Alcarys Complex 1.03 Now Available

I’m super-pleased to be able to drop version 1.03 of Alcarys Complex for Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu Linux. Here are some New Things:

The game now supports Ubuntu Linux! This is kind of misleading, since the game should work with more distributions than just Ubuntu. However, Ubuntu is the only one officially supported. Windows […]

Pay What You Want in July for Alcarys Complex!

Pay What You Want Sale

So, Alcarys Complex is going to be Pay What You Want from July 1 to July 31. This means you can download a digital copy of Alcarys Complex for a minimum of $1. Yeah, it’s not cheap as free, but this price is as low as it’s going to get […]

Price Drop and Steam Greenlight

So, check this out: you know how Alcarys Complex was on sale for $10? That’s now its permanent price. Yeaaah. Also, just a reminder that buying directly from us helps us out greatly, but you can also buy from Desura, as well. But! If you buy from us, we’ll give you a Desura key, free […]

Version 1.02 Release

Well, after much handwringing on my part, I’ve released version 1.02 revision 2 of Alcarys Complex. Here are some New Things:

The game now supports OS X. If you want to check the OS X trial out, head on over to the Downloads page, and make sure to carefully read the notes I’ve just put […]

We’re on Desura!

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that Alcarys Complex is on Desura now.

You may also notice that the price is about $5 cheaper than it is on this site. We figure that if you just want the game, you can get it for less on Desura, but if you really liked what […]

Cyber Monday? More like Cyber DUMB-day

Okay, I’ll stop now.

Check this out: buy Alcarys Complex anytime from now until Wednesday, November 28th, and I’ll throw in the OST for free.

Uh, that’s all I really wanted to say! Take it easy, internet!

Whoa, Game’s Out

Well, after what seems like an interminable wait, Alcarys Complex has finally been released. You can get the trial or buy the game here. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments or on the Twitter (you’ll get a more rapid response there probably). If you’re press and you’d […]

October 29th

Hey! Thanks for putting up with the delay.

I’m pleased to have made enough progress to report that Alcarys Complex will be released about a week from now, on October 29th. I’m going through a second balancing pass right now that’s going to be recorded, so expect a release trailer and gameplay videos really soon.


Progress Report (15 August – 15 September)

Slow drip, I know! Here’s what’s been done in the past month:

Major Updates:

Most of the third act has been finalized. Finalization just means that there’s nothing terribly wrong with a certain section or scene – that everything runs more or less as expected. In fact, I’ve been going over the last part […]

Progress Report (6 June – 15 August)

I’ve been working away on the final version of the game (barring certain personal hindrances; seems like there’s a lot of those lately), and here’s what I’ve gotten done since early June.

Major Updates:

77 new maps have been designed. This completes the map requirement for the final release of the game. I’ve also edited […]