Progress Report (15 August – 15 September)

Slow drip, I know! Here’s what’s been done in the past month:

Major Updates:

  • Most of the third act has been finalized. Finalization just means that there’s nothing terribly wrong with a certain section or scene – that everything runs more or less as expected. In fact, I’ve been going over the last part of the third act in the past few days.
  • Added various enemy AI and battle system tweaks
  • Added the in-game map with tracking dot. This will tell you where you’re at (except in certain circumstances).
  • Improved save file management (for the programmer)
  • A lot of under-the-hood fixes and performance improvements; please see or the AC devlog for the full list. There’s a lot of stuff here that can’t be shoved into one category or another.

Man, I really need to stop setting dates. It’s like a dumb compulsion of mine or something. It’ll be done when it’s done. You’ll know when it’s done, because I will shout it from the rooftops. You’ll hear from me, promise.

As always, thanks for your patience!

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