Version 1.02 Release

Well, after much handwringing on my part, I’ve released version 1.02 revision 2 of Alcarys Complex. Here are some New Things:

  • The game now supports OS X. If you want to check the OS X trial out, head on over to the Downloads page, and make sure to carefully read the notes I’ve just put up about Apple’s Gatekeeper.
  • In general, the game should be faster and compatible with more systems. If you have any issues with getting the game running, please Contact Us.

For your reference, here are some things that still exist:

  • Alcarys Complex is on Desura, should you feel so inclined. If you bought the game directly through us and you want a free Desura key, just e-mail me and provide me a proof of purchase and I’ll be happy to give you one.
  • The Alcarys Complex Original Soundtrack: available on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon

In other news, AC got mentioned on Kotaku! It’s been a pretty good few days for us.

I’m also probably going to launch a Greenlight page in the next couple of days, too. Do I think we’ll pull it off? Probably not, but it’s always fun to try. Keep your eyes peeled!

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