog popping up (????)
 - please make it so that you can open scripts, objects and other resources through the code context menu or by directly clicking on the name. i don't know how possible this is but this project has become so big that it's easier to bring up the resource through the find resource dialog. making resources clickable will make the code much easier to follow in the event of an error that's buried in a long script path.
 - i don't know what it is but right-clicking to open the map editor context menu just seems less intuitive to me. it'll probably take me a while to get used to the new way of doing things.
 - map editor undo seems buggy (like it'll do two at a time sometimes)
 - apostrophes as rendered in microsoft office turn into some weird symbol when copy-pasted into GML scripts and quotation marks in the same style freak the script editor out badly.
Entry: June 17, 2011, 06:15:45 PM
from this point onward i'm going to bold major things that go in (not really features because the game is pretty much feature-complete at this point, but major stuff that affects the gameplay experience)

17jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.515)

- new maps:
 - Malin: General Store, Bar, Inn, Inn Room A + B
- sprite-edited a furnace and some painting easels
- placed Malin NPCs
- added script scrCheckNPCTrigger. this returns the NPC trigger an NPC is linked to, or -1 if there is none.
- edited display of Sociability notices over NPCs. this change takes NPC triggers into account and will show the NPC's Sociability notice if the party leader is near an NPC trigger
- edited design of Sociability notice sprites. an NPC that does not give any points (shopkeepers, innkeepers, etc) will not have a bubble over his/her head.
- added a feature to the command menu that gives you the Sociability status of every NPC on the screen.
- added script scrCheckLimitedPeriod. this is necessary to fix bugs in Buddy NPC progression.
- implemented NPC escape key. this allows the player to press the cancel key to escape dialogue with an NPC
- made some edits to the NPC code process with regard to facing and awarding of SP. this was done in order to get NPC escape to work properly
- added actionqueue commands "soc_addNPC", "soc_addNPCChoice" (these commit NPC changes to the sociability database) and "party_toggleSkill" (self-explanatory)
- fixed bugs in the Reagast courtyard map
- replaced Norman's placeholder with his actual sprite
- added skills that corvallis and angela learn in scenes 29 and 30
- fixed a bug in NPC escape where if you press the key during a fade, it would mess up paths of some NPCs in the next room (????)
- fixed a bug in sociability notices that appear after a cutscene
Entry: June 19, 2011, 11:54:07 AM
19jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.534)

- added new icons to the icon sheet: sociability, ruby, quartz, crescent talisman, pebble, victor's key, leader's key, christine's letter, chamber license, warden's badge, socialite, and completion badge
- replaced default icons for save tokens with their final versions.
- enlarged the subtractive light ball image used for lighting the streetlights
- disabled sociability notices for those NPCs who don't give points
- placed enemies and treasure chests from dendera to grafton
- added physical "pull" for the Rock Formation. it's a miniature version of the "grind" skill that the living cliff uses (the one that pulls the party toward the wall in order to do damage)
- fixed a bug in status messages where the environment state wasn't set to halted. this resulted in me discovering another bug...
- fixed a bug in opening JS chests where the game would freeze after the status message. if the environment state is halted, you can't set it back to running using actions because the queue doesn't run when the environment state is halted. you have to set it using the objects that you call inside actions (menus, etc). when i open-source the engine, i may separate the ability to pause and resume the action queue into its own variable. there's a lot of restructuring that has to happen when I open-source this engine.
Entry: June 20, 2011, 11:54:54 PM
20jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.549)

- fixed a bug in actionqueue command actor_ignoreCollisions where it wasn't taking NPCs into account, throwing a fatal error
- fixed formatting errors in scene 31
- made minor edits to scene 31
- edited the Mastrov Easy story map to match the Mastrov Easy non-story map
- added more staging directions to scene 31
- made versions of the soldier NPCs that have their blouses unbuttoned
- added a feature to the Debugger to draw the current room cell the mouse is pointing at. i think one of the first things that's going to go into the release of this engine once the game's done is the ability to draw staging directions in some kind of editor and output them to a script file. SHORE WOULDA BEEN HELPFUL FOR ME (ps it'd also be a leg up over any rpg editor as far as i can tell)
- added a feature to the Debugger that allows me to toggle tile layers
Entry: June 21, 2011, 10:13:25 PM
21jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.556)

- made the Mastrov East banquet table into an object
- imported the new soldier sprites
- replaced the placeholder sprites in scene 31 with their final versions
- fixed a camera bug in scene 31A
- added more staging directions to scene 31
- got back all finals for character art
- added final versions of character portraits to characters that were lacking them
Entry: June 23, 2011, 12:28:58 AM
22jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.571)

- wrote new periods for Grafton NPCs
- updated and enabled points for NPCs:
 - Grafton: Erin Abbott, Edward Argonne, Ryan Sayre, Cohran Lengel, and Spencer McKay

- centralized the error handling to the Environment object instead of using GM's automatic error handling. this was done to fix the error below, which i narrowed down to SGAudio not properly closing after an abort:

"on error abort executable isn't killed. every time i get an error i have to go into the task manager and kill the exe myself"

i need to confirm it in a blank game before i actually bring it up to SGAudio's developer, though.

- the new code checks for an error and if one occurs, the user can either abort, abort and write the error to the error log, or ignore it. if the user decides to abort, the game frees all resources that would be freed under a normal close (say, by pressing the Close button)

this code also gives me the option to selectively log errors. a big reason i don't turn on GM's error logging is because I can't pick and choose what I log (sometimes i don't need to log stuff because i already know the solution to the error).

- changed code in the Step event of the Environment object into scripts in order to make things easier to read
Entry: June 23, 2011, 08:51:47 PM
23jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.578)

- new maps:
 - Grafton: General Store, Inn, Inn Room A + B
- fixed premature launch of scene 31
- made shop lists for Grafton
- placed Grafton NPCs. Grafton is interesting because you can't access the commercial district during period 7, so i decided to place all the NPCs in the residential area for period 7 only, and move them to their normal spots if period != 7
- dropped two Grafton NPCs, one because I couldn't come up with enough material, and the other because it opens a plot point (Turnkey Alliance) I can't justify this late in the dev cycle. i might merge parts of them/put them elsewhere, though
- separated shop NPCs into their own folder
- sprite-edited a Chancer walk sprite and implemented it
- replaced Chancer placeholders with the final sprites
- added kill-switch to objScenery
Entry: June 30, 2011, 12:11:40 AM
not dead, just moved into a new place so i'm getting all my things in order. will have news when i get internet. take it easy~
Entry: July 01, 2011, 01:52:30 PM
26jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.584)

- addressed errors that occurred when an enemy is killed while one of its physicals is active
- made functional edits to map: GEN to STE map 2
- made some edits to party clumping w/r/t the hookshot
- added an argument to toggle whether collisions are ignored to scrTrackPath

28jun - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.584)

- made minor script edits to scenes 37, 42, 43, 57, 63, and 85
Entry: July 01, 2011, 04:04:57 PM
1jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.585)

- took care of some admin stuff
- converted some native color tables to RGB format instead of HSV.
Entry: July 06, 2011, 03:25:31 AM
5jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.585)

i plan to knock out the rest of the NPC dialogue in the next couple of days, so here goes

- wrote new periods for Gennon NPCs
- wrote new periods for Lille NPCs
- wrote new periods for Southeton NPCs
- wrote new periods for Hallia Lucia NPCs

- updated and enabled points for NPCs: Caleb Browne, Brian Keeney, Marsha Swick, Laurine Bruning, Tina Gatto, Alyssa Staps, Rose Terry, Timothy Barber, Ernie Jasper, Henry Moore, Alan Reeves, Clarence Turner, Emily Bassale, Chloe Bell, Olivia Hale, Cecelia Jude, Phoebe Macrossan, Riley Perkins, and Aidan Stokes

- made minor edits to NPC Richard Olson
- moved one Hallia Lucia NPC to Admiral
Entry: July 07, 2011, 05:26:11 AM
6jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.585)

i hope to be done writing NPC periods tomorrow or maybe the day after that. here are the obstacles in my way:

- i still have about 14 NPCs to go.
- i also have to write period 15 (Alex) for every NPC that doesn't have it and period 9 (Angela) for the towns of Dendera and Grafton. period 9 will be easy, since all it is is Angela going around asking questions, looking for a missing Corvallis. 15 is probably going to be the hard one. i realized about halfway through expanding the periods that i needed period 15 since Alex pretty much has free reign over the world during that time.
- i have to write the end of the Botros Lofton sidequest.

- wrote new periods for Kaffroon NPCs
- wrote new periods for Admiral NPCs

- updated and enabled points for NPCs: Miriam Reeves, Glenn Bogan, Carol Cline, Sylvester Court, Nikolai Goorden, Lisa Ivey, Victoria May, Stella Boggess, Marie Greene, Hilda Jansen, Kathleen Mahlon, Jerry Mullard, Theodore Renier, Ernest Tipple and Wesley Watts.

- made minor edits to scenes 42, 43 and 80
- added default dialogue to all NPCs who needed it, which was, unsurprisingly, a lot of them. this will ensure that NPCs don't give the player a blank message or no action at all.
- forgot to activate Alyssa Staps's SP. fixed.
Entry: July 08, 2011, 09:18:18 PM
8jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.585)

- took care of some admin stuff
- wrote new periods for Jahrat NPCs

- updated and enabled points for NPCs: Bruce Amato, Edna Jackson, Khaldoon Nazmi
Entry: July 10, 2011, 03:29:08 AM
9jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.585)

- did a budget expenditure table (fun)
Entry: July 12, 2011, 01:47:09 PM
11jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.585)

- wrote new periods for Buraidh NPCs
Entry: July 13, 2011, 12:41:25 AM
12jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.585)

- made minor edits to various points in the script, including scene 98.
- wrote new periods for Cape Bojador NPCs
- wrote new periods for Other NPCs
- new maps: Nalfayn Co. Shooting Range
- wrote period 15 for Prisma and Lismore NPCs (most of these are just period transpositions, though)

- updated and enabled points for NPCs: Keira Ewen, Marisol Greve, Donna Jensen, Harry Voss, Amira Kassis, Joyce Pampa, Heather Wills, Lujan Bordh and Viola Brooks

the bulk of the work is done for NPCs. which means we're pretty fucking close to the end, guys.
Entry: July 13, 2011, 09:35:08 PM
13jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.643)

- wrote period 15 for Dendera, Reagast, Lundmark, Dieppe, Malin, and Grafton NPCs.
- wrote period 9 for Dendera, Reagast, and Grafton NPCs.
- added a script to manually set the talkNo for Buddy NPCs
- removed all "aside" parentheses from message box asides. the grey text conveys the aside quite well.
- fixed rope glitches in the hookshot (it's still kind of janky)
- hookshot physics w/r/t party clumping now waits for the party to be completely clumped into one spot before initiating the hookshot action
- the hookshot now attaches to hookposts like it's supposed to.
- characters are now able to hook across gaps.
Entry: July 14, 2011, 06:59:18 PM
14jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.688)

- as you can no doubt tell, the forums got a pretty big upgrade today.
 - forums backed up, upgraded to SMF 2.0 Final, and given a new theme. this will be the final change i'll make to the forums before release.
 - new Developer and Contributor categories (doesn't really matter much)
 - moved some forums around and renamed some stuff. there is now a Contributor Space. if you want a forum for your own little pet project (doesn't matter what it is) let me know.
 - twitter and facebook are operational (well the facebook account's been operational for a while but it's marked private)

- worked a bunch on bringing the hookshot up to a status that is acceptable for human consumption:
 - streamlined the code in objHookshot (a little bit, it's still a mess)
 - made the hookshot collidable. collision is necessary for the hookshot because without it, you can hook up cliffs if you can reach a hookpost.
 - broadened the activated object range from 64px from the party leader to 192px (as a big reason the hookshot collision detection was so dodgy was that you can't collide with deactivated objects)
 - broadened the hookshot hitbox, as even with the corrected activation code, the hookshot's moving so fast that it can still completely bypass the thin triangular solids.
 - narrowed the hookpost hitbox as hookshot/hookpost interaction gets really buggy if it's too big
 - added shadowing to both the hookshot and the rope
 - added solid objHookshot32x32. this object is placed inside pits that the player can hook across and is impassible by the player unless the player is in the middle of using a hookpost. the hookshot ignores instances of objHookshot32x32 in order to reach a hookpost on the other side. then, since all collisions are ignored during use of a hookpost, the player moves across with no problem.
 - allowed ignoring of collisions while the party is clumping. this fixes a bug where the player could get stuck if too close to a solid, preventing the clump and freezing the player's movement indefinitely. man, i would be pissed

overall this results in a hookshot that is actually usable. i'm going to address the remaining battle system bugs tomorrow and continue my initial balance playthrough of the game.

- got back the final face portraits. been great working with you, Michael!
Entry: July 18, 2011, 07:53:57 PM
16jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.694)

- limited the activated object range back to 64px
- added code that activates objects within 64px of a hookshot object if that hookshot object exists.
- fixed some issues with clumping. if you can manage to lose your party member so that they're far away from you and get to a hookpost, they'll ignore collisions and run straight toward you. i've added some code that fixes this.
- fixed animation issues when clumping. the AI characters will now use a walk cycle.

18jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.745)

- fixed a minor bug in the hookshot w/r/t the hookpost
- fixed a bug in destruction of the kettle effect in the Camp Stevenson house
- fixed a bug in the Camera that throws a fatal error when the camera focus no longer exists
- made minor edits to scenes 32, 33
- fixed a graphical bug involving the kettle in the Camp Stevenson house
- edited an empty sink basin
- implemented interactive staging. this allows me to click to define cutscene movement. definitely something i'm gonna need for the eventual engine build (and something i definitely could've used a looooong time ago). this traces the general path and facing of the entity with each successive placement of a coordinate, making staging paths very easy to define. the only issue is that you can only use it while running the game.
- fixed some staging issues in scene 32
- fixed a bug in scene 32: if lomah doesn't get the jug when he talks to leyt, the ensuing cutscene allows player movement.
- fixed a bug where the save files aren't saving the opened treasure locations. unfortunately this edit will render all save files invalid when it is activated. i'm going to go through the save structure when i'm done with this playthrough and streamline things a bit as well as add some extra blank entries to the save structure in case i need to insert something i forgot when the game releases.
- fixed a bug in scene 33: a destroyed objPlacard was keeping the player from progressing
- fixed a dead sound in effExplosion (relating to the bomb maze)
- fixed cutscene trigger for scene 34B
- made minor content edits to scene 34 (nathaniel and chancer). i think it flows better
- fixed various errors in bomb maze room 4 (the room where angela gets back the inventory).
- fixed numerous graphical and control bugs related to GameManager.noInventoryBag
- fixed bugs related to GameManager.equipmentDisabled
- added an override option to inventory checks (because scrIsItemInInventory quits when noInventoryBag = true)
- fixed a bug where the save files aren't saving noInventoryBag and equipmentDisabled
Entry: July 21, 2011, 02:41:51 PM
20jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.791)

- fixed several glaring bugs in Bomb Maze rooms 1-4
- disabled equipment use when GameManager.equipmentDisabled is true
- fixed a bug in cutscenes where some cutscenes weren't triggering because the NPC talkFreeze variable was left set to TRUE after cutscenes
- added a toggle to the Debugger to allow the camera to be moved using the mouse (debug camera)
- added actionqueue command "system_boss." this triggers a boss battle and has an option to disallow teleport.
- made extensive edits to the Forgotten AI variant to make it more challenging
- added more pattern markers to the Quon battlefield
- the only errors that are left with the quon boss battle are balancing errors, so i'll fix those on the next pass.
- added a miniscene to the boss in order to prepare the player
- fixed minor staging errors in scene 36
- fixed bugs in determining whether it's day or night by the current scene.
Entry: July 21, 2011, 08:38:21 PM
21jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.820)

- opened up the door between the ARM secret subcorridor and the Bomb Maze
- fixed some stair issues in ARM HQ
- placed Lille, Gennon, and Southeton NPCs
- fixed bugs in the following NPCs: Dolores Dennison, Wendell Peters, and Francisco Harrington
- fixed staging issues in scene 37
- fixed a bug in plot period boundaries re: Period 10
Entry: July 22, 2011, 10:28:26 PM
22jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.843)

- placed enemies and treasure on the Lille, Grafton, Southeton, and Buraidh paths
- new maps: Vodun-Xirdalan Customs House at Buraidh
- made the necessary scripts to run the Customs House at Buraidh.
- changed the bounding boxes of some of the counter objects.
- fixed a stair bug on the path from Dieppe to Southeton
- fixed movement errors in effPhysPull
- fixed errors in the SinglePhysical parent object
- fixed errors in the following NPCs: Alan Reeves, Miriam Reeves, Ernie Jasper
Entry: July 23, 2011, 11:17:12 PM
23jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.867)

- rewrote parts of scrGetTargetList to fix sorting issues
- changed sorting criteria from x-axis to closest distance (this should fix a lot of the issues)
- fixed a camera bug in the node assignment quickmenu
- ugh, spent way too long fixing a sorting issue in scrGetTargetList. it should sort properly now.
- added script scrTargetSortByDistance
Entry: July 24, 2011, 10:08:54 PM
24jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.894)

- fixed some variable attribution issues in effPhysPull
- tied effPhysPull's range to the enemy's AI boundary
- color-edited some soldiers in desert uniform
- placed Buraidh NPCs
- placed enemies and treasure from:
 - Buraidh to Aleppo's Cross
 - Kaffroon to Aleppo's Cross
- fixed errors in the following NPCs: Marisol Greve, VOXL Customs House
- fixed a long-standing bug in vertical stairs where they would trigger even when the player wasn't going up stairs, resulting in stair action when the player was just walking. super annoying.
- fixed a bug in journey support where the event chain was donating more than one instance of an item.
- new map: Kaffroon Electric Dynamo indoor
- placed boss Supercritical
- added noInstaKill and infiniteHP modifiers to battle entities
- added a totalBattleDamage counter to battle entities in order to track total Supercritical damage. this tracks total damage for each entity; it just has the side effect of reliably tracking Supercritical damage, too.
Entry: July 26, 2011, 12:59:07 AM
25jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.975)

- fixed a bug in nodes where the player was allowed to use offensive skills on an enemy even when battleReady was false. declaring the targets invalid on a conditional basis in scrCountValidTargets seems to be the easiest thing to do.
- placed the NPCs that occupy the Electric Dynamo
- added the necessary scripts to manage the Dynamo battle minigame
- added NPC snap coordinates that are 32px out from the direction the NPC is facing. this will allow the party leader to latch onto those values and align itself with the NPC during dialogue.
- implemented formation control for the party with actionqueue command party_assumeFormation. this is a much-needed feature that will automatically make the party assume a symmetrical formation when called, regardless of party count or directional facing.
- added party_assumeFormation calls to every Conversation NPC
- fixed bugs in the following NPCs: Sylvester Court, Craig Westburgh
- made minor script edits to the following NPCs: Brian Keeney, Jake Quinn, Derek Westburgh, Dolores Dennison
- made edits to the Supercritical AI to make it more challenging
- added skills to Supercritical, including Boiler, which I had to make an allowance for in the enemy negative effects menu.
- added a cool little thing to Supercritical's AI variant 2 that counts down to the use of a powerful skill using banter. think of the guardian from Chrono Trigger and you've got the right idea.
- fixed a bug in infiniteHP
- fixed a bug in enemy stat bounding w/r/t max HP.
- added a fixed speed option to the banter box system. this will keep the countdown from glitching if the player sets a slow banter speed.
- placed Kaffroon NPCs.
Entry: July 26, 2011, 11:53:13 PM
26jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1031)

- made script edits and fixed staging issues in Scenes 38-43
- wrote code to line up the party leader with a teleport in the event that teleport is locked (fixes issues with collision during certain scenes).
- edited walk and idle sprites of angela with her pistol drawn
- added actionqueue commands actor_changeSheet (how was this not in the toolkit before?) and system_createEnemy.
- added placeholder sprites for the Nathaniel boss battle.
- punched up the Nathaniel AI real quick (it's a hybrid of the Supercritical and Forgotten AI with different skills)
- made some functionality changes to objEnemy in order to allow the system_createEnemy command to trigger properly
- so messing around in the debugger I found that i can spawn about ten enemy instances before the game starts to see slowdown. i think that's pretty good.
- there is now a VERY TENUOUS LINK between the end of the nathaniel battle and scene 43b. he drops an UltraSkill™ and this sets up the rest of the scene. i'm definitely going to end up changing some things in scene 43b so that i can convey the scene coherently and keep it from looking really bad.
Entry: July 27, 2011, 08:13:23 PM
27jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1088)

- made minor script edits and fixed staging and camera issues in scene 43a
- made major edits to scene 43b.

really what i spent most of the day doing was figuring out a credible way to transition from the nathaniel boss battle to scene 43b. what i decided on is that when Nathaniel's HP dips below 25%, he executes a throw command and throws his knife at angela, wounding her. angela falls to her knees, and because Nathaniel is unarmed, the battle has no need to continue. at that point, corvallis drinks his potion, uses the skill that norman gave him, and the screen instantly goes black and fades in at Douglass manor. no ultra skills, no powerplays, just people acting out of desperation.

there are still a few kinks to work out, but overall i'm pleased with the way most of it came out.

- fixed a bug in objChoiceMenu where the setup script was referencing a window position that didn't exist, resulting in a fatal error. this one just would not die.
Entry: July 28, 2011, 11:47:58 PM
28jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1146)

- fixed graphical glitches in corvallis's house main and INSTEC Lab (for some reason some of the tiles changed)
- i guess it's only doing that in the editor. ALL YOUR FAULT MIKE DAILLY lmao. seriously what is going on. i selected the stable channel when i picked my update channel and i get this? oh well. not like it's affecting anything in the code.
- fixed a BGM bug in scrGetLocationData
- fixed a bug where Corvallis was locked out of his house
- added a script to scrLoadGame which handles any changes that need to be committed as a result of loaded save files (setting weapon type and reach, deciding whether characters need to be in alcarytic form, etc)
- fixed errors in the following NPCs: Jake Quinn
- made minor edits and fixed staging errors in scene 48
- made minor edits to the Journey Support NPC script
- switched off displayTalk variables for the Plot Switcher NPCs
- fixed a bug in the cursor transformation animation where it was allowing movement afterward (this is bad when the transformation's part of a cutscene)
- implemented and placed 1 NPC: Lucas Harper
- edited an objPlacard in INSTEC Lab to reflect changing periods
- set in motion the rest of the level gains. the party gains a level each time they return to the plot switcher, until the level hits 9 (level 9 will be gained when the player completes all Act II plots).
- removed the soc_gainLevel command in scene 39C (this will put the player over to level 10 by the endgame, which is unsupported).
- fixed a bug where all caves were marked as being in a town, preventing weapon and offensive skill use
- fixed a teleport bug in Mastrov Easy in Grafton
- placed enemies and treasure in all Level 1 Cave Hubs
- added the ability to open empty treasure chests.
- placed enemies and empty treasure chests in the Elemental Palace
- added the scripts needed to control the Ansariyah boss encounter
- touched up Ansariyah's AI. works a lot like Supercritical, actually, except with a heavy focus on lingual magic.
- created new skill Lingual Shift. this works exactly like MagiMaster's WallChange in FFVI. Ansariyah shifts elemental alignment by using a Lingual Shift, which randomly selects all elements for nullification except one.
- added an option to kill user of a skill to scrAddSkillToQueue
- added actionqueue command battle_kill. this drops an entity's HP to 0, destroying it.
- fixed a bug in enemy creation where enemies spawned through the system_createEnemy command were activating fine but enemies that had been placed on the map were inactive.
- fixed a bug in enemy creation where all enemies in the room would change into the enemy type that was spawned through the system_createEnemy command.
- fixed lots of bugs in the Ansariyah AI, including pathing bugs where the AI would attempt to use a skill while moving, resulting in movement out of collision boundaries
- added the necessary scripts to the Elemental Palace spell library to provide a breadcrumb for the player in the Botros Lofton quest. two books sit on the shelf: a basic K'athrani grammar book and a copy of gregory ghent's first book. every other spellbook is gone.
- fixed a bug in the particle effect for Lingual Shift
- yeah i totally forgot about the boss trigger scripts that i used for the Rust/Frost Wolf. looks like I'll be using these for Ansariyah, too, and every boss i need to script specific startup actions for.

i'm about halfway through Act III right now, having vetted both Corvallis and Alex for balance and debug. tomorrow I'll take on Leyt/Lomah, Attlas, and (hopefully) Angela. no promises on starting Act IV tomorrow. maybe saturday.
Entry: July 30, 2011, 06:10:48 PM
i don't know what's going on with the forums but they keep erroring out occasionally. seems like it's on our host's side and i'm addressing it with them.

29jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1161)

- added nativeColor trim to the main status flash menu (to match the Save menu)
- added cursor HUD icons for all the cursors
- expanded the HUD icons' top boundary by 4px to accommodate taller cursor sets
- added hudIcon and hudIconCursor variables to scrInitializeCharacters
- rewrote scrGetHUDFace to take advantage of the changes.
- fixed staging errors in scene 54
- fixed a teleport bug in Lucia Forest
- placed Hallia Lucia NPCs
- placed Lucia Forest enemies and treasure
- color-edited Hunter and Arista from the Quon monster sprite
- implemented AI for Arista. naturally, it's derivative of the Quon AI.
- added arista quest options
Entry: July 31, 2011, 12:05:17 AM
no updates tomorrow! i'll be spending my day learning the glorious language of C++ in order to complete a CSCE project before my semester starts.

30jul - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1195)

- fixed a couple of bugs in two NPCs in the Arista cave
- fixed some bugs in the Arista quest scripts
- separated Forgotten action scripts into individual action scripts (because each script has its own specific animation key calls that i need to reference)
- fixed bugs in the following NPCs: Emily Bassale
- made minor edits to scenes 57, 59
- fixed a long-standing bug in objCutsceneEvent that didn't trigger an activation when the party leader was moving in the direction intended to be covered by a cutscene that, say, requires the party leader to be coming from the RIGHT, but was facing a different direction (due to facing during diagonal movement and such). the new check is much better and checks if the player has crossed a warning line that reflects the direction they're supposed to be coming from. for instance, if you must come from the LEFT in order to trigger the cutscene, the warning line is a vertical line 16px to the left of the actual cutscene trigger line.
- a similar fix has been applied to teleport triggers.
- the facing restriction has been removed from bridge triggers as it's unnecessary and could cause problems with bridge mechanics.
- fixed a bug in collision checks in teleport where UP was only registering intermittently. spent way too long fixing it, too.
Entry: August 01, 2011, 11:50:39 PM
1aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1242)

- placed Admiral NPCs
- man so apparently among the fixes for the latest version of GM they've enabled automatic tile layer z-sorting. really not happy about this as i rely on the "last-placed" rule for stacking things like boxes, etc. good thing most of my maps are done.
- added Mullard's snack bar to the ADMCommercial map.
- fixed staging issues in scene 60
- made minor edits to scenes 60, 61, 62, 63, and 64
- added sprites needed for Leyt and Lomah's plot arc (Kris, Cassandra, Child Leyt, Teen Leyt)
- reorganized night overrides in location data
- added a night override in between scenes 62 and 64
- added boolean autoPartyPlace to objNPC. this allows me to control whether the party leader moves to face the NPC. needed because during certain times party leader placement will completely mess up the beginning of cutscenes.
- locked the player inside Admiral between scenes 62 and 64
- fixed a bug in teleporting
- made edits to the Xirdalani Customs House at Buraidh to disallow access to anyone who doesn't have a Xirdalani passport or permanent visa. this is all party members except Corvallis (who has a Xirdalani passport), Angela (who filed for a permanent business visa before Xirdalan closed visa applications) and Alex (who filed for a permanent visa with a Linguist's Exception some time ago). this is mainly to funnel Leyt and Lomah into meeting Attlas at the Lundmark Customs House after scene 65.
- moved a tree in rmDPEtoADM4 due to the layering changes.
- placed enemies and treasure from Admiral to Dieppe.
- added a night override in between scene 49 and 51
- prohibited Attlas from leaving Dieppe in between scene 49 and 51
- added Douglass Manor to the location database
- made minor edits to scenes 66, 67
- locked Angela in the Travel Pay office for scene 67
- fixed a locked door bug in the Nalfayn Company office
- added ladder functionality to objStairs. this is literally the exact same motion as climbing stairs except the stair sound is disabled.
- added the necessary hover and move functionality to objAirship for the background of scene 69.
- added code to swap to Angela's uniform sprites to scrCommitLoadChanges (but only between scenes 67 and 76).

Attlas and Leyt/Lomah are both vetted for debug. Angela's arc is the only Act III plotline left and I'm halfway through. As always, tomorrow!
Entry: August 03, 2011, 03:29:09 AM
2aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1278)

- made minor edits to scenes 73, 75 and 76
- made mapping edits to the story room for scene 76.
- rewrote the second half of scene 77 in order to make it flow better.
- changed miscellaneous scene mechanics for scenes between 70 and 77.
- fixed a bug in diagonal stairs where pressing a combination of directions against a collision boundary allows the player outside of collision space.
- fixed a graphical bug in the Duke's Office
- added actionqueue command "system_save" to allow players to save at the end of Act III.
- added the necessary scripts to manage the save function at the end of Act III (this makes sure the game continues on load without any issues).

Angela is vetted for debug. i'm going to begin on Act IV tomorrow.
Entry: August 04, 2011, 07:15:48 AM
3aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1301)

- made edits to the stairs object to better control sounds w/r/t ladders
- added script scrQuestCriteriaCheck. this checks for required items and scenes before offering a quest.
- made various edits to scenes 78 - 85.
 - fixed numerous bugs in scene 80.
 - fixed a bug in scene 82.
 - made some functionality edits to string together scenes 80 and 82 in order to prevent the player from leaving through the east side of town and not triggering the cutscene.
 - made some edits to scene 85 to accommodate the possibility that the scene might take place with Alex in the party
- new maps: Dendera to Nalfayn Company 3 NEW (depicting the guard tower area cleaned up after the end of act II)
- fixed a bug in the exterior of the Prisma-Lismore Customs House
- fixed a teleport bug in Dendera
- fixed a teleport bug in the Grafton Desert
- placed enemies and treasure on the Grafton Desert path
- placed enemies and treasure in the Midvale Cliffs
- wrote the Ghent leg of the Lofton Quest
- wrote the Courtyard leg of the Lofton Quest
- made minor edits to the following NPCs: Timothy Sinclaire
- fixed a teleport bug in Maudland
- wrote the first part of Botros Lofton's scene.

i'm nearly done with Act IV; I just need to finish Botros Lofton's quest and wrap up the rest of the game and I'll have a completed playthrough.
Entry: August 05, 2011, 11:27:31 AM
5aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1319)

- rewrote most of the first part of Botros Lofton's scene to make Lofton more trustworthy. the way I wrote it the first time would really make the characters look dumb for venturing into a dangerous area on behalf of someone that couldn't be trusted.
- 30 new maps:
 - Botros Lofton's House: Gate
 - Nonspace: 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08
 - Nonspace Shield Charm Rooms: Angela/2, Attlas/2, Leyt/2, Alex/2, and Lomah/2
 - Magma Golem: 01, 02, 03, 04
 - Anaximander: 01, 02, 03, 04
 - Library: 01, 02
- fixed a graphical bug in the desert cliffs tileset
- implemented conditional status effect CORROSION. this causes HP loss on certain maps.

almost all the maps for this quest are done. i'll write all the scripts tomorrow, place the bosses, and hopefully see a credits roll by the time i'm done.
Entry: August 06, 2011, 07:08:53 PM
6aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1326)

- made an object that will allow me to scroll a foreground without covering the HUD (this is a game maker limitation w/r/t foregrounds)
- wrote Joran Gatto's scene for the Lofton Quest
- wrote Sidney Kirovabad's scene for the Lofton Quest
- made minor edits to scene 85

got to work late because of family stuff. never try to work on things when you're tired! you just end up spinning your wheels. i'm surprised i even got this much done. the writing took forever.
Entry: August 07, 2011, 08:22:36 PM
7aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1349)

- added a feature to the HUD that shakes the HP text briefly when a character takes damage from an enemy.
- edited all life (grass, trees, plants) out of the Thalith maps in order to mesh with what the story says the Thalith should be
- added snapping to objPlacard objects.
- linked Thalith guidepost scripts to the guideposts
- added conditional support for text that uses the Greek character set (this is for an area card in the Thalith that relates to Anaximander, or Ἀναξίμανδρος)
- added the necessary scripts to control the Magma Golem
- placed the Magma Golem
- punched up the Magma Golem's AI
- added the necessary scripts to control Anaximander
- placed Anaximander
- punched up Anaximander's AI
- added a modifier to the drain mechanic. if you drain the HP of something that's poisoned, you'll get poisoned, too.
- wow this game's really unbalanced. angela unloading a six-round clip did 5400 damage to Anaximander.
- added location data for the Nonspace
- new maps:
 - Nonspace: Area 04 Library entrance, Sidney's Office, Door, Teleportation Chamber
 - Caves: Teleportation Chamber
- made minor edits to the following NPCs: Joran Gatto, Sidney Kirovabad
- staged the Sidney and Gatto scenes.

apart from staging a wrap-up and figuring out how i'm going to handle the four teleporter rooms, lofton's quest is done.
Entry: August 08, 2011, 10:01:44 PM
8aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1377)

- wrapped up Lofton's Quest
- fixed a collision bug in the entrance to the Maudland teleporter
- modified actionqueue command "message_choice" to introduce a slight delay between the message and the choice. hopefully this cuts down on people blowing through choices accidentally.
- fixed a teleport bug in the grafton desert
- updated the error handling to allow the game to throw warnings. warnings get thrown when something that should be initialized isn't (NPCs, Teleports, etc). a warning allows the player to continue the game but it is usually inadvisable to do so.
- fixed a graphical bug in Sidney's office. man, these room editor changes are really chapping my ass.
- made minor edits to scene 81
- edited the Camp maps for the Maroon Conflict
- new maps: Vodun Camp Tent Indoor, Lessis Camp Tent Indoor
- added message tag [wait] or [w] to the message box. forces a pause for a specified period of time. if no value is supplied [wait] falls back on a default value
- made minor edits to scene 86
- fixed certain characters that were rendered unusable by the script editor changes (©, ï, é)

actually saw a credits roll today but there are still things i need to fix before i can call this playthrough done.
Entry: August 10, 2011, 02:31:00 PM
9aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1395)

- gonna stop updating GM until there's a stable version. it's just giving me headaches - i updated today and if the game window loses focus for more than like a few seconds the game hangs completely, so i ended up rolling back to 8.1.131.
- fixed staging errors in scenes 86, 91, 92, and 98
- made minor edits to scenes 88, 89, 91, 92, 94, 98, and 99
- changed the setting of scene 88 to Dr. Meier's office and restaged it.

i have to run errands today so all that's probably going to happen tonight is the scheduled media release. note that this is the only date that i'm meeting right now. once i get closer to PAX i'll be able to say for sure when the beta is.

i did mess around with some new game+ stuff and it's going to work a little differently than it does in normal RPGs - stay tuned!
Entry: August 12, 2011, 12:33:46 AM
11aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1444)

- fixed staging errors in scenes 88, 91 and 98
- made minor edits to scenes 91, 94, and 97
- fixed a long-standing bug in message boxes where pressing the button to show a message instantly would make all text up to the point where you pressed the button become italic if the text parser was currently working within an italics tag. the difference between this time and the last time i fixed it is that i actually FIXED it this time.

- reworked camera shake and pan to be compatible with the new camera system. works a lot better now:
 - i can set the duration of the shake (a duration of 2 = one complete shake, or -1 shakes the screen indefinitely and 0 ends a shake)
 - x and y max amplitude determine the velocity of the shake
 - shake frequency to enable a shake of variable speed (for instance, you can do a regular shake or a really slow shake, like if the player's on a boat and you want to emulate sea movement)
 - camera can pan a certain X or Y distance. this script uses a different scrolling method than scrCameraRecenter, which uses interpolation to slow the camera speed the closer the camera gets to the target. this is to ensure the camera pans at a constant speed.
 - camera target panning was dropped because i couldn't get it to work right. i've instead added an option to focus on a target once panning is complete within the directional panning script. it works perfectly fine for the purposes i'm using it for (to pan from one camera focus to another).

- fixed a teleport bug in one of the Maroon Conflict maps
- modified the fade process to allow the camera to fade in on objects other than the party leader (such as camera focus objects).
- added actionqueue commands "camera_shake" and "camera_pan"
- used the new camera features in scene 94 to pan down from the top of the map to focus on Attlas.

tomorrow i'll focus on the last of the endgame stuff, including New Game+. i need to decide if i'm going to let the player save at the end of the credits, and if so, i need to preserve the game state until after the credits, something the current credits don't do.
Entry: August 12, 2011, 11:46:29 PM
12aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1483)

- reworked the credits roll. in addition to having updated names, middleware, and website addresses, this version also fades character art in and out.
- froze movement in the credits map
- added the necessary newgame+ and save messages to the post-credits. i can't actually flag a save file newgame+ until i add to the savefile format, and in order to do that, i'd have to invalidate every save file i've saved, something i'm not willing to do until i'm comfortable that the ending scenes are complete and bug-free. i'm going to address the savefile format one more time before this game goes out and i want to do a full, thorough pass and make sure everything's added before i seal it up.
- added location data for the credits map to the database. all this does is allow me to put "Game Cleared" as the location for the credits map so it shows up if the player saves the game post credits.
- added an option to Environment to allow the game to ignore errors (this is only turned on in extreme circumstances, like when destroying the game.
- added actionqueue command "system_destroyGame". self-explanatory.
Entry: August 13, 2011, 09:31:10 PM
13aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1483)

- separated the accrual of stat points from the bases of each stat. this is to allow the individual stat points to be used for new game+. since the party auto-levels at certain story points, new game+ can't depend on the base stat, but it can depend on how many points the player has spent on their stats. this is also why i'm going to undershoot the level curve.
- edited scrUpdateStats, scrIncreaseStats, and objStatusIncreaseStats to reflect the change to the stat points.
- added the treasure database, the new stat point variables, logist_clear for new game+, and variables containing certain inventory states to the save format. i also added 255 entries of empty space in case i need to go back and add something else i inevitably forgot (i may increase this number depending on how much the savefile size jumps when i test this out).
Entry: August 15, 2011, 02:26:55 AM
14aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1521)

- did a whole bunch of keyboard icons. like, enough to cover the entire keyboard.
- edited the control set to work with keyboard_check_direct. this should open up all the keys that are currently forbidden, as well as keep the game from losing keyboard states when transitioning from room to room (this is especially noticeable with movement, as you couldn't hold a directional key while moving from room to room; you had to re-press it in order to get moving again.)
- edited ojmMenu to allow the pause checks that are currently used for the joypad to work for the keyboard as well. since keyboard_check_direct doesn't have a "pressed function," i have to make my own.
- fixed a bug in closing the game using the window's close button
- edited the process by which the game resets itself during soft reset/save/load
- looks like i accidentally found an objCharacter duplication bug. hooray
- so i was running the GM debugger and i pressed the button to restart the game. i got this crazy high-pitched sound and my computer started lagging really badly. i'm going to assume there's a memory leak in here somewhere resulting from the use of this debug command. i'll have to do some more research. since it seems to only happen in the GM debugger i may not bother.
- UPDATE: welp found the leak. it also happened when i jammed the soft reset button a bunch of times. reason: i wasn't closing down the sound system whenever i invoked a soft reset. fixed.
- made two key sprite tables, one for ASCII values 32-96 and one for virtual keyboard keys.
- wrote script scrDrawKeyIconSprite. this receives a keyboard code and draws its corresponding keyboard tile. even works for wide keyboard keys!
- gave the debugger a key test mode. this is just for me to make sure that the proper keyboard tiles show up for the proper keys.
- added a DLL to the project that will allow me to get the key codes of the keys that vary from keyboard to keyboard.
- wrote my own DLL. i have such a boner for this DLL right now haha. all it does is return the window state to a GM wrapper but i wrote and compiled it myself and it works ohohohoho
- updated the key prompts to return nothing if the game window doesn't have focus (using the DLL that i made, guys. i did it.)
- changed all key checks from GM native to the wrapper script (so that no key is active when the game window doesn't have focus)
- changed key checks that use the CTRL key to accept either the left CTRL or the right CTRL
- added code to pause the game if the game window doesn't have focus
Entry: August 16, 2011, 03:18:38 PM
15aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1540)

- abstracted all major config functions to scripts in order to standardize changes.
- rolled code to check for vk_anykey into scrButtonCheckPressed, since keyboard_check_direct can't handle it.
- fixed some bugs in keyboard control relating to keyboard_check_direct, window focus, and key states. was really annoying to fix
- added script scrClearKeys to clear key states when changing window focus.
- changed the way joypad activation works. you now toggle a joypad by switching the control set option from keyboard to joypad. any attempt to toggle a nonexistent joypad will be denied. this way you can switch between the two easily, because it'll only ask you to set up the joypad once - once you set it up, it won't prompt you for control definition.
- fixed a bug in the joypad that caused it to open the command menu of the first party member repeatedly.
Entry: August 17, 2011, 03:19:42 AM
16aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1583)

- made changes to address changing from joypad to keyboard by unplugging the joypad. unplugging the joypad should, in all cases, kick the player back to keyboard control instead of making the game unresponsive.
- uncoupled the keyboard from the joypad. this will allow players to use some keyboard controls in addition to joypad controls (node keys 1-6 come immediately to mind).
- fixed a bug affecting joypad control that ultimately came down to a config file mismatch.
- so i guess keyboard_check_direct only blanks a key's buffer when it's called. io_clear doesn't do it, keyboard_clear doesn't do it, and blanking the keyboard_string variable doesn't do it either. i have to call the check in order to get a false value. so i just ended up rolling that code into scrClearKeys. i'm gonna be doing some serious GM bug reporting once i wrap this project up.
- changed joymap variables "Menu Page Up" and "Menu Page Down" to "Rotate Left" and "Rotate Right". this allows me to bundle menu page up/down, node rotation and party leader rotation together.
- added an active node variable to objPartyMember. this allows the player to use nodes with the joypad by selecting the node with, ideally, the shoulder buttons.
- added a border to occupied nodes so that the player can differentiate between empty nodes and nodes that just aren't charged.
- added script scrRotateActiveNode. this rotates the active node of a player using a joypad (since you can't bind all six nodes to the joypad, there needs to be a way to control which node the player uses.)
- made edits to scrShowNodes to highlight the active node when the player's using a joypad
- made edits to scrCheckNodeControl to allow the player to use the node keys while using a joypad
- consolidated node activation into one script
- made edits to scrPlayerCheckUI to allow the player to double-tap the secondary button to use the active node.
- fixed a bug in scrInitKey that was interfering with the joypad
- fixed a bug in joypad control where pressing up on the povhat was triggering the command menu
- fixed a bug where the command menu wouldn't open when pressing the proper joypad button.
- fixed a bug in scrCameraBattleTargets that popped up after i relocated some of the code while i was working on camera panning and shaking.
- fixed a bug in objStairs where analog and povhat control disregarded the stair object if the player was facing a direction other than the one required to trigger the stair event. this was done by narrowing the angles at which the player faces left and right.
- fixed the rest of the bugs in keyboard and joypad control. the game now engages and disengages joypads flawlessly, even when you disconnect a joypad from your computer while in the config menu.
- replaced config menu option "Profanity Filter" with "Save Backups." this will allow the player the option to keep save backups. way i see it, if i were theoretically rated under the ESRB or TIGRS the game would be rated the same because it's rated with all filters off. so it's an empty option. it was a fun little experiment, but the game will be uncensored.
- added an additional key option under control set. now you can switch between arrow keys, WASD, and joypad.
- corralled all debug keys that fall under the WASD layout under a conditional so i can test WASD out without freaking out the game.
- added custom key mapping finally. i had to resort to some graphical tricks to work around the apparent shortcomings that keyboard_check_direct has, but it's nothing the end user will notice.
- added an option to invalidate a custom key map if it has been set.

ugh what a long day. up tomorrow: house NPCs!
Entry: August 20, 2011, 06:51:40 PM
17aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1588)

- fixed a few placement bugs in the credits roll that popped up when i tested the credits roll out under fullscreen mode.
Entry: August 21, 2011, 04:42:29 AM
20aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1603)

- reorganized item list. key items have been placed after all other items.
- added the following key items: Pocket Watch, Empty Flask, Magic Flask, all mail courier slips
- added Contract database to keep tabs on contract quests
- implemented the Contract Board Menu. this will mostly replace walking up to House NPCs in town and having them offer you a quest as if they were the one who addressed you (something that i thought was unnatural anyway).
- added variable countryCode to GameManager. this is defined by a contract board when loading up the contract board menu in order to filter contracts by country.
- made the management scripts necessary to make all the contract advertisements show up in the right periods
- moved SOC increment in objMessageBox to the Destroy event (this is how it should've been from the beginning but i'm an idiot)
- reworked SOC increment system during cutscenes to enable collection of cutscene SOC for balancing purposes
- enabled most of the House NPCs. for those House NPCs that are enabled, I've added the necessary code to mark contracts complete as well as a target period for delivery for some courier recipients. if you deliver the mail in the target period, you'll get a tip on top of the postage you get.

i'm going to get a little sleep and then attack the rest of this in a few hours. there are a few House NPCs to go (i also need to add House NPC doors for all of them), the rest of the sprites need to go into the game file, and I still need to put in some kind of screen scaling solution, but other than that i'm pretty much done* on the code side.

* = yes, done. as in, done with the entire fucking game
Entry: August 21, 2011, 10:59:09 PM
21aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1619)

- placed doors and welcome mats for about 75% of the house NPCs.
- new maps: Francisco Harrington's house (indoor main), Julius Wainwright's house (indoor main)
- fixed various errors in House NPC code
- staged Francisco Harrington's house scene
- locked residential doors not used by House NPCs or for other purposes in the following cities: Prisma, Lismore, Dendera, Reagast, Lundmark, and Grafton

i'll see what i can do tomorrow but it's gonna be tough to do anything before i fly out to PAX.
Entry: August 23, 2011, 11:23:46 PM
22aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1619)

on the ground in seattle, so no, i didn't do anything. only thing i did was the promo writeup, which is a lot better than the one i used for the demo, i think. more to come.
Entry: August 28, 2011, 01:33:48 AM
23aug - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1624)

- fixed a bug relating to sociability management within objMessageBox
- allowed sociability to tally per scene
- added a script that allows me to output debug data to a text file of my choosing.

i arrive back at my house on monday, and after i get caught up with school (this may take a bit) i'm going to do a second playthrough where i finalize pretty much everything related to banter, transformation triggers, and house NPCs.
Entry: August 31, 2011, 05:44:05 PM
gonna be a little bit. got slammed with bookwork and a surprise visit to the hospital (joy). expect updates sometime next week or, if i have time, this weekend.
Entry: September 04, 2011, 01:41:56 AM
3sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1643)

- fixed camera errors in scene 1
- fixed an error in contact and reading of placards
- created game completion percentage scale.
- added all chapter titles used in the game at chapter changeover points. there are 23 total.
- fixed a graphical bug in the save quickmenu and the title screen load menu
- replaced the contract board scenery in prisma with an actual contract board object.
- added code in scrCheckSpecialCharacters to read "Jr." and "Sr." as salutations
Entry: September 06, 2011, 12:48:08 AM
5sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1670)

- changed the method by which the game blanks the keyboard buffer. the best method seems to involve an empty call to keyboard_check_direct in the keyboard polling scripts before the actual keyboard check for a particular button. when i do this, all keyboard state problems seem to go away.
- fixed an issue in talking to NPCs where, if presented with a conversation NPC, the formation system uses the facing of the character selected in that choice instead of the party leader, resulting in some wonky formation errors. this is solved by simply making all party members face the NPC when it's activated.
- addressed a warning in rmPrismaCommercial: the camera focus in that room didn't have an assigned ID.
- made icons for joypad buttons: 1-16, D-Pad, Left Analog, and Right Analog. 1-16 seem to be consistent with the labeling on my test joypad when displayed, and since the only way a player can activate a joypad is by setting a custom map, it's their fault if they map the D-Pad to the shoulder buttons or something.
- updated scrDrawKeyIconSprite to accommodate these new icons
- updated the tutorial flash. for drawing, it now takes a subscript related to the tile and draws it when necessary. this is to allow tutorial tiles to display custom controls.
- updated all appearances of "message_tutorial" to reflect the changes to the tutorial flash.
- spent some time making the button displays in the Field Control tutorial tile align right with the text
- fixed a bug in objTutorialFlash destroy event where the HUD would become visible regardless of whether or not the interface was locked.

i'm about to ship in my computer to get a problem fixed so i'm switching back to my old one. between that situation and school i don't know how much i'll get done this week, but i'll try to get as much done as i can!
Entry: September 06, 2011, 10:05:38 PM
6sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1675)

- put Game Maker 6.1 and Game Maker 8.1 on my old computer. the only thing is that 8.1 randomly freezes. joy.
- decoupled NPC cutscene script execution from the NPC's normal script. this allows me to run either a cutscene or a normal NPC script with no preconditions for either. useful if i want an NPC with a cutscene script to be able to fall back on default dialogue when that cutscene isn't triggered.
- modified the A.R.M. NPCs in scene 1 to this end.

hopefully i fixed the freezing problem. i think it's a bug in the gm code autocomplete somewhere because it hasn't happened since i turned autocomplete off. if not, it's going to be a rough week. i got profoundly angry the last two times it froze (once because i was working on the scene 1 A.R.M. NPCs and i had to do them all over again and the other time because it froze within like a minute of me reloading the editor) so it's clearly not something i can tolerate. i may just have to wait until my newer computer comes back.
Entry: September 10, 2011, 03:17:53 AM
9sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1680)

- re-allowed item use through the main menu in towns and at save points.
- i swear to christ game maker i will fucking murder you saijodfnovpnadspovgnadspvoadsinv
- i'm only making progress at this point by using an external code editor and saving every time i edit a script file. not really a good way to work.
- brought back yellow highlighting for recovery and revive items (only while in town or at a save point, though)
- fixed a bug in quick-equip. read below because it's a pretty big future shift for the programming end of this little outfit:

looks like yoyo changed something again. this time it's string_char_at. the start string index used to be 0, now it's 1. they claim it's always been that way (like pascal), which is a lie. how do i know?

this is the sole reason that the quick-equip menu stopped working. i can pinpoint it to string_char_at (one of their functions). since objItemOptionSelect couldn't get the right char, quick-equip, quick-bind and item usage were all perpetually greyed out. this is a bug that i would've eliminated when designing the quick-equip menu and item option menu. there's no way i would've let it slide, since it results in a non-working menu. i would've attacked it until i got it working. in fact, i have proof that it was working before: all i need to do is step back to GM7 with a RC1 backup file. it's an incredibly small straw, but you know what they say about straws and camels (camels are liquid so you can easily drink them, broken vertebrae and all)

i can deal with them standardizing stuff. in fact, it's good to see this from them! but i now have several documented occasions of their bugtracking admins fixing "undocumented behavior" without really telling anyone (except when someone complains; then they just tell them to grin and bear it) and at least one instance of them lying through their fucking teeth about aforementioned changes. it's making me a little irate.

so uh long story short, between editor crashes, a shitty runner, and a scripting language that's come to have the consistency of quicksand, i have had it up to my eyeballs with this fuckfest of a program. i am ditching it at the earliest possible opportunity. i'm pretty disappointed that yoyogames decided they didn't need QA for all the stuff they're doing, but i am not going to play the role of their unpaid tester when i have five years of code to dig through to address the problems they cause. the game will drop using GM, but the codebase is going to be converted to something else as quickly as possible. they're not getting any more of my money.
Entry: September 13, 2011, 02:36:16 AM
12sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1711)

- LETS GO AGAIN!! invalidated all save files and began second balance playthrough.
- added object objLightSource. has a follow property to allow the light source to follow an entity (this is needed for scene 1)
- standardized references to camera foci in cutscenes
- modified camera speed (the fastest camera speed is too fast)
- replaced some empty space in the prisma city square with a reflecting pool.
- fixed the architecture of one of the buildings in the prisma flats because very narrow diagonal stairs tend to bug out.
- added placards to the INSTEC lab
- grouped NPCs, Placards, and Banter into a new folder called Passive Information
- disallowed Contract Board access when the UI is disabled
- identified some bugs that i can't fix until i get my new computer back (these are mostly graphical errors).
- fixed a banter bug in scene 4a
- added a placard to Corvallis's living room
- baselined all stats for all characters at base value * (level ^ 0.8). during this playthrough i will make modifications to balance the individual stats, but for now, this is the curve undershooting i was talking about.
- lowered Attlas's base HP; increased Lomah's base HP
- fixed a bug with House NPC Julius Wainwright
- added script scrContractGetNew. returns the value of the "new" flag for contracts. was necessary to fix a door knock bug.
- fixed a sound bug in scrStopBGM. the script was killing the emitter of a nonexistent sound, causing the game to quit unexpectedly.
- added ability to use the NPC escape key to escape from placards
Entry: September 13, 2011, 10:49:09 PM
13sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1738)

- so i'm about 90% sure that game maker has become self-aware and is actively antagonizing me at this point. i don't know what "list index out of bounds" means but i'm pretty sure it's some kind of machine-language pejorative. maybe it's a taunt. i don't know.
- "hey, boy, what're you doin' in this part of town? we don't like your type here. your list index is outta bounds, know what i'm sayin'?"
- made minor edits to scenes 3, 4, and 7
- added code to "actor_pistolShot" to make angela draw her pistol before firing
- added a screen shake to scene 3B.
- fixed a couple of bugs in scrCheckIncomingDir (a key script in contact event triggering)
- increased the size of the player walk mask
- fixed bugs in scene 4 banter
- made a couple of edits to window focus control in order to correct issues with key control in the title sequence
- i can't actually make more tutorial tiles until i get my computer back, so i'm going to ignore those for now.
- fixed a bug in objStatusIncreaseStats (if you didn't have enough SP to use on a character, the menu would only grey out the stat increase options after attempting to increase stats)
- fixed a bug in scrMessageHandleAdvance. in the case of a message with a tutorial flash, the NPC escape key did not close the tutorial flash, resulting in abnormal message behavior/inability to talk to NPCs.

after actually getting GM up and running today, it behaved remarkably well - i guess switching to an external editor helped.
Entry: September 15, 2011, 10:00:26 PM
15sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1761)

- fixed a bug in scrCommitLoadChanges where corvallis would be flagged as armed, leading to corvallis having his bartaser when he wasn't supposed to.
- made minor edits to scene 83
- fixed a bug in collisions. this happens when you get too close to an object (like an object that has a placard) and you can't activate it. if you, for instance, take a tight corner around an object (like say you're going down and you turn left) you can actually lodge the UP directional sensor into the object, preventing you from activating a placard unless you move away from the object a few pixels.
- fixed a bug that prevented characters from aligning with a placard when activating a placard's script.
- made a few scripts that implement the updated cutscene skipper. i had to rewrite this because a flag that simply drops actions if a cutscene is skipped doesn't work as expected:
 - scrSkipCutscene: if the player skips a cutscene, this is called in the scene_fade action instead of a normal fade. what this does is fade to the next point of player control while flagging all scenes in between as watched. since it's the next point of player control, it may skip several cutscenes at once. this is by design: skip cutscene is meant for players who've died or otherwise seen a string of cutscenes.
 - scrCreateSceneFader and scrSceneRegister: self-explanatory.
- flagged camera actions, move actions, and banter as skippable when skipping a cutscene
- added code to scrSkipCutscene that recenters the camera on the party leader if the focus has been moved to another entity.
- added code to scrSetNPCSnapCoords to allow the player to snap to NPC triggers in the event that an NPC is linked to one (NPCs behind counters, etc.)
- added scrSkipCutscene to action "scene_end" because not all scenes have fades! but all scenes have scene_end actions. a skip that uses fade takes precedence over a skip that uses scene_end.
- turned most events in scrSkipCutscene into actionqueue actions. this allows me to fade and conduct various game state changes (plot switcher, changing party composition) without graphical glitches.
- fixed a bug in objPause: the Camera pane wasn't getting frozen during the pause state.
- fixed a bug in cutscene skip: open tutorial flashes weren't being killed when skipping a cutscene
- fixed a bug in objAreaCard: if skipping a cutscene, area cards appear as soon as the cutscene flag is deactivated, which looks awkward.
- added a scene_end call to scrSkipCutscene that triggers if cutscene mode is still enabled by the time the skip is finished.
- activated cutscene skip for scenes 1-9
Entry: September 21, 2011, 12:29:39 AM
got my computer back! it's going to take a bit before i can actually do anything though because i have a calculus exam tomorrow.
Entry: September 27, 2011, 11:24:17 PM
been a while but i'm rolling along.

27sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1800)

- yeah so apparently i've been using the legacy save and load scripts even though i had updated ones set aside. fixed.
- actionqueue command "actor_pistolShot" now accepts the target as an argument. if the target is hit, the bullet is killed. let me reiterate that this function does not do any damage; it's purely theatrical.
- fixed a bug in scrAddSOCNPCChoice: script did not save choices because it was only looking for NPCs that already existed in the sociability database.
- fixed a bug in Hotel Dieppe: you get trapped if you go there too early
- blocked entrance into Vodun before scene 19. the customs agents will just turn you away (because angela hasn't been cleared to go to Vodun by the Duke)
- added some banter that reinforces that you're not supposed to go into Vodun before scene 19.
- fixed a bug in NPC Hazel Sharp
- made new tutorial tiles for: Angela, Corvallis, AI Control, Party Control, Status Effects 2, Status Effects 3, Nodes 1
- changed color of AI Stay/Call/Rally in the Command Menu from yellow to orange.
- added color highlights to node icon tiles in the Command Menu. this should make it easier for the player to instantly differentiate between types of nodes.
- fixed a bug in the HUD: player was allowed to quick-assign and use nodes by double-tapping the secondary key while using the keyboard (this is a joypad-only feature)
- fixed a bug while going to and from the command menu and node assignment menu: the node assignment menu would resume the game state, leading to enemy movement while in a menu.
Entry: September 29, 2011, 11:52:59 PM
29sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1829)

- rolled back the collision box changes. i knew this would happen :(
- adjusted a boundary block on the first path map from prisma to lismore
- gave the key mapper the ability to check for unmappable keys when mapping (this is to prevent mapping of top row keys 1-6, since these are used for the hotkeys).
- made new tutorial tiles for: nodes 1 (since i apparently didn't save my last attempt), nodes 2, nodes 3 key, nodes 3 joy, main menu, shops, contract board, sociability 1, sociability 2, sociability 3, sociability 4 (levels), social 1, social 2 (Informers), social 3 (Conversationalists), social 4 (Buddies), corvallis, angela, attlas, leyt, alex, lomah.
- fixed a bug in manifesting the tutorial flash: if you skip a space in assigning a tile (like when calling "message_tutorial"), instead of the tutorial flash skipping that space, it'll error out.
- added a tutorial tile flipbook. press F1 at any time to access all tutorial tiles you've seen. this was needed. HARD. incidentally, it also gives me a way to easily debug tutorial tiles, should i make any more.

i think i'm done with all the tutorial stuff! apart from figuring out how many SP to give away in cutscenes, i'm pretty much done with in-game tutorial stuff.
Entry: September 30, 2011, 11:22:20 PM
30sep - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1838)

- fixed a bug in manifesting the tutorial flash: the script that decides whether you've seen a tutorial tile was basing the decision on the wrong criteria, resulting in 0 tutorial tiles found and a fatal error
- fixed a bug in the Command Menu: the camera pane was still frozen when exiting the Command Menu
- added tutorial calls to the Prisma Shop
- fixed tutorial calls in Prisma Classroom A (this is where you learn about status effects)
- added tutorial calls to initial party gains for attlas, leyt, alex, and lomah (these are control tutorials that pop up when someone joins your party).
- added the ability to call a tutorial the first time the player opens the Contract Menu. This required halting the menu open process until the Contract Board tutorial flash opened and closed. I think one of the things that's going to go into the engine rebuild is the ability to call a tutorial flash natively in a menu (for example, the first time you open a menu, you can put a tutorial flash over it)
- added the ability to close a tutorial flash with the Cancel button
- made new tutorial tile for: lingual magic (forgot it)
- added skill tiles to the tutorial flipbook (forgot those, too)
Entry: October 07, 2011, 03:50:34 PM
6oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1844)

- fixed a bug in skipping a cutscene while a banter box is up.
- strangely, the bug where NPCs that were in tight spaces wouldn't move has disappeared.
- fixed a typo in the first tutorial tile
Entry: October 08, 2011, 02:44:43 AM
7oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1897)

- tight space bug is back again ARGH
- made a New Game+ tutorial tile
- made edits to complete scrPrepNewGamePlus. so this lets you keep your money, tags, non-story items, and all stat points. it also lets you skip cutscenes without missing out on that cutscene's SP. not only that, but you get the item "Star Fragment" when starting up a New Game+: this nullifies all status effects, all elements, grants Focus, and allows the recipient to use Lingual Magic without potion *for the entire playthrough*. it's one-use, though, so you have to choose who you want to use it on very carefully.
- added some variables to the save/load scripts. current save files have been invalidated.
- made some changes to the save menu in order to streamline things and make room for New Game+. now trying to load a Cleared Game will prep a New Game+.
- prepped a test New Game+. works! New Game+ is officially all in.
- signed up for FastSpring today. i'm waiting to hear back from them. they wanted to know a price so i told them $20.
- i added a whole bunch of screenshots to the website. i'm pretty much ready to go all over the place with this.
Entry: October 14, 2011, 12:38:06 AM
13oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1897)

- facebook page went live yesterday.
- tigsource thread goes live today. we'll see how this goes.
- fixed a graphical issue with angela's uniform sprites.
- did mostly media stuff today apparently.
Entry: October 15, 2011, 03:17:28 AM
14oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1912)

- fixed a bug with checking of combat secondary commands
- fixed a bug in messages where the name would center itself and bleed over the surface if a message was shown instantaneously
- fixed a bug in Corvallis's AI where he wouldn't attack a monster even if ordered to.
- added SP debug markers for Act I
- disabled forfeit of SP for skipping cutscenes while debugging
- added a sociability multiplier into scrManageSociability. this allows me to easily change the amount of SP given per cutscene.
- made a minor edit to scrSceneRegister
- removed all blank chapter title changes (these manifest as 0 in the gamesave flash titles when you save your game). they're left over from the old method of changing chapter titles
- fixed cutscene skipping for Act I. skipping at any point in Act I should work completely now.
- tabulated cutscene sociability values for Act I
Entry: October 15, 2011, 11:24:07 PM
14oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1914)

- fixed cutscene skipping for Act II.
- fixed random bugs caused by introducing the skip cutscene function to Act I.
Entry: October 17, 2011, 07:34:56 AM
16oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.1948)

- diverged the IGF scenarios from the main game
- added a debug script that allows me to launch custom game scenarios (this allows me to start the player off at a certain level, before a certain scene, or with certain items, with certain skills, etc)
- added scenario one (the nonspace). this scenario is set in the nonspace and is meant to show off the combat and sociability systems.
- fixed a bug in scrAIPistolTarget. in the off chance the pistol AI wasn't able to get a beat on a target, the game would error out.
- did the same thing to scrAIHookshotTarget
- fixed long-standing bugs in the Attack and Rally commands
- fixed bugs in ordering AIs to attack implicitly (for instance, when the party leader uses an offensive skill on a target)
- fixed slowdown in hookshot targeting (this was caused by the code block that cuts the targeting distance if the AI can't get a target in all four directions
- added command "party_placeFormation". this is the same thing as assuming a formation, only this is done instantly
- added an object to display a parallax background
- added a demo card. this is in the same vein as the credits roll, except this is the card that shows up at the end of a demo scenario.
- added scenario two (brachial plexus). this scenario is set in the bomb maze and is meant to showcase the story.
- fixed some bugs in the bomb maze

we'll see how much i get done tomorrow. a not insignifcant part of my day was spent biking to the auto store to get a four-way to change my tire so i could take my car to the shop because i had a flat. not happy.
Entry: October 18, 2011, 02:35:58 AM
17oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2015)

so in addition to all the bullshit that happened yesterday, i also got food poisoning from taco bell. so now I'm spending more time in the bathroom than i am at the computer. joy.

- fixed bugs in check for vk_anykey
- fixed numerous bugs in the bomb maze
- fixed node slowdown bug: when you start to get up there in nodes the game slows down HEAVILY (like a 30-35% drop in framerate). i have a temporary solution to not run the individual node charge inside the refresh loop if the node is already charged, but something about this is going to need to be reworked.
- fixed numerous bugs in the battle system.
- well it looks like the major slowdown was due to getting skill IDs. i forgot about that. it doesn't slow down as much now with the original code.
- disabled the sticking code for now. it's causing too many problems
- did a tutorial video

alcarys complex is officially entered into the IGF (and i am exhausted)
Entry: October 22, 2011, 03:44:10 PM
so i've spent a couple of days figuring out how to do high quality video without losing AV sync. after much trial and error i think i've finally got it. i can even do HD stuff now, so the trailer and gameplay videos will be HD-capable.
Entry: October 26, 2011, 12:29:22 AM
25oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2080)

- put together a trailer on Sunday night. leave it to windows movie maker to make great footage come out absolutely horrible.
- fixed bugs in AI pathfinding
- edited the sticking code in pathfinding so that it would attempt to free the moved object from a collision before continuing on a normal path
- reactivated the sticking code. works like a charm.
- loosened collision restrictions (back to collision_line instead of collision_rectangle)
- fixed a bug in the demo card where the card would fade out before it had completely faded in
- fixed the poison shot freeze bug. traced the stack for about an hour before i figured out that it was because i was setting the target to 0 in scrInvokeDamage
- fixed an AI bug where ally AIs would get stuck in a follow loop (ex. both the AIs are set to follow each other instead of the party leader)
- added the ability to change the current node when the player is in the node assignment quickmenu and the node targeting menu. this even works for empty nodes - it'll pop up a node assignment quickmenu if you shift from a full node to an empty node. this took a little bit since it's two different menu systems but it's working now for the most part (there's one glaring bug that's really, really pissing me off because i can't fix it).
Entry: October 27, 2011, 12:14:47 AM
26oct - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2135)

- fixed the bug that i couldn't fix. it was due to a variable scope issue: the variable 'i' was being used elsewhere and interfering with the key input loops when changing nodes.
- fixed a bug in sticking. in the event that an ai gets stuck, the variable doesn't blank when the ai is freed, causing wonky following errors
- fixed a bug in increasing stats using SP (current usable points was not getting refreshed in a timely manner)
- fixed a bug in Anaximander's AI (fatal error involving collision checking).
- fixed a sound effect bug in the main node menu
- coupled speed to node recharge rate. the normal recharge rate was a flat 4; it is now 4 + (spd / 12) units per step
- fixed a list bug in Anaximander's AI
- fixed a float bug in party members: the party member is stuck in a floating state if he/she's in the air when the player leaves the room)
- added aero vulnerability for flying enemies
- added some contingency code to the hookshot and pistol targeting so the users of those AI modules don't get cornered by enemies. this involves a script that resolves a random number with ceiling y every x steps - this gives the AI time to adjust.
- just cannot lick this AI halt bug. it's a major problem because if a cutscene gets triggered, the halted AI freezes the cutscene. not good.
Entry: November 03, 2011, 03:03:18 PM
2nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2135)

- i've got about 3/4 of the new code merged back into the main game build. unfortunately, my computer decided to shit the bed and so i spent the rest of the night wiping my hard drive and reinstalling windows. nothing got lost - losing AC's source code is not even the remotest of possibilities at this point.
Entry: November 08, 2011, 11:31:43 AM
still merging. i've been dealing with class stuff so it's been tough to find the time.
Entry: November 09, 2011, 04:56:07 PM
8nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2135)

- the main build has been updated with all fixes and improvements from the IGF demo. as it turns out i didn't have to worry about overwriting the rooms because all the rooms I edited for the demo were supposed to be discarded anyway.

i will continue with final release prep & balance this weekend.
Entry: November 14, 2011, 08:32:08 AM
9nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2135)

- added the ability to supply a termination script to objEnemy. this is useful for post-boss cutscenes.

i am looking at cutting/merging a few towns (probably one per nation). candidates are:

vodun: lundmark, southeton
xirdalan: buraidh
lessis: lille

towns that get cut will have their NPCs merged into other towns and their dialogue edited to match their new location.
Entry: November 17, 2011, 02:09:16 AM
16nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2135)

- i am going to cut the following towns: lundmark, lille, and buraidh. i've already moved all of lundmark's NPCs to other areas and removed all references to lundmark in the script (there's still stuff like lundmark cliffs, valley, etc, but those don't count). i'll do the same for lille and buraidh, and then i'm going to reanchor the teleport points to remove the towns from the map network and edit the surroundings so there's no indication there was a town there. it should be somewhat easier to fill the remaining houses when this is done.
- since i reverted to GM 8.1.91 in order to take advantage of the anti-decompiler for the IGF demo, i needed to remove non-unicode characters from the game's scripts. incidentally, i don't plan to go any higher than 8.1.91 for the remainder of this project for the same reason.
Entry: November 20, 2011, 02:24:06 AM
19nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2177)

- fixed a couple of fatal errors and general glitches GZ told me about:
 - game freezes when interacting with objects: i somehow fixed this during the merge, because i can reproduce it in the stand-alone demo, but when I run the latest build, the object just doesn't activate instead of freezing the game.
 - party leader movement glitches when interacting with NPCs (specifically NPCs behind counters, where an NPCTrigger object is necessary): this was caused by collision code interference. i think i'm going to disable collisions during cutscenes and other story events. i'll just have to watch myself when staging in the future.

- added code in scrCheckContact and scrCheckConfirm to further restrict interaction with objects based on direction (for instance, if you want to interact with a treasure chest, you have to be in front of it and facing up). also fixed a few bugs where the HUD notice would pop up even if you couldn't interact with an object (for instance, if you were facing down and near an NPC, the "Talk..." dialogue would still pop up).
- fixed a bug in sprite animation: when starting to move, there's a small period where the movement sprite looks like the idle sprite, so if you tap a movement key, the character is moving, but the animation isn't, leading to a 'gliding' effect.
- added a 'delay' feature to objCutsceneEvent. this allows me to delay the cutscene by a certain number of steps. the primary use of the delay timer will be to provide the player with banter hints on occasion. a delayed cutscene will activate (a) when the timer reaches 0 and (b) only if the player contacts the CutsceneEvent when the timer goes off. whether or not the event is activated, it destroys itself when the timer reaches 0.
- changed the order of code in objCutsceneEvent so the delay code would work properly.
- fixed a bug in activation of scene 34B (the first pipe eavesdropping scene in the bomb maze).
- merged a couple of things i forgot to merge
- changed the way displaying sociability talk icons work. since i don't want to add a displayTalk = false for every significant cutscene NPC, i'll reverse the default value and apply displayTalk = true to the (far fewer amount of) NPCs for which it's actually applicable.
- replaced the contract board scenery in Grafton with an actual contract board object.
- made minor edits to scene 31
- added face portraits to message boxes for playable characters. i was reluctant to do this but i ended up liking the way the mockup looked. we'll see if people notice that there aren't any facial expressions!
- finally got back from THOSE BASTARDS.
- modified the halt mechanism on choices. it originally waited 50 steps until it popped up the choice dialog. apparently i needed to go in the OTHER direction: now it pops up the choice dialog immediately and waits 25 steps before the player can make any input.
Entry: November 21, 2011, 11:23:08 PM
21nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2178)

- fixed a bug in scrAddToParty regarding character portraits
- admin: got an EIN
Entry: November 23, 2011, 12:25:28 AM
22nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2195)

- added the ability for a party member to limp (for corvallis), but then decided that it wasn't going to work because of the chain of events in act II
- fixed a bug in the main menu where the menu was appearing underneath the night surface while the GameManager was in night mode.
- fixed a night time bug in rmDenderaOutskirts
- added features from the maps in the IGF demo to the maps in the main build
- made separate demo maps for all the maps i can't update without changing so that i can push another demo out without splitting the build.
- added a scenario select to the demo. this will allow the player to choose from four scenarios: intro, brachial plexus, the negotiation, and the nonspace. two are from the current IGF demo, one was added to provide an intro and tutorial, and the fourth i'll describe below.

"the negotiation" represents a build of a concept i want to test out on people; it's an idea i've had cooking ever since i made the sociability system. basically the task is to navigate through a scene where you will periodically be given the opportunity to choose which character in the party does the talking. depending on their personality, the situation may vary. this allows players who know the characters well to do well and reap the rewards.

- made a demo notice (noting that the game is currently under development)
- added demo walls to the three scenarios currently implemented
Entry: November 24, 2011, 04:31:05 AM
23nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2212)

- fixed bugs in pistol and hookshot anti-cornering code
- fixed camera ID bugs before the Anaximander boss battle
- fixed a bug in button press for vk_anykey
- fixed a few bugs in scenes 1-9b
- wrote interactive dialogue scene "the negotiation"
- started building the interactive dialogue handler.

how it works: you'll have a dialogue with someone or some group, whatever, and this dialogue will let you choose which character leads the conversation every so often. the system grades you depending on your choices and awards your party members SP at the end of the dialogue. the system is designed so that even non-party members can participate.

a big problem that i had to resolve before i started working on this was that i didn't want it to be a mind-reading exercise. so i've put in a couple of mechanisms to prevent this.

one: the player gets a certain amount of "mood cards" at the start of an interactive dialogue. use one, and it tells you the mood of all your party members (for instance, it may tell you that leyt is feeling confident and lomah is feeling honest).

two: before the dialogue actually starts, there will be a highlighted hint or two in the preceding scene. for instance, leyt saying "let's get this over with" may indicate that he's feeling impatient and so he may invoke that over the course of the dialogue. likewise, the people you're talking to will have counter-hints that aren't highlighted, so if leyt's feeling impatient and someone says "please be patient with me," don't respond with leyt!

this opens up the system to more advanced moves, like determining what a mood means for a character. if corvallis is proud, it may be a welcome change from his meek demeanor, but if angela's proud, it may come off as boastful.
Entry: November 29, 2011, 03:12:54 AM
24nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2230)

- added another hint feature to interactive dialogues. pressing the secondary key at any time will allow the player to view a random mood that is used at some point in the dialogue. the player can do this as many times as needed.
- fixed the usual bugs in the interactive dialogue handler.
- i'm just about finished with the interactive dialogue handler. the only major changes are cosmetic at this point.

26nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2289)

- made the required cosmetic changes to the interactive dialogue handler. overall it's the smoothest implementation i've ever done of a system. normally i wouldn't have done this, because it's adding a fairly major feature, but i've been thinking about this system for months and i reasoned that i'll never get a chance to do something like this in any other games i make, unless i make an AC sequel (probably not gonna happen, since the game is written to be self-contained).
- made tutorial tiles for interactive dialogues
- game's probably getting delayed until i can find someone willing to do the soundtrack.
- smoothed out the demo walls a little.
Entry: November 29, 2011, 02:11:15 PM
29nov - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2272)

- fixed some movement errors in scene 39C w/r/t transformation
- re-added the supersound scripts to the game. SGAudio will now serve as an alternate sound system in case SuperSound doesn't work (seriously, SGAudio. game killing errors are not cool.)
- partitioned all sound scripts by sound engine (only supersound scripts will call in SUPERSOUND mode and only sgaudio scripts will call in SGAUDIO mode)
- in order to make SuperSound work, I had to update to GM 8.1.139.
- shoved all the sound DLLs into the sound folder and updated the paths accordingly.
- added music cues to the negotiation scenario.
- fixed music and sound cues in the introduction.
- fixed graphical errors in all four scenarios.
- added a party leader argument to objPartyGroup. this allows the developer to set a party leader when instantiating a party for the first time.
- added a call to scrMenuCharCheck to the teleport object (so that nullify and perma will update in a timely manner when the player doesn't go into the menu).
- fixed pathfinding bugs in Anaximander
Entry: December 12, 2011, 03:21:38 AM
final exams D:
Entry: January 04, 2012, 01:28:45 AM
long time! lots of business stuff happened today, including opening of a business account, the drafting of a business plan, and the drafting of an operations agreement. we may also get a business credit line to finish this up (i put in the application for a business card with my bank in order to cover the rest of the expenses we need to get this game out the door). we'll see.

if the bank doesn't grant me a business card, i can take the business plan i have and pitch them for a loan. one thing that's probably not an option anymore is bootstrapping, though.

i'll have more info later. oh, and design work's gonna start up again tomorrow.
Entry: January 06, 2012, 01:55:31 AM
or it would have, if i didn't have to spend all day fixing my mom's computer. oh well~

5jan12 - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2295)

- back to work!
- fixed a bug in the west teleport of prisma flats: contact line wasn't long enough.
- fixed bugs in NPCs that don't face the player: the formation control would take over, often sending the party through a table or counter.
- fixed a bug in the gamesave menu (main menu). the slot positioning got offset somehow, resulting in the game loading the slot above the slot the player was trying to load. if there is no gamesave in that slot, the game kicks back a fatal error.
- fixed a bug after scene 7: bushra disappears if you go into another room because the banter trigger is placed before the affected room teleports.
- fixed a bug in activation of demo walls: if the player skips a cutscene, they bypass the demo wall.
- fixed the vast majority of bugs in AI pathing for both allies and enemies. allies can now find you even if you're wedged in a corner or tracking along a narrow path, and enemies react to threats better and don't get stuck in one spot as much.
- fixed a bug in state transition for ally AI: allies will now always return to the party leader if there are no more enemies within a certain distance.
- fixed a long-time bug in AI pathing: the knock-back code set the target's path grid to a grid that didn't exist, resulting in an entity getting "stuck" until the path grid reference was reset. this affected both allies and enemies.
- fixed a bug in lessis-xirdalan border outpost: clerks now take into account facing and invoke party formation when spoken to
- fixed a bug in opening the command menu: for some reason the first party slot was calling scrSelectTarget when a call like that is completely nonsensical at that point in the code.
- wrote Interactive Dialogue 1 (scene 13, Corvallis and Angela vs. Leyt and Vulpes)
- implemented Interactive Dialogue 1
- corrected scoring in the demo's Interactive Dialogue scene (I don't want to subtract points because that might result in a negative award of SP)
- the new Interactive Dialogue #1 is now the one I just wrote, and the one from the demo will be inserted at the right place.
- made minor edits to scene 12
- made minor staging edits to scenes 13 and 14
Entry: January 06, 2012, 11:11:53 PM
6jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2295)

- wrote Interactive Dialogue 2 (scene 20, Angela, Attlas, and Leyt vs. Gate Guard)
- implemented Interactive Dialogue 2
- wrote Interactive Dialogue 3 (scene 31, Corvallis, Angela, and Chancer vs. Nathaniel, Alex, and Vulpes)
- implemented Interactive Dialogue 3
- made minor changes to scenes 20 and 31
Entry: January 07, 2012, 11:49:23 PM
7jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2310)

- rewrote scene 76 and rolled scene 75 into scene 76
- made minor edits to scene 78
- messed around with making fullscreen look good for the majority of the night. it's not working.
Entry: January 10, 2012, 06:45:42 AM
9jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2355)

- fixed a couple of staging errors in scene 1
- centralized playing of sounds in status messages. this makes the feature a lot easier to control and incidentally has the effect of resolving a sound bug when status messages were used during fades.
- edited the interface toggles so that they can be activated independently of one another
- added an event to toggle the main menu after scene 2A (in keeping with interface familiarity without breaking the beginning of the game)
- moved the main menu tutorial tile to scene 2A
- invalidated save file structure (interface variables are saved to the savefiles)
- changed the way the save menu toggles copy and delete. it's now done using the left and right buttons, respectively. this was done to address issues in the gamesave menu with key mapping.
- made minor script edits to scene 10
- fixed staging errors in scene 10 (when skipping the cutscene)
- fixed an allocation bug in scrIncreaseStat.
- made silhouettes of all the character art. this is for something related to the new title screen.
- fixed some scenery masks to address non-activation issues with placards
- fixed layering issues on bridge from prisma to lismore
- turned dr. meier's desk into an object
- changed the sink tile in the bathrooms in corvallis's house
- removed the dock from prisma beachfront (because it goes nowhere)
- adjusted a placard in the master bedroom of corvallis's house
- lengthened a teleport contact in corvallis's room
- fixed a bug where you can climb into the bed in victor's study while he's in it (ooh la la)
- fixed beds in corvallis's house
- fixed a bug where it was hard to activate the snow globe placard in corvallis's room because the item object containing corvallis's getimol was too close to it
- lengthened teleport from prisma square to commercial area
- fixed a bug where James Warbeck wasn't awarding SP for players in plot period 2
- added the ability to buy a Chamber license in Lismore (finally)
- fixed a bug in the tutorial where enemies didn't have the boundary object added to their grid, allowing the rabbit to escape the boundary but not the player
- allowed party to assume formation in front of shopkeepers and other relevant NPCs
- removed ability to get SP from the LEXL customs house guards
- fixed a bug in scene 13 where Leyt wasn't facing the right direction
- fixed a banter contact that didn't activate after scene 14
- added the new directional detection (scrCheckIncomingDir) to diagonal stairs, fixing a bug where if the player was facing up or down, they could move past a diagonal stair object and still be affected by its movement instructions
- added constants LEFTSIDE and RIGHTSIDE to ensure movement flags in diagonal stair objects trigger. these work the same as LEFT and RIGHT except the direction restrictions are widened.
- fixed a layering error in prisma commercial map
- made a couple of modifications to the node system:

this may help people who don't like the fact that they have to drink potion to use lingual nodes. this is the free use node. it's the first node and starts every map fully charged. in addition, it will charge any node, including lingual nodes. you only get one, though, so you have to carefully choose what to put in it. do you want potion-free lingual magic or would you rather start a skill fully charged?

in addition, node charge rate is now weighted by node order as well as character speed. node 1 charges the fastest and node 6 charges the slowest.

- mapped out a few skills:
 - Stun Shot (Angela): Stuns a target
 - Light Sight (Angela): Temporarily raises speed
 - Subterfuge (Angela): Enemies damage themselves when attempting to attack
 - Differential (Attlas): Temporarily assumes the stats of the target
 - Brandish (Leyt): Damage doubles with every successful knife combo
 - Pep-Up (Lomah): Charged nodes can be used twice in a row

- figured out how players are going to learn skills (finally). this ties into the speed weighting i described above:

when you go to the node menu, you'll be able to assign both skills you've learned and skills you haven't learned. while you can use learned skills, unlearned skills take up space until they're unlocked.

every time a character uses a node - it doesn't matter if it's an item, attack, skill, or lingual node - unlearned nodes that are in the node bar at that time gain AP. if the node's in slot 1, the max AP is gained. if the node is in the last available slot, only 1 AP is gained. as a general rule, a node gains one more AP than the node to the right of it.

a player can't load the node bar with a whole bunch of usable skills; they won't learn anything. conversely, a player can't load the node bar with unlearned skills, because then they can't use any nodes.

this forces the player to prioritize their space and, combined with the free use node, should make for a very interesting skill system.
Entry: January 11, 2012, 08:32:40 AM
10jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2368)

- added the skills i mapped out last night to the skill database and battle system. this required making three new one-level status effects and editing stat buffs so that i can set them to whatever value i want, plus adding conditional statements at the appropriate places in battle events (for example, brandish required an edit to the knife damage module, while pep-up required an additional variable for the node system to use).
- modified speed weighting for nodes
- modified each character's usable skills in order to take AP into account. the system is designed so that different characters can have different AP values for the same skills.
- modified node assignment menus to take into account the new usable skill format
- modified the node system and made the necessary edits to the interface. players can now bind locked skills to nodes by using the "Learn Skill..." submenu in the Node menu.
- fixed a description bug in objStatusNodesList

in theory, everything should work, but i made a lot of modifications, so i'll have to test this system out tomorrow.
Entry: January 13, 2012, 09:33:25 AM
13jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2381)

- fixed various display and functionality bugs related to the previous session's system edits
- made minor edits to scene 4
- disabled message "blip"
- did some admin stuff, including an invoice for physical orders (preorders, table sales, etc.) i'm going to run a couple of test tables before i run a table at PAX, and these are probably going to include manifesting either the physical product or a "physical" pre-order (i have no intention of offering preorders online). also got a square reader and started to set up the e-mail newsletter.
- edited the look&feel of the locked nodes
- fixed a bug in the tutorial fight where no one was allowed to attack because of the changes made to GameManager.battleready
- fixed a bug in AP display in the HUD: scrGetAPPercentage was floored, causing it to always return 0.
- added an AP display to the nodes menu. this allows the player to see at a glance which skills are learned and which skills are unlearned.
Entry: January 14, 2012, 06:49:25 PM
14jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2394)

- added a hack to banter to allow it to run concurrently with all actions, even if both the local and global actionqueues are occupied. this solves a problem where banter in the queue would keep AIs from using weapons. this is only for the initial release and will be removed when the actionqueue is restructured for alcarys engine (the actionqueue system will be restructured to use as many queues as the programmer wants instead of just two).
- this hack has the consequence of needing proxy calls to run a conversation in order. maybe for the rewrite i could have an 'implicit' proxy, where blocks of related actions are connected to each other, linked list style. something to think about.
- added sound to the status messages that needed it and removed sound from the status messages that didn't. general rule: status messages generally play sound; there are exceptions that don't that are judged on a case-by-case basis.
- changed banter to the new format. global queue banter (the normal way of doing things) is reserved strictly for banter sequences that break the new banter queue behavior (for instance, banter interwoven with a cutscene; the cutscene and the banter would run independently of one another).
Entry: January 15, 2012, 07:06:46 PM
15jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2421)

- edited the way banter works even further. i changed the scripts that add actions so that the programmer can choose one of three constants for the action's scope: LOCAL (0), GLOBAL (1), and BANTER (2). this has the neat effect of not breaking the hundreds of action scripts already in the game, since true (1) = GLOBAL and false (0) = LOCAL. this also allows the banter queue to accept any action needed instead of just banter events, a feature i can't go without since banter wrapped up in cutscenes breaks without wait events and the ability to flow with the cutscene. when the game is restructured, all the actionqueue scripts will need to be rewritten anyway, so whatever. this is just a temp fix for the game's release.
- made minor edits to scene 4
- i forgot how satisfying that knocking sound is
- fixed Julius Wainwright's door and added a knock sound to it
- corvallis's house: fixed teleport placement when going from Victor's study to the main hall
- fixed mapping errors in the following maps: rmPRMtoJHT3, rmJHTtoAPO2, rmJHTtoAPO3, rmBDHtoAPO2, rmBDHtoAPO1
- fixed bugs in awarding of AP
- prisma: added some dialogue to craig westburgh
- made tutorial tiles for AP and skill learning
- updated tutorial tiles for nodes
- moved scrAwardAP to objSpecialController (the current way duplicates AP gain if the player uses a node on more than one target)
- AP gain now takes the used node's charge time into account:

the longer the charge time, the more AP are awarded. the current formula yields no more than 11 AP per skill use (for a skill with a 999 charge time in the Free Use slot of a full Node Bar), and no more than 6 AP per item use.

this is to discourage spamming items in order to learn skills - since item charge time is 10 - but has the benefit of allowing items to be used to learn skills that have a low AP.

- made minor edits to scene 10 to add the changes to the tutorial tiles.
- fixed a bug in the free use node: skills bound to the free use node would automatically charge when bound. the free use node only starts fully charged upon entering a map.
- changed the look&feel of unlearned nodes (i didn't like using squares when i had defined circular empty nodes)
- tightened the path tracking for a following AI. it now only considers paths vaguely in the direction of the follow target instead of considering paths in all directions at 30 degree intervals. the former way was causing some slowdown.
- fixed a long-time bug in the tutorial flash: the HUD would be marked visible when a tutorial tile closed, even while in a cutscene.
Entry: January 21, 2012, 10:06:53 PM
21jan - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2421)

i've been mostly working on classwork, but...

- i've found some time to fix the radio system.

i've separated it from the banter and cutscene system almost completely. each country now has a radio track (a mix of music, news, fiction, and commercials) and they all run independent of each other, so that when you enter a room with a radio, the radio will pop up whatever phrase is currently at the top of the track and just continue from there. certain radio dialogue that is used for cutscenes (like Corvallis's alarm and the excerpt of Bally McNair that appears during one of Attlas's cutscenes) will stay in the cutscene system (it's easier this way).

this solves the problem of radio dialogue that's unable to repropagate itself when the player leaves the room (because the cutscene flag for that piece of dialogue would have already been set). you may ask, what are you going to do with music? that's filler. i only have so much time to write radio dramas, you know!

- wrote the following radio dramas:
 - Your Guard at Work: The Salesman
 - The Intrepid Dr. Cuckold: The Blue Arc
- wrote the following commercials:
 - All Countries: Transmitter Enumeration
 - Xirdalan: Report Cursors, Aini Chocolate Substitute 1 & 2, Kaffroon Electric Dynamo
 - Lessis: Bye-Bye Shampoo, GAXILA Apparel
- wrote the following news:
 - Xirdalan: Viewpoints (Robert Westburgh)

note: new radio stuff is implemented but not tested.
Entry: February 01, 2012, 01:51:14 AM
in case you're wondering, all my time has been devoted to either class, administrative tasks, or coding the website. just letting you know!
Entry: February 08, 2012, 10:11:59 PM
8feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2437)

been a long time! in this couple of weeks, i've overhauled the website, set up the Modest Arcade e-mail newsletter, and well, that's about it. but it was totally worth it, true story. time to get back to work on what really matters.

- went over my friend's bug report, which is pretty awesome btw. i also eliminated the following bugs:
 - viewport error when switching to and from 4:3 to 16:10 aspect ratio
 - fixed a bug in the west teleport of prisma square: contact line wasn't long enough.
 - fixed a bug where party members would clip through objects when assuming a formation with an object in the way. this happened most often with conversation NPCs. all conversation NPCs now force the player to move to the NPC's default snap coordinates, preventing party members from getting stuck in objects.
 - disallowed cutscene skip in scene 33C.
 - fixed a bug with regard to the contract board in grafton not containing a country code, causing a fatal error.

this bugfix session also had the side effect of me repropagating all the demo scenario files and fixing some things that were wrong with them. in doing this i was able to add skill learning to the demo scenarios.
Entry: February 10, 2012, 01:04:11 AM
9feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2445)

- fixed bugs in using skills involving the status effects PEPUP, SUBTERFUGE, and BRANDISH
- fixed a menu layering issue with objCommandNodeList
- added the ability to display a full message box by pressing the confirm button. this is the more intuitive way to do it for joypads.
- fixed a scrolling bug in the unlearned skills submenu
Entry: February 11, 2012, 04:57:53 AM
10feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2448)

- fixed a bug in the command menu: unlearned skills were showing item icons instead of skill icons

- wrote the following radio dramas:
 - Star Willows, Galactic Adventurer (Undiscovered Worlds) 1/2. i'm not really good at writing interesting science fiction. I'll have to think about this one some more.
- wrote the following news:
 - Xirdalan: Viewpoints (Khaldoon Nazmi)
 - Vodun: Mitchell Mathis (Altair Hebr) 1/2
Entry: February 12, 2012, 02:03:46 AM
11feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2459)

- messed around with some fullscreen stuff to make it look better and less jagged. the best thing i can come up with is an aspect resize to either 800x600 or 1600x1200.

- wrote the following radio dramas:
 - Star Willows (Undiscovered Worlds) 2/2
- wrote the following news:
 - Mitchell Mathis (Altair Hebr) 2/2

these are the only radio programs i'm writing. bally mcnair, viewpoints (ivan almassano), and the prince's address have been cut, because i really need to wrap this shit up.
Entry: February 13, 2012, 11:25:44 PM
13feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2490)

- implemented the final title screen. not only does this title screen look better, it's also quicker: at any point during the game loading process (from the beginning of the splash to the title menu), the player can press the menu key and load their last saved game instantly.


the title screen also has a background that rotates scenes from the game depending on the chapter of the player's last saved game.
Entry: February 16, 2012, 12:16:59 AM
14feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2496)

- added the chapter title script necessary for the title screen background rotation to work
- changed the menu quit prompt to a "return to title screen" prompt
- fixed a key icon width issue when displaying the Quick-Load flash

15feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2516)

- broke window manipulation into three separate options in the config menu: windowed/fullscreen (simulated or true), aspect ratio, and scaling. simulated fullscreen expands the game window to fill the display (filling unoccupied space with black) and true fullscreen actually changes the resolution (see below)
- added the ability to scale the screen. the player can scale the screen up to a factor of 3x (!) if their primary display has the resolution for it. by default the game won't scale to a factor if the display's width isn't at least the game screen width multiplied by the scale factor (2x=1600px, 3x=2400px). i added whole number scaling because scaling up to the display size is often nasty and i can't get it to blur without compromising a significant amount of quality.

so i think what's going to happen is: when dealing with true fullscreen, 1x resizes to 800x600 (this actually doesn't look half bad), 2x resizes to 1600x (there are a few of these), and 3x resizes to 2560x.
Entry: February 17, 2012, 09:18:03 PM
17feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2546)

- implemented display resolution changing with sin-display (and native GM as backup in case sin-display fails for some reason). here's the res chart for true fullscreen:

No scaling: 800x600
full aspect scale: unchanged
2x scaling: 1600x1200,1600x1050,1600x900
3x scaling: 2560x1600,2560x1440

this is a cascading function: the game will try all heights of a certain width category from greatest to smallest until it either finds one that works or fails to find any. windowed and simulated fullscreen will still scale like normal if you have the display width for it.


- changed some scaling descriptors. 1x is now None (for no scaling), and the order is now None - Full - 2x - 3x, so that people wishing to use full aspect scale won't have to go through needless resolution changes in true fullscreen.
- fixed a usability issue in joypad mapping where the escape key isn't immediately clear. pressing any key will now escape joypad mapping.
- fixed a bug where pressing the close button wouldn't close the game, giving the appearance that it wasn't working.
- fixed a bug where pressing alt-F4 while in true fullscreen would result in a rather nasty shrinking of the desktop area that could only be corrected with a manual resolution change.
- fixed a couple of instances of variable misattribution w/r/t config menu
- added various tiles to the bomb maze tileset (this tileset is also used during scene 1 for visual confirmation that the secure gate is wired to blow)
- made minor edits to scene 1
- made some staging changes to scene 1E

i think i'm just going to start locking scenes, because i need to get this damn thing done. once i lock them, no script edits, no staging edits, nothing. nothing is going to happen to scenes that are locked until the QA period. and scene 1 is about to be locked, motherfuckers.

- scene 1 is now LOCKED

told you lmao ~ shootz a pjerfect hoop ~
Entry: February 22, 2012, 06:07:13 PM
i've been getting everything together for the first physical table i'm going to run, so no updates, really. i'll let you know how it goes!
Entry: February 28, 2012, 06:37:20 PM
24feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2550)

- fixed errors with objDoor in Prisma Flats

26feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2554)

- fixed a bug in message display where setting the Message Position to "Bottom" would position the message box in the middle of the screen.

27feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2554)

- took care of some admin stuff
Entry: February 28, 2012, 10:50:32 PM
28feb - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2577)

- fixed a bug in movement where hitting a diagonal stair in the right way would allow the player to "break" the stair contacts.
- thinking about expanding mood cards in interactive dialogues - instead of emotions, i'd show actual thoughts. idk if i'm going to do this though.
- fixed a small bug in speed of diagonal movement
- swapped the MIDDLE and BOTTOM constants for messages (forgot to do this)
- fixed various tiling errors in Prisma, Corvallis's house,
- fixed a bug where corvallis was allowed to move during certain NPC dialogue during scene 4
- fixed a bug in banter shell arrow transparency
- standardized "message_position" (the majority of them were using values instead of constants, making setting message position problematic).
- implemented the first radio scene (viewpoints/robert westburgh)
- fixed various radio implementation errors
- fixed banter boxes so that they can be variable height (this is for the radio).
Entry: March 16, 2012, 05:04:37 AM
mostly dealing with class, although i've been putting together the build repository when i have time. i'm up to beta 4 right now.

on that note, the version history is changing. here's how:

- everything that came before Release Candidate 1 is now Alpha. this means that the seven beta phases are now seven alpha phases. in addition, alpha phases 1-5 are strict Alpha, and phases 6 and 7 are Proof of Concept.
- Release Candidate 1 is now Beta Phase 1
- Release Candidate 2 is now Beta Phase 2
- once we benchmark 0.9 (post-beta period) that'll be Release Candidate.

to avoid a headache, i'm not going to go changing much in the past like devlogs and previous builds outside the build repository and such. version numbers also aren't going to change but the way they're categorized will (as above).
Entry: March 20, 2012, 05:12:13 AM
build repository's up. i'll send out e-mails tomorrow.
Entry: April 02, 2012, 10:27:59 PM
20mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2579)

- fixed a bug in the bomb maze

23mar - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2579)

- fixed a bug with display of tutorial messages

2apr - Release Candidate 2 (0.7.2595)

- fixed a bug in quickload where deleting the last saved game and trying to quickload resulted in a fatal error
- fixed a bug in the Buraidh customs house where Angela and Corvallis's argument would trigger even if Angela isn't in the party
- fixed night bugs in a few locations. as it turns out, some of the location data was being overwritten
- added barriers to the available area in scene 2 that aren't just "can't leave town because the developer said so." these barriers are believable and change certain aspects of the main narrative scenes that follow (but not too much)
- edited transitions from scene 7 to scene 8C
- changed corvallis's profession from bookkeeper to lab assistant
- fixed a queue bug when running radio and cutscenes at the same time
Entry: April 06, 2012, 09:46:28 PM
6apr - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2633)

- fixed various errors in scenes 7 and 8
- fixed cutscene flag errors in scenes 7, 8, and 10
- added barriers to the available area between scenes 9 and 18.
 - if the player goes far enough east, angela will get fed up and initiate the tutorial (this is so that the player is not unarmed in the xirdalani desert). this is rigged so that only one version of the tutorial plays during a playthrough.
 - if the player attempts to go to cape bojador, angela will refuse and access to cape bojador is blocked.
- delivered new public and private demos that propagate the fixes made in the last session (three times, no less)
Entry: April 09, 2012, 12:49:12 AM
8apr - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2646)

- bushra is now painting in her room for the majority of the game. the easel progresses based on how far the player is in the story
- wrote NPC dialogue for Bushra
- wrote and implemented interactive dialogue (Dinner with the Folks). this is triggered if you go back to Corvallis's house during period 7 and it functions as a sociability reward.
- staged Dinner with the Folks
- Corvallis's house is now LOCKED
- scenes 2 to 9 are now LOCKED
- cut about 1/3 of the content from rmPrismaFlats. this eliminates houses i couldn't fill.

i'm going to work my way out from Corvallis's house to Prisma, and after I'm done with Prisma, I'm going to go east and fill out the accessible Xirdalani towns during scenes 9 to 18.

after that, I'm going to put in the enemy scale mechanisms and work my way to Lessis.
Entry: April 16, 2012, 01:48:30 PM
been super busy with putting together the trailer and kickstarter, but that's all almost done so i'm getting back to the code probably tonight!
Entry: April 16, 2012, 10:34:04 PM
16apr - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2652)

- removed a reference to the Prisma dock in a bit of NPC dialogue
- so i pretty much tore Prisma Commercial and Prisma Square apart. Prisma Square especially - the garden aspect of the map has really been played up and i think it looks a lot better than it did before. i won't be doing this for all maps, only maps that i think hadn't been planned out well. i am specifically looking for parts of maps that i think impede movement.
- fixed a bug in certain dual NPCs where it's possible for points to be awarded twice by talking to both participants in the conversation.
- modified staging directions in scene 2d to account for the new diagonal staircase.
Entry: April 18, 2012, 02:38:57 AM
17apr - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2678)

- fixed a logic error in scrCheckIncomingDir: no matter what entity called the script, it based its criteria off of GameManager.party_leader.
- addressed issues in AI handling of diagonal stairs. AIs now parse diagonal stairs properly
- limited movement in player-controlled handling of diagonal stairs. moving diagonally on diagonal stairs (by pressing keys in a diagonal direction in addition to the scripted diagonal movement) leads to big trouble, so that ability has been disabled
- fixed the frame bug in traversing vertical stairs (this would cause players navigating stairs to look like they were facing right for one frame and then snap back to the proper direction)
- overhauled Prisma General Store
- added courier receipt functionality (this is how the player will complete quests)
- finally figured out how to make objects transparent in the editor and made all non-physical objects and markers transparent (this includes mapping triggers, events, and collision solids). this will probably make mapping a whole lot easier!
- made a script that parses large numbers to give them comma separation. this is mostly to match fixed money awards with variable ones (Corvallis got 1,000!), but it also has the side effect of being useful for the money display in the main menu and in shops
- implemented the rest of the courier system. you now receive Parcels when taking a courier job and you receive Signed Receipts when you deliver the package. you hand in the Signed Receipt to any courier for your money.
- implemented courier scripts that exchange all the receipts in the player's inventory for the correct amount of money when called
- modified all Sender and Receiver NPCs so that the required parcels and receipts are exchanged
- modified every interface that displays money or tags to display it comma-separated.
Entry: April 25, 2012, 09:54:59 PM
21apr - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2683)

- sprited a few signs
- added the ability to display cursor detainees to the contract board. this is only in xirdalan and it's purely for the narrative. surprisingly it went in first iteration with only two bugs!
- added detainees and contracts databases to the save structure (INVALIDATES PREVIOUS GAMESAVES)

25apr - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2687)

- did some tile editing of a carpet tileset
- patched up Order Guard of Prisma and Governor's Office
- worked on cutting up the rest of the unprocessed NPCs and putting them in the game. what i did took a while and it's still not done!
Entry: April 27, 2012, 01:06:47 AM
26apr - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2687)

- today was specifically dedicated to cutting up the rest of the unprocessed sprites. everything except for very specific sprites is in there (cursor combat, other leftover sprites, etc.)
- got some good footage of me doing this for a programming time-lapse video i'm going to do
- $446/$4,000 after three days. really impressed so far considering it's barely getting any coverage anywhere (i'm looking for it and it's just not being mentioned anywhere, not in the penny arcade forums, on reddit, or on neogaf). a lot of this is local groundswell, actually - a few people have told me that they're backing this project because modest arcade is based in Fayetteville.

anyway, we'll see where this goes. my plan is to issue at least the digital materials to all backers as a thank-you for backing, regardless of whether we meet the goal. If it looks like we won't, i'll start polling early because i don't know if they lock backer access if you don't meet the goal.
Entry: May 06, 2012, 10:26:47 PM
6may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2687)

$963/4000. 17 days left. fucking exhausted already.

i've been running a booth at Ark-Con. it's a first year con, so it's not very big, but i still don't regret coming at all. got a lot of good contacts.

- fixed a word usage error in the script that an editor who played my game pointed out
- fixed a collision gap in rmPrismaCommercial
- issued an update to the build repository
Entry: May 10, 2012, 06:23:38 PM
10may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2714)

$1353/4000. 13 days left.

- worked on bringing position looping up to snuff. the two loopables chris gave me are now in the game
- made sure the location data matched the areas the loopable tracks are supposed to cover.
Entry: May 16, 2012, 02:41:37 AM
13may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2760)

- brought the Nathaniel Carson AI up to standard. it actually works now! (i pretty much spent the entire time doing this)
- made minor script edits

14may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2766)

- put together the operation speiss videos
- made minor script edits

15may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2774)

$1866/4000. 7 days left.

- started work on the rest of the stuff that needs to be done.
- finished conditional endcaps around prisma during plot periods 1 and 2
- 2 new maps:
 - Jahrat: Market, Observatory Interior (I actually had to make the telescope for this, it's what took most of the time)
- fixed a graphical glitch on the exterior Jahrat Observatory map
Entry: May 18, 2012, 01:07:47 AM
17may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2778)

$2000/4000. 5 days left.

- 5 new maps:
 - Jahrat: Observatory Storage, Inn, Inn Room A, Pharmacy, Mark McNeil's House

- implemented Mark McNeil quest (Alex)
- placed Jahrat NPCs
Entry: May 19, 2012, 07:15:04 AM
19may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2789)

$2167/4000. 4 days left.

- 4 new maps:
 - Jahrat: Abandoned House, Abandoned House Bedroom
 - Aleppo's Cross: Market, Inn

- added some subtractive lighting masks for the inside of the abandoned house
- added NPCs to the Aleppo's Cross Market & Inn
- fixed a mapping error in Aleppo's Cross that caused the vertical stairs of one of the buildings to carry over (it hadn't been deactivated yet).
Entry: May 21, 2012, 03:12:33 PM
20/21may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2804)

$2351/4000. 3 days left.

i pulled two eight-hour shifts today. here's what i got done.

- 11 new maps:
 - Jahrat: Courier Services
 - Buraidh: Inn, Pharmacy, Market, Mohr Kasper's House (interior), Courier Services
 - Kaffroon: General Store, General Store (2F), Pharmacy, Courier Services, Evelyn Lewis's House

- fixed 'black spot' glitches in several desert maps
- fixed errors in city area naming
- replaced buraidh contract board and added save point
- replaced kaffroon contract board
- fixed bug in conditional endcap for xirdalan/vodun customs house
- added a 'Press [key] to begin' prompt to the title screen. [key] is replaced with the current assigned key glyph for the confirm button.
- removed a house from Kaffroon Residential and replaced it with the nobleman's garden.
- added missing location data for new maps
- moved Hazel Sharp from the commercial district into a house (Lismore)
- made edits to the Lismore Residential District
- made edits to Lismore Square
- made edits to Lismore Commercial
- sprited a new sign (for KoMando's)
- fixed inn beds in Prisma, Lismore, Reagast, and Kaffroon (layering error)
- added courier services NPC to central mail in Reagast
- added salutation 'Co.' to message box pause whitelist
- fixed a bug in party assumeformation where a party of two assuming a left-facing formation would assume the formation in the most unintuitive way (the party leader would be at the bottom instead of the top)
- fixed a bug in scene 11 where it wasn't marked as unskippable (the player can choose to skip this scene in a choice prompt)
- moved angela closer to juno in scene 16
- fixed camera focus bug in scene 16
- fixed restricted warning outside Security Shop
- fixed bug where party would assume a formation through a table when talking to jacobs and meyers in Reagast Silver Star
- added manual assumeformation to Tammy Falk
- staged dolores dennison NPC mini-scene
- made minor edits to scene 15
- fixed a bug in vodun-lessis customs house conditionals
- fixed bridges on the path from dendera to lundmark
- fixed a bug where if you entered the previous tower courtyard you couldn't escape because of flaws in a scene flag conditional.
- fixed bug in staging of reagast central mail clerk (i needed to add a courier services NPC to this map and so i had to move this NPC)
- fixed scenes that take place in the duke's office to account for the new room dimensions
Entry: May 23, 2012, 01:52:59 AM
22may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2813)

$2817/4000. 21 hours left.

- implemented edits to scenes 31, 49, 51, 53, 63, 66, 69, 72, 76, 77, 78, 85, 86, 89, 91, and 98
- restaged scenes 49, 76, and 86
- removed Lundmark from the path system and relinked the remaining maps to account for its absence
- wrote and implemented banter for Angela/Attlas/Leyt when traveling from Reagast to Dieppe
- fixed a queue bug in banter re: banter interaction while monsters are present
Entry: May 26, 2012, 04:00:30 PM
26may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2816)

- today was mostly admin stuff
- so I did something to the cutscene system when I fixed the banter queue bug. it's okay, i reversed it!
- added a script to allow certain actions to elevate to the top of the actionqueue based on certain circumstances
- added the music and sound cues i could to scenes 20-23
Entry: May 27, 2012, 06:43:11 PM
27may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2825)

- 1 new map:
 - Dieppe: Lucy Stonecoal's Office

- fixed a bug in Carol Cline (Kaffroon). cutscene ended prematurely.
- fixed script errors in Stella Boggess (Admiral)
- added a little scene if you go to Cassandra Duckworth's grave marker any time Leyt's in the party
- fixed various mapping errors on the Cape Bojador to Aleppo's Cross path
- implemented quests: Francisco Harrington, Barnah Neshy, and Lucy Stonecoal
- fixed mapping errors in Vodun Governance Complex 2F (Senate)
- marked autopartyplacement flags of all senator NPCs to false
- sprited a couple of signs and some carpet tiles
- recarpeted the Vodunian Senate Hall and Lobby
- fixed a bug in the shop menu where you could sell items at a shop that isn't buying (the shop doesn't display your inventory but if you press confirm you're still able to sell items)
- fixed a graphical bug in the shop menu
- fixed a font bug at the title screen
- edited AI following code to only move the AI characters when the party leader is moving
- added remaining placards to Prisma, Jahrat, Buraidh, Kaffroon, Lismore, Dendera, and Reagast
- fixed mapping errors in reagast mountain tunnel, norman's office, and reagast city circle
Entry: May 29, 2012, 09:06:32 AM
28may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2841)

- 2 new maps:
 - Southeton: Sinclaire Gallery, General Store

- 4 new NPCs:
 - Reagast: Juno Cascavel, Terrence Doubler, Melvin Swift, and Julie Waughan
 - these are story-relevant NPCs that weren't yet in the plot period system.

- edited the script to change references to the Duke or the Grand Duke to "His Majesty" where applicable and appropriate
- made a few grammar corrections to the script
- fixed a word wrap issue with Carol Cline (Kaffroon)
- added 'bioluminescent' property to enemy creation table. this allows me to define enemies that glow by setting a flag in the database, which generates and attaches an objLightSource to the enemy if true. used for elementals at night.
- implemented the NPCs i wrote today
- wrote and implemented initial cutscenes for the Gateway Island quest.
- made an edit to plot period criteria for period 3
- tore apart the top half of Southeton Residential and added a garden
- moved the Lundmark General Store Complex to Southeton
- recarpeted Southeton General Store Complex
Entry: May 29, 2012, 04:43:22 PM
29may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2851)

- 4 new maps:
 - Southeton: Clinic
 - Admiral: Assembly Hall Interior Main, Meeting Room, and Office

- took care of admin stuff
- replaced all instances of banter boxes being killed with scrKillBanter, which checks if the banter is complete before killing, so it can add it to the queue after the event that killed it ceases. this also checks to see if the owner is a radio (radio banter is never killed, only paused and rendered invisible)
- fixed a bug in dropping actions when canceling NPC dialogue with the cancel key
- added a courier to lismore
- sprited a sign that's like the 'MINISTRY LICENSED' sign, but for Vodun (vodun has departments)
- added Southeton Clinic to the shop database. their goods are 20% off because of a medical subsidy and because a lot of movers and shakers from Dieppe go to this clinic (since dieppe doesn't have one).
- implemented kenneth boles courier quest (southeton)
- fixed a bug in the splash screen timer that would pop up an error message if you used quickload at the wrong time
Entry: May 31, 2012, 06:20:32 PM
31may - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2856)

- 7 new maps:
 - Admiral: General Store, Inn, Inn Room A, Inn Room B, Clinic, Hiratio's Armor Emporium, Cheryl Elmwood's House (interior)

- sprited a "for lease" sign for Douglass Capital
- added shop tutorial tiles to all shops that didn't have them
- staged Cheryl Elmwood scene
- implemented Cheryl Elmwood, Florus Wise, and Boleck Ludwik quests
- added new Reagast track to the SoundBank
- added all Admiral shops to the shop database
Entry: June 01, 2012, 02:55:34 PM
1jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2863)

- edited song loop points to be more accurate
- added songs wounded soldier, perdition, and that damn drum to the SoundBank
- turned the weird cliff overhang outside of dendera secure gate into an actual bridge
- fixed a layering error in Previous Tower Courtroom
- fixed a layer error in marble pillars in reagast city circle
- moved harley haynes outside previous tower (it's possible to speak to her with Attlas and not have him be in the party yet)
- recarpeted everywhere that needed it
- fixed as many beds and removed as many full sinks as I could (this is something that i'm going to kick to QA because a bunch of people can get this way faster and easier than one person can)
- fixed some mapping errors in Malin (commercial, residential)
- implemented Eddie Tharp House NPC (for Kenneth Boles courier quest)
- set up the bugtracker for the QA period (
Entry: June 04, 2012, 08:57:16 PM
4jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2882)

- 2 new maps:
 - Malin: Clinic, Courier Services

- changed location data of maps in the arctic to use the arctic BGM (i also changed some other location data that needed changing)
- added Eddie Tharp to his house in Malin
- added Brendan Modoc to his house in Malin (this scene hasn't been written yet)
- implemented NPC Randy Byron
- added new actionqueue command "banter_radioPlay". allows me to activate a radio that isn't playing (or turn it off if it is)
- wrote Brendan Modoc house scene w/ Lomah
- fixed a bug in canceling out of NPCs and Placards

i've been going by period and fixing everything that needs it. most of period 3 is accounted for so far. tomorrow i'll tackle grafton, lille, and cape bojador.
Entry: June 05, 2012, 07:18:42 PM
5jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2882)

- added a whole bunch of new NPC sprites to the gamefile. 32x Female Bear, 32x Female Rabbit, 8x Female Fox, Derek, Derek Cursor, Derek Uniform, Albert, and Lynn
- spent a few hours assembling the NPC creation instructions and sending them out, so i didn't get any cities done like i said i was going to.
Entry: June 06, 2012, 07:10:14 PM
6jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2882)

- 5 new maps:
 - Admiral: Courier Services
 - Dieppe: Clinic, Courier Services
 - Grafton: Clinic, Courier Services

- edited Dieppe Residential to remove the houses I couldn't fill
- edited Grafton Commercial District to add a clinic and a courier building
- edited Grafton Residential to remove the houses I couldn't fill
- made edits to a house interior in Grafton Residential. this is now Angela's old house.
- changed staging directions for scene 31A
Entry: June 08, 2012, 09:25:54 PM
8jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2886)

- 4 new maps:
 - Lille: General Store, Inn, Courier Services, Clinic

- backed up source
- updated build repository
- took care of admin stuff
- made edits to Lille Commercial District
- made edits to Lille Residential District
- staged NPC Christina Maynes
Entry: June 11, 2012, 06:59:36 PM
9jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2886)

- 1 new map:
 - Gennon: Strip

- changed the songs in the SoundBank to reflect the final tracklist
- removed all discarded songs and replaced them with the new songs. if a track doesn't have a loopable, then a dummy track has been provided until the loopable is received.
- worked on custom NPC: Kithyara Octavian
- completely redid Gennon exterior
Entry: June 12, 2012, 03:28:00 AM
11jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2888)

- 12 new maps:
 - Gennon: Clinic, General Store, Inn, Inn Room A, Inn Room B
 - Hallia Lucia: Clinic, General Store, Inn, Inn Room A, Inn Room B, Courier Services, Jon Shobe's House

- removed location data for a few maps that don't exist or were renamed (this was causing a fatal error at the title screen)
- received and implemented the new crisis track
- began work on physical packaging for the game disc, OST, manual, and production artbook.
- changed some shop prices en masse. shops now follow these rules:
 - shops in arctic areas are more expensive than the norm (because it's harder to get goods up there)
 - all xirdalani shops are less expensive than the norm (shops are heavily subsidized by the state in Xirdalan). cape bojador in particular has a rate of .75, providing the player an incentive to go to a town that is otherwise extremely hostile to two-thirds of the player characters.
 - vodunian shops are generally set at normal price, except for the clinic in southeton (which is less expensive than the norm due to a government subsidy) and all Hallia Lucia shops, which are more expensive than the norm due to (a) Hallia Lucia being on an island and (b) the town's inability to get any sort of state support.
- cut up female wolf NPCs and put them into the game
- staged and implemented Jon Shobe quest
Entry: June 13, 2012, 02:10:34 AM
12jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2897)

- 3 new maps:
 - Malin: Brendan Modoc's House
 - Dendera to Lille: Clearing 1, Clearing 2 (this is where Angela finds Chancer's body between scene 36 and 37)

- implemented and staged Brendan Modoc house scene
- fixed an error in destruction of Journey Support chests
- implemented and staged optional scene where Angela finds Chancer's dead body in the woods
Entry: June 14, 2012, 05:24:17 AM
13jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2897)

- 11 new maps:
 - Cape Bojador: Commercial, Prince's Path, Residential, Dock, Clinic, Inn, Inn Room A, Inn Room B, General Store, Terra's Trinkets, Ramona Lawson's House

- submitted the first draft of the final instruction manual
- reworked the Prince's Palace to match the artificial garden motif of Cape Bojador
- duplicated this map for scene 91
- added scripts to allow the random creation of NPCs (for scene 91)
- linked the new Cape Bojador maps and trashed the old ones
- placed Cape Bojador NPCs
- implemented David Wise and Ramona Lawson contracts


I am also very, very close to wrapping on maps.
Entry: June 15, 2012, 01:55:57 AM
14jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2900)

i'm cutting Gateway Island because I can't justify it in the plot. it requires a few too many contrivances. i'll move the nonspace dungeon i was going to do for Gateway Island to the nonspace area in Lofton's Quest.

- fixed a bug in treasure chests (again cause i didn't fix it right last time)
- added script scrBoundNumber. this is an easy way to set a bound for bounded numbers (stats, other point values)
- fixed an exploit in Hazel Sharp NPC quest
- added destination info to all Signed Parcel descriptions
- added axisCorrection property to objTeleport. this allows me to use axis translation teleport on maps that don't have equal widths or heights.
Entry: June 16, 2012, 12:49:03 AM
15jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2910)

- 11 new maps:
 - Lofton's Quest:
  - The Path (Temperate): 1, 2, Thalith Gate, Thalith 1, 2, Treasure, Gate
  - The Path (Desert): 1, 2
  - The Path (Desert Palace): Hall, Arena

- linked the new Nonspace maps
- added the Living Cliff to the Arena
- added Node, a new monster. Nodes are helper monsters generated by the Living Cliff (healing, protection, etc.)
- put the Magma Golem in the Arena (just for the demo)
- fixed a fatal error in Grafton, when knocking on the door of Angela's old house
- changed around various music cues
- put the new town theme and the nonspace theme in the game
- submitted an updated scenario demo to the PAX 10
Entry: June 16, 2012, 05:25:10 PM
16jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2914)

- fixed a couple of bugs in Lille
- wrote a script that dumps all the triggered cutscenes to a debug file
- fixed a bug in scene 11 where it wasn't triggering the scene if you went through the battle tutorial in Xirdalan
- fixed a sound bug in scene 11 (referenced music that no longer exists)
- posted new repo and pax10 builds
- backed up source
Entry: June 19, 2012, 05:49:35 AM
18jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2926)

- 13 new maps:
 - Lofton's Quest:
  - The Path (Desert Palace): Stairwell, Hallway, Gate
  - The Path (Desert): Thalith 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Gate
  - The Path (Arctic): 1, 2, Gate
 - Nonspace: Gate

- fixed a bug in completing contracts (i passed names instead of contractIDs)
- fixed a bug in the radio (radio was searching past end of implemented dialogue)
- fixed a bug in the radio located in Norman Wuntf's bathroom
- fixed a bug in receipt of package for Lulu Sienne
- implemented Intrepid Dr. Cuckold episode "The Blue Arc"
- added commercials "Aini Chocolate Substitute" 1 and 2, "Cursors", "Kaffroon Electric Dynamo", "Terra's Trinkets"
- added capability for banter to display music notes by using the [Music] tag
- added music breaks to distribute the radio programs more evenly
- changed poison status effect to only use max HP values up to 9999 in the poison damage calculation
- changed the way poison works. it's now max_hp / (vit / 5)). then it's parsed by whether you're a character or a monster. poison now only takes the first 9999 HP into account when calculating and cannot generate a higher general damage value than 999 per infliction.
 - monster levels = value * .02, * .05, and * .1
 - character levels = value * .4, * .8, and * 1.
- linked the new maps
Entry: June 20, 2012, 04:42:08 AM
19jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2933)

- 10 new maps:
 - Lofton's Quest:
  - The Path (Arctic): Thalith 1, 2, 3, Gate
  - The Path (Library): Hall, To Main
 - Abandoned House (Xirdalan): Treasure Room
 - Abandoned House (Vodun): Main, Treasure Room
 - Lille: Pier

- fixed a couple of bugs in border crossing. i'll have to beef up the conditionals in QA if i don't want game-breakers.
- sent Kickstarter messages to the remaining people who haven't started the custom NPC process
- disabled Malin ferry before plot period 5
- fixed a usability flaw in SP stat increases: if you have equipment on, you seem to go past the 99pt stat cap. in reality, you're getting points added to stats, but it's not visible because your equipment has already pushed you up against the cap. fixed to take equipment stat values into account.
- linked the new maps
- edited the conclusion of Lofton's Quest
- closed up Lofton's Quest
- i think think THINK that this concludes the map requirement. i'll have to account for all the doors tomorrow to make sure i didn't miss anything.
Entry: June 21, 2012, 11:02:58 AM
20jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2939)

- a lot of time was spent putting in the auto-updater we're going to be using. i had to put it in, otherwise there's no way for someone playing a disc copy of the game to know if there's an updated version of the game without going to the website. i could just make sure there are no bugs before I press the discs, but why take that chance? at least this benefits everyone else, too!
- the updater itself works well and it's very unobtrusive. it works on a two-pronged approach: the first is the actual updater (written by some genius) and the second is the version checker (written by me). the version checker downloads the current version metadata from the modestarcade website, and if it comes back negative for new updates, the updater doesn't even load. this is necessary because the updater will close the game in order to check for updates, and if there aren't any, it effectively doubles the load time for nothing.
- that being said, since there aren't any more bugs in the updater, i'm going to disable it until launch. i'll have to talk with fastspring about accommodating this solution when delivering actual updates. i know they have URL obfuscators and some other crazy stuff so we'll see what happens.
- implemented Mitchell Mathis episode "Altair Hebr"
- implemented Viewpoints episode "Khaldoon Nazmi"
- implemented Star Willows, Galactic Adventurer episode "Sector 8 / Undiscovered Worlds"
- implemented Your Guard at Work episode "The Salesman"
- implemented commercials "GAXILA Apparel", "Bye-Bye Shampoo", "Hiratio's Armor Emporium", and "Hallia Lucia Tourism." that's it for radio content.
- implemented the end of the Lucy Stonecoal quest
- added a hack script to allow a certain enemy to issue items (lmao)
- added descriptions to all contract board posts
- fixed bugs in receipt of package for Barnah Neshy
- added Shaun Whitby to a house in Dieppe
Entry: June 21, 2012, 03:40:53 PM
21jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2945)

- posted repo update and backed up source
- fixed a couple of bugs in the radio
- fixed bugs in scene 36 martello scene
- i spent most of this time progressing in the game and cataloging bugs and other missing material. once i've pinpointed what's missing, i'll know what i need to do tomorrow in order to clear the benchmark. i'm up to scene 37 right now and i'm dead tired so i'm going to bed (this was the second of two shifts).
Entry: June 22, 2012, 06:32:18 PM
22jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.7.2968)

- rolled in minor script changes
- fixed minor conditional issues with Brendan Modoc
- fixed a grammatical error in scene 37B
- fixed a bug in randy byron involving auto party placement
- fixed bugs in certain house NPCs that were opening their doors before required conditions were met
- fixed a fatal bug in map rmNALMain
- fixed a fatal bug in scene 82
- fixed a fatal bug in scene 91
- added a reference to martello's killing of chancer in scene 50 (?)
- fixed a fatal error in hallia lucia shops
- added a save point to hallia lucia
- changed troy's spritesheet for attlas scenes
- added Lessis National Inventory to shop list
- fixed a bug in Linda (you get the Chamber License from her)
- rewrote some of Lucy Stonecoal's NPC dialogue
- fixed bugs in acquisition of NPC talk number for Buddy NPCs
- fixed a mapping glitch in Grafton (due entirely to GM's dumb way of determining z-order now)
- fixed a message cutoff in NPC McKay
- fixed a bug in freeze for Erin Abbott
- added save point to lille
- fixed bridge error in lille (finally)
- fixed a line error in Rose Terry NPC
- fixed a bug in knock for Christina Maynes
- added knock to Jon Shobe (forgot to)
- moved Lomah down 16px at the start of Leyt&Lomah plot switcher scenes
- fixed message bug in travel pay office
- added knock sound to travel pay board entrance
- fixed corvallis going through wall in scene 88
- made minor edits to scene 97
- fixed an NPC error in scene 92
- turned off radio in corvallis's room for scene 98
- added knock sound to corvallis's door for scene 98
- added knock sound to kris duckworth's door
- added knock sounds everywhere else that needed them
- fixed stairs at camp stevenson
- fixed a bug in scene 24 where leyt wasn't placed right
- fixed a staging bug in scene 72A
- fixed sound bug when opening elemental palace
- fixed banter scene when walking back to reagast after Bomb Maze to reflect the fact that you can find chancer
- added newline to message in scene 39
- split message in scene 38A
- added missing location data
- removed a chapter title that was too long (Cast Into Stone by a Common Ideal)
- moved the position of a chapter title (Guard's Bane)
- fixed unfreeze bug in Jerry Mullard
- added access to Marie Greene (i forgot to put this in)
- fixed a message bug with Francisco Harrington
- removed a ceremonial weapon hanging in reagast (lol)
- fixed a message error w/ Ichabod Randark
- fixed message error w/ Theresa Gann
- fixed autopartyplacement error with Alex in the Nalfayn Co. fleet bay
- fixed spritesheets for Prince Markus, Grand Magistrate Almassano, Albert, and Lynn
- changed Derek Westburgh, Leyt, and Lomah into cursors for the ending
- fixed collision gap in Northern Enclosure storefront
- fixed a bug in objCursorAlert
- added knock sound to jon bracken in reagast
- moved lomah up 16px for period 5 in dieppe
- fixed bug in Gennon general store
- fixed tammy falk portrait

not ready for 0.8 yet but i'm slowly whittling down the list of necessary fixes. i'm down to about 39 Class A bugs and additions that are standing between me and the benchmark. i'll probably be able to mark 0.8.0 tomorrow. if not, something has gone wrong.

notable about today's fixes is that you can complete the game from start to finish without running into a fatal error. this is tested and it works.

also notable is that a speedrun playthrough by me (blowing through cutscenes, not reading anything, not doing any optional quests, and not really talking to anyone) ended up taking 3:16. for people who are Not Me and who don't possess an almost obnoxious familiarity w/ the world, the game will probably take 6-8 hours to complete on the first try, and extend that to 10 if you want to 100% it.
Entry: June 23, 2012, 04:43:03 PM
23jun - Beta Phase 2 (0.8.0)

- 6 new maps:
 - Nonspace: Hub Trigger X, L, V
 - Grafton Desert: Timothy Sinclaire's House
 - Reagast: Lessis National Inventory, John Bracken's Apartment

- added tracks "edelweiss", "admiral", and "cape bojador" to the game
- fixed track order and added loop points
- verified all location data
- removed placard from KoMando Steak House
- fixed teleport bug in The Path nonspace
- added activators for Level 2 nonspace transfer hubs
- implemented Timothy Sinclaire house NPC
- cut up and implemented Leyt's new spritesheets. holy fuck was this tedious.
- replaced lamp in Svienor and Sons with radio object
- fixed the credits (they were running at 4x speed still)
- implemented Lessis National Inventory
- made some cosmetic changes to Previous Tower exterior
- demolished buraidh abandoned house (not needed)
- fixed two beds used in cutscenes where feet would show through the bottom
- added dialogue for Lomah on ferry in scene 57
- added dialogue for Leyt and Attlas post scene 15
- added dialogue for guards in the Presidential Manor
- added dialogue for Randex and Soubecki in the travel pay office
- hid KoMando seater except during scene 11
- placed Cheryl Elmwood NPC in Admiral Outskirts
- made minor edits to Cheryl Elmwood's dialogue
- added scripts for hotel dieppe bartender & innkeeper
- placed Lujan Bordh traveling shopkeeper
- added dialogue for Kris Duckworth and Sharon Byron
- implemented house NPC John Bracken
- added transform points to spots along Xirdalani borders
- wrote and implemented House NPC Lucy Pearson (Alex's sister)
- finished external and internal map requirements

Entry: June 24, 2012, 06:30:16 PM
24jun - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.29)

- put some test bugs into the bugtracker
- added some things to the save system. you can now save to nine slots. you can also load any save backup from the "Saved Games" game subdirectory, but you can't copy, delete, or overwrite them. i needed this so that i can address bugs from gamesaves on the fly instead of guessing which save file is closest to the location of the bug.
- fixed a bug in Ernie Jasper
- fixed a graphical error in one of Corvallis's house maps
- fixed a bug in nighttime when you go up to Nalfayn Co. roof
- made ending and coda cue videos for chris
- posted a new repo build
Entry: June 27, 2012, 08:05:03 PM
26jun - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.52)

- a lot of the testing is going to be taking place on the bugtracker, so i'm going to start listing each bugfix's mantis id in parentheses after the bug.
- fixed a bug in certain enemies where their 'wander' ai was frameless (29)
- fixed a bug where Attlas's skill 'Differential' was set as a physical when it should be a skill (19)
- fixed a bug in Boleck Ludwik (30)
- fixed a bug in Lujan Bordh (28)
- fixed a bug in Svienor and Sons wrt radio (it didn't have country data) (24)
- fixed a bug in exiting the game where it would generate an error if you exited at the title screen (20)
- fixed a misleading cue in Interactive Dialogue #2 (26)
- fixed an error in quickload (25)
- started the writing process for one of the Smoothie NPCs
- posted nightly 0.8.52
Entry: June 27, 2012, 09:34:34 PM
27jun - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.59)

- fixed a bug in savefiles (they couldn't be overwritten) (34)
- fixed a teleport bug in Lessis National Inventory (33)
- fixed a text error in Rose Terry (32)
- fixed a bug in transition from scene 17 to scene 18 when angela is leader (35)
- posted nightly 0.8.59
Entry: June 28, 2012, 06:10:40 PM
28jun - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.81)

- modified BGM play/stop so that the system only unloads the previous BGM when a new BGM is attempting to play. this is useful for inns and other situations where it would be wasteful to unload and reload the same BGM after a music fade.
- made signs for Svienor & Sons and clinics
- fixed a bug in status message layering (41)
- lengthened a teleport in Prisma Commercial (37)
- fixed an NPC pile up in scene 1 (36)
- fixed a graphical error when using pistol shot in cutscenes (39)
- fixed an actor pile up in scene 10 (43)
- fixed an error in receipt of SP for James Warbeck (42)
- fixed bottlenecking of actions in scene 12 (45)
- posted nightly 0.8.81
Entry: June 29, 2012, 10:28:35 PM
29jun - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.132)

- fixed a usability error in key/joy mapping (47)
- fixed a bug in objTransform (46)
- added cursor transform spritesheets for all cursors except angela
- fixed a bug in combat target acquisition after implicit rally (22)
- fixed a usability error in string representation of key/joy codes (23)
- posted nightly 0.8.132

doesn't look like a lot, but that targeting bug has been a major thorn in my side!
Entry: June 30, 2012, 11:11:05 PM
30jun - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.156)

- added save point to Gennon
- added save point to Camp Stevenson
- fixed a bug in lighting in Southeton indoor structures (49)
- fixed a freeze bug in Shaun Whitby (50)
- fixed a bug in triggering the read flag on contract boards (54)
- fixed a teleport bug in Dieppe Governance Complex (57)
- fixed a bug in Leyt's Anchor skill (53)
- fixed a bug in the hookshot (52)
- fixed a bug in Unruh dinner Interactive Dialogue (56)
- posted nightly 0.8.156

also had the joy of passing another kidney stone, so i'm surprised i did anything at all!
Entry: July 01, 2012, 10:36:52 PM
1jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.181)

- fixed a bug in HUD display during night (62)
- reactivated enemy's bioluminescent property on a provisional basis.
- doubled weapon maxreach for all weapons
- addressed a bug in menu confirm/movement for all gamesave menus (63)
- fixed a long-standing bug in refresh of stat values. before this it was possible to use begin-game stat values indefinitely as long as you didn't open the main menu.
- fixed some problems with Leyt's AI. he now attacks and combos properly (61)
- finally devised a permanent solution to not being able to see enemies behind tall foliage, etc. unfortunately, this required turning every offending scenery piece into an object, which took a couple of hours. this supersedes drawing an extra sprite at top level depth for each enemy (this didn't really work in practice and it looked weird, too)
- fixed the ferry system. it wasn't actually added to the game! last i checked, comments that say "go to hallia lucia" don't count as actual code. (58)
Entry: July 03, 2012, 01:22:46 AM
2jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.223)

- fixed a combat error i created last night (64)
- fixed a bug in Angela's pistol shot (65)
- put in airborne sprites for alex, angela, corvallis, and attlas
- put in attack sprites for alex
- fixed damage sprites. damage state now goes to airborne sprites.
- messed around with scrEnAIDivertPath in order to fix the horrible framerate dips it's causing. i still don't know if it's completely fixed yet.
- fixed a map bug in cape bojador (70)
- fixed an interface bug in status flash highlighting (67)
- fixed a facing bug and an actor visibility bug in scene 17 (16, 68)
- added a script that hacks in variable spritesheet width for party members.
- tried to get mobile bounce working again. it's super frustrating. i spent hours on it and i got pretty much nowhere. i'll have to attack it again tomorrow.
- posted nightly 0.8.223
Entry: July 04, 2012, 01:50:51 AM
3jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.273)

- battlesystem day! i'm attempting to fix all the bugs in the battlesystem and add the missing pieces today. if not, it'll spill over into tomorrow.
- added attlas, alex, and lomah battle sprites to the battlesystem. cutting these up and centering them took the vast majority of time.
- added sprite masks for attlas (96x96) and lomah (80x80)
- got draft writing back for 'homeless pete' and started revising it
- centered hookshot mechanic so that it looks good with lomah's battle sprite (this took a while, too)
- added the charge code for alex's staff. this includes the charge meter on the HUD and increased damage for charging in the battle algorithms. there's still the 'latent magic' thing to be done so i'll do that tomorrow.
- fixed a bug in title menu quickload (72)
- posted nightly 0.8.273
Entry: July 05, 2012, 12:24:12 AM
4jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.7.284)

- today was rough as i spent most of the morning in the hospital. i'm still hurting pretty bad from not being able to pass a kidney stone but the ibuprofen is helping so hopefully i can sit down and finish this thing without writhing in pain for several hours!
- finished alex's latent magic ability. if you fully charge alex's staff and release the charge, you have a chance to release elemental magic on the target. this will check for elemental weaknesses and resistance, so if something's weak against fire, the latent magic used will be Blaster, etc. if there's no weak/resist, the spell will be picked at random.
- fixed a bug in slow/stop (14)
- fixed a bug in AI pathing w/r/t the hookshot solid (73)
- posted nightly 0.8.284

i hope to fix up the rest of the battle system tomorrow so i can start doing some serious balancing work.
Entry: July 06, 2012, 02:36:35 AM
5jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.321)

- fixed Alex's AI w/r/t charging
- rolled mask changes into one script that's called when you change spritesheets. it's easier to manage this way. this should fix the remaining graphical bugs that relate to spritesheets.
- fixed a usability error in Poison. Poison shouldn't actually kill anything: it should reduce the afflicted to 1 HP.
- added track "Rajaz" to the SoundBank
- GREATLY improved the melee combat targeting module. it now works roughly the same way that the pistol targeting module does, except in only four directions instead of eight.
- fixed a few bugs in the battle system, including global and local freeze bugs when an entity commits an action while being damaged. the action would never complete (because the state gets changed while damaged), either freezing the party member or hanging the game. (79)
- fixed bugs in particle effects
- fixed bugs in weather effects and weather management
- fixed a long-time bug in stat bounding. buffs and debuffs were getting bounded with the base stats, causing them to be driven into the negatives in order to comply with the bounding rules (71)
- added entries for skill use, item use, and damaged to scrTransformKeys
- posted nightly 0.8.321

i will activate the updater for testing as soon as i get and implement all the remaining resources.
Entry: July 07, 2012, 02:17:48 AM
6jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.387)

- added all 'unconscious' sprites received to the game and added proper keys
- edited scrGetMask so that NPCs that have dead sprites can be read with the correct mask without creating another animation key
- edited scene 13 to display Vulpes as tied up
- edited scene 3 to display Victor as unconscious (38)
- edited scene 3 to display Corvallis falling down when hit (40)
- edited scene 42 to display Greg with pistol during Nathaniel confrontation
- fixed a freeze bug in changing sheets while a message box exists (82)
- fixed a bug in cape bojador mail processing teleport (81)
- fixed a bug in rappelling with the hookshot (80)
- fixed a long-standing bug in treasure acquisition. once i found the problem, it was super-obvious. i could swear i fixed this one, but i guess not. (6, 77, 78)
- fixed a bug in saving radio position (15). this invalidates all save files saved on builds 0.8.321 and below.
- fixed a bug in mood card use on certain interactive dialogues (83)
- fixed a fatal bug when referencing the spritesheet for Hunter (59)
- fixed a fatal bug in banter mechanisms (75)
- added the remaining human airborne sprites, cursor skill use sprites, and necessary keys referencing these to the game.
- posted nightly 0.8.387
Entry: July 08, 2012, 02:02:04 PM
7jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.452)

- fixed bugs in all house NPCs that freeze when you decline to knock on the door (84)
- fixed a long-time bug in scaling. scaling the screen 2x or even 3x now works properly (86)
- fixed a bug in angela's mask when going from walk state to attack state
- fixed a bug in fullscreen on a dual monitor setup (87)
- fixed a bug in tile gaps when changing screen aspect ratio (89)
- added a key map to the game. this shows the player what their controls are when they change the control set (88)
- posted nightly 0.8.452
Entry: July 09, 2012, 03:25:00 AM
8jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.513)

i began the first balancing pass today. i hope to finish a 100% completion run tomorrow, fixing everything that's broken along the way.

- fixed a bug in surface scaling. if you quickloaded the game, the surface would appear blurry (91)
- spent hours fixing a bug in camera shaking caused by the surface scaling changes. (94) i really feel like the unluckiest motherfucker on the planet sometimes. :/
- adjusted music cues
- got back the first comp of the instruction manual and sent back most of the rest of the in-game materials needed.
- fixed various errors in lore, location data, radio, banter, etc.
- fixed objScenery rendering errors in jahrat and near lille
- addressed an error in the Kaffroon ferry clerk (97)
- fixed a masking error in some party member attack sheets (93)
- fixed a player agency error in scene 12 (96)
- fixed a tree layer error on the way to Dendera (95)
- fixed a stair error in Lille's inn (98)
- fixed a couple of bugs in Attlas & Leyt in scene 15
- put the Reagast Courtroom table back, since i seem to have let it DISAPPEAR
- fixed a bug in doubler and swift banter (it was blocked by the message box)
- removed BGM from all nonspace clearings
- fixed a teleport coordinate bug in dendera secure gate
- fixed a layer error in mastrov easy exterior
Entry: July 10, 2012, 04:27:18 AM
9jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.557)

- fixed a bug in saving contracts (55)
- added a whole bunch of sounds
- added more enemy skills to the battle system
- added some much-needed optimizations to the HUD. a HUD widget will now only update if there's a detectable change in whatever it's displaying (nodes or ammunition).
- tightened up node timing code
- put backgrounds on most maps that needed them
- added optimizations to object display
- disabled scenery alpha if the player's currently in a cutscene (it's distracting)
- fixed some fatal errors in quickload (mostly surrounding deleting a save and then attempting to quickload)
- fixed a couple of bugs in objSplashTimer
- fixed character duplication bugs in game loading
- adjusted music cues
- posted nightly 0.8.557
Entry: July 11, 2012, 01:18:26 AM
10jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.589)

- fixed a couple of music cues
- added rabbit legs to NPC brad neely
- fixed a bug in scaling surface generation, hopefully (99)
- fixed staging errors in scene 10 (desert version)
- fixed a bug in pistol AI reloading when it wasn't supposed to be
- recolored the hair on Corvallis's knocked out sprite (it was off-model)
- changed the sound for angela's tranquilizer shot (to differentiate the shot from her normal pistol shot)
- fixed a bug in Kaffroon ferry
- fixed the background on the inside of the jahrat observatory
- added displayTalk settings to all NPCs that needed them
- fixed bugs in the random enemy targeting for Elementals
- fixed bugs in shop menu price calculation
- posted nightly 0.8.589
Entry: July 12, 2012, 02:18:38 AM
11jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.621)

- fixed a bug in BGM fade where if you went to another map, the end of the fade would cut off the music that was supposed to play on the target map
- put in a mechanism to preload BGM for cutscenes. this is to hide the momentary freezing that occurs when BGM is loaded - if i preload all the BGM i need, the freezing occurs when the screen is completely black and is not noticeable.
- added preloading scripts to necessary cutscenes up to scene 13
- fixed a bug in the splash screen timer
- fixed the majority of sound system bugs.
- changed a lot of monster AIs so that they will follow the party, but they won't attack. this is meant to test the player, similar to when there's a moth around you and you can decide to kill it or not. at no point will a monster attack unprovoked unless it's a boss.
- fixed bugs in Vodun-Lessis Customs House at Wester's Cliffs
- posted nightly 0.8.621

balancing continues. i've fought every type of enemy along the way and have assessed their hardiness for the first balancing pass. i've also documented skill charge relative rate for skill balancing and consequences of status effects on the party. i intend to do these for each level. also, as i go through towns, i've been attaching final NPC sprites to NPCs and just generally looking for bugs.

i'm about halfway through the first act. i hope to be done with the 100% completion run tomorrow, along with addressing any issue that prevents a 100% completion.

note: tasks that lead to a benchmark 9

- balancing pass 1 complete
- all resources complete and implemented
Entry: July 13, 2012, 02:56:16 AM
12jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.662)

- fixed another sound bug. this one occurred when a BGM faded and then the next BGM to play was the same BGM (fading to silence from area BGM and then playing the same area BGM)
- fixed a couple of bugs in attlas & leyt for scene 15
- fixed a bug in non-focus keyboard input at title screen (105)
- fixed a hookshot bug on the Lille to Dendera path (102)
- fixed a bug in node charging (101)
- fixed a bug in hookshots interacting with hookposts (106). also increased the area of the hookshot and hookpost masks a bit
- fixed a bug in Jim Whitby (104)
- fixed a bug in increment of Buddy NPC sociability talk number (107)
- posted nightly 0.8.662

other than this, i spent my time polishing the lead-up to reagast, including the scenes for dendera secure gate. player agency conditionals from scenes 1-18 have now been handled (with one exception). as a result, the gameplay between scenes 1-18 can be considered to be in a final state - there should be no bugs, glitches, or missing pieces that directly depend on these scenes.

i'll keep on working on it until i get it done!
Entry: July 14, 2012, 05:25:00 AM
13jul - Beta Phase 2 (0.8.695)

- fixed a fatal error in stackers (108)
- fixed an AP bug in physicals (109)
- fixed a bug in combat: enemies would freeze in the damage state
- fixed a bug in the cape bojador innkeeper
- fixed a bug in NPC trigger for terra's trinkets
- fixed a fatal bug in variable radius for certain skills accessed from the command menu. attlas's skills generally have low reach, but the system was treating them as if they could reach to 320px, the max effective radius of a skill. thus, when it came time for target retrieval, there was none, throwing an error.
- fixed several bugs in Kaffroon Electric Dynamo Supercritical battle
- fixed a bug in control scrambling for confuse status effect
- fixed a freeze bug in Marie Greene
- fixed a graphical bug in Barnah Neshy
- added backgrounds where some were missing
- set final NPC sprites for NPCs in Southeton, Admiral, Malin, and Dieppe
- added banter path if you go through xirdalan into vodun during period 3 (don't worry i'm going to put banter EVERYWHERE as soon as I'm done with the balancing run)
- cued up scenes 20-27.

the gameplay between scenes 1-27 can be considered to be in a final state. i have nearly complete balancing and sociability data for sociability levels 1 and 2 now.
Entry: July 15, 2012, 04:35:26 AM
14jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.740)

- fixed a couple of bugs in joypad control of the command menu
- fixed a bug in recognition of joypads with more than two axes
- fixed a bug in scrKeyIconToString: joypad buttons weren't registered with the script, throwing an error.
- changed the activate node button on the joypad to key_cancel. double-tapping the secondary button is too cumbersome.
- added support to recognize the "three" "sixty" controller (this is a generic mapping that shows you the buttons A, B, X, Y, L, and R)
- fixed door bugs in David Wise and Ramona Lawson
- collected balancing data for plot period 5 (SOC Level 3)
- fixed bugs and staging errors in scenes 27-30
- collected balancing data for plot period 7 (SOC Level 3)
- fixed a default dialogue bug in paul chast
- posted nightly 0.8.740
Entry: July 21, 2012, 01:22:51 AM
15jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.744)

- posted nightly 0.8.744
- spent pretty much the entire time writing the Smoothie NPCs and the rest of the banter that needs to go in

16jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.789)

- fixed a bug in translation of analog control to directional buttons (110)
- fixed a player agency issue where the player can go into ARM headquarters (5)
- fixed a bug in fitting a scaled screen to the display (90)
- changed the sheet for jim whitby
- finalized scenes 28-32
- posted nightly 0.8.789

20jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.792)

so i just got back from a pretty horrendous ordeal in the hospital. another kidney stone attack. it's STILL THERE but it's moved into such a position that it doesn't cause me excruciating pain.

the bad news is that we will most certainly not meet our deadline. we'll be able to get some stuff produced on time (packaging, etc) but anything that relates to the game has been pushed back, as the confidence i felt with being able to get this game done and bug free by july 16th or so has been completely thrown out the window. any table sales at glitchcon are gone save preorders and MAYBE physical OSTs. as you can imagine, i'm not really pleased about this.

the good news is that i can take this time to check EVERYTHING over and hopefully avoid issuing several bugfix patches. if i'm daring, i may add some more content that i planned for but cut for time purposes. we'll see.

anyway, i'll keep you posted.

- replaced "save timer" in config menu with "weather effects." weather effects seem to cause problems on some computers so I'm making this a toggle.
- posted nightly 0.8.792
Entry: July 26, 2012, 04:30:40 AM
25jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.830)

back to work after a LONG hiatus.

- got caught up on the rest of the admin stuff
- migrated the mail server to google (my host's mail server is on several spam blocklists and it's super annoying)
- fixed some bugs in scene 31B
- changed some staging cues in scene 31
- fixed a bug in the weather effect toggle
- fixed some bugs in Brian Keeney
- fixed a slowdown bug in AI pathing. if an AI can't get a path somewhere, it'll just override and go back to its idle state.
- added missing stairs to Camp Stevenson south
- fixed a bug in the hookshot where you could hook to a hookpost regardless of whether or not that hookpost was on your height level (this required adding a level variable to the hookshot solid).
- i'm sold on the idea that going to certain locations ahead of time should not only be reflected at the time, but also later in the plot. so i've started adding little references to events that the player can initiate outside of the plot. if the player completes these events, it adds to the story (and to their SP pile, to the tune of 20 SP per successful action).
- fixed a bug in objSceneFader
- finalized scenes 31-34
- posted nightly 0.8.830 (updater only)
- prepped the first eleven pages of the devlog for public consumption
Entry: July 27, 2012, 07:23:15 AM
26jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.865)

- backed up source
- finished going over the devlog and posted it in the public AC forum
- activated the boss trigger and termination script system. this allows me to supply a boss trigger through system_boss. when the trigger is activated, the termination script is set, and when the boss dies, the termination script is executed.
- fixed some bugs in Quon. there were frame bugs, AI eccentricities, and of course, Quon regenerating after the boss battle is complete. (60)
- wrote and implemented post-boss scene for Quon. this ties everything together neatly.
- posted nightly 0.8.865
Entry: July 30, 2012, 04:56:07 AM
28jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.865)

- fixed bugs in scene 35

29jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.881)

- fixed a bug in treasure acquisition. the treasure count variable was resetting every time the player loads a game, so i just cut it out of the equation by getting the next available treasure database row from a search (since it would have to be added to the savefile structure otherwise)
- changed the sort order of backup saves from ascending to descending (because you're more likely to need a backup save from recently than at the beginning of the game)
- fixed some tag displays w/r/t comma separated numbers
- addressed music cues between scenes 35 and 37
- addressed the rest of the player agency issues in A.R.M. HQ
- posted nightly 0.8.881
Entry: July 30, 2012, 12:53:36 PM
30jul - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.900)

1 new map:
 - Reagast: Clinic

- this is the second of two shifts
- addressed more music cues between scenes 35 and 37
- made several cosmetic improvements to the bomb maze and A.R.M. HQ
- finalized scenes 35-37
- fixed a typo in edward argonne
- disabled most NPCs and limited shop and inn access in period 9 for the following towns: Grafton, Lille, Dendera, Lismore, and Reagast
- locked Lessian borders during period 9
- fixed a fatal error in dolores dennison
- fixed a couple of bugs in going to the previous tower courtyard during period 9, including a bug where Angela is added to the party (so there are TWO Angelas)
- changed dialogue for Waughan in period 9. this is an interesting experiment - Ms. Waughan's period 9 dialogue is actually another NPC entirely. this is to remove waughan during the night because otherwise she'd be there all the time.
- fixed various bugs in clinics/pharmacies including missing shops and naming errors
- posted nightly 0.8.900
Entry: August 01, 2012, 08:20:54 AM
31jul - Beta Phase 2 (0.8.928)

- fixed a bug in location data. location data exceeded the capacity of the lookup table (again). set capacity from 512 to 1024.
- fixed a bug in pistol shot. this was due to the changes in handling different sounds for the event (111)
- fixed a couple of bugs in Malin NPCs Tina Keeney and Antonio Lear
- fixed a bug in camp stevenson
- split up a message in wendell peters
- added an SP action to wendell peters
- split up a message in tina gatto
- added an SP action to tina gatto
- fixed an error in Lujan Bordh (Revolving Market)
- opened the gate to Midvale earlier (because i realized a couple of days ago that Timothy Sinclaire would be inaccessible during period 16, and he's uh FAIRLY IMPORTANT).
- made a duplicate map of Dendera to Grafton 4 in order to depict the gravity mine as closed
- made an edit to scrTalkToNPC that makes all party members face the NPC
- fixed a period bug in Francisco Harrington
- made some edits to Jerry Mullard
- fixed some entity attribution errors in NPC scripts
- posted nightly 0.8.928
Entry: August 02, 2012, 05:13:34 PM
2aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.949)

- fixed a bug in the diagonal stairs in Prisma Commercial (115)
- fixed a misplaced block in Corvallis's room (112)
- fixed a teleport error in Lille clinic (113)
- fixed a period error in banter outside of dieppe
- fixed a couple of bugs in going past the Vodun/Lessis border. this required putting in a new script that gets party members by their follow status instead of their position or party leader status, so that party members move to their proper positions based on who's following who.
- fixed a bug in the clearing outside of Lille.
- fixed a bug in Dell Jenkins
- limited access to the bomb maze to between scenes 33 and 37
- fixed a bug in location data for the new Grafton Quarry map
- placed NPC Timothy Sinclaire
- fixed a message error in Jasmine Lane
- fixed staging errors in Timothy Sinclaire house scene
- posted nightly 0.8.949
Entry: August 03, 2012, 09:21:53 PM
3aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.964)

- at glitchcon! this doesn't mean progress halts, though.
- fixed a bug in setting of key virtual icons (117)
- fixed a misplaced collision object in Reagast Silver Star (121)
- fixed two teleport errors in Malin Inn (120)
- fixed open door bug in Barnah Neshy (119)
- fixed a bug in going to scene 29's location with leyt and lomah in the party (122)
- fixed a bug in Admiral ferry (118)
- posted nightly 0.8.964
Entry: August 06, 2012, 08:55:13 PM
6aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.986)

- as this weekend was a table weekend, I didn't get much bugfixing done.
- made the analog movement control more coarse (at 45 degree increments, it now matches the POV Hat). this is to alleviate cutscene triggering problems as well as fix an analog control that is generally glidey
- fixed volume control scale. it's now log10(v * 10) * 10000, where v is a number bounded between 0.1 and 1.
- fixed usability errors in tutorial tiles. tutorial tiles didn't take into account double-width keys like enter, shift, etc. when displaying keys in tutorial tiles, they are now centered (this took way too long, btw).
- fixed the same usability errors, except in title menu confirm prompt
- blocked off an alleyway in Prisma flats
- changed how the objCutsceneEvent mustFace property works. now, you can face any direction, but the party leader's facing will be set to mustFace
- fixed a bug in alcarytic snow: it was already marked as collected. this was caused by the treasure database changes i made earlier. (124)
- fixed a bug in placards: if you double-tapped the confirm button in the right way, you could get doubled-up messages, but ONLY in placard scripts. (127)
- posted nightly 0.8.986.
Entry: August 10, 2012, 02:11:52 AM
9aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1000)

- finalized music files and loop points in-engine
- fixed a couple of bugs in kenneth boles sidequest (133)
- fixed a facing bug in maps with cutscene objects on them (132)
- fixed a freeze bug in a placard in ARM HQ (130)
- fixed a collision mask bug in the tall bridge railing (131)
- went through and pruned a lot of the garbage sprites, BGs, scripts, and objects from the source file. it only ended up reducing the size of the exe by about 200kb, but at least all of the deprecated stuff is gone.
- posted nightly 0.8.1000
Entry: August 14, 2012, 12:57:57 AM
13aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1063)

- added an objective reminder to the main menu. this is a one-sentence description of where you're supposed to be going next, and it flashes in and out in time with the lower description bar (much like the quickload display in the title menu)
- added the backend to the objective reminder. this is a list of strings detailing objective reminders based on the scene you last passed.
- wrote objective data for the first two acts
- rolled objective reminder into the tutorial system. this way it won't show up if tutorial tiles are disabled.
- semantic change in configuration menu: "Tutorial Tiles" to "Tutorial System"
- fixed another usability error in displaying double-width keys. this time it was in the Interactive Dialogue flash. Since I can't make any more room in that interface, I opted to alpha fade all double-length keys so that they are effectively single-length. You can still tell what the keys are, it toggles between alpha and non-alpha easily, and it fixes another interface error.
- fixed a graphical error in INSTEC main corridor
- moved the Getimol bottle to Corvallis's bathroom instead (a majority of people were going to the bathroom to look for the medicine during playthroughs)
- cleaned up the broken table in Corvallis's destroyed house a little (this can cause complications with scene 4b)
- fixed a bug in Small Mammal AI where the AI wouldn't face the right direction when fleeing
- fixed bugs in Snake and Bird AI. monsters that use these variants are now much more standoffish. (133)
- added capability for an enemy AI to trigger a warning sound based on arbitrary criteria one time per state.
- addressed a bug in AI where monster AI focused heavily on the party leader no matter who was attacking the most. (135)
- addressed a freeze bug in use of stackers when partyCount = 1. (125)
- addressed various description and action errors in unlearned nodes
- tightened up control of node cases in the command menu. this will prevent an unlearned skill from being used or a physical from being used in the command menu (these are only supposed to be used via the active node or node keys, i.e. when you're controlling that character)
- fixed a description bug in node assignment item listmenu
- fixed a bug in the command menu: you could still control it while paused
- fixed cancelCase sound bugs in command menu
- changed depth of command menu from -9998 to -10000 (HUD is -10001)
- re-added a sprite i accidentally threw out with the garbage (see this is why keeping backups is important)
- made minor edits to stat bar w/r/t potential stats
- consolidated potential stat drawing into one script
- fixed various interface display errors in the stat bar, objItemOptionSelect, and the main menu
- posted nightly 0.8.1063
Entry: August 15, 2012, 02:09:37 AM
14aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1094)

- addressed a bug in activation for autostart cutscene events. the code was killing the cutscene object regardless of its activation status, leading to cutscenes not triggering where they should. (137)
- addressed a bug in using skills from the command menu. (136)
- addressed a location data bug in dendera transient area. (138)
- addressed an issue in revocation of weapons upon entering reagast. if the guard revokes weapons and the player cancels the dialogue, the party will be without its weapons until you enter and leave reagast. weapons are now removed in the last action of the scene.
- fixed various bugs in Bird and Bat AI variants
- fixed bugs in attacked property for AI across all variants. all instances of this should take into consideration that this is a full fledged object reference, not a boolean.
- addressed a bug in the save system: deleting a save file would cause the save files to repopulate, making all backup saves in view look like empty slots. (139)
- fixed an error in the collision mask for Shadow Bat
- added a save point to the Midvale Cliffs
- put flying solids on one of the Grafton Desert cave maps
- fixed a period bug in Richard Olson and newlined one of lomah's dialogue boxes
- added transformation markers to the Lismore to Prisma path. luckily, the nonspace gates are kind of spread out, making it very easy to take care of transformation with just a couple of objects.
- fixed a spritesheet bug in shtMan19Idle, shtMan19Walk
- limited interaction with linda (the Chamber of Commerce clerk) only to points when Angela's in the party.
- added debug_soc calls to the rest of the game script
- fixed a bug in scene 38C
- addressed staging errors in scenes 40-42
- rolled in script changes made in the last few weeks
- addressed music cues for scenes 38 to 42
- finalized scenes 38 to 42
- posted nightly 0.8.1094
Entry: August 16, 2012, 02:48:54 AM
15aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1122)

- fixed a bug in the malin ferry map (142)
- fixed a bug in Christina Maynes (143)
- fixed collision errors in Corah Pass (140, 144)
- fixed a bug in Lessis/Vodun custom house cutscene when entering Vodun. (141)
- quite a few of the recent errors that have popped up with regard to cutscene activation have to do with changes to objCutsceneEvent's activation criteria, since you no longer need to face the right direction in order to activate a cutscene.
- made edits to the Nathaniel AI variant.
- changed skills in Nathaniel AI. removed calcify. added strengthen, poison, and stupefy.
- fixed a bug in conflation of status effects in scrRemoveStatusEffect. some constants such as ALL and EFFECT_NEG could be conflated with actual status effect constants and trigger inappropriate removal of status effects
- added the ability to "prefer" an entity in scrRandomAliveMember. 50% probability the preferred entity will be targeted. example: a human AI such as Nathaniel will be smart enough to use Stupefy on the person who has the most skills and skill power (such as Alex). therefore, Alex is preferred in this instance.
- tweaked nathaniel's AI and jumping a bit
- paused BGM while the game is paused (finally)
- added status effect skill controls for enemies (also finally). if a normal monster is STOPPED, STUPEFIED, STUNNED, or CONFUSED, the skill exits and the monster's skill timer is reset. bosses are exempt from this, which means that if they were going to use a skill before having one of these status effects inflicted upon them, they'll use it as soon as they recover.
- added new boss triggers for Nathaniel
- fixed bugs in applying nullification states when loading a game and adding a party member
- fixed staging errors in scene 43
- addressed music cues for scenes 43 and 44
- finalized scenes 43 and 44
- replaced corvallis skill use sprite with updated hair color
- posted nightly 0.8.1122


When Acts III and IV are finalized, the game will be given benchmark 0.9 and Release Candidate status.
Post by: Cesar on August 16, 2012, 09:58:56 PM
ACT II finalized

Exit stage left
Entry: August 20, 2012, 02:01:44 AM
17aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1122)

- replaced some music files that had minor sound artifacts with updated versions
- made sure music loop points were the most current
- took care of admin stuff

19aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1149)

- fixed bugs in the save system regarding the use of Juno for the plot switcher
- fixed a bug in banter: banter would show up at different heights for entities that use masks of multiple heights
- changed Julius Wainwright's sprite
- added a Julius Wainwright scene to scene 47
- addressed music cues for scenes 45-47
- fixed bugs in BGM fading
- finalized scenes 45-47
- posted nightly 0.8.1149
Entry: August 21, 2012, 12:33:37 AM
20aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1168)

- started class today. this is gonna be fun
- fixed a bug in the door lock for post-scene 47
- reopened scenes 45-47
- fixed staging errors in scenes 45-47
- addressed music cues for scene 48
- finalized scenes 45-48
- posted nightly 0.8.1168

corvallis's Act III scenes are finalized. five chars left! running tests on Act III is going to get complicated, and here's why. to illustrate, i'm going to refer to the corvallis, angela, and attlas arcs as story-heavy, and the alex and leyt/lomah arcs as exploration-heavy.

the story-heavy segments are no problem. however, before i can call Act III finalized, i need balancing data for sociability, monsters, bosses, status effects, and skills from these exploration-heavy segments. i need them for SOC levels 5, 6, 7, and 8. so i'm going to need saves that allow me to start off at each of these levels.

right now, i have saves for levels 5 and 6 to start off with. i figure i can finalize the angela and attlas scenes in a row and it'll get me the level 7 and 8 save files to play with. more to come on this.
Entry: August 22, 2012, 12:05:42 AM
21aug - Beta Phase 2 (0.8.1180)

- fixed interface bugs when going from the plot switcher to attlas's scenes
- fixed staging and action errors in scenes 49-51
- limited access to Dieppe during Attlas's scenes
- added Lofton's Charm to Attlas's room in Douglass Manor
- finalized scenes 49-51. Attlas's arc is now finalized.
- rewrote part of scene 77
- made minor edits to scenes 68A, 69, and 77
- fixed staging errors in scenes 66 and 71
- addressed music cues in scenes 49-51 and 66-71
- posted nightly 0.8.1180
Entry: August 24, 2012, 06:44:32 AM
23aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1212)

- fixed an interface bug in going from the plot switcher to angela's scenes
- addressed an activation bug in Mohr Kasper's quest (146)
- addressed an activation bug in Evelyn Lewis's quest (147)
- addressed a bug in going from the first to the second scene in Mark McNeil's quest (148)
- addressed a freeze bug in Mark McNeil's quest
- fixed an actor attribution error in Brad Neely (149)
- made minor edits to Christina Maynes's quest
- fixed bugs and graphical glitches in Lucy Pearson's scene
- addressed an activation bug in Christina Maynes's quest (150)
- added a save point to the Elemental Palace
- fixed a bug in camera focus in Elemental Palace Arena (151)
- fixed a graphical glitch in Lille Beachfront (152)
- fixed a teleport error in Hallia Lucia Inn (153)
- fixed a freeze bug in Cheryl Elmwood (154)
- fixed a graphical glitch in Admiral Commercial during period 16
- addressed a fatal error in Lucy Stonecoal's quest (155)
- addressed staging errors in Cheryl Elmwood
- addressed sound cues for Cheryl Elmwood and Marie Greene
- addressed staging errors in Marie Greene
- fixed a bug in Francisco Harrington: you can talk to him after you get the Black Pebble
- placed Mechaminers for Lucy Stonecoal quest
- fixed a music cue error in the Elemental Palace
- fixed a graphical error in Than Nonspace Transfer Hubs
- fixed missing collision solids in Nalfayn Company office (how...mysterous.... . .)
- posted nightly 0.8.1212
Entry: August 25, 2012, 09:01:14 PM
25aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1220)

- added the ability to delete backup saves to the gamesave menu. you still can't copy them, but you can delete ones you don't need anymore, at least.
- fixed a bug in talking to Soubecki in the Travel Pay office
- fixed a bug in the Nalfayn Company pistol range map
- added Christine's Letter to the game
- i'm in the middle of a pretty exhausting search & replace for this character - ' - in order to replace it with either ‘ or ’ as appropriate. i'm still not done, but most of the main script is done, and all instances of items and shops should be changed over, so there shouldn't be mismatch errors when searching for these types of objects. i can't do an automated solution because I would probably weave it into the message system, and not everything's integrated into the message system. the rebuild will address this situation more systematically.
- limited access to Nalfayn Company during scene 69
Entry: August 27, 2012, 07:56:31 PM
27aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1230)

- fixed a bug in Keira Ewen (161)
- fixed a collision bug north of Dendera (159)
- fixed a couple of bugs in Mechaminers (157)
- fixed a proxy action bug in Brendan Modoc (156)
- fixed misplacement of a crucial cutscene in Admiral (162)
- started marking tracking dot data for the in-game map
- posted nightly 0.8.1230
Entry: August 29, 2012, 12:18:10 AM
28aug - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1242)

- elaborated on objective wording in Act II when traveling to Gennon.
- continued substituting apostrophes (joy)
- made a sprite edit of angela with her hair flowing (uguu)
- made minor edits to scenes 73, 76, and 77
- fixed staging errors in scenes 72-77
- addressed sound cues for scenes 72-77
- fixed a bug in Christine's Letter
- finalized scenes 66-77. Angela's arc is now finalized.
- posted nightly 0.8.1242
Entry: September 01, 2012, 07:54:47 PM
1sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1280)

- made minor edits to scenes 36, 69, 72, and 80 that help reinforce the characters of angela and corvallis.
- fixed ALL apostrophe errors
- set music cues for ARM HQ
- added NPC dialogue to ARM HQ during period 15
- addressed sound cues for scenes 53 and 54
- finalized scenes 53 and 54
- fixed an overlap bug in Christina Maynes's contract info
- here's what I'm going to do for Alex and Leyt&Lomah's arcs: i'm going to do a lower bound (at Level 5) and an upper bound (at Level 8) and balance that way. that should give me more than enough info.
- gathered balancing info for Alex at Level 5
- fixed a bug in Mechaminer award of control unit
- added a manual game over condition (for a game over that occurs in the Supercritical battle)
- posted nightly 0.8.1280
Entry: September 03, 2012, 05:35:37 PM
2sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1295)

- fixed errors in game over case for Supercritical
- fixed bugs in generation of charge meter surface conflicting with generation of screen surface (171)
- fixed a freeze bug in message decay (170)
- verified all music loop points. every loop point is more or less seamless, with the exception of Trouble Knocks Back: there's a volume issue. i'm going to message chris and ask him to try a different loop point.
Entry: September 03, 2012, 11:52:26 PM
3sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1315)

- fixed a dialogue error in Glenn Bogan
- fixed a bug in NPC door for Ramona Lawson
- fixed a long-standing bug in the message box: a "next page" for a message box would erroneously use the last draw settings for the name, sometimes resulting in centered and transparent names when they should be left-aligned and opaque. (169)
- newlined a message in Mark McNeil
- fixed a couple of message errors in Khaldoon Nazmi
- fixed a sprite error in Lomah's walk sprites. (167)
- fixed an errant debug message box. (166)
- added the ability to look through the telescope.
- made a mountain night background to use during night periods in the game
- fixed depth and opacity bugs with NPC SOC icon display
- added SP award and a few staging touches to Lucy Pearson
- fixed a message error in Edwin Childs
- fixed a displayTalk bug in Mandy Kasper
- addressed an unlock issue in Mastrov Easy
- added new trigger and endcap for Ansariyah boss battle
- fixed bugs in Elemental Palace Altar Room, Arena, and Spell Library
- locked Elemental Palace Nonspace Gate until a certain condition is met
- addressed a freeze that occurs when the player attempts to fight Ansariyah as Leyt and Lomah. (158)
- posted nightly 0.8.1315.
Entry: September 11, 2012, 12:06:33 AM
5sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1324)

- got back and implemented another Trouble Knocks Back loopable from Chris
- addressed music cues in scenes 53-55
- finalized scenes 53-55
- edited rmGENtoSTE2 so that party members can access it if they don't have a hookshot

10sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1333)

- implemented the map viewer. the map's accessible at the pause screen, but only if you have the item "Political Map." press the secondary button to toggle the map at the pause screen. you cannot show the map during cutscenes.
- implemented map tracking. this is done manually and is rolled in with location data
- added zero map data for nonspace (because it's not on the map, it's nonspace)
- added map data for Hallia Lucia (in order to test the system out). I still have to add location data for the rest of the towns, so if you enter a map without coordinates, the dot'll just stay put until you enter a map that has coordinates.
- the map remains accessible for testing purposes
- posted nightly 0.8.1333.
Entry: September 13, 2012, 12:06:00 AM
12sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1338)

- added missing map data for Lessis, Xirdalan, and part of Vodun
Entry: September 13, 2012, 11:24:31 PM
13sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1361)

- added the rest of the missing map data. if there are any gaps, please let me know!
- added a feature that randomizes the tracking dot and flips/mirrors the map (for Leyt's hallucination on the ferry)
- disallowed obtaining of Black Pebble until after the Admiral scenes. this fixes the Admiral cutscene error (162). it also addressed Leyt being able to leave Admiral at night during the Admiral scenes (164).
- made some changes to Brendan Modoc based on whether the player has passed scene 63.
- spent some time attempting a save structure conversion. this is meant to be a conversion and WILL NOT invalidate save files. i'm basically taking all my backups and running them through a converter that I wrote that's based on scrLoadGame.

i will attempt to employ this system in the next hotfix (let's be honest, they're not nightlies anymore). if it goes well, no save files since the last time I changed the save system should be invalidated.
Entry: September 15, 2012, 07:53:28 PM
14sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1377)

- employed save structure conversion. here's what was modified:
 - ADDED: Build Number, Contract Status, Is Contract New, JS Donation Item ID
 - REMOVED: Contracts Grid, Detainees Grid, Character Stat Tables
- added the previous save script as a legacy function
- fixed errors in contract data caused by changing the way contract status and newflags work
- added the ability to see the JS item in the chest you just donated to (this required modifying the save structure so i put it off until i was able to do that).
- you can now view and load gamesaves with multiple savefile structures with no problem
- fixed a bug with displaying the first (or only) backup save in the Saved Games folder
- because i detached the contract info from the save structure, i can now fix newline/bleed errors in contract descriptions immediately.
- wrote a gamesave versioner. unversioned gamesaves will now automatically convert themselves on load to any new structure provided. the game will then overwrite that save with the new version data. finally, the game will load using the current version of scrLoadGame.

i was doing some thinking about how to manage players loading a savefile newer than the current exe they have (in the event that the game is updated and they get a save file from a friend that's newer than the version they have) and i think i'm just going to tell them to update their exe in order to access those savefiles. less headache.

if they really need it i can downgrade the save file manually but i can't build the ability into the exe (this would require me knowing the future which uh is impossible), so i'd have to do it on a case-by-case basis.
Entry: September 16, 2012, 02:47:07 AM
15sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1397)

- fixed savefile conversion errors due to not setting the proper value for Database.npcCount before using it
- added the new clock tower to Hallia Lucia
- disallowed loading of gamesaves that are newer than the current game build
- added a notice to gamesaves that are newer than the build in the save menu: "Please update the game to load this save file." no one should really run into this unless they're trying to use, for example, a 1.1 save file with release 1.0.
- modified savefile copy and delete so that unloadable save files can only be deleted
- modified draw order in scrDrawSaveFlash
- fixed some bugs and cleaned some things up in the contract board.
 - "open contracts" has been replaced with "in progress" and will now show you every contract that you're currently working on.
 - "all contracts" has been replaced with "open contracts", and will reflect only those contracts you haven't taken up or completed
 - the country filter has been completely removed from the contract board, as it can be confusing to find the contracts you have open when you're going from country to country.
- added new boss triggers and a post-boss scene for arista
- fixed bugs in the Jon Shobe contract
- fixed a bug in boss battles that occurs when the manualGameOver variable hasn't been defined yet
- relayered a couple of maps in Lucia Forest
- made sure the Jon Shobe quest can be completed successfully. the arista story doesn't conclude until period 22, though.
- fixed a bug in savefile percentage calculation caused by the change in the contract status data structure.
- fixed a bug in the A.R.M. chalkboard placard in period 2. (173)
- posted hotfix 0.8.1397.
Entry: September 17, 2012, 12:06:31 AM
16sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1412)

- added "in progress" flags to all contracts that needed them.
- i feel like i should also point out that regardless of the game being updated, savefiles only need to be updated when the save structure changes for some reason. a game update does not necessarily = a save structure update. because of this distinction, i've added global.SAVESTRUCT, which is updated with the first version number of a new save structure.
- fixed an error in quickload caused by a slot mismatch (178)
- fixed collision errors in Malin Bar and Dieppe Presidential Manor (176, 177)
- added Kris and Cassandra's new sprites
- fixed collision errors in Previous Tower Courtyard (180)
- fixed a teleport error in Previous Tower Courtyard (181)
- fixed bugs in scrPlayAmbientSound / scrStopAmbientSound
- fixed staging errors in scene 58A
- fixed staging errors in cheryl elmwood scene
- fixed staging errors in marie greene scene
- whoops, forgot to place Theodore Renier in Admiral! fixed.
- closed up shops in admiral during scenes 62 & 63
- fixed staging errors in scene 58B
- addressed music cues in scenes 56-58
- finalized scenes 56-58
- posted hotfix 0.8.1412.
Entry: September 18, 2012, 12:01:51 AM
17sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1446)

- fixed a list bug in scrEnumerateBackupSaves
- added the ambient ocean sound effect to the ferry
- fixed a bug in update game savefile notice. i had a sign flipped. :/
- fixed a bug in Attlas and Leyt's tutorial tiles (182)
- added a default variable to objCutsceneEvent in order to fix an error
- apparently i didn't close the shops up right! fixed
- added Skyfish to the Admiral armor shop
- fixed a bug in Journey Support Chests: the game would error out if you tried to open a chest you just donated to. (185)
- fixed collision bug in Gennon General Store. (184)
- fixed a bug in obtaining the Plastic Jug for the Alcarytic Snow subplot. anyone can get it at any time if they go up to the Camp Stevenson house. (186)
- global.SAVESTRUCT is now committed to the save file instead of global.BUILD. this way the build can be checked against the save version properly.
- made minor edits to scene 59b, 61, and 64
- placed Anchor Pendant and Ticket Stub
- fixed staging errors in scenes 62, 64, and 65
- addressed music and sound cues in scenes 59-65
- finalized scenes 59-65
- posted hotfix 0.8.1446.

there's one scene left to finalize in act III. and honestly, act IV should fly, considering it's endgame and the balancing data i have to collect is way less compared to the other three acts.
Entry: September 18, 2012, 11:22:43 PM
18sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1461)

- fixed a script error in Francisco Harrington
- fixed bug with knock sound in Francisco Harrington
- fixed bug in quickload where you can load save files that are newer than the current version
- added ability to override the map coordinates to scrLOCSceneOverride. this fixes issue #187.
- fixed a bug in sergeant-at-arms of dieppe senate
- gathered balancing data for lower bound of Leyt & Lomah
- fixed HUD bugs in House NPC knock sequences
Entry: September 19, 2012, 11:28:06 PM
19sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1482)

- fixed a graphical bug in Leyt's house
- spent a lot of time fixing a logical inconsistency that, if unchecked, prohibits Angela and Alex from getting into Vodun during period 22.
- allowed angela's apartment to be opened up if angela's in the party.
- added Silver Key to the inventory (this can be obtained by reading Angela's diary in her apartment). it unlocks Angela's house in Grafton. From there, you need the Black Pebble in order to unlock the Vodun Nonspace Level 2 hub, which will allow Angela and Alex to get back into Vodun in order to do Lofton's Quest. Note that you have to unlock at least one other Nonspace Level 2 hub for this to work.
- fixed a fatal error in ally AI override
- prohibition of exit to Xirdalan while in period 16 checks out okay.
- gathered remaining balancing data for lower bound of Leyt & Lomah
- addressed music and sound cues in scene 52
- finalized scene 52
- posted hotfix 0.8.1482.

Act III may be finalized, but I still need to collect upper bound data for Alex, Leyt, and Lomah.
Entry: September 21, 2012, 07:19:10 PM
21sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1490)

- collected sociability balancing data for scene 52
- filled in stat balancing and top-out data for most of the characters. i still need to get top-out for Angela (Levels 4-8) and Corvallis (Level 4 only). balance adjustments will include setting sociability thresholds for Levels 5-8 at the same value for each character (because you gain levels, but you only use each character for one level, so it'd be unfair to curve the sociability threshold upward during that time.
- prepped Alex and Leyt&Lomah for their upper bound balancing sessions by getting hub save files at level 8 for both situations
Entry: September 23, 2012, 01:36:30 AM
22sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1518)

- collected upper bound balancing data for Alex
- fixed a teleport bug in the Hub L pathway
- fixed a bug in camera shake for the opening of the elemental palace door
- fixed a zero division bug in scrDamageDefenseModify
- fixed a BGM bug in the Supercritical boss battle (179)
- fixed a freezing bug in the Supercritical boss battle caused when ring out occurs in the middle of a bounce action. (175)
- fixed a fatal battle system bug in wolf grouping where a wolf would get another wolf as a target and then try to reference that target as if it were a party member, crashing the game.
- collected upper bound balancing data for Leyt & Lomah
- collected all unique Journey Support items. I cheated using the debug item menu to get high-value items to put in the chests but whatever. The JS level bounds are going to come down by at least half. If I do this, then by the start of the third act players should be getting pretty good items (including a couple of unique items that will help fill out gamesave icons) if they've been consistently putting items of a reasonable value in the chests.
- fixed the logic error that SHOULD be causing #190.
- posted nightly 0.8.1518.

i've been working on getting in a good position to finalize Act IV (which shouldn't take long at all). i wanted to make sure everything was set (all necessary items collected, everything works as it should) before starting, though. if all goes well, i should have a 100% save file at the end of this process, which is what i'm looking for, because it's proof the game can be completed in its entirety. in other words, if i can do it, so can the player.
Entry: September 23, 2012, 11:51:58 PM
23sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1530)

- fixed a bug in charging the last node of the node bar for sociability levels 6, 7, and 8 (191)
- fixed a bug in completion of Jon Shobe's quest (193)
- fixed more tiling errors in Lucia Forest
- fixed an error in message decay (195).
- fixed a freeze bug in Brendan Modoc (194).
- newlined a message in Brendan Modoc.
- fixed pause bugs in the gamesave quick menu and the contract menu
- fixed an interface error in scene 56
- fixed a staging error in scene 64
- fixed a collision map error in Leyt's room
- fixed a bug in the Christina Maynes contract where you can complete the contract as someone other than Alex
- posted hotfix 0.8.1530.
Entry: September 29, 2012, 09:34:38 PM
24sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1536)

- fixed teleport and stair errors in Hub V
- fixed some interface bugs in ferries
- fixed a causality bug in ferry route Kaffroon <---> Hallia Lucia <---> Admiral
Entry: September 30, 2012, 03:24:29 AM
30sep - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1542)

- made some edits to music loading
- ran a trial test. i'm trying to shrink the trial down as small as possible. since AC doesn't (and won't) have DRM, i need to provide a separate trial version with a content-limited demo wall. it's pretty hard to know what to throw out of the executable, so i've stuck to compressing the music for now. you can hear the compression but it's nowhere near as bad as it could be. in preliminary tests, shrinking the music takes the package size from ~235 MB to ~57 - a decrease of 75%. that's about the size of the old RC1 demo. i'll see if i can't mess around with this some more.

i'd like to be able to put out a trial version really soon, but i'm worried about what happened with the RC1 demo - softpedia and other software aggregators picked up the buggy RC1 demo before i fixed its issues - so I may wait.
Entry: October 02, 2012, 12:00:03 AM
1oct - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1562)

- widened the period restrictions on Kenneth Boles
- completed all contract quests for this playthrough
- fixed an interface bug in scene 78
- spent time fixing loading errors in the save system. all loaded saves created since 0.8.321 should work when loading a saved game through the Main Menu save loader. (This is related to #199.)
- cleaned out some duplicate objects and other leftovers
- posted hotfix 0.8.1562.
Entry: October 02, 2012, 08:49:42 PM
2oct - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1583)

- backed up source
- fixed an objective display bug in the main menu
- gathered sociability data for level 9
- fixed a message bug in Donna Jensen
- locked up ferry route Kaffroon <---> Hallia Lucia after period 16
- addressed music and sound cues in scenes 80, 81, 82, 83, and 86A
- fixed a typo in scene 80B
- fixed staging errors in scenes 81, 82, and 86A
- fixed a scene registration bug in scene 83
- posted hotfix 0.8.1583.
Entry: October 04, 2012, 09:35:00 AM
3oct - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1594)

- newlined a message in scene 84
- made minor edits to scenes 84 and 85
- made minor edits to PVT Swift
- made edits to Lofton's Quest initiation to require three of the four elemental talismans
- made edits to Lofton's Quest so that you can take ONE party member of your choice with you (either Attlas, Leyt, or Lomah).
- wrote and implemented scenes for Attlas and Lomah's party selection. you only get one chance to choose, so you have to choose wisely.
- put in the necessary mechanisms for the selection to work properly.
Entry: October 05, 2012, 10:47:05 AM
4oct - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1611)

- fixed bugs and other eccentricities in the Lofton party mechanisms
- tested all conditional cases for party mechanisms
- placed items Sliding Puzzle and Political Map
- added unlocking SE to all doors that get unlocked by a character
- gathered balancing data for sociability level 9 (with leyt in the party)
- fixed a bug in scrGetCurrentPeriod. due to the way periods 21 and 22 work, i have to check for period 22 before period 21.
- fixed staging and cueing errors in Gregory Ghent's scene
- removed an obsolete entrance from Hub A
- fixed a camera shake bug in the Ancients' Courtyard
- changed Botros Lofton's sprite
- fixed errors in triggering of Magma Golem boss battle
Entry: October 07, 2012, 01:31:14 AM
6oct - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1630)

- fixed boss end bugs in Magma Golem (i'm going to go over actual combat stuff after I wrap up the balancing run)
- fixed some gate bugs in The Path
- added bridge mechanisms to The Path that i forgot
- changed sprites of Joran Gatto and Sidney Kirovabad
- added a save point to the Nonspace Library
- made some functional edits to the Nonspace Library scene
- cleaned up the end of Lofton's Quest
- addressed music and sound cues for scenes 86B, 88, 89, 91, 92, the ending sequence, and the credits.
- finalized scenes 78-86A
Entry: October 07, 2012, 09:16:42 PM
7oct - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1655)

- addressed staging errors in scenes 88 and 89
- locked radio and sociability from scene 93 onward (201)
- relayered the garden in front of the Prince's Palace (thanks GM 8.1)
- laid out the final credits roll
- tuned the credits roll to sync with the music
- put in the new (separated) epilogue track (202)
- finalized scenes 86B-92B

All I need to do is make sure the epilogue music is synced and fix New Game+ and I'll be ready to call benchmark 0.9.
Entry: October 09, 2012, 12:27:02 AM
8oct - Beta Phase 3 (0.8.1671)

- added manualPreloadClear property to SoundBank (so that the second part of the epilogue will stay in memory until it's needed). Right now, all preloaded sounds are freed on fade; this will keep that from happening until the flag is reset to false.
- addressed point errors in scrGetCompletionPercentage
- spent way too long addressing gamesave load errors from the main menu (AGAIN. WHAT THE HELL). this ate up most of my time and so I wasn't able to declare 0.9 today. i will be able to tomorrow, though.
- shifted scene 88 to be between scenes 81 and 86A. this repositions one of the climax/denouement scenes so that the time between the last player control point and the end credits is less than it was. this change makes the entire ending flow better and it also has two benefits:

(a) it allows me to cover both scenes 81 and 88 with That Damn Drum without it being awkward (I was previously covering 88 with Split Helix, which is in danger of being overused)
(b) the player realizes that they're about to hit the epilogue sooner.

- addressed a circular reference in scrGetCompletionPercentage: the game would only award the completion badge if the percentage of completion points equaled 100, and the percentage calculation awards two points for the completion badge.
- addressed staging and sound errors in scenes 97 and 98
- disabled cutscene skip for the ending scenes
Entry: October 09, 2012, 11:44:55 PM
9oct - Release Candidate (0.9.0)

- fixed remaining ending bugs
- addressed a display bug in completion badge
- fixed all bugs in New Game+. loading a cleared game into New Game+ now works properly.
- addressed issues in using and activating Star Fragment
- disallowed loading of a cleared game through the quickload display
- finalized scenes 93-99
- declared Release Candidate status
- posted hotfix 0.9.0.
Entry: October 11, 2012, 10:32:01 PM
11oct - Release Candidate (0.9.10)

- fixed some graphical errors in the credits
- went through all maps and modified/re-placed monster encounters in order to prepare for...
- ...the monster stat scaling mechanism. this scales monster stats based on how many of that monster type you kill. i'm pleased to be partnering with the director of The One Starring Jet Li in implementation of this feature.

How it works: the game stores the total number of monster instances by type across the game. as a player, you get a certain amount of free kills of each type for tags. after you expend them, that monster is no longer tagged - killing it will not net you any reward, so if you continue to do it, that monster type's population will start to dwindle and monsters of that type will start disappearing. the remaining monsters will also get stronger, hardier, and more skilled at taking you out.

- added the monster stat calculation algorithm
- added the necessary population control restrictions on each enemy encounter (so that they'll actually start to disappear when you kill enough of them).
- changed all AIs so that monsters will automatically attack if that monster's type-health (the percentage of population remaining) is less than 100%.
- fixed a bug in loading a save file in ng+. (203)
- fixed a bug in skipping scene 1. (204)
- added sound actions to the action skip list for cutscene skipping. if music needs to be played, it'll be played in the post-skip events.
- posted hotfix 0.9.10.
Entry: October 12, 2012, 09:22:51 PM
12oct - Release Candidate (0.9.47)

- fixed a bug in prisma commercial sector post-scene 82. (198)
- filled out the rest of the objective data
- made major edits to scene 51 in order to address a plot hole/lack of information. i think it works a lot better!
- fixed a bug in setting enemy scaling values. (205)
- fixed a bug in cutscene skip. (207)
- fixed a bug that caused pause to be disabled inappropriately
- fixed a bug in banter activation between scenes 4a and 4b
- fixed a bug in scrAddToParty. (206)
- messed with some things with regard to cutscene skipping. the cutscenes that have skip data attached to them should no longer run any trailing actions (or if they do, they'll be hidden by the fade if there is one).
- removed shield charms from newgame+ initialization
- re-added equipment to newgame+ initialization (because i don't want people to lose items just because they're equipped)
- fixed a bug in display of shield charm token on save flashes (this one took a while to root out)
- fixed various look and feel bugs in scenes 1-9.
- added skip cutscene data for acts III and IV. this tentatively addresses #189.
- made certain cutscenes unskippable (any point after the end of player control leading up to the ending scenes and for certain crucial choices).
- posted hotfix 0.9.47.
Entry: October 14, 2012, 01:09:21 AM
13oct - Release Candidate (0.9.75)

- fixed a bug in the shop menu. now the only character portraits that will be shown are the ones of the people in your party (instead of the "enabled" characters).
- implemented and placed all Smoothie NPCs
- fixed a couple of bugs in skipping cutscenes that aren't part of the main scenario. (208, 210)
- fixed a bug in death tally for population control
- added "vulnerable" icon to the command menu (for monsters with a low type-health)
- fixed a bug in the contract board. (211)
- fixed a bug in objShowDamage. (213)
- fixed a bug in skipping scenes 17 and 18. (212)
- fixed a camera pane bug in the gamesave quickmenu. (168)
- limited george lendt's visibility to period 2.
- fixed a sound bug in skipping scene 17
- added a save point to Hotel Dieppe (allows you to save in between scenes 20-24A and 24B-27)
- added missing BGM preload for scene 18
- posted hotfix 0.9.75
Entry: October 15, 2012, 02:36:59 AM
14oct - Release Candidate (0.9.76)

- new map: Vodun High Court - Courtrooms

- backed up source
- added missing placard data for Prisma, Lismore, Dendera, Reagast, Grafton, Lille, Dieppe, Malin, Southeton, Admiral, Hallia Lucia, Jahrat, Buraidh, Cape Bojador, Kaffroon, Gennon, and Camp Stevenson
- placed missing radios in Lismore, Reagast, and Malin
- since I'm going through each map sequentially anyway, I figured I'd fix the graphical errors that are really quick to fix (full sinks, bed layer errors, bridge layer errors, etc).
- added a little mini-scene for Dr. Meier in the beginning of the game
- made a calendar placard that changes the date depending on the plot period you're in. I may black out dates if the date progression starts to not jive with the story.
- made edits to the Admiral Cliffs map
- fixed a weird teleport thing in Jahrat
- fixed a bug in the Gregory Ghent scene
- disabled cutscene skip for most cutscenes not related to the main plot scenario. (214)
- fixed a bug in tag display for bosses. (217)
- updated Lofton's Quest to account for third party member in dialogue.
- wrote all missing banter
- placed all missing banter
- patched up another Hub L Lundmark exit
- wrote and implemented dialogue for unresponsive NPCs
- placed worker NPCs in Nalfayn Company
- attempted to patch plot holes that have been pointed out to me
- fixed dialogue in Tina Keeney (129)
- added some movement to Brad Neely re: period 3 attlas
- posted hotfix 0.9.76.


Entry: October 15, 2012, 07:32:53 PM
15oct (#1) - Release Candidate (0.9.85)

- fixed a bug in scrGetOppositeFacing for an angela-leyt banter scene
- fixed a bug in skipping the cutscene where you add Attlas to the party. (216)
- halved the population control powerfactor variable
- applied balancing pass 1 data to money, tags, JS levels, monster stats, skill charge, Sociability, and skill AP. here's what I changed:

 - i doubled the money cost for all purchasable items.
 - i then tied the tag cost to the money cost so that tag cost = money cost / 2 (so half)
 - halved all JS levels
 - raised the initial stats of pretty much all monsters so that stat = stat * (5 / balancing pass 1 difficulty level) where reasonable
 - skill charge generally went up across the board, so did AP. on the flipside, skill effectiveness greatly increased and some errors were fixed in random spread and damage values
 - Alex knows a LOT MORE spells when you get her now. you'll need to start a new game to see this, though.
 - sociability levels 5-8 now have identical thresholds and the total top out for each character is above the total amount of threshold points

note: there's a second balancing pass coming, so if something seems too high or low for you, please speak up before the 20th.

- posted hotfix 0.9.85. another one is coming; this is just to fix an impassibility error.
Entry: October 16, 2012, 02:17:41 AM
15oct (#2) - Release Candidate (0.9.130)

- fixed a bug in powerfactor that was killing off all my monsters
- added a new script to calculate physical skill damage. i was going off barehand damage which (a) is weak and (b) doesn't even factor in the base damage value for the skill.
- drastically increased values for all enemy physicals
- fixed bugs in skipping the scenes leading up to the nathaniel boss battle
- fixed a bug in node discharge when a player using a skill is interrupted. (145)
- fixed a bug in Duragraha where the stat would persist long after a boss battle. honestly, this probably applies to all status effects and stat buffs/debuffs because when I ended up in the Decision Bell after the battle, control scrambling from being confused was still present. (188)
- fixed a bug in Leyt's knife combos. (163)
- fixed a bug in Attlas's defend ability. (174)
- applied balancing data to Sociability stat improvement values
- posted hotfix 0.9.130.

i'm not comfortable calling the battle system done yet, so it's gonna bleed into tomorrow's work, which isn't that bad, honestly.
Entry: October 16, 2012, 11:08:21 PM
16oct - Release Candidate (0.9.147)

- fixed various persistence bugs in status effects
- added more powerful skills that are triggered if an AI's type health is lower than a certain number. applies to the following AIs: Ringtail, Penguin, Mad Crab, Cavewolf, Shadow Bat, Saidder, Stonebeak, Trampler, Brown Bear, and Nighthoot.
- i also added status effects to certain AIs' normal attacks if their type health dips below a certain number.
- weaved scrNegativeEffectsEnemy into physical attacks (it was only present for actual skills before)
- added monsters to The Path that appear if that monster's type health is below 1.
- fixed AI bugs in Magma Golem and Elemental
- fixed all unintentional graphical bugs and/or eccentricities in all maps.
- posted hotfix 0.9.147.


interface finalization will have to come a bit later. i may push it off until friday night. also, i'm not posting hotfixes wednesday or thursday, just as a heads-up. the only thing that's getting posted tomorrow is the IGF demo, and that's just 0.9.147 with a demo wrapper around it.
Entry: October 17, 2012, 11:06:14 PM
17oct - Release Candidate (0.9.147)

- added a demo scenario variable so I can track which scenario the player is currently in. this is to open up selected paths while keeping certain scenarios from being too non-linear (see nonspace scenario)
- extended scenario 1 from scene 13 to scene 18.
- extended scenario 2 from bomb maze exit to scene 37B
- recreated IGF demo scenario files
- replaced a couple of placeholder tutorial tiles and added a new one for SP use
- fixed a bug in party placement for Dr. Meier
- tested all IGF scenarios
- posted demo 0.9.147-IGF.
Entry: October 20, 2012, 05:58:33 PM
19oct - Release Candidate (0.9.171)

- disallowed use of HP Overmax items through the Item Menu. (218)
- fixed a bug in banter where the banter would overlap the gamesave quickmenu. (219)
- fixed a bug in banter where the banter would progress at inappropriate times after regenerating a banter box that was killed because of interface access. this was caused by improper assignment of banter to proxy entities.
- fixed a bug in banter where teleporting to another map would progress the banter to the next message regardless of whether not the previous banter box was actually finished.
- fixed interface sound bugs in all menus, especially in scrolling lockevents (because i need to play a sound until i reach the top of the list).
- made a change to the menu master object ojmMenu: if cursor movement triggers a lock event (like at the top or bottom of a scrolling list) then that direction's move flag isn't triggered.
- made a pretty significant overhaul to the way objBuySell (the quantity tally for BUYIN' THINGS) works in order to fix some systemic errors with it. i'm pleased to say it doesn't drop any numbers or bug out like it used to, and i must've cut the number of lines by 3/4. yay for learning.
- due to my ojmMenu changes, i had to change the way the scrolling lockEvent works. not a big deal.
Entry: October 21, 2012, 03:29:33 AM
20oct - Release Candidate (0.9.192)

- fixed remaining errors in interface and HUD layering (errors in skill layering below dark layer, over HUD, over special controller, and command menu highlighting of the active character
- fixed a bug in alpha transparency when moving behind tall objects
- fixed a bug in lighting of streetlights (the streetlight object can be deactivated before it's fully off-screen)
- fixed a bug in the radio that cropped up after last night's banter changes.
- added native color accents that were missing to each character portrait in the shop menu
- made some changes to isEnabled property for characters. basically if a character is added to the party once, it is enabled. characters are disabled when they explicitly leave the party for an extended period of time (exs. Corvallis or Attlas)
- added all character isEnabled toggle points where necessary
- verified that memory cursor works for all menus it applies to. it even works for the gamesave menu, which is quite the fucking feat TBH
- added cursor memory functionality to the command menu and targeting menus. there are separate cursor pointers for the enemy, ally, and all groups (in order to keep the player from being able to acquire an enemy target for a recovery item, etc).
- added a scroller marker to most item menus. this will tell you roughly what position you are in the item list.
- made changes to the save structure and item grid (THIS WILL INVALIDATE ALL CURRENT GAMESAVES):
 - added the cursor memory map to the save file
 - made changes to inventory order and deleted redundant items. inventory codes are set in stone now; any changes to the inventory key structure by default invalidates the save file because there's no way to reliably remap the inventory once the IDs have changed.
 - replaced save token "Victor's Key" with "Silver Key"
 - added 10 slots of buffer space between each item category (recovery, battle/oneuse, weapons, armor, relics, key items, and parcels). this is in case i need to add an item or two to the game after it's released.
 - added 10 slots of space between each skill category
 - bumped up skill capacity to 512
 - bumped up contract capacity to 64
 - bumped up detainee capacity to 64
Entry: October 21, 2012, 10:49:49 PM
21oct - Release Candidate (0.9.200)

- reordered some inventory items
- fixed a sound bug in the item menu
- fixed a bug in automatic highlighting of "Continue" at the title screen. the new method takes into account both regular saves and backup saves.
- fixed a bug in object clipping
- added REVIEW toggle to Environment (in addition to DEMO and TRIAL)
- announced release date (hint it's October 29th)
- posted hotfix 0.9.200.
- prepared 0.9.200-IGF and 0.9.200-REVIEW (an update to the IGF build and a review copy)
Entry: October 24, 2012, 11:56:17 PM
24oct - Final Non-Release Build (0.9.212)

- added an awesome quote to the game intro
- modified the savefile structure to add the population control maps (i missed this last time, hopefully this should be the last time i mess with the savefile structure)
- added the trial wall
- repropagated and verified proper loading of IGF scenarios
- verified that saving, loading, and prepping new game + works
- posted final non-release hotfix 0.9.212
- prepared 0.9.212-IGF and 0.9.212-REVIEW
Entry: October 25, 2012, 10:52:53 PM
25oct - Final Non-Release Build (0.9.219)

- time for the second balancing pass. during this pass i will also test all cutscene skip events, auto-capture screenshots, record everything, and gather savefiles for the savefile repo
- fixed a bug in the save point where the code would get location data once per step instead of just once
- added healing to the save point (DEBUG ONLY)
- changed various skill functions:
 - angela's poison shot no longer does damage.
 - angela's duragraha only buffs for +10 PWR instead of +35
 - leyt's oceaneer effective heal base is half of what it was
 - corvallis's restore base % is now 10 instead of 25
 - alex's restore base is now 25% instead of 540HP
- set up the second balance pass data sheet. the following applies before this even gets started:
 - the relative speed/worth of the following skills has been set to 5 as identified in the QA period: Restore (COR), Satyagraha, Fleche, Oceaneer, Restore (ALE), Revive, and Regenerate
 - the relative speed/worth of the following skills has been set to 4: Drain Shot, Duragraha, Lunge, Judgment, Quasar, Tendril, and True Aim
- recorded and autoscreened scenes 1-14
- verified cutscene skip for scenes 1-14
- marked scene 13 unskippable (interactive dialogue)
- fixed a gamekiller in objSelectTarget
- fixed an errant music cue in scene 13
- posted a critical IGF hotfix (because of the fix to objSelectTarget)
- converted raw gameplay videos to xvid. i'll keep the raw ones as long as i can but i might run out of space.
Entry: October 27, 2012, 05:01:48 PM
26oct - Final Non-Release Build (0.9.228)

- fixed a bug in awarding SP for skipped cutscenes during a NG+ (215)
- partially updated the game's media presence. i still have more screens to upload and I'd like to get far enough to piece together a release trailer.
- took care of some admin stuff
- added the ability to store a coordinate trail to ojmMovable. this was so I could add...
- ...a native color motion trail to character damage and healing (so that you can tell who did what better)
- fixed a bug in bartaser AI code
- extended hit windows for melee weapons
- widened hitboxes for all flying enemies
- NPCs that you can still get SP from are now highlighted in the command menu
- fixed a bug in objShowDamage
- fixed a freeze bug when getting the Sliding Puzzle
- fixed a timeframe error in Angela's diary
- made some minor corrections to scene 15B
- fixed a period bug in Jonathan Flanigan
- fixed a price bug in selling things through the shop menu
- verified cutscene skip for scenes 15-18
Entry: October 27, 2012, 08:19:45 PM
27oct - Final Non-Release Build (0.9.240)

- fixed a gamekiller in objJSAddItemList
- fixed a bug in Lujan Bordh, period 3
- fixed a bug in Kithyara Octavian, talk number 2. note: the way the system currently works, the talk number won't increment properly for buddy NPCs if they're in a different room than they were before. so I've gotten rid of the room criterion for buddy NPCs. it shouldn't really affect anything, but we'll see
- disallowed selling or donating of courier receipts
- fixed a couple of Lujan Bordh's shops w/r/t the Discount Coupon (it wasn't registering)
- fixed a space error in scene 22
- fixed some whitespace errors in Kithyara Octavian talk number 2
- marked scene 19 unskippable (got a party member)
- marked scene 20 unskippable (interactive dialogue)
- verified cutscene skip for scenes 19-27B
Entry: October 28, 2012, 11:14:46 PM
28oct - Final Non-Release Build (0.9.255)

- marked scene 19 skippable and fixed the NPC kill errors with it
- added Lomah's tutorial tile to scene 27C
- fixed bugs in skipping scene 27C
- changed Satyagraha and Triage to be learned automatically for Corvallis
- fixed a couple bugs in skipping parts of scene 29
- verified cutscene skip for scenes 28-30
- edited scrGetNodeTime to return node wait times more accurately
Entry: October 29, 2012, 09:45:51 PM
29oct - Final Build (1.00)

- updated the credits
- updated the game manual
- changed the death timer to only increase if the unconscious party member revives as a result of the death timer running out (this means you can keep your death timer low if you revive using Adrenaline or Peppermint Oil, or by going to an inn).
- "Vitamin Water" changed to "Mineral Water" ('cause I don't feel like getting fuckin' sued today)
- fixed the Grafton Shop (because you couldn't buy anything but general recovery or oneuse items there)
- fixed an error in getting the Plastic Jug
- fixed a bug in Tina Keeney
- added some dialogue to the Reagast silent guard for period 9 (oh, karma)
- fixed some graphical errors in the Kaffroon - > Aleppo's Cross path
- marked scene 31B unskippable (interactive dialogue)
- fixed a bug in skipping scene 36
- fixed a bug in discharging the free use node when using an item or skill
- fixed a bug in getting Jon Shobe's quest to appear on the contract board. i don't even know how i fixed this one tbh
- fixed a bug in scene 47 alternate w/r/t appearance of Julius Wainwright
- fixed a bug in rotating through a node bar with six nodes in it with the joypad (oddly fucking specific)
- verified cutscene skip for scenes 31-88. the rest have been marked unskippable.
- elaborated a bit on the gate guard interactive dialogue
- finished last balance playthrough
- modified skill charge times for Satyagraha, Subterfuge, Lunge, Fleche, Slash, Impale, Restore, Revive, Regenerate, Thermal, Boulder, Quicksand, Magmosis, Aquoid, Aerosis, Seismoid, Quasar, and Pep-Up - these charge times increased quite a bit.
- decreased money & tag prices on a lot of items (i was finding it hard to spend any money or tags during this last playthrough)
- added a lime green highlight to Interactive Dialogue score if you get a perfect bonus
- fixed a graphical bug in viewing stat values when unequipping something
- fixed a refresh bug in viewing stat values when equipping something
- changed the "0" SP threshold when at level 9 to dashes, indicating that you can use all your SP
- adjusted SP point values using data from second balance pass - every stat got a bump, but Speed got a BIG bump.
- tested SP thresholds at level 9 (should allow you to use all your points when you can afford them)
- fixed random stuff that i'm too tired to remember the specifics of
- published Final Build ver. 1.00
Entry: November 02, 2012, 07:00:39 PM
1nov - Final Build (1.01)

- added a whole bunch of hints to Lofton's Quest and clarified existing ones. hopefully it should be easier to figure out how to complete it.
- fixed a couple of bugs in Lofton's Quest that rendered it uncompletable
- fixed bugs in character skills Pep-Up, De-Tag, and tightened up code for pretty much any skill that inflicts a non-standard status effect (just to be on the safe side)
- fixed a staircase bug in Midvale
- fixed a character visibility bug in scene 23
- fixed a transparency bug in one of the NPC character sets
- fixed a bug where the Admiral ferry would never get activated in plot period 22 (because it was using a boolean that never gets used). rolled admiral ferry activation into ferryOpen_HLC instead.
- fixed a placement bug in the Arista scene
- fixed a couple of graphical glitches on the way to Midvale
- fixed a bug in the shop menu: if you can't sell items, the inventory scroll indicator would draw anyway
- made a couple of minor graphical improvements
- fixed a potential gamekiller: if you happen to teleport to a map where monsters are being auto-killed (because some such criteria for them existing on that map hasn't been met) AND you happen to be in the entity collision refresh step when you do it, the game will throw an error (that you can ignore, thankfully)
- prepared 1.01 Full, Demo, Trial, and Review builds
- pushed out 1.01 Demo and Review builds

overall, I'm very pleased. i re-verified ghent, lofton's quest, and the path, and none of them seem to be choking. i feel a lot less shaky about this than i did yesterday.

i'm hoping i'll go a while without a major error. please, please, let me go a while without a major error.
Entry: December 22, 2012, 05:03:56 AM
12nov - Final Build (1.02)

- ran a test of AC under Game Maker Studio. there are a whole bunch of problems that need to be addressed before the game can be upgraded to that engine. chief among them is the fact that execute_program has become deprecated and this means that the updater can no longer be launched from a game maker executable.
- moved handling of the kill property of entities to ojmEntity:step

14dec - Final Build (1.02)

- made edits to a sentence in scene 51.

22dec - Final Build (1.02)

- worked on the proprietary updater. it basically works the same as the MD Updater, but i have more control over it, and i can also port it to Mac, giving the OS X version of AC updater capability - this is something i'll need whenever yoyogames gets around to adding joypad support for Mac.
Entry: January 02, 2013, 01:40:50 PM
2jan13 - Final Build (1.02)

- cleaned up my local Modest Arcade directory
- loaded sounds and BGM into GMStudio source
- made some changes to the way fading works
- removed support for the following extensions:
 - SGAudio: no longer needed because Supersound has been proven to be superior in pretty much every way, so much so that i don't need to use SGAudio as a backup
 - Cleanmem: rendered obsolete by the way GMStudio compiles things
 - MD Auto-Updater: removed because I wrote a proprietary updater that does the same thing.
 - Focus: removed because of the new os_is_paused function
- added support for the following extensions:
 - ProcessLauncher: meant to replace deprecated execute_program function in order to auto-launch the updater (for windows, at least)
- did some texture paging
- tried to figure out how GMStudio broke the action queue, was unsuccessful

overall, i'm trying to keep this thing as lightweight as possible. when 1.02 for windows is run on update, it'll clean up all obsolete DLLs and resources and delete the old updater.
Entry: January 04, 2013, 05:18:21 AM
3jan - Target 1.02 (Current Build: 1.01.53)

- fixed a bug in scrFindActor that was causing some queue actions to be dropped
- did some texture paging
- fixed bugs in some textures that caused them to blur at the edges (most notably with sprMessageBox)
- fixed a bug in objMessageBox where the text wouldn't show up (222)
- fixed a bug in sprites where arrangement on the texture page would cause sprite sheets to bleed over onto one another (221)
- fixed a passability error in rmScene1 (223)
- fixed a bug in creation of objects descended from ojmObject (224)
- fixed a face portrait alignment error in objMessageBox
- replaced certain characters that wouldn't show up with their unicode equivalents
- fixed an alignment of the night surface
- fixed an error where draw_texture_flush flushed the night surface and the surface didn't regenerate before drawing, resulting in a fatal error.
Entry: January 04, 2013, 08:49:01 PM
4jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.53 WIN / 1.01.3 OSX)

- well, it was a hell of a time getting a Mac set up to do this, but I did it. a USB OS X partition solved all my crazy problems.
- removed support for the following extensions:
 - High Resolution Timer: rendered obsolete by GM Studio function get_timer
- fixed a couple of minor bugs in the OS X version related to game startup

i'd like the source to split (and there's gonna be a source split) as late as possible in the port process so as to make things easier on myself, but i don't know how likely that's gonna be.
Entry: January 05, 2013, 02:45:20 PM
5jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.78 WIN / 1.01.08 OSX)

- forced nondirect for all key event scripts for OS X (until the inability to use keyboard_check_direct by that platform is addressed)
- adapted all menus to use the new Draw GUI event. this should address displacement of HUD elements by the camera, a bug that has been plaguing the menu system since it was created.
- moved (most) surface drawing into each object's Draw event
- fixed various bugs caused by the new undefined object creation order (226 of note)
- fixed a bug that clogged the GameManager's actionqueue, killing interaction with NPCs and placards (225)
- added the remaining SE to the game file
- fixed a type bug when entering the main menu
- fixed various layering and positioning bugs in the main menu
- fixed a bug in objSceneFader where alarm[0] wasn't going off for normal fades, resulting in a very short gap between fade out and fade in
- fixed a bug in subtractive lighting (227)
- posted builds 1.01.78 (WIN) and 1.01.08 (OSX) to the repo
Entry: January 06, 2013, 07:15:26 PM
6jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.103 WIN / 1.01.14 OSX)

- worked on the save system, which was broken by GM studio in a few different ways. i was (not at all) surprised to find out that the room id handling for studio is different from 8.1. thankfully, i don't need to access any of this from in the game, so i just wrote a script that takes those hard numbers and assigns them to the new index references in the editor. (229)
- i also took this opportunity to clean out the garbage rooms that aren't used in the game.
- fixed a bug where the save point wasn't being illuminated
- fixed saving the game by working around a bug in the GM Studio runner. this bug kills the runner if the game attempts to write a very large string using any of the data structure writing functions (ex. ds_list_write). since i can't fix this, i worked around it by rearranging the save structure to avoid any absurdly long strings. these can often be caused by calling, for example, ds_map_write, storing the result in, say, a ds_list, and then calling ds_list_write on the whole thing. (228)
- version 1.02 should now load and save games properly for gamesaves stamped 1.00, 1.01, and 1.02. as a reminder, version 1.02 save files cannot be carried back to 1.01 - the save flash will simply say "Please update the game to load this save file."
- fixed various graphical errors
- posted builds 1.01.103 (WIN) and 1.01.14 (OSX) to the repo

i should probably make a note here that if i hadn't versioned the save files and built in gamesave protections and the ability to have legacy gamesave loaders, i'd be completely fucked right now!
Entry: January 09, 2013, 04:35:47 AM
8jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.104 WIN / 1.01.14 OSX)

- so i spent TWO DAYS trying to solve a problem with the save system. i needed to figure out why, upon loading a save file, angela was locked in nalfayn main. as it turns out, ds_map got quite a few changes, and so ds_map_write strings written by GM 8.1 don't load into Studio properly, and when it gets a string that it doesn't like, it leaves the map blank, which is bad news for the cutscene map, since a lot of doors in the game are scene-locked. so i wrote a ds_map legacy reader in order to translate the string into a usable map. took two days and a lot of help, but it's done.
Entry: January 10, 2013, 07:49:48 PM
10jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.116 WIN / 1.01.15 OSX)

- fixed bugs in scaling the screen, especially relating to the GUI. the screen should scale properly at 1x, 2x, 3x, and Full in both 4:3 and 16:10.
- this also fixes a bug where the intro quote would be off-center when loading up a new game in fullscreen. (231)
- attempted to address slowdown bugs in connecting and disconnecting gamepads only to find out it's a GM issue and it's completely unavoidable. hooray.
- fixed various graphical errors in the command menu overlay
- added code to hide the HUD if a message box is displaying (finally)
Entry: January 11, 2013, 07:51:23 PM
11jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.118 WIN / 1.01.22 OSX)

- fixed a bug where monsters were running outside of the collision space (232)
- fixed a bug where NPCs would face down after they were done talking (235)
- fixed a bug where the digital clock would disappear after any interface manipulation (240)
- fixed a bug where surfaces would glitch out in abandoned houses (244)
- fixed a crash bug in approaching treasure chests (237)
- fixed a bug where monster name, stacker icon, and status effect windows would be misaligned (245)
- fixed a bug where status messages wouldn't show when called from the scene fader (241)
- fixed a graphical glitch in the JS donation menu (246)
- fixed a few tile glitches
Entry: January 13, 2013, 01:35:15 AM
12jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.120 WIN / 1.01.33 OSX)

- fixed a graphical glitch in the gamesave menu
- fixed a glitch in display of music notes in message boxes (243)
- fixed graphical glitches in the radio and the Jahrat Observatory telescope viewer
- fixed a bug in opening and closing the node assignment quickmenu
- fixed a glitch in display of banter (242)
- added Interpolation and Vertical Sync options to the config menu
- instances of surfaces being created where either dimension was not a power of 2 have been fixed.
- posted builds to the repo
Entry: January 13, 2013, 05:34:30 PM
13jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.124 WIN / 1.01.35 OSX)

- removed the Joypad option from the OS X version of the config menu
- added additional checks for interpolation/vsync
- currently sitting on my hands waiting for a GMS update to the audio system. word from on high is that it's probably coming after the yoyo crew gets back from CES (so probably sometime this week).
Entry: January 16, 2013, 02:14:28 PM
14jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.128 WIN / 1.01.35 OSX)

- ran the final updater tests for windows. here's what the updater does:
 - deletes the following files: CleanMem.dll, Focus.dll, img.mdu, mdu.exe, http_dll_2_2.dll, sound\OpenAL.dll, sound\SGAudio.dll, sound\wrap_oal.dll
 - moves the following files from the local directory to "%localappdata%\Alcarys Complex\": Saved Games\*, #.sav, alcarys.cfg

after that it downloads the .exe and associated files and runs the new copy of the game.

15jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.129 WIN / 1.01.35 OSX)

- i haven't dropped off the face of the earth! i've just been writing a map parser for the past couple of days. this is a necessary step that should address tile seaming when in fullscreen interpolated mode (247 ( Details here (
Entry: January 16, 2013, 09:53:02 PM
16jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.131 WIN / 1.01.35 OSX)

- spent the day addressing #247. it's done now, though.
Entry: January 22, 2013, 11:45:06 PM
22jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.155 WIN / 1.01.35 OSX)

- took care of a whole bunch of admin stuff i needed to address
- removed the remaining bugs from fullscreen interpolated mode. if interpolation is on, all surfaces are drawn with single-pass interpolation. this fixes a bug where blurry surfaces would result from not managing interpolation properly.

with the changes, 1.02 should be rock-solid display-wise, even on the lowest spec computers. once i started managing interpolation properly, i was even able to turn on vsync with no lag at all (usually it halves the framerate on my computer).

p.s. if you're wondering where i've been for the past few days:
Entry: January 24, 2013, 12:39:17 AM
23jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.164 WIN / 1.01.38 OSX)

- fixed a bug in display of key string in objKeyMapFlash (249)
- added a bgm chaining map to scrCreateLoopables in order to properly loop OS X audio
- implemented the audio backend for OS X

so i'm at a critical point in this port. sound is really the only thing left to go in on the Mac side, but due to the way Game Maker Studio works, i can't put in all the sound and test the engine until i split the source. if i leave the sound files in, they'll be duplicates of the external sounds and it'll balloon the size of the windows build. so here's what i'm going to do:

- i'm going to do a bugtest playthrough of the windows version to make sure everything works...
- ...then i'm going to add the content i had planned for 1.02.
- after that, i'm going to split the source and test the mac sound engine. since everything is 99% cross-compatible, the bugtesting should be minimal at this point.

to reiterate, OS X audio backend is already in, but i can't test it just yet.
Entry: January 26, 2013, 10:52:08 PM
25jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.166 WIN / 1.01.38 OSX)

- checked scenes 1-9b for bugs
- implemented colorblind-friendly display mode. this changes all interface elements that are red and green to other colors if the only way to identify that element's gameplay purpose is by color.
Entry: January 27, 2013, 04:53:34 AM
26jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.173 WIN / 1.01.38 OSX)

- checked scenes 10-16 for bugs
- fixed a memory leak in scene 13 (257)
- fixed a typo in the area card in the Journey Support main office (250)
- fixed a bug where the node assignment quickmenu glides off-screen (251)
- fixed a bug where the "death portrait" would glide away from the party leader as the party leader moved further and further away from the room's origin (253)
- fixed a couple of black spots in the path from Buraidh to Aleppo's Cross (254)
- fixed a bug in Offset Champion and generated new backgrounds and rooms. this, in turn, fixed a few graphical bugs relating to tiles with widths and heights that were different from each other (255, 259, 260)
- fixed a bug where the description text was grayed out when opening the item bind widget (256)
- fixed a bug where the "Perfect Score" text was highlighted green in Colorblind Mode (258)
Entry: January 27, 2013, 11:01:29 PM
27jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.183 WIN / 1.01.38 OSX)

- fixed a collision bug in handling analog while on diagonal stairs (261)
- fixed an actionqueue glitch when entering a room via a disabled teleport (263)
- added a placard to a painting in prisma general store 3F (264)
- fixed a highlighting bug when using a special skill or selecting a target (266)
- fixed an actor_move bug in scene 15 (267)
Entry: January 28, 2013, 10:33:21 PM
28jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.191 WIN / 1.01.39 OSX)

- took care of admin stuff
- fixed a bug in switching the party leader using the joypad if the party leader is in any position but party[0] (252)
- rewrote scrTargetSortByDistance because it wasn't sorting right for some reason
Entry: February 02, 2013, 03:56:58 PM
31jan - Target 1.02 (1.01.199 WIN / 1.01.39 OSX)

- tax time!
- rewrote some ambiguous mechanism NPCs in Dendera Secure Gate (262)
- fixed a bug in AI pathing while going under bridges (268)
Entry: February 03, 2013, 04:01:07 AM
2feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.219 WIN / 1.01.39 OSX)

- fixed a bug in bridge graphical layering
- fixed a bug in HUD icons showing up over the Contract Menu (274)
- made another fix to Offset Champion in order to address background tile space glitches like #273
- fixed a bug in objScenery registering of nonsolid scenery objects (272)
- fixed potential stats alignment bug in status flash (271)
- fixed a banter box bug where banter boxes would get cut off if they were too wide (269)
- fixed a radio bug where canceling a conversation with an NPC would allow two banter boxes at a time to pop up (270)
Entry: February 06, 2013, 02:47:00 PM
5feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.219 WIN / 1.01.39 OSX)

- surprise surprise! OSX gets gamepad support out of the box!
- added necessary wrapper functions and code to allow cross-platform gamepad support. here's how this works: if the player plugs in an XInput-compatible gamepad (most gamepads including XBOX 360 and PS3 controllers are XInput-compatible), they'll be allowed to use the new gamepad_ functions, which are functionally the same as the old joystick_ functions (though hopefully with some bug fixes). if the controller isn't XInput-compatible, the game will fall back to the legacy functions, which have not been changed except to wrap them in the aforementioned conditionals.
- changed all instances of "Joypad" to "Gamepad" (since this is the accepted parlance)
Entry: February 07, 2013, 01:33:19 PM
6feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.233 WIN / 1.01.39 OSX)

- so oops! the latest GM Studio update broke pathing for included files. this results in all external files being dumped to the root directory of the game, which breaks the game when looking for anything related to sound. i've added path redirection until this gets fixed.
- addressed some bugs and other oddities in the new gamepad control
- fixed a graphical error in sprKeyVirtualIcons360/alpha
- fixed button glyph display for tutorial tiles and other control indicators throughout the interface (this took a while)
- changed gamepad map button press array to a ds_map (to get around array index limitations)
- removed restrictions on enabling the gamepad on OS X
Entry: February 08, 2013, 06:13:25 PM
7feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.241 WIN / 1.01.43 OSX)

- fixed non-appearance errors in gamepad glyphs for Quickload, Pause screen, and Game Start screen.
- verified that the gamepad works on OS X. it does! (with minor caveats w/r/t axis inversion that i need to fix)
Entry: February 09, 2013, 09:53:38 PM
8feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.250 WIN / 1.01.45 OSX)

- moved the gamepad enumeration code in Environment to an alarm event instead of the create event (because gamepad functions aren't visible in the create event)
- fixed bugs in getting key glyphs to load properly at the title screen (276)
- spent a lot of time figuring out why backup saves are broken

9feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.267 WIN / 1.01.45 OSX)

- fixed a bug in backup save enumeration (277)
- fixed a bug where the 'weather effects' option in the configuration menu was being automatically disabled (278)
- fixed a bug where the Ramona Lawson quest can be completed without Alex in the party (281)
- fixed a bug in contract board 'New' flags (282)
- fixed a bug in saving of backup saves (283)
- fixed a graphical error in portraits (284)
- passed up a bug regarding inversion of y-axis when using gamepad_axis_value (285)
- fixed a bug in the save menu: the first entry in the backup saves list was being enumerated twice (286)
Entry: February 12, 2013, 09:40:02 PM
12feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.278 WIN / 1.01.45 OSX)

- fixed a bug where blank message boxes would pop up if the player exhausted all canned dialogue for a scenario (238)
- added ability to assign unlearned nodes to the node assignment quickmenu in the command menu.
- added ability to clear nodes while in the field. here's how it works: if you're playing on keyboard, hold the key associated with the node for three seconds. if you're playing with a gamepad, select the node using the left and right rotators and hold the Cancel key for three seconds.
- made a colorblind icon image to swap out icons during colorblind mode
- fixed a bug in node use tutorial tile (287)
Entry: February 13, 2013, 11:47:06 PM
13feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.294 WIN / 1.01.45 OSX)

- fixed a bug in setting grid references (288)
- fixed a bug in the area card (289)
- fixed a bug in setting and removing skill nodes (290)
- prices have been lowered across the board, pretty much. it should be a lot easier to get items with either money or tags now.
- added script scrLoadPriceList that lets me manage prices much more easily
- added AP count to node quickmenu for unlearned nodes
- all skill node AP counts now have an "AP" icon next to them
- added two new features to shopping:

This update adds two new features to shopping, sale items and high demand items. At certain points in a playthrough, the game will pick five items to be sale items and five items to be high demand items. Sale items are marked down 50% from their final shop price (after shopkeeper markup) and high demand items are items that shops want to buy, so their sell price is doubled. These items will be marked thus in the buy and sell menus. Tags and resell items are excluded from this system.
Entry: February 16, 2013, 12:47:31 AM
14feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.303 WIN / 1.01.45 OSX)

- added code to objShopMenu that generates a new sale list if the sale list is empty
- fixed a bug in pricing of sale and high demand items
- fixed a bug in tag price of Metal Armlet
- fixed a bug in camera focus when using skills (291)

15feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.308 WIN / 1.01.45 OSX)

- updated to new version of GMS! this means i can remove the path redirect blockers that i put in a week or so ago.
- fixed a bug in entity movement during skill use (279)
Entry: February 16, 2013, 08:48:32 PM
16feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.322 WIN / 1.01.45 OSX)

- fixed bugs in glyphs related to tutorial tiles showing up while using an XInput gamepad (292, 293)
- fixed a bug in adding Interactive Dialogue tutorial tiles to the help menu (294)
- fixed a dialog box bug in the Shop Menu (295)
- fixed an alpha bug in status effect overhead dialog box (297)
- fixed various bugs related to node assignment and the node assignment quickmenu (300, 301, 302)
- fixed an exploit in the shop menu (303)
- fixed a bug in monster bioluminescence (296)
- fixed a bug in Dolores Dennison (304)
- added some dialogue to Angela's apartment
Entry: February 18, 2013, 09:16:23 PM
18feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.341 WIN / 1.01.45 OSX)

- fixed a fatal error in rallying (305)
- made changes to increase performance in scrHandleCollisions: entities will only handle collisions if they have to. this means either (a) meeting a distance conditional (usually 128px), (b) meeting a layer conditional, or (c) some other misc. conditional (for example, the code for checking objNoFlySolid will run only if the entity is an entity that can fly). there's a lot of waste in this function since the underlying logic hasn't really been touched in years.
- fixed some pricing errors
- fixed black space in a few maps (307,309,310)
- dumped about six hours into fixing a runner freeze bug. not happy that i spent that much time figuring out what was going wrong, but whatever. (311, 312)
Entry: February 21, 2013, 02:15:58 PM
19feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.353 WIN / 1.01.45 OSX)

- made the same changes I made to scrHandleCollisions in scrCheckContact and scrCheckConfirm. this should yield the solid FPS i want.
- been trying to figure out #312 but not making much progress

20feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.376 WIN / 1.01.45 OSX)

- after some labor, solved the problem with all elementals being killed when the player kills just one (312)
- addressed problems in movement after monsters use skills that target the party (298, 306)
- addressed problems in movement after players use skills that target monsters (280)
Entry: February 23, 2013, 11:08:06 PM
23feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.414 WIN / 1.01.45 OSX)

- fixed bugs in using the AnyKey prompt with a gamepad. this affects objDemoCard, objTrialCard, and objAnyKey. (322)
- fixed talk number bugs in Brendan Modoc (323)
- fixed a bug where you could get another Sliding Puzzle as long as the first one you got was equipped (325)
- fixed a minor text bug in Tammy Falk's dialogue (326)
- fixed a bug in a bridge trigger in the Reagast Commercial Strip (324)
- fixed a bug where a background drawn by objDrawBackground would alpha-blink when opening and closing interfaces (327)
- fixed a crash when attempting to buy a Malin ferry ticket (328)
- fixed a couple of bugs related to Hunter in Stevenson Cave (329, 330)
- fixed bugs in the Supercritical encounter (333, 334)
- added collision solid objBounceBuffer for managing entity bouncing in arenas when the exit to that arena isn't blocked off by some other means (example: the Supercritical arena)
- changed a few collision solids in rmSTENorth to be more manageable
Entry: February 25, 2013, 11:07:32 PM
25feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.457 WIN / 1.01.46 OSX)

i'm leaving Supercritical stuff open. i need to move on and test the rest of the game. i'll come back around to it when i've got a New Game +.

- took care of admin stuff
- got back the final draft of the Target 1.02 manual.
- changed soft reset to SHIFT+ESC+R. this works on both Mac and PC.
- added dialogue to Margaret Claude in period 7
- fixed a bug in SOC award for Christie White (336)
- changed one of Jake Quinn's dialogues (the one for Corvallis in period 7)
- made minor edits to Tina Gatto
- fixed a graphical bug in the counter in the Gennon Clinic (337)
- fixed a consistency bug w/r/t Leyt and his Alcarytic form (338)
- changed death timer heal rate. it now heals for a variable value based on the number of party members like so:
 - 1 party member: 100%
 - 2 party members: 50%
 - 3 party members: 33%

this should make coming back from death MUCH easier, especially for solo parties.

- spent a bit of time addressing a long-standing sprite glitch that happens on first party member death. this was addressed in 1.01, but the GMS import broke it again (339)
- fixed a crash when loading saved game from Game Over flash (340)
- fixed a bug in enemy pathing taking into account HALTED state (341)
- fixed a bug in the command menu with regard to use of shoulder rotators when only one party member is present (342)
- fixed a bug in halting the environment while the help menu is open (343)
- hooked in the canmove property of ojmEntity to direct AI pathing, meaning that being interrupted (AT ALL) when attempting to use a skill or item is a thing of the past, finally (344)
- fixed a bug in the HUD during scene 36 (345)
- added missing BGM preload to scene 36 (346)
- fixed bugs in the night surface (347, 348, 349)
- added an HP tinter to the HUD. this will flash the HP value a certain color if that character is afflicted with a status effect that modifies HP (green for PHOTOSYNTH, purple for POISON, and red for CORROSION). sorely needed for a while.
Entry: February 27, 2013, 05:02:29 PM
26feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.474 WIN / 1.01.46 OSX)

gonna try to power through this!

- added a calendar placard to Northern Enclosure
- repositioned the radio in Lomah's room
- fixed a couple of spacing errors in Pete, period 10
- fixed a banter misfire during period 10 (350)
- fixed a bug in shop menus not having list position indicators, but ONLY if the shop has its no-sell flag up (351)
- fixed a bug in AI targeting after use of non-damage skills (353)
- fixed a bug in rain (314)
- fixed a bug in monster AI path drifting while initiating skills (352)
- fixed a bug in the radio timer (354)
- fixed a graphical glitch in the Cape Bojador pharmacy (355)
- fixed glitching of the collapsed tower during scene 40 (356)
Entry: February 27, 2013, 09:34:06 PM
27feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.491 WIN / 1.01.46 OSX)

- fixed a surface bug in Alex's charge meter that was blocking progression in the game. this one caused a LOT of heartache. (357)
- fixed a drawing glitch in Alex's charge meter
- split HUD redrawing by party member. this means that I can refresh just one party member's battle flash now instead of having to needlessly refresh everyone's, which should increase performance overall.
- fixed a bug in item nodes that have exactly two items left in them (359)

yeah, i'm roasted and i feel like i'm dismantling the battle system bit by bit. i need sleep. i'll attack this with a fresh head in the morning
Entry: February 28, 2013, 07:43:19 PM
28feb - Target 1.02 (1.01.512 WIN / 1.01.46 OSX)

- addressed a bug in granting lingua status to targets of Distilled Potion (360)
- addressed a bug in successive use of the same skill not firing 50% of the time (358)
- addressed a crash in using "Seeing Red" on Nathaniel (361)
- addressed a bug in elevation of entities that are affected by skills that only use screen effects (362)
- addressed a bug in accessing the help menu during cutscenes (363)
- addressed a bug in updating the node assignment quickmenu skill charge duration icons while using pgup/dn or rotators to tab pages up and down (364)
- addressed a bug in freezing of objPlaytime when the player pauses while objSpecialController is up (365)
- changed objSingleSpecial depth layering. it now ADDS the target depth to the entity's depth instead of setting them equal. this preserves z-order when entities are elevated by objSingleSpecial.
Entry: March 02, 2013, 01:55:58 PM
1mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.529 WIN / 1.01.46 OSX)

- fixed misalignment in the save portraits (366)
- added missing collision data to Mastrov Easy dining room (368)
- fixed a comma bug in the sell list (370)
- fixed a gamekiller: after mark mcneil's quest, alex would be teleported into a collision solid (372)
- fixed a graphical glitch in alex's charge meter during rain or night (371)
- fixed a bug in the contract menu not having list indicators (369)
- fixed some text in Edward Argonne
Entry: March 02, 2013, 11:58:44 PM
2mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.556 WIN / 1.01.46 OSX)

- added support for 360-style glyphs for the following gamepads: Logitech F310, Logitech Wireless F710. if you have a PC gamepad with ABXY face buttons in the style of the 360, let me know so I can add it to the identifier list.
- i think it's safe to leave the YINVERT flag up. it seems like this affects every game controller on PC that accepts XInput, not just the 360 controller. i know YoYo thinks the data is coming over as intended, but it doesn't really seem like it.
- added highlighting by battle flash to the HUD. this allows the game to highlight the selected character during ally targeting.
- fixed the underlying cause of all surface glitches seen so far. TIP: make sure to set your blend mode back to bm_normal when clearing a surface, dummy! (171, 244, 357, 371)
- added painting placards to douglass manor 2F (374)
- fixed a bug in hub switches (373)
- fixed a graphical error in corvallis w/r/t scene 48 (375)
- removed a line from scene 51
Entry: March 04, 2013, 01:02:39 PM
3mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.585 WIN / 1.01.46 OSX)

- addressed a contract board error in Jon Shobe (376)
- addressed an error in Arista's AI (377)
- addressed problems with creating particle engines twice for selected skills (378)
- addressed a crash when running an instant transition through objSceneFader (379)
- addressed a block in the bridge trigger near Dendera Secure Gate (380)
- worked on converting the PC updater code to 39dll, and then on running that code through GM4Mac so that I could give Mac a stable updater. it failed spectacularly. otherwise, the glitches present in GM4Mac prevent this from being a workable option. the best I can do is put a notice at the title screen specifying that there's an update.
- attempted to address a memory leak when going from room to room.
Entry: March 05, 2013, 02:38:13 AM
4mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.599 WIN / 1.01.46 OSX)

- spent a whole bunch of time addressing memory leaks and errors in gamesave surfaces, path creation, mp_grid refreshing, and BGM. this fixes #381.
- hooked BGM loading into the preloader so that the game can catch any stray BGM that happen to escape destruction when they're no longer needed. this runs like MELTED BUTTER btw and i'm so happy that it worked without basically any complications. these memory leak fixes put the game at a peak memory usage of about 300MB. not bad.
- fixed the Lucy Stonecoal quest so that it's completable during period 21 if leyt or lomah are in the party
- fixed Francisco Harrington so that Alex can access his dialogue even if she's talked to Timothy Sinclaire
- removed something from Djordy Murray that didn't work
- fixed a bug in teleporting during a cursor transformation (382)
- fixed a freeze during a post-Lofton's Quest cutscene (383)
- fixed an issue with Leyt in scene 96
- fixed an issue with miss calculation while blinded for physical skills and physical attacks (367)
- ran updater tests for windows. unfortunately it looks like i'm sticking with the md updater. too much can go wrong with the updater i rolled.
- split the source
- added all BGM and SE files to the OS X build
- removed all unnecessary files from the OS X build

i am so glad i waited to split the source until now, because building this project now takes over five minutes a pop. it is absolutely intolerable and it's a damn shame i can't get the cached asset compiler to work because it's so damn buggy.

tomorrow i will attempt to compile the hybrid master for both Windows and OS X.
Entry: March 05, 2013, 11:37:21 PM
5mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.599 WIN / 1.01.67 OSX)

- did admin stuff, including filling out paperwork to prep for pressing the hybrid master. note: i don't actually have a hybrid master yet! i'll probably have one tomorrow or thursday.
- a few bugs on the OS X side seem to have fixed themselves. that is, polishing the windows build fixed these probably (232, 233, 275)
- addressed a bug in pausing using the keyboard on OSX (234)
- addressed almost all bugs in the OSX sound engine. i basically pulled the sound engine's guts out and made a new GMS project with it, and used that project as my testbed. about a thousand times faster than waiting endlessly for compilation (seriously, i'm waiting 10+ minutes per compile now).
- addressed a bug where BGM wasn't playing back on OSX (386)
- addressed a bug where the volume does not bottom out at 0 on OSX (388)
- addressed a bug where the BGM restarts if the intro part is no longer playing (389)

if you're reading this devlog and you're wondering about demo/trial versions of 1.02, they will be forthcoming as i put my life back together. probably not this week, though. i have been working pretty much nonstop for two weeks and i'm exhausted and behind in all my classes, so that takes priority!
Entry: March 06, 2013, 10:59:17 PM
6mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.599 WIN / 1.01.80 OSX)


- fixed an error in BGM restarting whenever scrPlayBGM is called (389)
- fixed an error in the save timer (391)
- fixed a flicker while going from map to map (385)
- fixed a drawing bug in rectangles drawn using draw_rectangle (236)
- loaded fixed BGM intros into the OS X source


- added the ability to toggle between gamepad glyph sets using the TAB key
- added a tutorial tile to scene 9B that provides a visual identifier for the save point
Entry: March 08, 2013, 06:59:12 PM
7mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.602 WIN / 1.01.80 OSX)

- took care of admin stuff
- fixed a memory leak in the BGM preloader (393)
Entry: March 09, 2013, 05:08:26 PM
8mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.620 WIN / 1.01.83 OSX)

- fixed all remaining bugs in Supercritical (331, 332, 335)
- fixed a bug with disappearing pause text (396)
- fixed a bug in the player being able to provide game input while the game window is unfocused (394)
- fixed a bug with Supercritical offering ridiculous payouts because of an event overflow after ring out (395)
- merged all changes from the windows source with the os x source
Entry: March 10, 2013, 04:12:38 PM
9mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.626 WIN / 1.01.90 OSX)

- OSX: fixed bugs with invalid comparison errors in location data (398)
- replaced a missing collision solid in rmSTENorthwest (397)
- fixed bugs related to miss calculation and damage dealt when missing (399)
- OSX: fixed a bug related to scrButtonCheckPressed (400)
- merged appropriate changes from OS X source to Windows source (397, 399, 400)
Entry: March 12, 2013, 12:54:05 AM
10mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.636 WIN / 1.01.91 OSX)

- fixed a missing bridge solid in rmRSTStrip (405)
- made the radio in Lismore Inn more visible (403)
- reworked the weather system somewhat significantly. there are now multiple frequency flags (ALWAYS, FREQUENT, INFREQUENT, RARE), the biome regioning has been greatly improved, and a new weather type has been introduced (MIX).
- addressed constant bugs in the battle system (401, 402)
- addressed malformed Silence statements in scrGetLocationData (409)
- addressed non-function node hotkeys (406)
- fixed a bug in halting ambient sound effects on OS X (404)
- merged source (WIN -> OSX)

11mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.636 WIN / 1.01.98 OSX)

- fixed a bug where the scroll indicator would show up on the sell menu when selling to merchants is disabled
- cut small mammal variant HP in half
- fixed a bug in flicker when going from map to map (again) (385)
- fixed crashes while battling nathaniel
- fixed applying confuse FINALLY
- fixed a bug in using Quicksand on Nathaniel (410)
- reversed the objective timer in the main menu. when the player opens the main menu, they should be greeted with the next objective immediately.
Entry: March 17, 2013, 02:31:18 AM
14mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.641 WIN / 1.01.98 OSX)

- fixed a bug in Lofton's Quest (416)

15mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.651 WIN / 1.01.103 OSX)

- fixed a bug in reading signs while teleporting (415)
- "fixed" a runner crash when non-looping BGM ends in the windows version (422)
- fixed a bug in the Lessis nonspace hub (421)
- fixed a bug in skipping Alex's decision bell (417)

16mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.664 WIN / 1.01.104 OSX)

- fixed a few collision/layering errors (426, 427, 428)
- addressed causality issues related to Francisco Harrington and Gregory Ghent (429)
- fixed a bug in skipping the first scene of act IV (419)
- fixed a bug in skipping Magma Golem's initial cutscene (431)
- fixed bugs in stackers (423, 424)
- fixed a bug in leaving rooms after canceling NPC conversations (424)
- fixed a graphical bug in surfaces caused by update to the GM runner (433)
- fixed a bug in triggering locked teleports (435)
- fixed a bug in Leyt's skill Impale (437)
- fixed a bug in arista's post-boss scene (432)
- fixed a couple of bugs with regard to completion of the Jon Shobe/Arista contract (414, 438)
- REOPENED: fixed bugs in pressing keys while the window is unfocused (394)
Entry: March 18, 2013, 01:18:58 AM
17mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.669 WIN / 1.01.105 OSX / 1.01.01 UBU)

- fixed a bug in pressing keys while the window is unfocused (again) (394)
- fixed bugs in Jon Shobe's contract (440)
- fixed a bug in the epilogue sound cue on Windows (441)
- fixed a bug in window focus during the credits roll (439)
- fixed more bugs in Lofton's quest (416)
- spent a whole bunch of time getting the ubuntu export set up

as you can see, i dropped the first Ubuntu build today. it's available on the repo (if you have access) if you want to test it out. no drop date for this one quite yet, but hopefully it's soon.
Entry: March 19, 2013, 05:13:42 PM
18mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.672 WIN / 1.01.107 OSX / 1.01.01 UBU)

- fixed a bug in calculation of completion percentage (413)
- fixed a bug on OS X where upon pausing, the player would be unable to skip cutscenes or toggle the map (442)
- fixed MORE bugs in Jon Shobe's contract; hopefully they should all be gone now (440)
- fixed a bug in BGM fade on OS X (412)
- removed certain functions from the OS X configuration menu that are broken in Game Maker Studio, namely in-game fullscreen exclusive, window scaling, interpolation, and vertical sync. i've already petitioned for bugfixes and when they come back i'll recompile and issue a revision build with the missing options put back in (411)
- closed bug 248 as unreproducible
Entry: March 20, 2013, 06:50:56 PM
19mar - Target 1.02 (1.01.688 WIN / 1.01.110 OSX / 1.01.01 UBU)

- fixed a bug in the Quon battle (444)
- tried to eliminate the last two bugs on the OS X side. unsuccessful.
- tried to pass the windows updater test. failed.

for the record, the last two entries are the LAST things I need to do before releasing 1.02, but some of this stuff just will not die.
Entry: March 21, 2013, 04:31:08 PM
20mar - Target 1.02 (1.02 WIN / 1.02 OSX / 1.01.01 UBU)

- successfully ran the windows updater test. this includes:
 - successful execution of file cleaning routine
 - successful transfer of all save and config files from the program directory to %localappdata%
 - successful rename of the game manual to conform to the shortcut generated by the 1.01 installer version (if the game is being run from the installer directory)
 - successful execution of an update from 1.01 to 1.02
 - successful execution of an update from 1.02 to 1.XX

- added some missing objective data
- added all updater files to the main update package
- unpublished the update package. this means people still running 1.00 (doubtful there are any) won't be able to update to 1.01 until I bring the 1.02 update live, but it's better than them getting a completely broken collection of files.
- fixed a bug w/r/t BGM in silent rooms on OS X (443)
- resolved 418 as unable to reproduce
- fixed a bug in the speed stat when equipping items that modify DEX (445)
- fixed a bug in the volume control for music on OS X (446)
- fixed a bug in the rain splash particle effect (447)
- uploaded 1.02 WIN and OSX full and trial versions
Entry: April 07, 2013, 05:39:50 PM
5apr - Target 1.02 (1.02 WIN / 1.02 OSX / 1.01.01 UBU) Revision 2

- fixed a bug in sociability level 9+ (474)
- fixed a location error in the description of the Boles quest package
- fixed a bug in using Brandish in a town (471, 448)
- fixed a bug in using node key shortcuts within the command menu for non-leaders (469)
- fixed a bug in the Kenneth Boles listing in the Contract Menu (451)
- fixed a crash in soft resetting with the Contract Menu open (475)
- fixed a bug with waiter NPC in KoMando (462)
- fixed a stairs glitch in rmCAVHubAG2 (470)
- fixed a bug in skipping the last part of scene 31A with regard to visibility of the party leader (449)
- fixed a glitch in angela's bed graphics layering (468)
- fixed a bug in talking to guard NPC in Cape Bojador (463)
- fixed a bug in talking to an NPC while in contact with a teleport point (453)
- fixed a bug in finishing Jon Shobe contract (453)
- fixed a usability error with ambient sound (464)
- lowered price increase percentage for "High-Demand" items (455)
Entry: April 07, 2013, 09:34:02 PM
7apr - Target 1.02 (1.02 WIN / 1.02 OSX / 1.01.01 UBU) Revision 2

- fixed all money exploits with regard to Sale and High-Demand items (457, 472, 458, 456)
- fixed a bug in loss of menu state after opening and closing shop menu item quantifier (476)
- fixed a bug in Theodore Renier (473)

this should resolve all reported cross-platform bugs (the only ones left are OS X specific)
Entry: April 08, 2013, 10:40:41 PM
8apr - Target 1.02 (1.02 WIN / 1.02 OSX / 1.01.01 UBU) Revision 2

- the player can no longer sell items marked for sale. they have to wait until the item returns to normal shop status.
- merged source
- merged sound functions from OSX into WIN codebase (except for SoundBank, this object will always need to be manually edited because it contains references to sound assets that don't exist in the WIN codebase)
- fixed OS X bugs related to restarting sound after a fade or bgm halt (452, 459, 466, 467)
Entry: September 02, 2013, 11:42:09 PM
9apr - Target 1.02 (1.02 WIN / 1.02 OSX / 1.01.01 UBU) Revision 2

- fixed a bug in Theo Renier at talkno 4 (477)

15apr - Target 1.02 (1.02 WIN / 1.02 OSX / 1.01.02 UBU) Revision 3

- fixed a bug in pausing while the configuration menu is open (480)
- fixed a bug in the game freezing at the Pause screen (481)
- fixed a graphical error in the HUD during times when the interface is disabled (482)

21apr - Target 1.02 (1.02 WIN / 1.02 OSX / 1.01.02 UBU) Revision 4

- fixed a bug in progressing past certain scenarios in the Decision Bell (481)
- fixed a crash related to New Game + (485)
- incorporated usability suggestions from #481
Entry: September 02, 2013, 11:42:51 PM
2sep - Target 1.03 build 17

- fixed all scripts with variable/overloaded arguments
- cleaned up some code in getting asset indices from asset names
- retrofitted 1.02 and 1.00 legacy save structures using the ds_read_legacy DLL i wrote. i'm not going to change the way save information is committed to files at this point. it's too much work for too little gain. gmRPG, on the other hand, will use a way to generate save information that isn't dependent on Game Maker Studio itself.
- removed support for save structures < 1.00
- fixed saving and loading in the 1.03 save structure
- fixed loading a 1.02 save file into 1.03
- addressed a variable error in scrNodeTasks (489)

Alcarys Complex currently loads fine when built with Game Maker Studio 1.2.1130 (the latest version as of this writing). unless yoyogames gives me a reason to freeze my Game Maker Studio version, I'll be updating regularly.

unfortunately, the save files of OS X players will not be able to be loaded into AC 1.03 for OS X. :(
Entry: January 06, 2014, 09:54:29 PM
Finally getting back to this!

4jan14 - Target 1.03 build 25

- fixed a bug in scrActionAddProxy regarding the wrong arguments being funneled to the wrong places
- confirmed that the ds_write issue has not been fixed on yoyogames' end
- added a tutorial tile for Journey Support treasure chests on first open
- added code to kill all JS treasure chests until after scene 9 (the player does not have any items until after scene 9)
- fixed the gamepad enumeration timer so that it's not writing a config file every time the alarm goes off
Entry: January 07, 2014, 04:13:22 AM
6jan - Target 1.03 build 39

- added speed debug functionality: in debug mode, characters move at 8px/step
- fixed illegal argument access in banter boxes
- made script edits to scene 9A
- added long-needed area identifiers to Corvallis's house
- fixed a bug in INSTEC lab where the party leader could back into a collision block while talking to Dr. Meier and get stuck
- extended teleport into Prisma in rmPRM1toPRM2
- fixed illegal argument access in scrMoveToPos
- added missing placard to Sinclaire painting in Prisma General Store
- implemented heat wave shader for desert environments
- added a whitelist of maps to be affected by the heat wave shader to scrGetLocationData
Entry: January 10, 2014, 10:48:56 PM
9jan - Target 1.03 build 51

- fixed a bug in surfaces where certain menu/field actions would affect the alpha of the drawing surface, making it blink
- attempted to fix a bug in the heat wave shader, but it didn't take
Entry: January 11, 2014, 02:17:05 AM
10jan - Target 1.03 build 59

- fixed a bug in the heat wave shader that was causing a wavy black seam to appear on either the left or the right side of the screen on some maps
- awarded AP per skill use is now 2x
- fixed a bug in using the Jahrat Observatory telescope
- fixed a bug in talking to NPCs: the camera won't recenter to the party leader if on another focus if the player cancels the NPC interaction
- fixed a bug in scene 10 (desert) where corvallis would walk off-screen when returning to angela, but only if the player skips scene 10a
Entry: January 12, 2014, 04:41:42 AM
11jan - Target 1.03 build 65

- fixed a bug in screen scaling that popped up after implementing the heat wave shader
- removed the YINVERT flag from the gamepad
- tested plot period 2 desert areas and the beginning of the game (from prisma to dendera through scene 13)
Entry: January 14, 2014, 11:45:56 AM
13jan - Target 1.03 build 73

- removed an out of place music cue from scene 12
- fixed a bug in sale items (they were the right price internally, but they were showing up as full price)
- rewrote parts of scene 12a to reframe the abysmal railroaded "stealth event" as a direct order from angela. angela requires you to holler at the ARM recruits instead of trying to sneak past them. i never liked the way i presented an unattainable objective and expected the player to attain it. it works better this way and it gives me the chance to show an uglier side of angela's character early on. this is one of the only content changes i will be making. i'm pretty embarrassed by this, so it has to go.
- fixed a bug in the JS tutorial tile (it would pop up more than once)
- fixed a bug in scene 13 music cues
- fixed illegal argument access in scrDescriptionPointVals
- fixed illegal argument access in scrCreateNPC
- comprehensively tested scene 13 to the beginning of the bomb maze
Entry: January 14, 2014, 10:01:50 PM
14jan - Target 1.03 build 76

- fixed the game-breaking error in the Quon boss encounter. freeze_off events no longer enable teleport objects if boss mode is triggered
Entry: January 16, 2014, 02:20:30 AM
15jan - Target 1.03 build 90

- fixed a music cue in scene 38
- elevated objSelectTarget's description bar to Draw GUI event. this fixes a bug where it was being drawn in shader mode.
- found a workaround for the "big surface bug". this is a bug that draws a giant opaque surface over party member 1's node bar, rendering most of the screen unusable. worse yet, it's really hard to reproduce, meaning i would think i fixed it, release a build, and see it pop up months later. pretty aggravating. it has been my nemesis ever since i implemented subtractive lighting and i've never really been able to crack it. with 1.03 it's become consistently reproducible, so i'm at least able to work around it now. as a result, party 1's node bar now draws every frame. i don't anticipate a framerate hit, but i'll test it on lower-end computers and see what happens.
- modified JS chests to give the player the item in the chest before opening the donation list so that the player has an accurate item count
- fixed a weird music cue in scene 36
- fixed a HUD visibility bug at the beginning of scene 36
- fixed a bug in the playtime clock: under certain circumstances, the clock can get stopped, causing it to underreport overall playtime
- fixed a bug in the shop menu: sale items (which you can't sell because the merchant is trying to get rid of them) say "The merchant won't accept this item!" in non-sell modes (buy, tags, used)
- moved a scene 45 music cue to later in the scene
- fixed a crash if the player attempts to leave Nalfayn Company during Angela's Decision Bell arc
- fixed a crash upon initiation of Leyt and Lomah's Decision Bell arc. this was due to an instance error (the party member entity didn't exist and Lomah's placeholder NPC ran some code that was dependent on it.
- so far i've tested everything in act II and about half of act III. I have Leyt/Lomah and Alex's arcs left to go.
Entry: January 17, 2014, 06:41:52 AM
16jan - Target 1.03 build 92

- fixed a collision blocking error in treasure chests
Entry: January 18, 2014, 07:29:00 PM
17jan - Target 1.03 build 114

- fixed usability error: Lujan Bordh now indicates whether or not the player has a Discount Coupon. He still removes it from the player's inventory automatically if even one item is purchased from the shop, though.
- swapped mostly human NPCs with different types of cursors in the Dendera Secure Gate processing area
- fixed music cues in the Dinner With The Folks Interactive Dialogue event: this event now plays no music
- fixed erratic facing behavior when talking to certain NPCs
- fixed a bug in scrGetTargetList that was causing the attack assignment code to return zero targets in SINGLEENEMY mode, even when there were targets available.
- brought Seismoid's damage down by 75% (this seems to be something I accidentally left in that I noticed after Supercritical's use of Seismoid made that minigame no fun unless people have Topaz Rings equipped)
- made edits to Supercritical death tracking
- fixed surface bugs in Alex's charge meter (by working around them ofc because I can't figure out what's causing them)
- removed the town constraint from Distilled Potion - it now wears off after 75 status effect check counts (this is approximately ten real-time minutes). potion's pretty expensive as it is and a quirk in the Location Data system made it so that the Kaffroon Power Plant is "gated", meaning the charm will wear off because the game triggers the town location flag so as to prevent weapon use in the facility except when fighting Supercritical. Because of this, there's a huge opportunity cost to fighting Supercritical as Alex (the player needs one Potion per attempt), one that isn't worth the meager payout (I'm looking at that, too).
- Supercritical battle: halved resuscitation cost and doubled the cost per watt
- bumped Lujan Bordh's Discount Coupon up to 50% from 10%. this should provide more of an incentive to actually use it. i'm finding in my playthrough that I'm holding off because it doesn't seem worth it.
- staying at an inn now resets the death timer of everyone in the party to its initial value (15 seconds)
Entry: January 19, 2014, 02:51:43 AM
18jan - Target 1.03 build 135

- found out how to make the PS4 controller work. it's not going to work out of the box, though. anyone who wants to use a PS4 controller is going to have to use an XInput wrapper until Sony releases a Windows driver for it.
- added an additional cutscene trigger to the Elemental Palace entrance (because it is apparently IS possible to unlock all three hub gates before entering the Palace)
- fixed some bugs in triggering Brendan Modoc in Plot Period 22 (Lofton's Quest)
- fixed a bug in triggering Gregory Ghent with Lomah in the party: due to a conditional logic error, if Lomah is in the party, Gregory Ghent (and Lofton's Ruby) are inaccessible, and so Lofton's Quest cannot be completed.
- fixed a bug in scene 83 (corvallis has his bartaser when he shouldn't)
- added a notice to the shop menu that notifies the player when a discount is active
- added script scrSavePlotPeriod. sometimes, during temporary party changes, the system will need to check for a plot period, and since plot periods depend on party configuration, the system will grab the period of the temporary party configuration if the permanent plot period is not referenced somehow. this allows the game to assign the current plot period to a variable in the GameManager so that it can be used for these specific circumstances.
- completed the Windows base game playthrough
- fixed a bug in New Game + where the inventory wouldn't show up
- fixed a bug in New Game + where SP spent on stats wouldn't carry over
- fixed a bug in initiating New Game + where the intro quote screen had the heat wave shader applied (????) AND the title menu was still visible

windows 1.03 is basically done except for a few little things that need to go in. i'll take care of those after my meeting with bisse tomorrow
Entry: January 21, 2014, 04:03:03 AM
20jan - Target 1.03 build 177

lots of little improvements went in today!

- walking speed has been increased from 3 px/step to 5 px/step. it may not seem like much, but it makes a huge difference, and will probably cut an hour or so off of a 100% run. i did this because i set the debug speed to 8px/step in order to get the playthrough done quicker, and realized that 3px/step was unbearably slow.
- Angela now gets two paychecks, each for 18,670, over the course of the game. the idea is that with the Duchy paying for her fealty as an officer, she should make a lot more money than she does. it's an incentive for her not to give up her "good life". that and it provides a much-needed cash infusion into the game's single-player economy.
- players can now take a Political Map off of the wall in Corvallis's room at the very beginning of the game. if they forget to do this, they can still take the Political Map from the Previous Tower Security Shop as before.
- made some changes to the Ansariyah battle in the Elemental Palace:
 - an active Stupefy effect no longer prevents Ansariyah from performing a Lingual Shift. Ansariyah will perform a Shift at least every 20 seconds, if not more frequently.
 - the Lingual Shift ability has been modified. A Lingual Shift will nullify only two elements at a time instead of three. so, if Fire and Wind are nullified after a Shift, Water and Earth won't be and vice versa.
- rebalanced bosses:
 - Quon: HP down by 30%, VIT up by 50%, now has a weakness against Earth spells
 - Nathaniel: no change
 - Supercritical: no change
 - Ansariyah: HP down by 25%, DEX up by 25%
 - Magma Golem: HP down by 25%
 - Arista: HP down by 20%, VIT up by 50%, now has a weakness against Earth spells
- the scope of Angela's Hawkeye skill has been changed from SELF to ALLALLY. Angela can get the Sliding Puzzle (a relic that induces Focus) pretty early, and this renders Hawkeye useless unless its scope is widened. as a result, the charge time for Hawkeye has been increased.
- the charge time for Duragraha has also been increased to make room for the charge time increase levied on Hawkeye
- Lomah's skill flow has been changed in an attempt to make him more useful in combat. Skills are now as follows: Tendril, Triage, Poison (20 AP), Confuse (20), Blaster (50), Bubbler (50), Pep-Up (160), True Aim (200). Lomah now knows Triage and Tendril from the beginning, and Blaster and Bubbler are new to Lomah's repertoire. LOADING A 1.02 SAVE INTO 1.03 WILL WIPE ALL ACCRUED AP DATA FOR LOMAH AS A RESULT OF THESE CHANGES. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
- performed skill reverification on the majority of the game's skills.
- fixed animation issues with Ansariyah
- fixed skills and spells so they kick back a zero when they deal zero damage
- fixed bugs in Subterfuge that rendered it useless in 1.02r4
- changed the spawn point of Magma Golem in order to re-center it to the stone circle in the Desert Palace arena.
Entry: January 21, 2014, 10:33:12 PM
21jan - Target 1.03 build 192

- changed some values in Leyt's Brandish that makes it so that Leyt does more base damage than normal
- fixed a bug in rmJHTtoAPO1 (hitting the Desert Hare used in the cutscene results in the game setting up a cutscene that never completes, hanging the game)
- changed the operation of Attlas's Differential: instead of setting Attlas's stats equal to the monster's, the monster's stats are used as a sort of "armor" that augments Attlas's base stats. this is to make this ability more useful during Lofton's Quest.
- the function of Attlas's Judgment has been changed: instead of augmenting stats at the expense of Max HP, this skill now grants Total Critical and Focus status effects while also cutting Max HP in half temporarily. this is because the original function of this skill was replaced by Differential.
- fixed a bug in cancelling permastatus effects that cancelled them whenever the player opened and closed the main menu instead of when they had actually expired. the alternative (letting them expire on their own) is not perfect, but more desirable.
- fixed bugs in application of CONFUSE to enemy AI.
- fixed bugs in application of SLOW to enemy AI.
- all skills have been reverified.
- fixed bug where a cutscene would continue after a fade during which the game lost window focus. this results in erroneous player control during the cutscene, rendering the cutscene impassible.
- fixed minor interface nomenclature error in the Node Options menu: "Unbind Node..." should be "Unbind Node!"
Entry: January 27, 2014, 09:57:39 PM
24jan - Target 1.03 build 207

- made the necessary changes for the current build to run in the OS X and Ubuntu environments. activating and debugging the internal music system, removing DLLs, and restricting the loading of 1.02 save files are all part of this.
- fixed a bug in internal BGM where the BGM will restart if the track has transferred from the intro track to the looping track (389)
- fixed a bug on OS X where the game would not go fullscreen (491)
- fixed a bug in internal BGM where entering clearings stops the soundtrack until the player forces two BGM track changes (by going to a town, etc). (452)
- fixed a bug in the heat wave shader where a small sine wave 1px in amplitude would move across the screen vertically (494)
Entry: January 29, 2014, 12:53:18 PM
27jan - Target 1.03 build 213

- fixed a bug in gamepad button assignment where the game would pause if the player was attempting to reassign the pause action to the current pause button (497)
- fixed a bug in gamepad button assignment where the player cannot escape the menu when a gamepad is connected and objJoyMapDialog is up (498)
- fixed a crash on OS X related to the "Time Since Last Save" timer and the OS X menu bar (499)

28jan - Target 1.03 build 233

- reflected OS X changes to Windows
- fixed a bug where the properties of New Game + would appear but the NG+ flag wouldn't trigger (500)
- fixed all portraits with messed up borders on OS X (236)
- fixed a bug where equipping a Warden's Badge and using De-Tag + on a monster would result in a 2x tag multiplier instead of 4x (503)
- fixed a bug where attempting to initiate Hazel Sharp's parcel quest in period 3 would result in a block (504)
- fixed a bug where pressing a command menu key opened the command menu a second time after it was closed (501)
- worked around a Game Maker Studio runner error to solve an issue with the drawing canvas being placed partially off-screen when certain canvas-changing actions are made on OS X (493).
Entry: January 30, 2014, 12:40:17 AM
29jan - Target 1.03 build 251

- reflected OS X changes to Windows
- fixed a typo in NPC Cohran Lengel
- fixed a bug in yLayerActive for ferries (507)
- fixed more OS X bugs in music. they should be completely gone now, though (502, 505, 509)
- fixed a bug in the night surface (495)
- fixed a bug in going into Northern Enclosure later in the game when the player triggered scene 29N (510)
- tested OS X NG+ up to the Duke's Office (Act II)
Entry: February 01, 2014, 04:05:53 AM
30jan - Target 1.03 build 260

- fixed a bug where Lomah could obtain a Ticket Stub twice (511)

31jan - Target 1.03 build 288

- the game is officially compatible with WinXP again
- made changes to DEX calculation for skills.
- enemy DEX is up across the board
- regeneration is now tied to dex point-for-point. this means that if a character's dex is 20, they'll recover 20 HP per effect check, etc.
- fixed a bug where the music would stop a few seconds into a cutscene (514)
- fixed a bug where the dynamo minigame would omit total damage inflicted on Supercritical under certain conditions (515)
- fixed a bug in skipping cutscenes during Decision Bell (516)
- converted all draw_rect for meters and borders to sprites due to the drawing inconsistency between GMS runners (236, 513)
- fixed a bug in weather
- fixed a bug in application of Star Fragment (512)
- tested act III
Entry: February 02, 2014, 06:02:05 AM
1feb - Target 1.03 build 303

- Corrosion in the Nonspace Thalith: the frequency of HP loss is calculated using 1/2 * VIT. If a character has a high VIT, expect them to suffer less HP loss over time than someone with a low VIT. This was implemented to counteract the changes in photosynthesis (which players should be able to do at this point).
- added a key press to toggle between objective data and time/money in the main menu. you can press the secondary key (defaults to the X key) to do this.
- made a music change in scene 83
- fixed a weather bug in rmDENtoNAL3New
- fixed plot period trigger bugs in a number of NPCs
- fixed a bug in Arista where the party could fight him even though they have no intention of doing so
- fixed a bug in ambient rain sounds
- fixed a surface bug in Alex's charge meter
- completed OS X playthrough
- updated credits slides
- set up certificates and app ID to prep for OS X app signing
- tested trial mode on OS X
- rewrote gamepad enumeration for Linux, because the current gamepad enumeration code isn't very good. it grabs the first gamepad it can find, which is good for some cases, but not all. this method ends up precluding valid gamepads if they're not the absolute first in the device enumeration. in the case of Linux, my code enumerated some internal accelerometer at /dev/input/js0 instead of the 360 pad. the replacement code enumerates the gamepad based on the first button press it receives, which is much more reliable. this was probably causing me problems on OS X, too, but I'll have to go check.
Entry: February 03, 2014, 03:39:17 AM
2feb - Target 1.03 build 341

- fixed a lot of input-related errors in Linux, including erratic gamepad behavior, pause behavior in message boxes, and keystrokes acting as key presses in menus (520).
- fixed volume control issue in Linux. the function string_repeat does not work on Linux. (506)
- stress-tested a lot of Linux stuff. the Linux build isn't really in shape to be distributed publicly at this time because of game crashes and inconsistent runner behavior. I'll need to spend some more time with it.
Entry: February 06, 2014, 08:05:25 AM
3feb - Target 1.03 FINAL

- fixed a bug on Ubuntu where backup saves would fail to enumerate, crashing the game
- stress-tested the Ubuntu build. everything's looking good!

4feb - Target 1.03 FINAL

- signed the OS X Full and Trial versions of the game for Gatekeeper (this was a huge pain in the neck, hope you appreciate that Gatekeeper dialog not coming up :x)
- generated trial versions of Windows, OS X, and Linux
- generated full versions of OS X and Linux