Alcarys Complex 2011 Wrap-Up

2011 at a glance!

The main theme for Alcarys Complex this year? Even more polishing of already implemented features, plus a few that will really help round this game out and make it stand out from the JRPG crop.

As was the case last year, the vast majority of programming, design, environment, and character design is complete, along with a respectable portion of music and sound effects. What’s next?

We’re going to dedicate the first half of 2012 to finishing this game, including meeting completion goals and conducting quality assurance. There are a few issues we need to resolve before this can happen, but I’m sure we can do it. When we resolve these issues, we’ll let you know here. Thanks for reading.

After the cut is an approximate timeline of features.

100% of all main story cutscenes are implemented.
509 maps are implemented.
150 NPCs are implemented.

In January, the remaining missing battle system logic was implemented, including AI modules and variants for enemies and bosses. The camera was also updated significantly. The stacker item combo system was also added, allowing players to cast spells by launching stacker item combos at enemies.

In February, we spent our time developing the Quick-Travel Cave System, an alternative way to get around Elcaea.

In March, we implemented all NPC scripts.

April: staged all cutscenes for Act III and restructured Act IV.

May was another big month, just like last year. All cutscene staging was finished and the game saw a number of interface updates and tweaks to make playing the game ever easier. In addition, the Journey Support system of item donation via treasure chests was fully implemented (unlike last year where we only partially implemented it).

In June, we added various combat tweaks, such as knock back, knife combos, and elemental resistance. We also finished our final character art portraits.

In July, we made tweaks to hookshot behavior and the enemy database. Also, various interface edits were made.

In August, we added some features to the message box object, and we also implemented the keyboard and joypad mapping solution that’s going to be used in the final game. We also made various changes to the way control is handled in general.

September and October saw an update to our skip cutscene function. We also added a tutorial tile flipbook that the player can access at any time. October also saw the game’s entry into the Independent Games Festival.

In November, the big news was our interactive dialogue system, where players navigate through a dialogue while selecting which party member they want to lead that dialogue. Choose the right party member at the right time to maximize your SP gain!

Note: if a month seems slim on content, please remember that debugging accounts for the vast majority of the time investment into programming this game.

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