Progress Report (20 March – 5 June)

It’s been a long time since I posted one of these! Thankfully, the lack of progress is only superficial.

Major Updates:

  • The radio system works now! In addition, I’ve implemented many bugfixes to the actionqueue that center around enforcing proper queue behavior.
  • I’ve applied many bugfixes to the sound system, including to the BGM looping mechanism. I’m proud to report that all BGM implemented so far loops seamlessly.
  • The Contract system is finished, for the most part. Courier Services offices have been placed in most towns to handle receipt of completed quests.
  • 38 new maps have been designed.
  • 5 new NPCs have been designed.
  • All edits to the script made between March 20th and May 22nd have been implemented into the cutscene system.
  • I’ve made various other bugfixes to graphical, sound, and gameplay system components as well.

I’ve also decided to stop posting raw devlog data for spoiler’s sake. Sorry!

Anyway, see you next time!

1 comment to Progress Report (20 March – 5 June)

  • Looking forward to it playing the game. I’m gonna wait till it’s finished though… I’ll leave the bug hunting for the professionals.