Price Drop and Steam Greenlight

So, check this out: you know how Alcarys Complex was on sale for $10? That’s now its permanent price. Yeaaah. Also, just a reminder that buying directly from us helps us out greatly, but you can also buy from Desura, as well. But! If you buy from us, we’ll give you a Desura key, free of charge.

In addition, we’ve made the game available on, which is recommended if you’d like to buy the game with PayPal or Amazon Payments (or if you’d rather buy the game without filling out your full address). Many thanks to @moonscript for making this option available to us!

Also, the Steam Greenlight page for Alcarys Complex is now live (after a few “days”). If you liked it, we could really use some “Yes” votes, as much as a weird, fluctuating pseudo-currency they seem to be. Even if we don’t make it, I still think it’s useful to have some visibility on there. Should there be a cosmic sequence of coincidences that result in Alcarys Complex actually getting greenlit, you’ll also receive a Steam key for buying directly through our website.

Until next time!

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