Progress Report (15 – 22 February)


Major updates:

  • I implemented the final version of the code that’s going to handle window mode, aspect ratio, and scaling. You can scale the game window up to three times the original resolution (for a total resolution of 2400×1440) if you have the display width for it.
  • I’ve also fixed most of the crazy errors that occurred when a player decides to use any mode but windowed mode. There are still a few left that I have to hammer out, but for the most part, it works.
  • I’ve started locking scenes. When I lock an aspect of the game, like a scene, or a town, or a game mechanic, it means I’m not going to touch it at all until the bugtesting period.

Raw devlog data below.

15 – 22 feb: Release Candidate 2 0.7.2516 – 0.7.2546

– broke window manipulation into three separate options in the config menu: windowed/fullscreen (simulated or true), aspect ratio, and scaling. simulated fullscreen expands the game window to fill the display (filling unoccupied space with black) and true fullscreen actually changes the resolution
– added the ability to scale the screen. the player can scale the screen up to a factor of 3x (!) if their primary display has the resolution for it. by default the game won’t scale to a factor if the display’s width isn’t at least the game screen width multiplied by the scale factor (2x=1600px, 3x=2400px).
– implemented display resolution changing with sin-display (and native GM as backup in case sin-display fails for some reason).
– changed some scaling descriptors. 1x is now None (for no scaling), and the order is now None – Full – 2x – 3x, so that people wishing to use full aspect scale won’t have to go through needless resolution changes in true fullscreen.
– fixed a usability issue in joypad mapping where the escape key isn’t immediately clear. pressing any key will now escape joypad mapping.
– fixed a bug where pressing the close button wouldn’t close the game, giving the appearance that it wasn’t working.
– fixed a bug where pressing alt-F4 while in true fullscreen would result in a rather nasty shrinking of the desktop area that could only be corrected with a manual resolution change.
– fixed a couple of instances of variable misattribution w/r/t config menu
– added various tiles to the bomb maze tileset (this tileset is also used during scene 1 for visual confirmation that the secure gate is wired to blow)
– made minor edits to scene 1
– made some staging changes to scene 1E
– scene 1 is now LOCKED

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