Progress Report (6 June – 15 August)

I’ve been working away on the final version of the game (barring certain personal hindrances; seems like there’s a lot of those lately), and here’s what I’ve gotten done since early June.

Major Updates:

  • 77 new maps have been designed. This completes the map requirement for the final release of the game. I’ve also edited a lot of maps that I felt weren’t up to my personal standard.
  • Staged all House NPC cutscenes.
  • Added the game’s updater. I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. You’ll only see it when there’s an update, promise!
  • Added functionality to the save system. You can now save to nine slots, and you can also load your gamesave backups in the Saved Games folder directly from the load menu, in case you overwrite a save accidentally or you just want to go back to an earlier playtime.
  • Optimized performance in the HUD and added object clipping to non-tile scenery.
  • Fixed issues in screen scaling. Fractional values of scaling now interpolate automatically. Whole values remain pixel-perfect.
  • Most tall objects now become semitransparent when a party member is behind them.
  • Added a toggle for weather effects (useful for lower-end computers).
  • Fixed a whole bunch of battle system issues, including but not limited to: fixes and balancing for the POISON status effect, occasional stat refresh issues, staff charging and latent magic, and hookshot and melee combat mechanics
  • Wrote and implemented the vast majority of radio content.
  • Wrote and finalized all custom Kickstarter NPCs. You’d be surprised how much wiggle room I have with making these NPCs related to the plot. Everyone involved was super-easy to work with, as well. Thanks for your support!

So, you may have noticed that we blew our July deadline! I’m super-sorry about that. I had some personal issues that put me out of work for a couple of weeks. Plus, I really don’t want to release unless I’m comfortable with the state of the code, and I’m getting there, but it’s still taking a while.

So, when’s the game coming out? I plan (plan) to have the entire game finalized by August 31st. Right now, the first two acts of the game are finalized. If something’s finalized, it just means that there are no identifiable errors in that part of the code. So for the first two acts, everything works as it should. Finalizing the rest of the game should go quicker, because Acts III and IV’s cutscenes contain way fewer moving parts, eccentricities, and complexities than Acts I and II.

During this time, I’ve also been conducting QA and getting balancing info on the game, so I’m trying to knock all this out in one go. If you want to see bugfixes and changes to the code on a more internal level, either check out the AC devlog or consider joining our bugtracker.

When the physical goods come in, I’ll be sure to show them off. They look really cool.

The journey’s almost over!

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