Debugging in Style

You know, I kind of like debugging. Sure, it’s a pain in the ass sometimes, but every bug killed is an inch closer to a finished game. And sometimes, you get little treats, like a bug report of the IGF demo (PDF) submitted by a graphic designer friend of mine who was “really bored at work.”

I went ahead and addressed the ones I could, and I ended up snagging seven: five were new and two were ones I’d addressed in the last couple of weeks. I consider it a warm-up, since I haven’t actually worked on the coding aspect of the game in about two or three weeks due to administrative stuff.

Also, in the process of fixing these bugs, I re-propagated the IGF scenario files and added a few things that have been worked into the design in the two months since the last build, including an edit to the Node system that allows you to bind unlearned nodes to slots. This is how you’ll unlock new skills in Alcarys Complex. The best part? You’ve already equipped the node so once you’ve learned it, there is absolutely zero time between skill unlock and skill use.

Anyway, I’ll let you know when the demo’s been updated.

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