Progress Report (8 – 14 February)

I think it’d be beneficial to start updating you guys on what I get done from week to week. I hope to have build videos really soon, but I need to figure out a good way for me to streamline the videos I need to post in order to do that.

Major updates:

  • Finished radio content: radio content is now finished (for now). I’ve written a few major radio dramas and some news and talk radio segments for use with the banter-style radio.
  • Final title screen: I’ve implemented the final title screen. This title screen is a lot more usable than the beta title screen: basic controls are a key away (this was a major problem with the old title screen), it looks better, and there are a couple of new features like Quick-Load, which allows you to load your last saved game with the press of a key from the moment the game window opens up.

I hope to do these every Wednesday. In the meantime, raw devlog data below.

8feb – 14feb: Release Candidate 2 0.7.2437 – 0.7.2496

– fixed viewport error when switching to and from 4:3 to 16:10 aspect ratio
– fixed a bug in the west teleport of prisma square: contact line wasn’t long enough.
– fixed a bug where party members would clip through objects when assuming a formation with an object in the way. this happened most often with conversation NPCs. all conversation NPCs now force the player to move to the NPC’s default snap coordinates, preventing party members from getting stuck in objects.
– disallowed cutscene skip in scene 33C (requires user action).
– fixed a bug with regard to the contract board in grafton not containing a country code, causing a fatal error.
– fixed bugs in using skills involving the status effects PEPUP, SUBTERFUGE, and BRANDISH
– fixed a menu layering issue with objCommandNodeList
– added the ability to display a full message box by pressing the confirm button. this is the more intuitive way to do it for joypads.
– fixed a scrolling bug in the unlearned skills submenu
– fixed a bug in the command menu: unlearned skills were showing item icons instead of skill icons
– wrote the following radio dramas: Star Willows, Galactic Adventurer (Undiscovered Worlds)
– wrote the following news: Viewpoints (Khaldoon Nazmi), Mitchell Mathis (Altair Hebr)
– messed around with some fullscreen stuff to make it look better and less jagged. the best thing i can come up with is an aspect resize to either 800×600 or 1600×1200.
– implemented the final title screen. not only does this title screen look better, it’s also quicker: at any point during the game loading process (from the beginning of the splash to the title menu), the player can press the menu key and load their last saved game instantly. the title screen also has a background that rotates scenes from the game depending on the chapter of the player’s last saved game.
– added the chapter title script necessary for the title screen background rotation to work
– changed the menu quit prompt to a “return to title screen” prompt
– fixed a key icon width issue when displaying the Quick-Load flash

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